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AirPump Power Review – Does it Work? Read Our Special Report

Airpump Power Reviews 2021 | Is It Worth the Cost? This read is for those who are searching for a light pump that would cater to multiple purposes. Don’t Miss Out 50% off.

How ‘bout going on a long unplanned drive with your beloved, just to discover that you have landed up in trouble. Oops! Your tyre has lost air and won’t just move without making that metallic sound. So, in such times, what do you do? Ask, your swanky girlfriend to leave all the gait and give you a hand in switching tyres? You yourself won’t like to take up this hardy task at this moment.

Then, just don’t waste time and get yourself an ‘AirPump Power‘, which would never allow you to mar your sudden dates.

The majority of the population owns a car simply because it’s the best way to travel around the city or town. It makes errand easier because you no longer have to wait or flag down for a cab because you have your vehicle to use. But just like anything else, sometimes your car may cause issues like getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere and your phone’s battery has already died.

Usually, you will have a spare tire to replace your flat tire, but what if your spare is as useless as the one attached to your car. It may be because it lacks air and is too soft already, or it is totally flat. Gone are the days where you will have to walk several kilometers just to get help or get a replacement because our technology made things easier for us by giving us a device that can fix a flat tire.

The device that I am talking about is the AirPump Power, which can inflate your tires anytime and anywhere you are. In this review, we will not only be reviewing AirPump Power but as well as talk about how it works and how it can be beneficial to you.

What Is AirPump Power?

Airpump Power Reviews 2020
AirPump Power Review - Does it Work? Read Our Special Report 1

AirPump Power is a device that is similar to a flashlight, but it a bit tiny. It works by putting air in your tire, therefore inflating it back for you. It is known as a state-of-the-art device that can effectively inflate your flat tires no matter where you are. The AirPump Power is considered as a smart device because of its ability to pump air and pressure to your tires.

One of the best things about AirPump Power is that it has an LCD screen, where you can check the gauge of the pressure that your tire needs to avoid messing up the gas mileage or your suspension. The LCD provides a piece of accurate information about the inflation pressure, which is similar to the ones used in soccer balls and footballs.

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You can check your car’s correct pressure through the sticker which is located your car’s door. Once you know the right pressure, you can start entering it to the AirPump Power using the buttons and attach it to out tire. It will actually take you ten minutes for you to inflate your tires perfectly. You will surely be riding smoothly after and some even report a greater mileage.

Another good thing about AirPump Power is that it is a handheld device, lightweight and very small. Some people may think that this might not work because of their physical appearance, but it will surely do. There are also some people who thought that as well, but they were surprised when it did.

Who would buy this?

Anyone should buy this extremely efficient, light device. Not only inflating tyres, the AirPump Power can blow in your pump toys, pump sofas and mattresses can be used to fill air into swimming tubes and so on. The logic is simple. AirPump Power’s standardized vent can fit on to common vents and just puff up anything without you doing the hard work.

AirPump Power Review - Does it Work? Read Our Special Report 2

Benefits of using a AirPump Power

As, I have mentioned earlier AirPump Power is a lot of power in a small capsule, shaped like a ‘hot dog’ or a ‘bean’. The advantages of the same are :

  • It’s a tiny, portable electronic device that slips into your car closet.
  • The built in battery can charge your phone so if you forget to carry your phone charger by any means, you needn’t be perturbed.
  • It indicates the pressure of air flow, so you needn’t worry of overdoing or underplaying it.
  • It has an universal tube projection that fits onto any vent conveniently.
  • The colour and designing is stylish and operation is uncomplicated.
  • An AirPump Power can not only take care of flat tyres but also other equipments that need blowing air into them.

So, rest your lungs this time and get your AirPump Power do the pumping.


  • AirPump Power has a rechargeable battery inside which can be charged using an USB cable. The same cable can be used to transfer charge to a phone.
  • The pump sports a precise LCD panel which shows exactly the pressure reading that is being applied. You can raise or reduce it using press-ons.
  • Well, well there’s another interesting feature to it that makes for a traveller’s friend, that’s it’s engraved LED flashlight, which flashes for about 8 hours at a dazzling output of 80lumens.
  • The equipment comes with few attachments like USB cable, pumping inlets to fit any and every size of vents.
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Why Choose AirPump Power?

As mentioned above AirPump Power can help inflate tires anywhere and anytime. But one of the reasons why you should also get this device is that it can also work as a flashlight. This means that if you get a flat tire during the night, you can use the flashlight while inflating the tire of your cars. You don’t have to worry if you get a flat tire in a remote area or in an area with low traffic because with the flashlight, you will surely be able to do it on your own.

Another reason why you need the AirPump Power is that it can also be a power bank where you can charge your smartphone. This is ideal if you are going somewhere and you’re going to be late due to a flat tire. You can use the power bank to charge your phone so you can call your family and friends while also inflating the tire. Charging your smartphone will never be a problem when traveling with AirPump Power.

Also as mentioned above, AirPump Power has an LCD where you can check the pressure. This will make sure that you won’t over-inflate your tire, which can damage the tire and the other things in your car, including your mileage. With the LCD, you will ensure that your tire will be getting just the right amount of air and pressure.

Lastly, AirPump Power is a small and lightweight device. This means that you can easily bring this with you or store it anywhere in your car. You don’t have to worry about it taking too much space because it will never do that.

AirPump Power Tests

Of course, we want to provide you with an honest and accurate review of AirPump Power so we decided to test them out. Together with five of our editors, we tested the AirPump Power during our out of town trips for our team building. It’s perfect for long drives because things may happen like accidentally getting your tires flat.

We took AirPump Power with us all day and during our travel, and we are fortunate that we brought it with us because we came across a family who is asking help and stressing out because two of their tires are flat and they only have one spare tire.

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Luckily for them, we have AirPump Power with us and we lend the device to them. We volunteered to do it because they are not aware that such a device exists. We asked for the pressure required and the good thing that they are aware of. After inflating their car, they got curious about AirPump Power and we gladly explained everything to them.

They were all amazed at how that small device helped them with their car. They were so excited about AirPump Power that they took a photo of it and will recommend it to their family and friends as well.

Pros and Cons

  • Extremely silent. Extremely silent!
  • Convenient. A scroll compressor is a very compact device.
  • It has a simple architecture, few components.
  • Oil-free architecture needs little maintenance (almost none).
  • Inadequate capacity (in liters/minute or cubic feet per minute).
  • Relatively costly.

Customers Opinion

“Oh my god! Who would even believe that this pump has a capacity to pump up even tyres of my loader truck. I am a transporter by profession and have to be in travelling mode most of the time. Carrying this AirPump Power with me has saved me from dreadful nights so often. Nights are the time, when finding help is scarce and that too on the highways. This little genie works like Hercules.” – Maze

“Before AirPump Power, I used to depend on my flange. One day, my spare tyre too had a rupture and I was in the verge of a nervous breakdown. Being a young woman, stranded in a road where no passerby would possibly appear made me faint. A kind couple passing by my car fed me water and solved my problem using AirPump Power. I thanked them profusely and ordered one for myself instantly.” – Amy

Where To Buy AirPump Power

You can purchase AirPump Power on their official website. They are currently offering discounts for people who will purchase one or more devices. You can pay via your credit card or your PayPal without worrying because the site is SSL encrypted.

Buy Now

My Recommendation

I am a homemaker and don’t go out of my house much. I came across this extremely useful device on the internet and decided to purchase it. The moment it arrived home and my hubby laid his eyes on it. He simply won’t part with the AirPump Power. He keeps it in his car always and has never faced a difficult situation till now.

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