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Battery vault review 2023: Is Battery Vault Actually Good?

Do you have lots of batteries and worry about how to store them properly in the best manner possible? Do you change batteries often and would love a safer place to store old properties? Are you a dealer in second-hand batteries and need where to keep them for trade and to save the battery life of these items? If you are in this category then this Battery Vault Review is made just for you. 

This is a Battery Vault Review (The Battery Organizer Review). This article has been written by our team to introduce a brand new way to store your batteries and have fresh power in your batteries. It is time to get rid of your dangerous Junk Drawer.

Get a Battery Vault!

What is a battery vault?

Whatt is a battery vault

The Battery Vault is an efficient battery storage kit that stores batteries of all sizes safely to prevent damage. Battery Vault is a storage box that holds every common home battery. It keeps them in order, safe, and all in one place. It has two sides for extra storage and features a clear plastic lid to find the battery you need instantly.

And it comes with an easy-to-use battery tester (no battery required for power)!

Junk drawers have almost always been the commonest site for keeping used batteries. The kids are usually guilty of this act. Though this might seem to be pretty cool, until you need a battery as quickly as possible, especially in an emergency. You will get to find out that you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Junk drawers are meant for junk and should be used as such. Get a dependable battery storage case for your used batteries.

Battery vault comes with an efficient tester. This helps you to test all the batteries before putting them in the right place for storage. In the event that your TV remote battery is down, you don’t have to start testing every battery, you quickly select from the case the suitable battery for your remote.

Many households have rechargeable batteries and alkaline batteries. Most times, these batteries are mixed up and it becomes an arduous task to separate them. With battery vault, you can conveniently keep each battery in its own space to avoid mixing up. When the batteries are well separated, you can reach out to each of them without any hassle.

Key Features of Battery Vault (Battery Vault Review)

  • Battery Vault convenience is top-notch. The conveying handle makes it totally portable. Battery Vault isn’t simply handy, it’s a keen safety measure for dealing with the free batteries you have lying around.
  • Battery Vault is strong, secure, and lockable, which is great in the event that you have youthful, curious children.
  • Unique tone; Battery Vault comes in an intense red color and features two-sided clear lids for maximum visibility for contents inside.
  • The Battery Vault case stores 180 batteries in assigned individual compartments.
  • Battery Vault holds 78 x AA, 64 x AAA, 8 x 9V, 10 x C, 8 x D batteries, and has a region for 12 button cell batteries.
  • The Battery Vault sleek casing measures 3.5 x 13.62 x 9.25 inches, so it doesn’t occupy a lot of room.
  • When completely stacked with your batteries, the Battery Vault weighs a little more than 12 pounds, with stacked battery.
  • Battery Vault is roughly 9 inches tall, 13 inches wide, and 3 inches thick.
  • Battery Vault can be placed in drawers, racks, cupboards, and more. In any case, we propose keeping your batteries in a cool, dry area for optimum performance.

Benefits of using battery Vault: battery Vault Reviews

  • Battery compatibility: Bags and old plastic bags are not a good choice for storing batteries. The battery vault offers a smooth, sturdy battery pack with a clear locking lid for a complete view of the contents. You will have no problem finding the battery you are looking for, even when the power goes out. If you choose a junk drawer to store batteries, then you will have a hard time finding your battery storage when the power goes out. The same is true if you are using old backpacks for this purpose.
  • Families love the battery compartment: The battery pack as described earlier in this review of the battery storage system is an essential kit for any home. Kids love it so their toys are charged. Parents want a battery box to try and remove dead batteries. Parents want a battery-saving system to use emergency lights. Grandparents loved the battery pack for RVs. If your family loves the battery, your friends will love it. .
  • Free battery testing: All battery storage issues come with a battery tester to allow you to quickly determine what batteries are fitted to the battery vault. Once you list and test those in your pocket and garage, you will find more space. The roof of your battery easily slips into a closet, desk, under a car seat, or near a toolbox in your garage.
  • Battery failure: Did you know that small battery can discharge when they come in contact with metal or other batteries or moisture? Even a key, coin, or screwdriver can cause your battery to die. What the battery maker does is charge the entire battery and protect it from such an accident. Your battery will never fail or discharge.
  • Battery risk: Battery failure may damage or damage your devices. Two identical batteries mix incorrectly and may cause operational problems or even drain the battery. The battery cover is a great set from a plastic bag. Your batteries will never recharge once they are designed and stored in the battery compartment.
  • Contraindications: Small children may find it easier to swallow batteries of different sizes. So they need to be organized and kept away from them. The battery storage system helps to organize these batteries while keeping your little ones safe. Only older children can access the box when they need it.
  • Satisfactory Warranty: The battery cover guarantees your satisfaction and quality with a 100% money-back guarantee. This warranty is made while this product is being built even for workplaces. If you are not satisfied with this product, you can return it within sixty (60) days and claim your refund. Make sure you like this product like the many happy customers who use it in the US, and Canada.
  • Easy recovery: If for any reason the battery vat is not yours, there is a quick and easy recovery process which is just a call or email. Simply hit customer service by phone or email to submit your complaints, and you will be contacted in a short time. Of course, this is a sample kit for any home, yours.
  • Easy setup: The battery vault does not come with batteries, but you can quickly and easily set both parts of the valet in a few minutes. Never again try to find a remote control, alarm, lightning, or toy battery. It is simple and easy to use, directly from the utility box.
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Technical facts (battery vault review)

