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Arctos Portable AC Cooler Review- Does It Really Work?

As already stated Don’t Buy Until You Have Read This unbiased Arctos Portable AC Review that serves as an eye-opener to all consumers of this portable trending air cooler in the United States. Our review talks about all the salient information you need to know including other Arctos Portable AC Reviews Consumer Reports in the USA. Read carefully for a proper decision.

Summer seasons are around the corner, and summer always comes with a lot of heat. This is one of the reasons why people tend to spend much time outside due to the hot weather. Summer seasons are quite entertaining because it is the best season for various activities such as vacations, parties, hiking, and camping. It can be so disappointing spending much time outside with friends and having to come back to meet the heat inside your apartment. They are worse predictions of severe hotness this summer period because of the current climate changes.

The pandemic has affected people’s daily activities, many people spend much time indoors as people now work from home and a lot of students now engage in online classes. It is quite expensive to spend the whole summer season with your air conditioner on for 24 hours, initially, it might look possible until you get your first electric bill of the summer. And you cannot afford to spend all your summer season very uncomfortable under a terrible heat. This Arctos portable AC review is here to bring an everlasting solution to your summer nightmares. The good news is that a solution exists; the Arctos Portable AC is the answer.

What is Arctos Portable AC?

Arctos Portable AC

The Arctos is a small personal cooling humidifier that cools the air as it draws in the hot, dry room air. According to the official website, the small but mighty unit is quick to begin cooling, making the user’s personal space more comfortable.

The advantage of using a portable AC unit is that the Arctos doesn’t use a conventional HVAC system; instead it uses a mix of water and evaporation to hydrate and cool the air, thus making it more comfortable in hot weather. While it can work as a fan, it operates primarily as an air cooler and a humidifier.

How Does the Arctos Portable AC Work?

Arctos Portable AC Uses a rechargeable battery so it doesn’t need to be connected. Powered by a power source or wired to allow for function. You just need to make it work sometimes It is charged because it can be used for 8 hours continuously after being turned on. Complete battery charge It has a mechanism inside that warms the air. You can cool it by adding water or ice. It also has a. Filter that captures germs and impurities in the air. Water is filtered when it is Once the water is added to the tank, the humidifier activates and it creates fresh air. Every room is kept clean and safe to inhale.

  • You fill Arctos’s container with water
  • You plug in Arctos and turn on the fan
  • The fan blows hot air over Arctos’s container, leading to evaporation
  • Evaporation requires heat and moisture; Arctos draws moisture from the water tank and heat from the air, creating cooler, cleaner, and more refreshing air
  • Arctos blows the cool and clean air out the other side of the device
  • Because of this process, you can enjoy AC, more humid air anywhere in your home.
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Benefits Of Arctos Portable AC

  • Tripe mode settings and various levels of speed
  • Anybody can utilize ARCTOS Air Cooler with no expert assistance
  • This little cooler will improve homes and workspaces
  • It gives new and cool air inside a couple of moments
  • This cooler comes with 7 distinctive LED lights for evening time
  • It decreases the power bills of your homes and offices every month
  • This little cooler gives cool air for around 8 hours per day
  • It consumes less power and gives ideal outcomes over ordinary air coolers
  • There is no need reason to take any expert tools or hardware to introduce this device

How To Use?

How To Use?

After filling it with water, simply insert the water curtain. It comes with the device and it should last somewhere between 6 to 8 months: more than enough time before purchasing a new one. Water curtains are likewise sold independently on the authority site, so you will not be spending a lot on each purchase. When everything is prepared, you can turn on the device and enjoy a delicate cooling breeze.

Technical Specifications:

  • Working Voltage – 12V DC
  • Current – 0.79 A
  • Power – 9w
  • Fan Bearings – Dual Ball
  • Working Temperature – 0 to 158°F
  • Top Weight Capacity – 30 Pounds
  • Water tank capacity – 750ml
  • Noise – Less that 68 dB
  • Item Size – 5.8 x 5.5 x 5.5 inch
  • Spray Time – 6-8 hours
  • Working Humidity – 35 to 85% RH
  • Mounting Positions – Horizontal or Vertical
  • Wind Speed – 3 modes (low, medium, high)

