BriteGrip Review 2021 – Its Features and Benefits

The lightweight Hartwell Medical, single-use, disposable, BriteGrip glove provides the performance and power of a reusable. This innovative handle offers numerous advantages to substantially reduce the potential for cross-contamination known to exist with reusable devices. Plus, you’ll save valuable time and hassle never needing to sterilize and inspect your handles again. Made from high-quality materials and a sturdy construction insures reliability in the most adverse conditions. An ideal companion product to BriteView and Grandview glove.

What Is BriteGrip?

In case of a power failure or any emergency, having flashlight gloves will make it easier to repair a broken fusebox or find your emergency supplies more quickly. In an emergency, every second counts, and having a reliable light source with LED light gloves saves you time and keeps your hands free. The sturdy construction of the BriteGrip insures reliability in the most adverse field conditions

Features and Benefits

• Incredibly Lightweight, Only 3 oz.
• Batteries Included, Ready-To-Go!
• Single-Use Design & Disposable
• Reduces Potential Cross-Contamination
• Sturdy Construction
• Powerful, Reliable And Recyclable
• Eliminates Equipment Sterilization
• Compatible With Standard

Features and Benefits of britegrip

How to Install and Replace Breakers

Installing breakers or fuses isn’t for everyone. It’s difficult even for the average Do-it-Yourself type of person. It’s especially easy if you use the BriteGrip utility glove, like I did.

Find & Open the Fuse Box

Tip: Usually, the fuse box is a rectangular, gray panel on a wall in your home. It’s usually found in the basement or another storage space.

Identify the Problem Fuse

Every fuse label will have a switch beside it. The switch will most likely be found in the off position.

Check the Amperage on the Fuse

Make sure the master fuse switch is in the OFF position. Remove the fuse and look for a white number on the top of the fuseswitch. Bring the old fuse to your local hardware store and a customer service rep can help you find a replacement.

Connect Your New Fuse and Switch It On

Make sure your new fuse is the same amperage as the last one. Match the number on the top of the fuse switch with the new fuse. That number indicates the amperage.

Connect Your New Fuse and Switch britegrip On

Use BriteGrip at Home 

  • Changing Spark Plugs
  • Installing a New Light Fixture
  • Putting the Chain Back on Your Bike
  • Crafts and Other Detailed Work
  • Setting Up Electronics
  • Finding Small Objects You’ve Lost
  • Perfect for Blackouts or Emergencies


I should say that after working with my BriteGrip on more than a few jobs, I’ve found myself leaving my other lights and extension cords in the van more and more often. I used to use a hanging work light, flashlight and one of those clamp lights, but now I’ve just been using the BriteGrip for everything. Holding onto objects, wires and vehicle parts while having accurate and hands-free light is a huge bonus. Its small size and lightweight feel actually make the glove easy to work with.

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