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You could be sauntering your way to the airport with a set of bulky luggage beside you, only to be stopped by the checking authorities on crossing the fix luggage weight. What did you get? Of course, the excess baggage charges. Only if you’ve been a little more careful, the matter could have been handled in advance. How? Enter digital luggage scales that do not only fit your pocket like a glove but can be used to avoid excess baggage fees in time.

Today, there are many portable weighing scales available in the market and it can be a difficult task to find the right one. So, to get the best luggage weighing machine for yourself, there are certain criteria that you must consider while buying a weighing scale.

Top 10 Best Digital Luggage Of 2021 Reviewed

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What Is A Luggage Scale?

The clue really is in the title. Luggage scales are designed for weighing luggage, whether it’s your suitcase or your carry-on bag, rather than scales that you stand on. The most common design is a hook scale. You hook your suitcase onto these scales, and you lift, giving you an accurate measurement of how much your case weighs. This type of luggage scale is typically a hand-held scale.

There are other designs, too, such as scales that you place on the floor and balance your case on top of. However, a floor luggage scale is much less common because it doesn’t give you the same amount of accuracy for this critical job.

Why Should You Buy A Luggage Scale?

We actually answered this question in our first paragraph. You should purchase a luggage scale to keep you within your baggage allowance and stop you from packing too much and falling foul of excess baggage charges.

This will leave you with more cash for cocktails! It is also a good idea to take a lightweight scale with you on your travels because if you plan on doing any shopping while you’re away, your case will weigh more when you come back than when you left.

Why Are Digital Luggage Scales Necessary?

In order to keep airport frustrations at bay, a digital luggage scale can be your ultimate companion. It will be great for your sanity to keep your traveling woes at home because being held-up at the airport for luggage that is overweight or underweight and needs repacking, particularly when you are getting late is complete humiliation. A digital luggage scale will let you maintain the right weight and along with that, you’ll experience other advantages as well. Read our complete guide about the best luggage racks.

It keeps You On Your Guard

A digital luggage scale helps you and your family to stay within the packing limits and plan accordingly. If you’re allowed to pack 50 pounds, it doesn’t mean you necessarily have to. Pack light and just right – not under and not over. This will also help you to minimize your choices and when you pack and carry less stuff, it reduces your impact on the environment as well, earning you the reward of being more eco-friendly.

Reduces Stress

Whether you want to tackle weight problems both unprofessionally and professionally, a digital luggage scale has got all your bases covered. If you are a traveler and like to collect antique, sentimental souvenirs, a digital luggage scale should be your first priority to keep the weight limit in check. Also, whether you’re heading to a wedding, cruises, any fancy events or are a photographer in general. A digital luggage scale will be highly important for you to keep yourself from paying exorbitant luggage taxes.

Provides Accurate Readings

Yes, you heard it right! A digital luggage scale is much more accurate than an analog scale and correct reading is essential to pass the weight check at the airport. Old luggage scales had to be set up but the digital ones are purely electronic and make weighing incredibly easy-peasy. With an accurate weight scale, you’ll be able to determine what you can take along, bring back and better use your space.

Do I Really Need a Luggage Scale?

Not only will your luggage scale help you keep tabs on the weight of your case before you embark on your journey, but they’re also super useful for the return journey too.

For many of us, it’s incredibly tempting to fill up any spare space with souvenirs and bargains from trips away which can sometimes lead to the type of weight gain we like to avoid — exceeding the maximum luggage weight limit.

Airlines love to charge for overweight luggage, so shop yourself silly, but stay safe by taking your luggage scale with you for the journey home.

Things to Look For in Luggage Scales

All types of luggage scales are useful, but not all are equal. Before you buy, be sure to take into consideration the following:

How Much Weight Can It Hold?

If your scale doesn’t have the capacity to weigh as much as your case does, then it becomes pretty useless. Every set of scales, digital, bathroom, or otherwise will have a maximum load weight limit. Make sure the scale’s maximum weight limit is higher than you ever expect to pack.

As a point of reference, most digital travel scales can weigh bags of up to 100 pounds, which is between 40 or 50kg. For most airlines, 100 pounds is significantly past the weight limit, meaning your scale can weigh anything you need it to when flying.

How Accurate Is It?

Accuracy is vital when it comes to weighing your luggage, and the scales you use will need to be as accurate as possible to ensure you’re not accidentally overpacking.

How Does It Measure Weight?

Most airlines will display their maximum weight allowance in both metric and imperial, so choosing the best measurement of weight is a personal choice.

How Visible Is the Display?

Your scale is only useful if you can read the weight of the items you want to weigh. Digital scales should be easy to read at all times, and those that offer a backlight have the advantage of being easy to read in the dark.

How Hard-Wearing Is It?

Luggage scales can be compact and lightweight, without being flimsy. While the price may be a major consideration when it comes to your buying choices, do make sure that you pick a scale that’s sturdy enough to go the distance.

How Reliable Is It?

Digital scales run on batteries, and inevitably, they’ll need replacing at some point. Before you buy, check that the model has a low battery indicator. Always check the batteries before you depart so you don’t find yourself at your destination with a dead scale. As well, some scales have the ability to alert you with a warning indicator if something is wrong, preventing you from traveling with a malfunctioning piece of kit.

Is It Easy to Carry With You?

Your travel scale should be compact, lightweight, and super easy to take away with you. After all, if it is big and heavy, that very much defeats the object. Travel light, even with your scale.

What To Look For When Buying A Travel Luggage Scale

  • Compact – How large are the scales? If you’re planning on taking them with you, you need them to be small and possibly even fold up. This lets you put them in your case without issues.
  • Weight Capacity – It’s always worth purchasing a baggage weighing scale that has a larger weight capacity because it will serve more purposes over time. For instance, if you have a 15kg weight allowance on your flight, it’s no good buying scales that have a 15kg weight capacity, because how will you know if your case has gone over that amount? More is always better in this case.
  • Scale Accuracy – Check plenty of portable luggage scale reviews for how accurate the scales are. If you buy a cheap pair, the chances are that they won’t be ultra-accurate. And then you’re basically wasting your money and potentially putting yourself at risk of going over your weight allowance and having to pay excess charges.
  • Measurement Type – Different countries have different ways of presenting measures, e.g., imperial and metric, so make sure the scales you pick give you the right measurements that you can understand.
  • Durability – It’s important to check the best luggage scale reviews to see how durable the scales are. You don’t want them breaking the moment you place a heavy bag on them, and you need them to be able to handle the weight you are asking them to handle comfortably.
  • Ease Of Transportation – Do the scales fold up for easy travel? This is an important thing to consider if you want to take them with you. If they are lightweight themselves, too, that’s an obvious benefit as well.


We hope that you have found this article to be helpful. And you learned some valuable knowledge to help you decide on the Best Digital Luggage.

Some of you may have read this guide and still find yourself confused or unsure of which Digital Luggage is best for your needs. Leave a comment below to get in touch and we will offer advice or a more detailed recommendation.

Frequently asked questions

Are luggage scales accurate?

While good quality digital luggage scales will be accurate, this doesn’t take into consideration airline’s scales which may not be calibrated regularly. For safety, always allow yourself a buffer in case your luggage weighs in heavier at the airport.

Can you use a bathroom scale to weigh luggage?

While technically possible to weigh your luggage with bathroom scales, we don’t recommend it. It can be difficult to read the weight with the luggage on it and it won’t give an accurate reading. Portable digital luggage scales are extremely affordable and weigh your luggage much more precisely.

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