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Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan Reviews

Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan Reviews 1

Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan is a high-quality personal air-cooling unit equipped with a super quiet non-coaxial fans. It’s lightweight, portable, and comfortable to wear as well.

Designed to fit all sizes, the unit works great at providing a constant stream of clean, refreshing air, wherever.

The built-in fan also has adjustable speed modes and can work up to 30 hours.

What Is Blast Personal Fan?

Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan is the finest air-cooling gadget that is useful for making the surrounding atmosphere cool and fresh and free from various harmful substances. This is the best and suitable option with the help of which one can stay cool and healthy by beating the annoying heat of the sun. Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan is designed with the latest and innovative technology with the help of which the area or room can be heat-free and cool for long hours. Without consuming a lot of energy and power, this air-cooling device has the capability to run for long hours without any gap or stoppage at all.

The Blast Personal Fan is a small cooling device that helps provide the users with freshly generated air so that they can keep their minds cooler and continue feeling lighter even on the hottest of the days.

Components of Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan

How does the Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan Work? 

 Blast auxiliary personal fan works as an ionizer by purifying the surrounding air. By electronically charging the environment’s molecules using negatively charged ions, you also help eliminate and curtail traces of harmful airborne bacteria and particulate matters. The dual fans and changeable filters also ensure that these contaminants do not get into your lungs.


Benefits Of The Blast Personal Fan

Here are some of the benefits of blast personal fan

1.9 CUBIC FEET PER MINUTE – Blast personal fan can direct up to 1.9 cubic feet of air in one minute towards your body.

POSITIONABLE AIR FLOW – you can use blast auxiliary fans in any position you want. Maybe you want direct airflow to your body or simply you want to bounce it off the shirt? It’s up to you!

THREE SPEED MODES – Blast fan has three fan speed modes you can choose from depending on what you want at that particular moment.

30 HOURS WORKING TIME – once fully charged, Blast auxiliary fans can work non-stop for an impressive timespan of 30 hours!

LOW MAINTENANCE – Blast auxiliary personal fan is super easy to take care of and doesn’t require much time to clean it.

ANTIBACTERIAL FILTERS – Blast personal fan has built-in filters that help reduce the amount of bacteria in the air surrounding you.

BUILT-IN IONISER – the ionizer inside the blast fan is there to reduce the pollutants and allergens so that you get a clean breathing environment.

USB-C CHARGING – Blast auxiliary personal fan requires the most common type of charger therefore you can be almost certain that you’ll be able to find the right one whenever you need it.

 LED LIGHT – the built-in LED light serves as an indication for power and charging status.

EASY TO USE – simply put it around your neck, press the “on” button, and enjoy the invaluable perks of this brilliant personal fan.

How To Use Blast Auxiliary Fan

Here’s a step by step guide on how to use blast auxiliary fan.

Where And How To Buy The Blast Auxiliary Personal Fan

The blast auxiliary personal fan, can be purchased from the manufacturers website at a reduced price. You will also save more money if you buy two unit. Here are the options available to all buyers.

You can purchase a pan for $49.99 which is a discounted price from the original price of $76.9. This package is called the personal cool pack.

Also, instead of $153.82, you can buy two units of the personal fan for $99.98. This package is called the Too Cool Pack.

Just $112.48 for three units dubbed the Company Pack. Originally, three units were sold for $230.72.

Instead of $307.63, you can purchase a Mega Cool Pack for $137.47. This package includes four personal fans.

Also, there is a money-back guarantee. Every buyer has 30 days from the date of purchase to return a package if they do not like it and get a refund. However, the condition maintains that the box should not have been opened, because there is a need for a clean repackage if the return will be accepted.

Blast Personal Fan Reviews Conclusion

Blast Personal Fan is a new cooling fan that offers users a chance to get through the sweltering heat of summers without much trouble. Unlike the conventional cooling fans, it comes with built-in fans fixed in a U-shaped device which is light in weight and extremely convenient to carry around the neck. With a small additional price, you can also get a filter installed in it to make sure that the air that it blows on your face is free from dust.

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