Cavalier Essentials Review – Looking Haircut Without Leaving the House

Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you. It says a lot about your sense of style and attitude.

We’ve come to rely entirely on barbers to keep our hair looking slick. So what do you do when you can’t get to the barbershop? Give up and embrace the caveman look? No!

Cavalier Essentials is here to help you take hair back into your own hands. This new grooming tool can help you and the men in your life get that sleek, dapper look without leaving the house.

What is Cavalier Essentials?

Cavalier Essentials is a new men’s grooming company that makes hair clippers specifically designed for people who want to cut their own hair. My kitchen scissors clearly weren’t going to cut it (no pun intended), so I decided to order one and give it a try.

The Cavalier Essentials clipper is the ultimate men’s grooming tool.  Powered by a heavy-duty motor that ensures snag-free cutting and  since it’s paired with Q-SUS low-noise technology, cutting hair won’t sound like mowing the lawn.

Feature Of Cavalier Essentials Hair Clipper

  • High Grade Stainless Steel – Anti-rust blades with superior precision and sharpness
  • Taper Lever – Multi-lock system for easy blending
  • High Performance 4 Gear Motor – Glides smoothly through hair
  • Cordless – Tangle-free maneuverability
  • Low Noise Technology – Provides whisper-quiet cutting
  • Rechargeable Li-on Battery – Up to 5 hours of run time
  • Ergonomic Metal Handle – Designed for comfort and easy control

Cavalier Essentials Package

  • x1 Cavalier Clipper Kit
  • x1 FREE Protective Hair Cape and Dual-End Comb
  • FREE Access to Professional Barber Master Classes
  • Bonus: FREE Access to “Cut your own hair like a pro” master class

How to Get Your Cavalier Essentials Clipper

You don’t need to visit a barber to get or give a good haircut! With Cavalier Essentials you can cut, trim, and style in the comfort of your own home, no appointment necessary!

If your hair has gotten out of control, or someone you love is walking around with a mop on their head, help is here.

You can buy the Cavalier Essentials currently only on the website of the manufacturer. You must have a valid credit card to make a purchase, as this is the only payment method accepted at the moment. In return you can be sure to receive an original product and not a fake by purchasing directly from the website.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I really learn how to cut my own hair with Cavalier Essentials?

Yes, you can! By practicing with our library of masterclass videos, you can quickly learn how to give yourself a professional-looking haircut in any style.

Is it safe to use the Cavalier Essentials clipper on children?

Yes, absolutely. The clipper is quiet, skin safe, and designed to prevent hair tugging and snagging.

Will the Cavalier Essentials clipper work on women’s hair?

Yes! While the clipper was primarily designed for men’s hair styles, it will work on any kind of hair.

How do I clean the Cavalier Essentials clipper?

The clipper comes with a special brush to remove hair from the blades and lubricating oil to keep the motor running smoothly.

Will I need a pair of scissors to finish the job?

The Cavalier Essentials clipper is perfectly capable of completing an entire haircut on its own. If you want to add a little extra style or a few finishing touches, we recommend the Styling Kit upgrade.

What about the rest of my body hair?

The Cavalier Essentials clipper is only intended for the hair on top of your head. If you want to trim your beard or body hair, we recommend the Grooming Kit upgrade.

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