Dimensions9 inches tall, 13 inches wide, 3 inches thick
WeightOver 12 pounds when fully loaded
Number of batteries it can hold180 batteries (78 AA, 64 AAA, 8 9-volts, 10 Cs, 12 Coin Cells, and 8 Ds)
Included testerYes
Number of batteries it come withNone

How Does The Battery Vault Work?

Battery Vault

Battery vault is not a complicated tool to use. It’s quite simple to use. And you can carry it with you anywhere.  All you have to do is to open the vault which has a clip built into it to ensure it is secure and then find the compartment you want to place the battery you wish to store. The compartments will be just the same size as the battery you want to store which makes it easy to identify. You just place your battery there and close it. There you have it. The battery vault will keep your battery safe and secure even when it accidentally falls on the ground.  

It is built with a material that makes it so durable that it can withstand a car running over it. It will still keep your battery safe in there.

How does the included battery tester work

The battery tester included in the battery vault makes it easier to know which battery works and which doesn’t.  It would be inconvenient to need a battery in an emergency only to find out that it is no longer working. So you can’t just store the battery in the battery vault without testing them first. The battery tester is quite simple to use all you have to do is to slide your battery between the red slider and the tester.

If you don’t know how to do this just follow the guidelines on the positive and negative poles been placed on your battery. Then watch the needle on the meter which indicates whether your battery is in good shape or it is low or you need to get a new one.  And that’s it you have identified whether a battery is good or not. There is also a special unit on top of the tester for checking your 9-volt batteries. These it much easier to check all batteries and know which you should store into the battery vaults and which one to discard.

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How to use the Battery Organizer

The Battery Vault is very easy to use . The tester is easy to use and does not require specific skills. To use this Vault follow these simple steps.

Place your battery between the top of the tester and the red slider. For proper installation, follow the correct and negative markings on the tester. The meter will indicate if the battery is good, weak, or in need of replacement. At the top of the tester, there are test points for a 9-volt battery.

5 reasons you should get a battery vault

There are some reasons why you should get a battery vault that is not limited to these 

  • It comes with 180 battery cases with different compartments 
  • it comes with varieties of colors and you can choose any color of your choice
  • the battery vault is very portable with a handle to go with, you can carry it anywhere you want, it also comes with a sleek design containing measuring 3.5 ×13.62 × 9.25 inches. Which shows it isn’t that big or takes much space.
  • it doesn’t much just around 12 pounds when you have packed all your 180 batteries into it. 
  • Battery vault is lockable. This makes it difficult for curious kids to get into and cause themselves harm.

Is the Battery Vault Worth it?

In our opinion, yes. Getting a Battery Vault for your family is worth it. There are numerous problems that you can solve by just getting a Battery Vault. You can avoid the hazards of scattered batteries which include:

Battery Failure: Did you know loose batteries can discharge when bumping against metal or other batteries or moisture? Even keys, coins or a screwdriver can cause your batteries to die. Battery Vault groups your batteries and keeps them insulated from such dangers (Battery Vault Review).

Battery Danger: Mixing batteries could damage or destroy your devices; even mixing 2 similar batteries could lead to performance issues or even battery leakage. Battery Vault is a massive step up from a plastic bag; you will never have to worry about mixing up batteries again.

