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Automend Pro Review – Instantly diagnose the health of your car

Automend Pro Review

That’s right, the Government REQUIRES that every car made after 1996 has a special port that can tell you what is wrong with it every time there’s a problem. Today we are back with another review on Automend Pro which helps in diagnosing your car health.

But before AUTOMEND, most of the time, you would need a special computer worth close to $100,000 to connect with a car and find out what the car “had to say”.


What is Automend Pro?

Automend Pro is the only mechanic I can trust these days. Do you ever take your car to get fixed and end up with a ridiculous bill? You may think you’re getting ripped off, but how do you know for sure if you’re not really a “car guy”? Since I got my own Automend Pro, I’ve saved thousands of dollars, just on estimates alone.

It’s an easy-to-use device that tells you exactly what is wrong with your car or truck. Automend Pro simply fits into a port in your car to read and talk to its onboard computer. Your vehicle will literally tell you what’s wrong with itself!

Automend Pro plugs into your car or truck’s OBD II port and then talks to your phone and tells you about any mechanical or other repair issues with your vehicle.

And instantly, with no technical knowledge, you will know about your car or truck’s health before your mechanic does. Everyone qualifies for one FREE AUTOMEND PRO so that mechanics can never deceive you again.


CHECK ENGINE LIGHT: Never be worried about that scary light again as Automend Pro will tell you exactly why that light is on. You can even turn it off easily using Automend Pro once you know the issue. You can take your vehicle in for repairs and only request what you need done.

Automend Pro puts in your hand the full power and control over your vehicle and knowing what you need done. That is awesome and was never before available in such detail to non-mechanics! Next time you see the mechanic, you tell them what to do and not the other way around.

BEST THING TO REMEMBER: Preventive maintenance is where you take care of things before they break down and Automend Pro gives you the power to do that; it reminds you when maintenance is not just suggested, but needed. Keep your car from breaking down BEFORE A SMALL PROBLEM BECOMES A BIG EXPENSIVE ONE!

SAVE MONEY: More effective management of fuel consumption is the best way to save money daily. Automend Pro provides you with statistics on how much fuel you or anyone driving your vehicle consumes. This allows you to monitor and adjust the amount of gas you use and save money.

LOCATION: Automend Pro has a unique feature that quickly and easily allows you to locate your car. That means no matter where you park your car, you will be able to find it easily.

Automend Pro Benefit

Automend Pro Specifications:

What does Automend Pro do?

The Automend Pro car diagnostic tool sends real time alerts on your car’s maintenance straight to your phone. You can think of this device as more of a service than a product. It’s like your own personal mechanic in your pocket. Some Automend Pro reviews are mixed, saying it doesn’t really work, but one important thing to note is, it only works on cars built after 1996. So, if you think you can use it on a vintage 1941 Cadillac convertible, chances are it won’t work.

Who should get Automend Pro?

You may think this product is only meant for people who have no experience dealing with cars, but it’s really made for anyone who wants to take care of their vehicle and not get ripped off along the way. If you have little to no knowledge about cars like myself, this is a good device to have because you can detect the issue yourself at home, and then go to a few mechanics and get estimates. You can also see who’s adding on unnecessary repairs and avoid going to them in the future.

What kind of information will you get?

Why is Automend Pro better than other diagnostic tools?

According to Automend Pro reviews, it is the most accurate car diagnostic tool out there. You may find other devices that do similar things, but they won’t give you the best results. Other devices take a long time to connect, fail to scan the vehicle and provide results, or have serious software issues. Automend Pro also works with most smartphones.

Knowing what’s wrong with your vehicle before you head to an auto body shop could save you hundreds, just on the estimate alone. I’m not saying all mechanics are crooks, but there are people in every trade that might try to take advantage of uninformed customers. Sometimes mechanics recommend that you fix all problems with your vehicle, when you only have the time and money for one. Using a device like this will at least give you the option of fixing the more significant or serious issues first.

How does the Auto mend Pro work?

To get the full use out of your Automend Pro car diagnostic scanner, you should first make sure you have a good connection, the app is up and running smoothly, and your engine is off. In three easy steps, you could start reading the history or your car:

It’s really that simple.

Pros and Cons

  • Automend Pro is lightweight, compact and portable.
  • Automend Pro will ensure that you never pay for pointless repairs.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Automend Pro will let you Know EXACTLY what’s going on before your repairman can trick you.
  • It gives you an average cost of what such repair should cost!
  • Automend lets you know precisely what is expected to fix your vehicle.
  • Never again will you get cheated or pay a lot for a fix!
  • It comes with a 30-days money back guarantee.
  • Limited Stock
  • It can only be bought online, though it’s not a problem because most people already buy different products online.

So how do I get one? Is this device really FREE?

Similar devices on the market are sold for more than $50. BUT TODAY ONLY, you can have one Automend Pro for FREE with payment of shipping and handling only.

You can get more than one more Automend Pro, but the FREE with shipping and handling deal is only one-per-person.

The millionaire who created this gadget has made one FREE per person because he does not want anyone getting stressed out or ripped off by crooked mechanics.

If you respond to this special offer TODAY, you only pay for shipping and handling.

If you don’t want the device for FREE, you can buy it for 50% here on the official store or for 50% on Amazon Prime.

How to Get the Car Scanner?

As of TODAY, one AUTOMEND PRO is available per household. You can buy extra ones for friends or other family for a discounted price.

Please do not wait until this offer is cancelled. Your Automend Pro is shipped to you on the day of your payment of the modest shipping and handling fee.

Claim your free Automend Pro today and stop bad mechanics in their tracks! Keep your car running beautifully, save money, and prevent small problems from becoming big expensive repairs!


Automend Pro Price

You can get,

1 Automend Pro for $69.98, retailing at $107.66

2 for $139.96

3 for $157.46

4 for $209.94

Final Verdict

The Automend Pro is a great tool to help you catch any repairs before bringing your vehicle into the shop. Only cars that were built after 1996 are compatible, but that’s almost every car that’s on the road these days. This is the best way to detect any issues with your car without having to take it to a mechanic or even leaving your own home. And if you’re not tech or car savvy, the device uses easy to understand language. No complicated terms or feeling silly for not knowing what a “dipstick” is.

If you’re still on the fence, I’d suggest taking a chance and buying one. If you don’t think it lives up to the hype, just return it no questions asked. When I first tried to buy one, they were all out and I had to wait for the next shipment to come in. By the time I was able to get one, they weren’t offering the same sale price. I recently checked their order page, and there is a good deal right now. The more you order, the better the deal.

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