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AdBlock Stick Review- Is it worth buying for blocking the ads?

It is so irritating when you see the video ads, banners, and various other ads popping and filling your screen when you are searching and navigating the internet. Or when you are watching something on YouTube, reading the news, etc. All of these things are very annoying and irritating. At the same time, these pop-ups can surely compromise and interrupt your privacy and security issues. 

Also, the worst part about these ads is that these das may contain malware, adware, and some trackers. Even if you do not click on them they can deliver something malicious as well. Also, apart from many online users at the time leaves that particular website because of the intensity at which these ad pop-ups. Hence, the demand for the Ad Block Stick is in today’s time. 

AdBlock Stick Review- Is it worth buying for blocking the ads? 1

Ads are very annoying but do you know that Online advertising has always been a crucial part of branding and marketing strategies. This is very helpful especially for large businesses to successfully reach out to the masses. The advertising also helps in reaching and engaging with the new customers. Around 91 % of the people have been reporting online ads as intrusive and scams nowadays repeatedly. 

Another issue behind the annoyance of these ads is that it is overwhelming for many users, as they do not even get a single chance to read the content. The pop-up ads and the playing video ads can be a real annoyance for online users. 

Recent research has shown that these ads are prompting even on the well-reputed websites as well. These ads can disturb you when you are using chrome or at the same time using Facebook or for that matter twitter. Suddenly, you then switch the page to a different page. To avoid the ad that has been disturbing you.


If you think redirecting the ad will be helpful then thin twice. Because at times this also happens when the moment you click on the ad to shut off. New malware can drop into your machine. That can create another level of the problem. 

By looking at the problems that many customers are facing because of the ads that are popping up while you are browsing the internet. It is necessary that the best ad blockers and privacy extensions come more for optimizing your website experience. A great ad blocker is something that can add a good layer of security to your life. 

Like for example, many companies are noting this issue that many users are facing. Apple recently added a way of blocking specific apps. From tracking you in iOS 14.5 year update. And also there are various privacy boosters on the way too with iOS 15. Also, Android 12, which is on its final release is also taking privacy quite seriously. 

But the one thing that is necessary to admit is that even these ad blockers have their downsides as well. For example, the starters take away all the revenues from the free sites in the name of the ads. A lot of ad blockers in the market are here to solve the commotion that is caused by the ads. Here we have presented a review on the Adblockers Stick. The new blocker is trending around the world for its capability of stopping ads and due to its mind-blowing features and benefits. Read the review below full to make a better decision on buying the new product. 

What is AdBlock Stick all about?

Do You know that the Ad Block is a USB stick that blocks all online ads, pop-ups, banners, and video ads as well? That is capable of protecting your computer from tracking and helps in storing your computer. It is a known fact that there are a number of ads that are emerging on the daily basis. 

It is a well-known thing that according to research that the number of ads is going to increase around 50% in the next one year. Because of this, the possibility is that your computer will not work efficiently as it is working now. Also, the downloads will take a lot of time, the worst thing is that some of these Big Online Advertising companies will track everything you do online. That means all of your searches are getting sold. 

But with the help of this AdBlock Stick, you will not need to see the irritating online ads as the device is capable of blocking even the video ads. The tiny USB stick increases the speed of your internet browsing and also protects your computer from any malicious viruses and ads. 

More information on the same

The AdBlock stick is a very simple and unique design that is in a shape of a flash that guarantees that you can browse the web advertisement free. You are just required to set up the AdBlock Stick at one time and then you can simply use it on various other computers. Also, the full-fledged team of experts is always available for you for any kind of consultation or query.

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Customers using the USB gadget that is trending around the world are creating headlines according to them. Users from the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia are just raving about this revolutionary device. The device is very helpful in making your PC ads-free within minutes of setting it up. Also, as many other AdBlock sticks work, the AdBlock Stick does not let the sneaky ads pop in between. That means the advertisers will not be able to pay them. 

The best part about the Adblock Stick is that you are safe from all of the harmful websites, that can interrupt your device with a virus or malware or even can steal your information. If it detects any of these things the USB quickly blocks it from further irritating you.

What are the things to check before buying the AdBlock Stick?

Here is the list of certain things that you should consider before buying the stick and these are as follows-

  • It successfully blocks the wide range of ads on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
  • The device is very compatible with various other devices for protecting various web browsers and devices.
  • It is easy to set up and very simple to use as well.
  • It is on auto-update that detects the latest adware.  

How does the USB gadget work and how we can use them?

