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Colour Backpack Review – Do You Have a Smart Backpack?

Backpacks are one of the most popular ways to carry the stuff we need for the day, but most backpacks are the same. They’re uncomfortable, disorganised, and vulnerable to thieves. You wouldn’t think twice about upgrading your phone. Why haven’t you upgraded your backpack? There’s a backpack that has new and enhanced features to better suit your life. It’s the Colour Backpack.

What is Colour Backpack?

The Colour Backpack offers backpacks in a variety of colours and has been designed to be fully equipped with all the tools modern people need. Its contents are divided into many different compartments and even have a USB charging port so that a smartphone, laptop, tablet or more can always be connected to it.

In addition, its patented and advanced material is designed to be both fireproof and knife resistant, so fire and knife wounds won’t tear or otherwise damage the bag. Due to its futuristic shape, no opening can be found in the bag at first, preventing thieves from quickly tearing it open and stealing the contents.

Why do I need this Backpack?

This special bag is particularly suitable for all those people among us who travel a lot and always need to be well connected and accessible. The included compartments and the USB charge as well as the 180° opening of the backpack make your stressful everyday life much more comfortable and easier. In addition, it is very comfortable to carry on your back without being an additional burden. The design has been made so that no thief can tear the bag open and steal things, as the opening to the bag is not easily recognisable. Even stabs with a knife can’t harm the bag. It is fully secured so you can feel safe wherever you are.

What’s so special about the Colour Backpack?

Colour Backpack Review

So, what makes the Colour Backpack different from the thousands that you’ve seen already? In addition to its attractive minimalist style, it offers exclusive features that make it stand out from the competition.

Most importantly, the anti-theft design prevents the internal compartments from being unfastened. This feature prevents another person from opening it on the street, as it is impossible to open unless they actually took the backpack off your back. All of your belongings will be safe and sound inside the Colour Backpack.

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It was also designed with your lifestyle in mind. No one has time to dig for keys or headphones. Everything has its place in the Colour Backpack. Available in several colors.

Colour Backpack Rating and Recommendation

If you like it colourful and futuristic and at the same time want to be protected against theft, if you are looking for a USB charging possibility, several inside compartments and outside pockets as well as a knife and fireproof material on a bag, you are served with the Colour Backpack with everything what a modern person needs today. You don’t have to worry about the bag anymore and watch how you get everything you need for your life, your activities there. Here the bag takes care of you and offers you all around so much space that almost your whole life gets its own compartment in it. Furthermore, it offers you protection against theft or knife stabbing and against fire and rain, so that your important bag contents and your electronic devices are not exposed to damage by wind and weather or other people. Whether you use it in everyday life, in your leisure time or at work – it offers you plenty of storage space and safety for all your plans.

Colour Backpack Technical Facts

The Colour Backpack backpack has been specially designed to have a special anti-theft design to make it harder for potential thieves to quickly pull something out of the bag as they are now irritated where exactly the zipper and thus the opening of the backpack is located. This bag has also been specially designed with the back in mind, so that despite all its many functions and compartments, it sits light as a feather on your back and adapts to your back muscles. So you don’t have to worry about back pain due to a perfect weight distribution.

The material of the bag is patented and produced in such a way that it is fireproof and knife resistant (cut resistant) as well as impermeable. Its 180° opening allows you to easily and quickly remove or insert the contents without the hassle of pulling and pulling the zipper, because the opening is limited. That can’t happen to you with this innovative bag.

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It also includes a USB charging port so you can always plug in and charge your devices without stopping at a hotel or elsewhere where there’s power for your device. Countless inner and outer pockets – even for your laptop – are included in the Colour Backpack, so you’ll be able to spend virtually your entire life in it.

Check out how it works!

Maximum Comfort and Ergonomic Design

The Colour Backpack was created with the health of your back in mind. It distributes weight perfectly and utilizes breathable materials, providing everything you need for day-to-day comfort. It will comfortably sit over your coat in winter and keep you cool in summertime.

Along with its anti-slash outer material, Colour Backpack’s compartments guarantee the safety of its contents. They also allow you to easily organize all of your accessories. In order to access everything at once, Colour Backpack has a 90º opening so that you can comfortably get to all of its compartments. No more wasting time digging through different sections of your backpack! 

For a limited time, there is a 50% discount on any purchase you make from the official online store.

Colour Backpack

Colour Backpack Key Features

  • Patented material – Waterproof, fireproof and knife proof!
  • Includes a USB charging port – The Colour Backpack is designed for those of us who go everywhere with our tablet, smartphone, laptop…
  • Endless pockets – Well-protected interior includes a laptop compartment, layered sections, and hidden pockets too.
  • Extremely useful and comfortable design – Perfect for those who frequent crowded places such as shopping malls, the subway platform.

How Can You Buy Colour BackPack?

You can place your order online through the official website to be sent to your home.

Only during the launch period, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product through this link. And if that were not enough, they also offer a discount for bulk purchases.

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