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CribCam Review – Best Baby Monitor Camera

Is it difficult for you to keep an eye on your baby at all times? Are you a paranoid parent that wants updates by the hour? Being a new parent is no easy job. CribCam is the perfect choice.

Besides the house chores that pile up every day, there is a new baby that you have to keep eye on. It is almost impossible to do all these things at the same time without having to hire a babysitter to help you out. 

The answer to this problem is a device that would keep an eye on your baby and keep you posted anytime, anywhere. You should get a security camera that would fit exactly your needs. With all the models out there, what kind should you get? No need to think about it because we have the perfect gadget that is right for you, the new CribCam Security Cam!

What is CribCam?

An image of CribCam

CribCam is a compact, portable surveillance camera that allows two-way audio, every minute of every day live streaming, remote pan and tilt, and a 1080p clear camera.

The gadget likewise includes motion detection, night vision, and permits full monitoring possibilities.

If you have a kid at home, CribCam is an unquestionable requirement. The main feature of the gadget incorporates the completely remote controlled development for full monitoring abilities.

How does it work?

CribCam notices motion like changes around where you have placed it for watch and get you notified. As the camera sends you notice, you will then go to the app to have a full view of who is making an entrance into your home or what is going on in your office. Apart from this, it can also work like other security cameras in which you stream what is happening in your home without cause for alarm. It comes to hand when you have little children and needs to know how they are taking care of their selves in your absence.

It works for anyone, you only need a WiFi connection to use the device. This simplicity in its working system makes it one of the trending security gadgets around the globe. It is currently used in hotels, Banks, and standard conference halls.

Features of CribCam

Efficient and effective: Crib Cam is easily one of the more effective surveillance system that can be found in the market. Its efficiency is out of the question and allow for a full and reliable 360, 24/7 surveillance.

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Free application: It comes with a free application called the 360Eye S, available for both Android and iOS users. You only need to install the app, connect your camera with it and control every move using your smartphone.

24/7 live streaming: The device allows for 24/7 live streaming features without any misses or issues.

Two-way audio: The two-way audio allows you to talk to your child and allows you to listen to every activity that would be going on.

Motion detection: Motion detection is also one of the more important features you could use when it comes to surveillance, and Crib Cam provides it.

Remote tilt and pan: The ability to tilt and pan the camera makes for a full 360-degree surveillance potential.

1080p resolution: The camera is crystal clear with a 1080p resolution that provides incredibly clean transmission.

Connectivity: You can easily connect the device to your Android or iOS smartphone without any hassle.

Technical Specifications of CribCam
  • Model: HD Panoramic Wireless 360° Cam
  • Angle of View: 78°
  • Image Sensor: 1/2.8″ SONY CMOS sensor with IR Cut filter
  • Mount Type: MTV mount (Interchangeable Lens)
  • Video Resolution: 1920*1080
  • Max. User Access: 10 users
  • S/N Ratio: <50dB
  • Smartphone: iPhone, iPad, Android
  • Max. IR LEDs Length: 12 pieces x F5: IR Range: 10 Meters
  • SD Card slot: Max 32GB
  • Day/Night: Auto / Color / B&W

Why you need security camera at home?

A women watching her baby from camera recording

These simple tricks and hacks could be the difference between a warm homecoming or a devastating blow to your bank account.

1. Make Your House Look Occupied

I know saving energy is important, but if you’re going to be out for a short period of time, consider leaving one of your lights on to make it look like someone is at home. Or you could put in a timer for your light, but it may be costly. I wouldn’t go to the extremes like Weekend at Bernie’s, but the point is to not tempt thieves.

2. Don’t Allow Mail to Build Up

Having a pile of mail in front of your door is a sure sign that you’re not home. You can make arrangements with your post office to hold off on delivering mail, or have a trusted neighbor keep it safe until you get home. They’ll probably steal a few flyers or the latest issues of your favorite magazines, but that’s a risk worth taking.

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3. Deactivate Your Garage

One of the entries to your home you may forget about is the garage. If you deactivate the garage from opening and closing, it makes it difficult for thieves to enter. They’ll have to make a lot of noise and commotion trying to open it.

4. Get a Home Security System

This is the most obvious and helpful tip of all! Get a home security system! There are many on the market, and depending on your needs, they could cost you thousands. Some systems require installation by professionals and others require you to remember keypad codes for entry. These are great for big homes and businesses with many different people constantly entering the premises.

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How to setup the CribCam?

Setting up CribCam via app

Note: You must have Android version 4.1 or iOS 9.2 or later to use this app.

  1. Go to
  2. Use the QR code provided
  3. Search for 360eyes in the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2: Register the App and Connect the Camera

  1. Register the app using your email address.
  2. You will be sent a verification code via email. Enter this to get started.

Step 3: Connect the Camera Using a Wireless Connection

  1. Make sure your phone is connected to a Wi-Fi source. Please note that the 360° HD Wi-Fi Camera does not
    support 5G Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi names with special characters (only letters and numbers are permitted).
  2. Connect the included micro SD cable to power the device. The device should beep twice. If the device does not
    beep, insert the included metal key (or a paperclip) into the Reset slot for 1-2 seconds. If the device still does not
    beep, turn the camera off and on again.
  3. Click the plus symbol “+” in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Choose “Smart Wireless Mode”
  5. Enter the Wi-Fi password and click “next” when you hear the device beep.
  6. When you hear “Camera Ready”, you can name your camera and press save. Your camera is set up and ready
    to use.

Step 4: Connecting the Camera Using a Cable

  1. Ensure that the Wi-Fi that your phone is connected to is in the same local area network as what your camera is
    plugged into.
  2. Select “Wire Mode”. Allow the device to search for and sync with your phone.
  3. When you hear “Camera Ready”, you can name your camera and press save. Your camera is set up and ready
    to use.
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CribCam Troubleshooting

The video screen is blackEnsure that the network speed on the upper right corner of the
monitoring screen is more than 10kbps. If not, try to get a better
internet connection to solve this problem.
Video has no soundUninstall the app and re-install the latest version of the app.
microSD card not detected or not saving filesPlease use a certified C10 high-speed SD card.
If the problem persists, format the SD card on your computer, insert
it before turning on the camera, and try again.
Camera does not connectEnsure your internet connection is working. Unplug the camera and
plug it in again, then try connecting the camera from the beginning

Customer’s Feedback

Amazing camera! So many great features packed into a little thing and gives me the peace of mind I desperately need when I leave the baby with the sitter. – Angie G.

It’s like having a second pair of eyes. I am just kind of mad I didn’t buy a second one so I could see multiple spots in my house. – Bianca R.

Pros and Cons

  • Efficient 24/7 surveillance
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Durable
  • Free application
  • Clear 1080p
  • Motion detection
  • Two-way audio
  • Requires constant internet connection

CribCam Review

I was pretty surprised at the night time recording quality. You can still see everything very clearly, even if the light in that area is really low. Being busy in work all the time, I get worried about my baby. A colleague of mine recommended me the CribCam. After reading the CribCam Review and placing the order. I am amazed by the result of this gadget! Highly recommended for parents!

How much does this baby monitor camera cost?

The gadget is currently available at different discount price as per no. of units purchased.

1 x Home Baby Monitor Cam – $79.49

2 for $145.99

3 CribCam for $198.99 – Best Offer

One Time Offer: By placing your order today you can have a lifetime protection and replacement warranty for only an additional $19.90. This extended warranty means your product is covered for LIFE.

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