The working of the USB gadget is quite easy and simple to use. You only have to set up the AdBlock Stick once and you can use it on various other computers. You can easily use other apps and perform many other activities that you were doing before while using the USB gadget. 

Adblock stick is highly compatible as you can connect it directly with your PC. There is no particular kind of knowledge you are required as using the stick is very easy, All you need to perform are below steps-

  • Step-1: You need to plug in The first step s to plug the stick in your PC’s USB port.
  • Next Step: Follow the easy on-screen instructions given.
  • Step 3- Now you can enjoy fast and ad-free internet browsing. 

Do you know?

Even there is a test to see whether and how will the Adblock Stick will perform especially against the other products that are available in the market. Initially, the company distributed a USB stick and also an old laptop to each of the testers. So that there can be transparency in understanding whether the product is working the way it is advertised in the market. Also, some of the new laptops and same devices were distributed too, to check how Adblock Stick will perform among the competition. And the results were surprising.


Features of the AdBlock Stick

If you are someone who is continuously looking for features that can help you know more about the brand and the ads blocker. Then in this review, we have mentioned all of the features and they are as follows- 

  • It removes all the distracting ads from the page that makes pages very easy to read and understand.
  • Loading becomes easier and after as the web pages load faster.
  • Prevents advertisers track you on various websites. 
  • It reduces the bandwidth that is useful with mobile devices.
  • It also reduces the battery usage of your computer.
  • Helpful in blocking the fake news.
  • It protects you from malware.
  • It is highly cost-effective.
  • The USB is durable and is of high quality.
  • Compatible with any of the devices or the computer.
  • It stops the ads from recurring that usually affects your privacy and online experience. Helpful in making your page load faster and avoids any kind of malware too.
  • It is a user-friendly interface that is very easy for beginners.

Specifications of the product 

Here are some of the specifications that you must know before going with the product.

  • Weight- Ship usually at 1 oz
  • Size- 4” x 8” envelope
  • Packaging- Bubble Mailer

Benefits of the Ad-free USB gadget 

Now let us check out some of the important benefits of the product that you must know and make your decision on buying the product.

  • Helps load website faster- usually what happens is that when we are navigating through the website or when we are using a particular website. We usually come across ads that take a lot of time in loading and creates an interruption while using the internet. Sometimes those ads and animation plays are unnecessary and useless. That makes the page laid very slowly and takes longer for the page to display. With the help of the AdBlock Stick, you can stop on these ads and make your surfing and internet experience much better.  
  • More security to you- many of these ads are vectors of viruses and malware. So when they hit your legitimate network, it disrupts your device. This is one of the prominent reasons why you should buy the new AdBlock Stick urgently. The virus or the malware when hitting your network can cause many issues such as disrupting your computer, hanging on the system, or even crashing your whole computer. 
  • You will use less of the data- when you are not able to see the ads you do not use much of the data and your monthly data is saved too. Some of the adblocking services claim of saving your data. You will be able to save lots of data while using the AdBlock Stick. Because even loading these videos and animations takes a lot of your user data. Hence, after using the AdBlock stick your data is saved automatically as the ads are restricted.
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More benefits

  • Longer-lasting battery- One way to have a longer-lasting battery you need to use the AdBlock Stick. Downloading anything requires a lot of energy and data. The way to stop using much of your battery is to stop downloading much of the data and thus reducing the use of much of the data. 
  • Protects your privacy- do not allow the advertisers to track you all across the website. It does not allow the advertisers to track you and helps you get rid of all that interruptions. 
  • Removes the distractions- the AdBlock Stick eliminates the pop-up ads, banners, and unwanted animated videos that completely surround the webpage. So that you can clearly see what is really matters. AdBlock is capable of blocking all the ads whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, or any other networking site. 
  • Supports the websites- the AdBlock Stick is very good at blocking all the annoying and malware ads. It creates a healthy ecosystem for various websites and creators of the content by allowing acceptable ads to flash. 

Why should you buy the AdBlock Stick?

AdBlock Stick Review- Is it worth buying for blocking the ads? 2

One of the most known facts about the various ads that appear on the internet is useful to a greater extent. The online advertisement is a good way of demonstrating what you have as a seller. But if it becomes aggressive then it is a problem. These ads flash, banners blink, and the videos get pop up, and sometimes these ads block the webpages until your webpages are blocked. 

Initially, this tactic of using the internet for all-time promotion has now become a sin. Earlier this was a good thing to happen but in today’s time, we are unnecessarily bombarded with these ads. The ads sometimes contain vectors of malware and viruses. Ultimately that can disrupt our connection and crash our system. 

