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Cleaner Smile Review – Regular LED Teeth Whitening Kit

Cleaner Smile is a new at-home teeth whitening kit solution that offers consumers 3-easy steps for a brighter smile. Cleaner Smile Teeth Whitening Kit comes in regular and maximum strength and features varying doses of 35% carbamide peroxide or 44% carbamide peroxide that are said to help tackle stubborn set-in stains on each tooth.

Teeth whitening at home has become all the rage in 2021, particularly with the Covid-19 pandemic. With this custom dental service comes custom prices, as in high prices.

But why whiten teeth in the first place? People whiten their teeth because it makes them feel most confident with clean white teeth. How to get the best of both worlds, dentist-approved teeth whitening without the dentist cost?

That’s where the  Cleaner Smile LED Teeth Whitening Kit comes in as an at-home solution anyone can use from the comfort of their own home.

Their LED Teeth Whitening Kits are poised to bring desirable results safely within an hour. Here’s what we’ve been able to gather regarding the Cleaner Smile systems:

What is Cleaner Smile?

Cleaner Smile Review - Regular LED Teeth Whitening Kit 1

Cleaner Smile is a brand that offers teeth whitening kits that whiten the teeth and detoxify the mouth for a pleasant breath and clean white teeth. Whether individuals have crooked and sensitive teeth or fillings, this system is believed to bring desirable results.

How does Cleaner Smile work?

To make the most of Cleaner Smile, individuals are required to:

  • Brush and rinse their teeth
  • Twist open the whitening pens filled with gel so that they can be applied on the teeth
  • Plug the LED mouthpiece into one’s phone via USB, insert the tray into the mouth and turn it on
  • Upon completion, the device should be turned off, and the mouth should be rinsed with warm water

The goal of including LED, primarily blue light, is so that the included carbamide peroxide gets activated. This activation is essential as it allows the gel to enter the teeth’s enamel while eliminating stains. This process is said to protect the teeth from future stains.

What is carbamide peroxide?

Cleaner Smile Review - Regular LED Teeth Whitening Kit 2

Carbamide peroxide is an oxidizing agent that combines hydrogen peroxide with urea. Its molecular formula is usually written as CH6N2O3 or CH4N2O + H2O2

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What is the necessary amount of carbamide peroxide to see whitening results?

According to the most present findings, 16% is a fundamental level and is usually ideal for sensitive teeth. This makes Cleaner Smile a much more reliable solution.

What is the complete ingredients list of the Cleaner Smile system?

Besides the 35% carbamide peroxide found in the Regular LED Teeth Whitening kit, the gel may contain:

  • Glycerol
  • Propylene glycol
  • Deionized water
  • Carbomer
  • Carboxymethyl
  • Triethanolamine
  • Polyvinylpyrrolidone
  • Menthol

How long does the Cleaner Smile process take?

Individuals are only required to bite into their mouthpiece for a total of 15 minutes. After about an hour since the process has ended, significant changes can be noticeable.

How long are results with Cleaner Smile expected to last?

If one’s daily teeth maintenance routine is continued (i.e., brushing twice daily and flossing among others), the results produced by Cleaner Smile can last year-round.

How often should a Cleaner Smile be used?

For optimal results, individuals should continue Cleaner Smile, once a day for 21 consecutive days. After that, once or twice is sufficient for maintenance.

How to maintain Cleaner Smile?

To prolong Cleaner Smile’s lifespan, individuals should clean the mouthpiece with warm water. It is best to store the kit in a cool, dry place. If one wishes to purchase an additional mouthpiece, this can be arranged by  contacting customer service.

Who should not use Cleaner Smile?

Cleaner Smile products are not intended for children under the age of 12, pregnant and/or breastfeeding mothers. Mainly during pregnancy, Cleaner Smile should not be used unless a physician says otherwise.

If stains are related to medication and not food, is Cleaner Smile still appropriate?

No, Cleaner Smile is deemed ineffective on stained teeth due to any medication, lesion, or decay.

Does a refund policy back Cleaner Smile?

Yes, individuals have 60 days from the purchase date to assess whether Cleaner Smile is right for them. If not, customer service needs to be contacted, either for a refund or a replacement. Interestingly, the kits don’t even need to be returned. To get the process started, here is the necessary information:

What does each Cleaner Smile purchase include?

Each Cleaner Smile purchase will include:

  • 1 LED mouthpiece
  • 3 teeth whitening gel pens (35% carbamide peroxide)
  • 2 mobile phone attachments for both Androids and iOS devices
  • 1 USB connector
  • 1 shade chart to assess one’s progress
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Keep in mind that this is the Regular LED Teeth Whitening Kit. Cleaner Smile also offers the Maximum Strength LED Teeth Whitening Kit, but the difference with the latter is that it contains 44% of carbamide peroxide rather than 35%. The Maximum Strength Kit is usually suitable for those who have stubborn stains that haven’t been taken care of for a long time.

How much does Cleaner Smile cost?

The current price of the Regular LED Teeth Whitening Kit  (i.e., 6-month supply) is $59.99, which has been reduced down from roughly $120. In addition to the inclusions mentioned above, five teeth whitening strips are presented at no extra charge. Finally, the mouthpiece appears to come with a 1-year warranty. For those interested in the Maximum Strength LED Teeth Whitening Kit, it is offered at $69.99.

Cleaner Smile Pricing Simplified

  • 1 – Regular LED Teeth Whitening Kit = $59.99
  • 1 – Maximum Strength Teeth Whitening LED Kit = $69.99
  • 1- Charcoal Teeth Whitening LED Kit =$69.99
  • Buy any LED Teeth Whitening Kit (6 Month Supply) and get
  • 5 Teeth Whitening Strips FREE (Value of $9.99)

About Cleaner Smile

Cleaner Smile is on a mission to create affordable teeth whitening solutions so that individuals can regain confidence in their smiles. With safety and gentleness in mind, especially considering the different sensitivity levels of teeth, their answers are supposedly founded on care, high-quality and professional results all at affordable prices.

Final Words

Cleaner Smile offers a wide range of solutions that promote oral health. This review looked explicitly at the Regular LED Teeth Whitening Kit, which uses a relatively strong concentration of carbamide peroxide to defeat tough stains.

Although there are select types of stains that this system cannot remove, the overall transparency present makes this a worthwhile system. To think that a 6-month supply is offered at $59.99 is quite impressive since the market currently houses solutions ranging from $46.95 to $250. Also, giving Cleaner Smile a try is entirely risk-free for 60 days and comes with a one-year warranty, both of which are rarely offered together.

Last Updated on January 6, 2021 by Scott Staffin

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