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Android 360 Camera Review [2021]: Does it really work?

Now or then you will people around clicking pictures or taking selfies. Having a camera is bliss nowadays. You have to capture every moment around you. Now with the fashion of drone and HD camera, no camera can click all the pictures. But we have all in one camera for you. Get the complete frame in single shot by using Android 360 Camera.

Capturing the scenic moment in a single frame with complete view is now easy with Android 360 Camera.

This is an Android 360 camera that will help you in capturing all around you. This is a 360 panoramic camera which capture the wide view. With the launch of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), these cameras are growing in demand to not just capture gameplay but also each minute of action.

Android 360 Camera has been manufactured by HypersTech and gives you the perfect opportunity to capture your memories. It will allow you to transform your Android smartphone into a completely VR (virtual reality) camera.

Android 360 Camera

The Android 360 Camera is a new camera that can capture the image with 360-degree reality. It takes reality to the next level and it a quality gadget. It captures photos and videos in a unique way. It is a perfect camera that makes memories better by capturing the 360 degrees image. It is a camera that gives the full view camera in the market. You can take both photos and videos with Hyper360 Android. It consists of F2 and dual 210-degree fisheye lens that helps you capture your best moments. It is a lightweight and easy to transport device that has a massive resolution. It can capture space of 2560 by 1280. You can choose this camera for all your adventures. It also makes a great gift to give to your relatives or friends.   

It contains an F2, dual 210 degree fish eye lens that lets you capture the best of every moment. It is lightweight, easy to transport, and has a massive resolution. It captures a space of 2560 by 1280. Choose the Android360 Camera for all your adventures and capture more of life. This camera is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast or the photographer! It makes a great gift as well. Click below to view special deals on the Android 360 Video Camera!

Android 360 Camera Review [2021]: Does it really work? 1

What is Android 360 Camera?

Android 360 Camera Review [2021]: Does it really work? 2

Android 360 Camera smart device is an exclusive photo editor with several amazing features. Are you interested in making live adjustments to your pictures while you are clicking shots? Do you wish to apply attractive filters and effects to the photos? If the answer to these questions is yes, then it is high time that you invest in Android 360 Camera.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that Android 360 Camera is much different from the usual photo-editing apps. With this gadget you will be able to get high-level editing.

If you are planning to buy Android 360 Camera you need to understand that it does not support some of the basic features like rotate, basic crop, contrast tools, and brightness. But at the same time, some of the great features that can be enjoyed by the users are diverse shooting modes and filters.

It is a 360-degree camera perfect for capturing the virtual reality of the world. And the best part is that you will not be spending a fortune while buying this gadget. You can attach it with your smartphone and you are all set to capture your precious moments. Most of the camera enthusiasts are always on a lookout for gadgets for capturing their voice and live-action.

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For this purpose there can be nothing better than Android 360 Camera. It is a handy gadget which is simply superb for recording each moment. You can have a look at these pictures later on and immerse yourself in priceless memories. It supports extraordinary features due to which it is in great demand.

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Attractive features of Android 360 Camera

Android 360 Camera is in gaining a lot of popularity due to hi-tech features. It has been designed by professionals and is perfect for both outdoor and indoor environments. Some of the other outstanding features of Android 360 Camera are listed below.

  • Lens –  F2.0, dual 210° fish-eye lens that helps you in clicking clearer pictures.
  • Modes – 360 Camera comes with two shooting modes for both videos and photos. Click videos and photos as you like.
  • Resolution – It has a resolution of 2560*1280 and its frames per second speed is 30 fps.
  • Weight – It weighs roundly 26.5g or approximately 0.9oz. This device is very lightweight as compared to other cameras.
  • Display: 5.71-inch touchscreen
  • Battery: 3040mAh non-removable battery
  • Camera: 13MP rear and 8MP front-facing
  • OS: Android
  • Memory: 128GB and it has no microSD slot
  • RAM: 4GB

Key specifications:

  • It is compatible with all android phones.
  • The camera has a dual-fish eye lens.
  • It has an F2.4 Aperture.
  • It consists of a 3008 X 1504 (3K) Still Image Resolution which is amazing.
  • It also consists of 2560 X 1280 Video Resolution (3008 X 1504 With Some Smartphones)
  • It can capture 30 Frames Per Second.
  • It also has Real-Time Stitching which is a great feature.
  • The technical details are:
  • 37.6mm / 1.48in Diameter
  • Its weight is 26.5 Grams
  • It is Available With MicroUSB Or Type-C Connector as the user wishes.


With Android 360 Camera you will be getting a manual, cloth carrying case, a USB and C2B adaptor. Some of the other accessories which you can get separately are listed below:

Android 360 Stand (Table Stand), Android 360 Camera (Laptop Connection) and Android 360 Camera USA Type C Extension.

How Does It Work?

It is important to pay attention to the fact that every camera is different. You will need a good quality camera if you are interested in clicking an expansive landscape or a place with lots of people. The camera needs to be omnidirectional for optimum results. Well, your search will end with Android 360 Camera. It is important to carry out thorough survey before investing or making up your mind. Most of the gadgets that you will get in the market do not have the right kind of resolution or have poor lenses. Things are very different with Android 360 Camera. Irrespective of the fact that you are planning to go for mountain biking or wish to capture the scope of stadium view, there is no need to look further than Android 360. The best part is that it works very well with most of the computers and Smartphones. It is high time that you invest in the right kind of product and ensure that your pictures stand out from the rest. What can be better than this!

