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Aculief Review 2022 – Cure Your Headache & Migraine Naturally?

Aculief review

Do you suffer from random headaches? Are they getting unbearable? Tried using various medicines to no avail? Then Aculief just might be the answer to your problems.

Headaches can be caused by a number of things, including lack of sleep, stress, loud noises, eyestrain, etc. When headaches persist, they can slow your progress, and you may be forced to seek other solutions to stop the pain. Fortunately, there is a natural, proven, and effective way to soothe your headache. The solution is Aculife Headache Relief Hat. 

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Aculief is a nifty little gadget that has been in use for a thousand years and it works like a charm. We weren’t actively looking for it and stumbled on it by chance and it worked like magic!

All we did was follow the instructions and in just a minute we could feel the migraine going away.

What is Aculief Wearable Acupressure?

Aculief clip is a natural, drug-free wearable device that relieves headaches and tension using your body’s natural pressure points.

It clips onto your hand, between the thumb and index finger, where it applies pressure to your LI4 acupressure point. This anti-inflammatory point is proven to activate your body’s endorphins, which naturally and quickly ease tension throughout your body.

You use it exactly the same way you would use a pill. Once you start feeling a headache (or other tension), simply put on Aculief instead of taking a painkiller.

You only need one Aculief – just clip it to your non-dominant hand. Within minutes, your headache will disappear!

Features Of Aculief Migraine Relief Device

How Aculief Works?

Aculief applies pressure to the LI4 acupressure point, located between the thumb and forefinger. The LI4 has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine to relieve tension and to promote your body’s natural flow of energy.

Aculief is designed for anyone suffering from tension, health imbalance or discomfort. The product has been known to promote natural well being and aids in the body’s flow of energy which is also known as “Qi” (pronounced “chee”). In addition, the tension-relieving and energy-balancing attributes make Aculief a great addition to any sports recovery and rehab routine.

Over 500 studies that confirm the technique used by Aculief is effective and safe, according to the NCCAM.

For example, a recent John Hopkins University study found that “Proper stimulation of the LI4 is effective in treating headaches, pain of the eyes, toothpain, jaw pain, and pain of the limbs and bones.”

But the best proof that Aculief REALLY works comes from all the people whose lives have changed after they discovered it…

Main Benefits of Aculief


At a glance, some of the most notable perks of this component include:

Does It Help?

Traditional Chinese medicine has been in use for thousands of years, with countless practitioners and patients alike touting its benefits and results. But does it really provide migraine relief?

How Are People Using Aculief?

Since her post, Elizabeth has received thousands of responses from people whose lives also changed when they discovered Aculief.

For example, Lois Ludwig Fogal highlighted how convenient the device is in his review:

“It’s great for relief of migraines & tension headaches as long as you use it at the first sign of pain. It’s small & easy to take with you & use anywhere!”

How Long Do You Need To Wear It?

Aculief is completely safe, and it actually feels good – so you can wear it as long as you want. Some wear it all the time, while others only wear it for a few minutes every day.

“My husband wears it as needed, but he wears it for a long time. He’ll fall asleep with it on and take it off when he thinks to,” said one user.

Why should this product help me?

The manufacturer of the Aculief sees its product as a true revolution in the treatment of cranial pain. While conventional medicine uses chemically produced drugs, this new product is supposed to relieve headaches and even migraines in a completely natural way.

This should be possible thanks to the two surveys that the gadget shows. These are intended to stimulate the pressure point LI4, which has been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for several thousand years as a pressure point for treating headaches and relieving tension – according to the manufacturer.

Are there any known side effects or problems?

There are no known side effects with Aculief. This is due to the fact that acupressure does not directly affect the body by introducing any substances. Also other adverse effects are not mentioned, at least by the supplier.

However, it is important that you only use the acupressure product for migraines if the origin of the symptoms has been clarified by a doctor. This is because the pain is often a symptom of a disease that may be accompanied by a serious course. As much as the alternative product is supposed to help against the pain and stress – it is by no means a panacea that can make illnesses disappear.

Is Aculief Medically Approved?

Doctors and medical institutions give credence to the science of acupressure. In 2011, Johns Hopkins University published their findings, which showed that exerting magnetic acupressure to the LI-4 meridian point palliated the pain in the bone marrow, eyes, jaw, toothaches, and even limbs.

Aside from being an award-winning doctor-approved component, this tension relief gadget works by principles of acupressure to alleviate pain. At the same time, Men’s Health also supports the effectiveness of acupressure on the LI-4 pressure point.

Pros and Cons

  • Acupuncture therapy without the needles
  • Drug-free and nontoxic
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Relieves headaches & tension
  • Promotes energy levels
  • Only works for one acupressure point
  • Results can be varied

Does Aculief Really Work?

As the world becomes more hectic by the day, it is natural that persistent stress will have an effect on our health. Migraine is one of the indicators that we should be concerned about. Migraine is a genetic condition that affects some unfortunate people on the planet. However, for the majority of us, it is a byproduct of our daily activities.

Migraines, headaches, and back pain can become a frequent companion as a result of the way we work and live. When people suffer from Migraines, they frequently seek medical attention after it is too late. At that point, patients are left with little choice except to continue taking medication to keep the pain manageable.

However, with the aid of Aculief, a revolutionary wearable device based on the ancient Chinese notion of acupressure, you can be assured of a migraine-free life. It is not the same as acupuncture. With this device, you do not need to pierce your body with needles to alleviate discomfort. Wearing the device on your wrist is sufficient.