Features of the Arctos Portable Air Cooler

  • Rapid Cooling: Users of the Arctos Portable Air Cooler are particularly excited about this function. Online Arctos Air Cooler Reviews confirm that the air cooler produces really cool air quickly. This provides you with the added benefit of immediate cooling of your body and personal space rather than having to wait for a long while you are feeling really hot and uncomfortable. Once you turn it on, you can start receiving a cool, fresh breeze within seconds.
  • Water Tank: Despite its small size, this device has a large water tank. The water tank has a capacity of 450 ml. The tank is at a convenient location, and pouring water to refill it is not a problem. When the water in the tank is depleted, simply open the top cover and refill the water tank to keep your cool environment. Because the gadget’s cooling mechanism relies on the water tank, it’s always a good idea to pour cool water into it.
  • Replaceable water filter: The water filter that comes with the Arctos Portable Cooler package can be readily replaced. One of the cooling technologies used by the air cooler to provide you with cool air is the changeable, effective water filter. Simply soak this water filter in water, and it will allow moisture to drain, removing heat and providing a cool, pleasant breeze. It’s quite effective and can last up to 6 months before needing to be replaced. Freshwater filters are simply available on the official Arctos website and can be replaced immediately.
  • Adjustable vents: The vents on the Arctos Portable Air Cooler are readily adjustable. The chilly air emitted from the air cooler spreads to your surroundings through these vents, which create tiny spaces. Because the vents can be readily adjusted, you can direct cool, refreshing air wherever you want it. The Arctos Portable Air Cooler is a small air cooler for personal use. Its features demonstrate that it was created with the user’s comfort and pleasure in mind. Do not pass up the chance to benefit from the personal cooling and comfort provided by this effective air cooler.
  • 3 Fan Speeds: The Arctos Air Cooler has three fan settings, keeping with the device’s enhanced personal comfort design. These three fan speeds are Breeze, Cool, and Chill Mode, and you can select any of them depending on your current cooling needs. You may be extremely overheated and demand immediate, high-speed cooling, or you may simply require a light, cold wind at night. All of these unique preferences were taken into account by the designers of Arctos’s compact, powerful air cooler.
  • Light weight design: The Arctos Portable Air Cooler is lightweight and convenient to transport. Even when it’s full, a school child can effortlessly move this portable air cooler around. It also includes a carrying handle. This demonstrates that the equipment has been made more portable. It may be used everywhere in your house or business; simply take it with you, set it on a flat surface, and enjoy the cold air.
  • Mood lighting: In addition to its great characteristics and features, the Arctos Portable Air Cooler has mood lighting. This enhances your cooling experience by creating a cool environment in which you can appreciate your cool air. The light also adds to the allure of the space, making it ideal for talks, closeness, and delightful moments. In addition, the device is created in a very appealing and aesthetic manner. With its white, small form, it readily integrates into your surroundings. It’s made to last, with a sleek style that complements rather than clashes with your existing decor.
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Does Arctos Portable AC Really Work?

Many Customers on Arctos Portable AC Reviews USA confirm that this air cooler is a humidifier that combines the functions of a portable air conditioner, a fan, and a humidifier. The technology behind Arctos Portable AC is evaporation. Evaporation requires heat. Without heat, evaporation is impossible. 

Evaporation occurs when heated air collides with water inside Arctos Cooler. The heat from the air is transferred to the water and the water from the tank to the air. The water in the tank cools and becomes wetter, while the water level in the tank declines as droplets float into the air. Arctos Portable AC uses a water barrier to speed up the evaporation process even more. Before using the curtain, it is soaked in water. 

The evaporation process continues anew as air passes through the water barrier. Moisture rises off the filter because of the hot air, drying it out and chilling the air. As a result, chilly, moist air emerges from the other side of Arctos Portable AC. The fans are blowing. This is how the system works:

  • When Arctos Portable AC is plugged in and the fan is turned on,
  • The water in Arctos Portable ACs’ container is blown with hot air
  • This evaporating process allows Arctos to extract moisture from the water tank and heat from the air
  • The cool, clean air is blown out the other side of the device. 
  • This process is repeated resulting in a cooler, cleaner, and more refreshing air.

One good thing about Arctos Portable AC many users found out is that it does dry up the moisture in the air like other air conditioners. This way you get the cool effect without drying out your eyes, sinuses, and skin.

What Is the Price of the Arctos Portable AC?

There are many deals for the Arctos Portable AC at the moment. The following prices are available for this air conditioner device:

These deals are available if the warranty needs to be extended.

1-year for $5.95

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2-year for $9.95

Water curtains for AC devices start at $15 per piece, go up to $25 for 2 or $29 for 3 and then drop to $15 for a single piece.

Arctos Portable AC Cooler Review- Does It Really Work? 1

Where to Buy Arctos Portable AC?

Arctos is currently sold only on the web. It isn’t accessible to buy in retail locations. The checkout process is simple and quick. However, you can purchase it directly from the producer’s official site. Besides, you can try it for 90 days and return it for a full discount, in the event that you are not satisfied with it. You can purchase this portable cooling unit here and take advantage of various discounts and offers.

Consumers Review On Arctos Portable AC Reviews

Karen W. from Chicago, Illinois

I enjoy the hot weather, but those scorching August evenings can be horrible to sleep through! I am always comfortable thanks to Arctos Portable AC, regardless of the outside temperature. Even bring it along when I go camping.-


I used to sleep with a fan next to my bed, but it was too loud for me! The breeze was always irritating when I was reading prior. The Arctos Portable Air Conditioner provides all of the chilly air I could want without the inconveniences of my old fan. It’s fantastic.-


I adore the heat, but even with the shades closed, it can be a little oppressive indoors on the hottest days. The Arctos Portable Air Conditioner is fantastic. Despite its portability, I prefer it to be right next to my reading chair. It makes me joyful.

Arctos Portable AC Conclusion

Everyone needs an Arctos Portable AC device. This unit does not have an AC. It does more than cool the air. It can also be used to cool the air. You can take them anywhere: from the gym to the office to the cars and camping cots. It’s 50% off and comes with so many amazing benefits the Arctos Portable AC can at the moment easily be called the best deal as far as portable air conditioning machines go.

The Only Arctos Portable AC scam online complaints have been dealt with with Slow shipping times, but this issue is available on the official website It seems that the problem is almost solved for now. For Any Query, Visit Official Website Here

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