Child Choking: Batteries of all sizes pose risks for small children and Battery Vault keeps your young kids safe and lets older children have the access they need when they need it.

Who needs a battery storage system?

Battery vault storage case is pretty good for every home. It is strong and durable and can withstand rough handling. Hence, both kids and adults can store and arrange batteries in it without any breakage.

If you have portable drills, flashlights, TV remotes, children’s toys, and any other household tools that is powered by batteries, then you need a battery organizer and storage system.

Power outage is very unpredictable, and it can occur at any time. Your flashlight will be the next tool for light. But what if the flashlight is also dead? Now, you will need a spare battery. Your battery vault will come to your aid in this emergency situation. It makes you to be prepared at all times.

Prices of Battery vault storage device and Where to Buy

Though highly effective with high-end features, battery vault case is very affordable. Currently, the device is sold at a discount which makes it more affordable for consumers with low budget. Here are the prices at the product’s official website

  • One battery vault storage system – $49.99
  • Two battery vault storage systems – $91.99
  • Three battery vault storage systems – $129.99
  • Four battery vault storage systems – $159.99
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The best place to purchase any product is from the producer. Battery vault is only sold at the official website of the manufacturer. Do not make purchases anywhere outside this website to avoid losing your money or buying a substandard product at high prices.

Also, there is 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your own battery vault, you can return it and apply for a refund and your money will be refunded 100%. If you want a replacement, the customer service will be glad to entertain your complaints and serve you satisfactorily well.

Battery vault review 2023: Is Battery Vault Actually Good? 1

Customer Reviews on Battery Vault Reviews

Here are the opinions of customers of the Battery Vault Storage Device.

There aren’t any mounting instructions. I did see someone else’s picture of how they put the crew through the holes in the back, but I’m not sure if that is just the idea they came up with, granted it’s a great one. Also, I wish the top cover snapped on. I’d feel more secure mounting it and knowing the batteries couldn’t just slide out. Other than that it’s a genuinely great product!


This thing really comes in handy while I am working. I keep the Battery Vault in my truck and so far it has been really durable. Everything stays in place. It looks good and I know everything in it is ready to go thanks to the tester

Rod L

Packaged very nicely comes with 4 screws so you can hang the product on a wall. The battery Vault is remote and can be removed from the organizer its self and is very mobile and can be kept in a pocket. Test your AAA, AA, C, D, 9V & Button batteries! the battery organizer is a nicely made trap door to keep the batteries inside of the organizer! Will hold 38 AAA Batteries and 45 AA slots. All in all, This is a must-buy if you’d like to store your batteries nice and neat!

Mark Scarlet

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the included battery charger work?

Insert your battery between the red slider and the top point of the tester. Take note of the positive and negative guidelines on the tester for the correct placement. The needle on the meter will show whether the battery is good, low, or needs replacement. There are likewise special testing points on top of the unit for really taking a look at your 9-volt batteries.

What kinds of batteries does it hold?

The two-sided design holds 78-AAs, 64-AAAs, 8-9volts, 10-Cs, 12-Coin Cells, and 8-Ds.

How many batteries does it come with?

Battery Vault does not include any batteries.

How does the included battery charger work?

To know all these answers, read the entire Battery Vault Review.
Insert your battery between the red slider and the top of the tester. Follow the positive and negative guidelines on the tester for the correct placement. The needle on the meter will indicate whether the battery is good, low, or needs replacement. There are also special testing points on top of the unit for checking your 9-volt batteries.

Where should I store my Battery Vault?

Anywhere you like. The slim design accommodates drawers, shelves, cabinets, and more. However, we suggest keeping your batteries in a cool, dry location for best performance.

How does the included battery charger work?

Insert your battery between the red slider and the top of the tester. Follow the positive and negative guidelines on the tester for the correct placement. The needle on the meter will indicate whether the battery is good, low, or needs replacement. There are also special testing points on top of the unit for checking your 9-volt batteries.

What are the dimensions?

It’s approximately 9 inches tall, 13 inches wide, and 3 inches thick.


The Battery Vault is a new slim device that organizes and tests your batteries for easy storage. it is both a compact and portable battery storage and tester. It can store and protect up to 180 household batteries, including coin size from the official Battery Vault Review.

Not surprisingly, Battery Vault is gaining popularity with families, contractors, handymen and hobbyists. If you are interested in getting one at this reduced price, you will not want to delay. Order today to guarantee the 50% OFF deal:

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