The main function of the AdBlock Stick is to block the various kinds of ads that prompt in front of you when you open the website. The ads can be these flashy banners, pop-ups, pop-unders, and many more. Sometimes the heart attack giving videos gets prompted suddenly in between that auto-starts by itself when you visit Facebook or Youtube. The Adblock Stick even removes these of the ads. Also, there is no such technical way of using the device. The moment you install the device into your system it works immediately. 

The Adblock stick not just quickly blocks all the ads and pop-ups as compared to all the other devices that are available in the market. It also helps your computer to work perfectly without the whole system getting disturbed. It protects your computer as well. And helps it to function perfectly well exactly like a new computer. 


Who needs it and why?

Below is the demographic in which various people are grouped according to which their needs and demand are separated in the usage of the Adblock Stick. And these groups are as follows- 

  • The first group of people are those who need some of the privacy- this group of people is those who will allow list a site rather than disabling a particular website. This group values their choices and controls their browsing and surfing experience over the internet. 
  • People who are not interested in ads at all this group is highly intolerable in sticking to a website that is continuously showing the ads. This kind of people will move from one website to another if they will face any of the problems. 
  • People who are open to blocking the ads- this kind of people will surely block the ads if they apparel in front of them. This group is most likely to have an allowlist a site. Many people need the Adblock stick to stop the ads from coming again and again on the screen. Thus, are open to reasonable option such as paid subscriptions as well. 
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Where you can buy it?

You can buy the AdBlock stick from its official website only. The stick is not available anywhere except on the manufacturer’s website. Also, there are various discounts and offers available on the website. The only website that is highly recommendable is the manufacturer’s website. You can even avail of various offers and discounts that are available on their website. The order is placed very easily is often uncomplicated. Within few minutes the payments are processed. After waiting for only a few days you can get your order and use it accordingly. 

Pros and Cons

  • The device is great in removing all the unwanted ads, whether these ads are on videos or any other form.
  • It helps in making your laptop works faster and better.
  • Makes the web pages load faster.
  • Your life becomes simpler.
  • It is highly cost-effective.
  • It is durable and provides quality in navigating through the internet.
  • Highly compatible with the other devices.
  • Protect you from any kind of malware.
  • The only con of the device is that it is available on the official website and nowhere else you can find the product.
  • Another con is that you might not get discounts if the order is not placed faster.

Money-back Guarantees and Refund Policy- 

The company is keen on offering you a 30day offer back with 100% money-back guarantees. The time should be given back in similar packaging and unused to the seller. You ship the package of the device to the manufacturer’s shipping address. After which you can be in direct contact with the customer care executive. Then you again give the tracking number to the customer care representative as soon as it gets shipped. Finally, you will get an email confirming the refund, the moment the company receives and approves the refund of your product. 

Personal information on the same 

I personally have used the AdBlock Stick to avoid all those nasty ads that usually come on the website. The moment I installed the AdBlock Stick on my laptop, I was able to stop the ads from popping up and coming on my screen. It was a lot more time-saving, the loading of the pages was much quicker. I was able to use the internet quite freely. All the distractions were removed the moment I connected the ads blocker with my PC. My PC is working much faster than before and it is very satisfying to not be able to see and watch any of these ads popping up.

All of my files were able to download very faster than what was happening before. I would strongly recommend this great AdBlock Stick to be on your laptop too. The AdBlock Stick is a must if you want a stress-free, and interruption-free online surfing and working without any pause. 


I hope the above review has been very useful to you in understanding what exactly is the AdBlock Stick. And how useful it is in blocking the unwanted ads that you come across on the daily basis on the internet while you’re surfing the internet or doing any important work. The best part about the device is that it helps you get rid of all the malware ads that usually appear while we are using the internet. At the same time, it also helps in making your system work faster.

How long does delivery of the product take place?

The order is best shipped within 24 hours from the moment you have ordered. After which within 5 working days, you will receive your order.

What are the various payment methods available?

You can place your order through VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Discover, Amex, etc.

How do the 30-day money-back guarantees work?

The manufacturers are quite confident about their products. The moment you feel like the product is not satisfactory to you. You can return the product within 30 days. 

Will we get the tracking number after placing the order?

Yes, surely you will get an email with your tracking number right after your order is shipped. 

Does this block all internet advertisements?

Yes, the pop-up ads, flashy banners, the video advertisements all get blocked. The Adblock Stick is a great device for blocking all unnecessary ads and flashy banners. 


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