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Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable Air Cooler Review

Many online consumer’s reports of arctic pure chill Cooler review states that arctic air pure chill air conditioner is a compact, highly innovative and yet best effective portable cooler to combat the unbearable heat that comes with summertime. Arctic air pure chill as testified by many consumers on arctic pure chill cooler reviews is cost effective and requires no Installation after purchase.

With summer on the way, people everywhere are looking for ways to keep themselves cool. Coolers are among the most common options, but they are also one of the costly ones. Installing an Cooler and maintaining it is not a cheap affair.

Air conditioning is a necessity in the ever-increasing heat of summer. It is almost impossible to survive when the sun starts burning in the hottest months of the year. Meanwhile, an Cooler is a luxury for most people as it causes a significant rise in the electricity bill.

What Is Arctic Air Pure Chill Cooler

Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable Air Cooler Review 1

This Cooler (also known as pure chill Cooler ultra) is a newly released portable air conditioner with a strong cooling technology housed in a small body that consumers can easily transport. Despite its small size, the arctic air pure chill cooler review will show you how this gadget can assist cool the environment in your room during the hot summer months. Because an arctic air cooler is a portable air conditioner with modern technology, it may be a far less expensive investment than a standard-sized air conditioner.

On those scorching hot days, the arctic air cooler is a great desk companion for the home or office. Pure chill cooler is a rechargeable air conditioner that is small, portable, and strong enough to offer you with significant cooling relief on even the warmest days. 

How Does the Arctic Air Pure Chill Cooler Work?

It is a portable air cooler that cools and humidifies the air. It’s a personal space cooler that can lower temperatures around you.

You add water to the Arctic Air Pure Chill’s tank. Once you’ve topped up the tank, it should run for 10 hours. The unit spreads water in the tank into the outside air, cooling it.

The fan has two vents. The front vent sucks in hot, dry air from the ambient environment. As this hot, dry air enters the unit, it passes through the water. The hot, dry air causes the water to evaporate. Evaporation requires heat, which is why heat gets removed from the air. The end result is that water gets evaporated from the tank, transforming into cool, moist air in front of your eyes.

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After this process is complete, the unit expels the cool, moist air out the other end of the device.

Arctic Air Pure Chill Features & Benefits

The makers of Arctic Air Pure Chill advertise the portable air cooler online with all of the following benefits:

  • Helps cool and humidify the air for maximum comfort
  • Uses Hydro-Chill Technology to cool down hot, dry air
  • Humidifies and cools the air at the same time
  • Runs on several hours per fill with a top fill system that helps prevent spills and messes
  • Lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry between rooms
  • LED night light, quiet operation, and a multi-directional air vent

Main Features of Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable Cooler

The Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable Cooler comes with the following features:

Fast and easy set-up

The procedure of setting up the Arctic Air Pure is straightforward. Users need to charge the device by plugging it into an outlet. To deliver a cool wave of moist air, users must fill the water tank and soak the water curtain. It is easy to maintain and clean, unlike conventional air coolers that require experts to clean and maintain.

Personalized cooling

Another important feature of Arctic Pure Chill is the ability to dispense personalized cooling. The device works in any room to provide cooled fresh air. Its compact design and low weight allow users to carry it around and place it on any space or surface.

Adjustable fan speeds

This feature ensures that the device dispenses cool air according to the dictates of the user. It comes with a variable louver and multiple fan speeds (breeze, cool, and chill).

Noise-free operation

The Arctic Air Pure Chill delivers low noise during full operation. Users can work or sleep comfortably without worrying about any buzzing or distracting sounds. Besides, customers are free to contact the company’s customer service for the exact measurements in decibels.

How to Use It?

Arctic Air Pure Chill use
  1. Place on Flat Surface Before you start using your Arctic Air Pure Chill, you’ll need to place it on a flat, stable surface, such as a table or a nightstand. Although the device likely won’t drip, unless it’s been overfilled with water, you may want to place a piece of paper or cloth underneath it if you’re concerned about that.
  2. Plug Device Into Electricity To be able to turn on your Arctic Air device completely, you’ll have to plug it into an electrical outlet.
  3. Fill and Turn on Once your device is plugged in, open and fill the water tank at the top while trying not to let any water slosh over the edges. The water you fill the tank with doesn’t have to be freezing, but for the best results possible, it should be somewhat cool. Close up the tank when you’re done filling it and press the fan button on the top of the device to turn it on. To cycle through the three fan speeds, continue pressing the button until you arrive at one you’re satisfied with.
  4. Adjust Color (optional) You may be satisfied with the color of light that your personal space cooler is emitting, but if not, there’s another button on top that you’ll be able to use to cycle through six options. These options include red, green, white, cyan, purple, and blue.
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Pricing and Where to Buy Arctic Air Pure Chill

Upon ordering the unit, users complete the Arctic Pure Chill AC. Currently, the device is available at a discount price on the creator’s official website only.

Buying from the official website allows users to get genuine products while protecting their transaction details. The manufacturer accepts payment with a credit card or PayPal. According to the order page, users have various purchase options as follows:

Users have to pay an additional amount for shipping and handling for each order, depending on the chosen package. Importantly, each order of Arctic Air Pure Chill comes with a 60-day moneyback guarantee.

Arctic Air Pure Chill Customer Reviews

A lifesaver in the desert!

Anita F. – Las Vegas, NV:- It’s VERY hot all year round here in Nevada, so personal coolers like these are quite common. I’ve used a few, but this cooler is the best so far! It really does cool down my work area in 30 seconds. Plus, it’s great for those who live alone since you don’t need to cool down an entire room or house.

Works like a charm!

Michelle K. – Yuma, AZ:- I originally got one for my mom since she lives alone and she doesn’t like turning on the air conditioning when she doesn’t have company. She liked it so much and she said that it even helps her sleep better because of the humidifier feature! So, I got one for myself as well. I love how efficient it is as a cooler, a fan, and even as a humidifier. No more sweaty, sleepless nights and dry lips!! Yes, I recommend this product.

It even helps me Sleep Better!

Cam D. – San Diego, CA:- I always have a hard time sleeping during summer (the heat, the dry air, my husband’s snoring) so when I found out that there was a Pure Chill that doubled as a humidifier, I just had to get it! It’s been two weeks since we got our Arctic Air Pure Chill, and my husband and I are both having much more peaceful nights and less stressful mornings.Yes, I recommend this product.

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Easy on the budget + saves

R. – Alice Springs, AU:- As someone who lives in a tiny flat and on a very limited budget, multipurpose and space-saving stuff are a must for me. Summers get really hot and dry here in Alice Springs, so any sort of fan and humidifier is a must. Thankfully, this personal cooler fits the multipurpose and space-saving criteria for me. Budget-friendly too, since I don’t need to cool down the whole flat when it’s just me. Would definitely recommend this!Yes, I recommend this product.

Final Word

The Arctic Air Pure Chill is a portable air cooler that provides effective and efficient cooling everywhere you go. You can use it in a bedroom, office, dorm room, or other small space to keep you cool all summer long.

Priced starting around $89.99 per unit, the Arctic Air Pure Chill is more affordable than competing air coolers sold online today – yet it provides similar cooling capabilities. The Arctic Air Pure Chill also has a 60 day refund policy on used purchases – something we don’t see with other units sold online.

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