Aculief is the only legit device that promises to provide relief to those who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines. It is intended to be used as a wearable acupressure device that stimulates the body’s acupressure point, which is designated as LI-4. The LI-4 acupressure point, which is based on Chinese traditional medicine, can be stimulated to provide instant pain relief.

Migraine sufferers will benefit from this device, which combines modern ergonomic design with ancient acupressure principles to deliver immediate pain relief. When you attach the Aculief wearable acupressure device to your body, it causes the release of endorphins, which causes your body to become more relaxed.

All you have to do is put on the clip whenever you have discomfort. Within minutes, you will feel the tension melt away. Users of the Aculief for migraine function have attested to the fact that they were relieved of their migraines in as little as 15 minutes. You can also wear it for an extended period of time, depending on your requirements.

Because Aculief for migraines is based on ancient medicine, many people will mistrust the validity of the treatment. There’s no need to be concerned. Acupressure through the LI-4 point is not a pseudoscientific practice. It is an ancient science that medical schools and scientists alike believe is useful in treating patients. The findings of a 2011 study conducted by Johns Hopkins University revealed that applying magnetic acupressure to the LI-4 meridian point alleviated pain in the bone marrow, eyes, jaw, toothaches, and even the limbs of patients. In addition, Aculief reviews mention that it is effective for pain relief.

For more than 30 years, empirical investigations undertaken by the Mayo Clinic have consistently demonstrated that acupuncture is beneficial in the treatment of pain, headaches, and arthritis. Acupressure, on the other hand, is not recommended for pregnant women.

Competitors and Alternatives

Aculief isn’t the only product that claims to relieve headaches and other similar pains.  Everywhere you look, it seems as though the benefits of acupressure are being touted for superior pain relief.

One option is the AcuSpur Acupressure Headband.  Designed to be used as a wrap or as a headband, this product claims to reduce muscle tension and improve relaxation simply by wearing it for ten to thirty minutes each day.

This product has good reviews and is about half the price of the Aculief – but it won’t work as well for other ailments, like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Another product to consider is the ZenGuru Acupressure Neck Pillow. Again, this one is not going to work as well for pain outside of the head and neck region. 

However, it has some of the best reviews by customers and can also help improve sleep quality and to relieve stress and pain.

Where to Buy Aculief

Aculief wearable acupressure is available through the official business website, which often runs promotions.

Although you may also find it on Amazon by searching “Aculief Amazon UK”, Walmart, The Grommet, AliExpress, and other online retailers, it’s best to buy through their official website. The main site accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and Shopify for a secure transaction; it also offers a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use Aculief?

You just have to wear the aculief at some points on your body which will help you feel relief in a matter of time.

Are there different sizes of aculief?

There are no different sizes of the Aculief and its size is universal, so all sizes, all background and all age persons use it comfortably with accurate positioning.

How effective is accupressure to the LI4 accupressure point?

Johns Hopkins University published a study 8/2011: Magnetic acupressure was applied to the LI-4 (Hegu) meridian to patients suffering from bone marrow pain. Severe pain decreased dramatically for those receiving magnetic acupressure at the LI-4 acupuncture point. Johns Hopkins stated that proper stimulation of LI4 is effective in relieving headaches, pain of the eyes, toothaches, jaw pain, and pain of the limbs and bones. NCCAM Study 11/2010 National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Over 500 clinical trials of acupuncture have been conducted in the past three decades from credible institutions, such as the Mayo Clinic, resulting in substantial evidence that acupuncture is very effective in treating chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, arthritis, headaches, chemotherapy sickness, and infertility, among other ailments. Published Men’s Health 12/2009: Short-Circuit a Headache in 30 seconds Instead of hitting back with Tylenol or Advil, try pinching the webbed area between your thumb and index finger (either hand) for 30 seconds. It’s called acupressure, and while Ivy League researchers haven’t carried out a randomized, placebo-controlled study on the strategy, Marc Sharfman, M.D., director of the Headache Institute in Winter Park, Florida, swears by it.

How long will Aculief take to provide pain relief?

Most of our customers notice relief in as little as 1- 3 minutes and up to 30 minutes.

How long can I wear Aculief for?

It’s up to you! Aculief may be worn for as little as 5 minutes or up to several hours depending on bad your pain is and/or how often you need relief provided.

Are there different colors available?

Yes! Aculief comes in teal, green, black and a variety pack (if you buy more than one). Once you select your bundle above, it will give you the option to choose your favorite color.

Is it ok to wear aculief during activities?

Aculief is waterproof and designed with high quality material so that it can be used during activities. I wear it while swimming in the pool, jogging in the park in the morning and doing office work in front of the desk PC and I feel comfortable all time.

Final Thought

Headache is very common, but can be relieved without medication and Aculief is one of the best solutions to get rid of migraine pains. The device used on our LI4 (large intestine 4) acupressure point, which is called the acupuncture therapy. Acupuncture is Chinese treatments which are used to realign the flow of energy in the body. And the latest studies conducted on the subject have shown that it seems very effective in preventing and treating precisely different types of headaches.

The Aculief for headaches puts pressure on the LI4 or He Gu acupressure point on the hands, which is situated between the thumb and index finger muscle. Then, our pituitary gland releases endorphins and activate all nervous system which helps to improve blood circulation in the brain, so migraine and headache pains relieve immediately.

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