Android 360 Camera Attachment

If you are planning to buy an Android 360 Camera, you will be getting the amazing attachment as well. It is an extendable attachment handle. And the best part is that you will be able to click much better pictures. Also, you can use it for getting better quality videos. With the advent of modern technological changes, a lot has changed in the field of photography as well. Place your order right away and you will be able to do a lot with your photos and videos.

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Benefits of Android 360 Camera

  • It supports an Alternate Shooting Mode, namely Magic Ski. This mode has been designed by the professionals for the purpose of clicking Selfies And other Shots Of People.
  • It supports an impressive range of filters that will make sure that your pictures stand out and you look much better. Your portraits will look brilliant with the help of the filters.
  • The filters have been divided into several categories like HDR, Lomo, Retro, And Dreamlike.
  • You will also get to enjoy some artistic Categories like Sketch and Ghost.
  • Invest in this product and you will surely enjoy it.

Order The Android Camera 360

Android 360 Camera Review [2021]: Does it really work? 3

This 360-degree camera is a very effective product that should be owned by everyone. It is a great way to document all the adventures you have done in your life and keep them forever. You can capture your entire vacation or any sports event or anything that you feel like. It not only improves photo quality but also gives a 360-degree view. It can record all your adventures and let you cherish them for life. You can also gain followers on social media and become expert photographers. You can also see the Hyper360 Virtual Reality headset.

Android 360 Camera Review [2021]: Does it really work? 4

What Makes Worth It?

Android 360 Camera Worth It

It is one of the best cameras in the market which captures all the beautiful moments in a person’s life. It is totally worth the price as it gives a 360 view of the picture. You can click the most stunning and best photos with this camera. It is a greatly portable device which can be carried around anywhere. It helps in recollecting memories that you can relive again through the photos. You can save the photos for later use or can show it to your loved ones. Despite the small size of the device, it can capture sharp and accurate photos with high quality. It is a lightweight camera that has all the features one wants to click the best pictures.

With this 360 Camera, you can get the best Panorama shot. Not just for the purpose of photography, house surveillance is also important to prevent any kind of burglary when you are not around. Get this device installed at your home or work premises today.

Android 360 Camera Unique Technology

Below mentioned are the main features that Android 360 Camera has that will take your photography experience to the next level-

Android 360 Camera Unique Technology
  • Fish-Eye Lenses (2 X F/2.4) – It uses a quality lens to capture the best moments of a persons life so that they do not lose a bit.
  • 3K Photo Resolution – It has a Resolution Of 3008 X 1504 for the perfect image.
  • Outstanding Video Resolution – It has a vision through which you can capture your Birthday Party In 2560 X 1280 @30fps Resolution and show to your friends.
  • Livestream – The device also has a feature of live streaming through which you can share your experiences on the social media.
  • Battery – The battery used by the camera is that of the smart phones, so no additional charging is involved.
  • Storage – You Can Store The Pictures Or Videos In Your Phone Or Choose Your Preferred Location To Save Content Via Applications On Your Phone.
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How to Use It?

The product is very easy to use. It includes no difficult installation process or any absurd download for it to work. There are simple steps that have to be followed:

  1. First, you have to download the application for 360 Camera from the Google Play app store;
  2. Then you have to install the application;
  3. After that you have to Insert the Camera via USB connector;
  4. It will make the application run.
  5. Then you have to Grant the required permissions to the Camera and let it start;
  6. Now you can take all the pictures or videos you want like never before!
Buy Now

How to buy Android 360 Camera?

If you wish to buy a quality camera then this is the product for you. It is one of the best products with the best features that can come with a camera. It takes pictures of full 360-degrees and clicks the best photos of your loved ones and your friends. The camera can be purchased online from the official site. Every person who wishes to click good photos should buy this camera. The website is also offering a 50% discount and it is a great deal to buy such a good quality product at a low price. No one should miss this chance.


Android 360 Camera will give you the experience of professional photography. Stop thinking and get your device now. Get the device and start clicking the memorable pictures of you and your family.

Hurry Up!! Before the  Android 360 Camera sold out, order one for you right now. Grab your special offer of 50% today. Trust us you won’t be disappointed with the product and you are going to definitely enjoy it.

Frequently Ask Question

How do I capture 360 photos on Android?

1. Create photos with a phone
2. Open the Street View app
3. Tap Create
4. In the bottom right, tap Camera
5. Take a series of photos
6. At the bottom, tap Done
Your 360 photo is stitched together and saved in the ‘Private’ tab on your phone. The photo is also saved on your phone.

How do you take 360 degree photos?

To create 360-degree photos inside the Facebook app, scroll to the top of the News Feed and tap the ‘360 Photo’ button. Then slowly spin around for a full turn, all while keeping the the graphic centered in the middle. When it’s finished, you can pick the ‘starting point’ for the photo and publish it.

How to buy Android 360 Camera?

If you are looking to buy a quality camera which can capture your journey in full 360 degrees then you should definitely try Android 360 Camera. You might be surprised and happy that you made the decision to purchase it. The Android 360 Camera can easily be ordered from the manufacturer’s official website.

How To Claim 50% Discount?

Do not hesitate and change the way to capture your special moments now! For a limited time, Android 360 Camera is available 50% OFF with FREE SHIPPING! Android 360 Camera can be purchased

Is 360 video the same as 3D?

No, you might see a lot of difference in a 360 video and 3D view.

Android 360 Camera Review [2021]: Does it really work? 1

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