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Dial Vision Review – Healthy Adjustable Glasses Safe For Your Eyes?

dial vision review

Dial Vision Review: How many times have we missed crucial information because we can’t read properly? Today’s media, such as the newspaper, tablet news or smartphone use some lettering fonts that can be complicated to read. In these cases, it is normal that even flashes appear in the vision or blurred letters that, with the naked eye, you do not perceive. But is there any way to read and understand these readings without having to strain your eyes so much?

Dial Vision is a new As Seen On TV-style product that promises to give you crystal clear vision without an optometrist’s prescription. Just dial the glasses to your desired strength. Here’s our Dial Vision review.

What is Dial Vision?

Dial Vision is a set of customisable focus-control glasses. You put on the glasses, then adjust the dial to control the magnification.

The glasses are advertised as being an alternative to conventional optometrist visits and prescription glasses. Instead of spending hundreds on prescription glasses and an optometrist’s appointment, you can save money and get the same effect.

Dial Vision makes bold claims about its benefits, including:

How Does Dial Vision Work?

When you order Dial Glasses Vision, your kit comes with a professional eye chart. You put the glasses on, sit a certain distance away from that eyechart, then adjust the glasses until you can see at your desired vision level.

Dial Vision even outlines this process in a step by step guide:

Dial Vision claims that it was developed in Oxford by “top optical scientists”. The secret behind the glasses it its sliding lens technology. As you move the dial on the glasses, you’re actually adjusting the power of the lenses until you see clearly.

Dial Vision also advertises their glasses as the only glasses in the world that can be readjusted to become reading glasses. If you’re struggling to read a menu at a restaurant, then you can just discreetly adjust your lens until the text comes into focus. As the makers of Dial Vision explain, “It’s like having two pairs of glasses in one.”

How do you use the Dial Vision glasses?

  1. Open the packaging
  2. Put the glasses on
  3. Turn the dial until you can see perfectly out of each lens. You do this using the handy eye chart that is included with the glasses. Cover your right eye and adjust the lens on the left eye until the eye chart, which should be hung at a 13 foot distance, comes into perfect focus, and then repeat on the right eye.
  4. Enjoy perfect eyesight while wearing them, without the hassle of changing glasses

Dial Vision Pricing

Like most As Seen On TV products, Dial Vision has a complicated pricing policy filled with weird extra fees and pricey shipping costs. We’ve broken it all down for you below:

Dial Vision Features and Benefits

How does Dial Vision ACTUALLY work?

Dial Vision features a variable focus lens and each variable focus lens comprises an elastic membrane held in a chamber between rigid front and back polycarbonate plates. When the chamber is injected with fluid, the elastic membrane bends outwards or inwards to change the power of the lens.

Crystal clear vision

Dial Vision claims to be an amazing set of glasses that will change the way you see everything around. Such claims have been made by numerous other glasses before. Whether Dial Vision is different or not will be revealed with its reviews. Dial Vision states to be a unique pair of glasses that are created with the sole purpose of replacing prescription glasses. Can it really do so shall be verified once we receive Dial Vision reviews for analysis. Dial Vision guarantees to be more beneficial than visiting an eye specialist for eye check-ups every time. Can it really work such wonders? User reviews will soon reveal the facts.

Scientifically proven

Dial Vision assures that it has been developed under intricate study and research at Oxford, England, by top-notch optical scientists. There are currently no Dial Vision reviews available that will substantiate its claims. Dial Vision declares to be a set of adjustable glasses that comes with a dial that is meant to be adjusted and focused in a way that it matches the user’s prescription. Such an adjustable feature makes it seem impressive but user reviews will expose the truth. Dial Vision maintains to not just be a perfect to dial for regular vision but also the lens is flexible for converting it into reading glasses. Such farfetched claims by Dial Vision will be validated once it has been reviewed.

Exceptional features

Dial Vision convinces to be perfect over prescription glasses due to its strong and sturdy high quality material and construction. Such a comparison will be further confirmed once Dial Vision reviews are out. The cost effective Dial Vision asserts to also have an impact resistant frame that doesn’t break. To help serve the purpose better the glass of Dial Vision is alleged to be scratch resistant too. As of now there are no Dial Vision reviews out that will verify with its claims.

Dial Vision Usage Instructions

Should You Use Dial Vision Glasses to Replace your Prescription Glasses?

Dial Vision advertises its glasses as a replacement to your ordinary prescription glasses if they broke or got lost. When you’re paying $30 for a set of glasses, you know you’re not getting the best-quality or craftsmanship.

It’s also important to look at the actual Dial Vision glasses and decide whether or not you’d actually wear them in public: the glasses come with a thick black bar across the top. They kind of look like spy glasses with a hidden camera in them – so you might get some odd looks.

It’s also important to note that the actual “magnification” part of the lenses is only the part right in front of your eyes. It’s a small circular area – so you’re going to lose most of your peripheral vision (more so than you would with an ordinary pair of glasses). This could make the Dial Vision glasses downright dangerous to use when driving or performing other important tasks.

Nevertheless, if you want an adjustable pair of glasses that will work short-term as a replacement for prescription lenses, and you don’t mind how ugly they look, then Dial Vision may be the right choice for you.

What do I Get?

You can place your order online through the official website to be sent to your home.

Only during the launch period, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product through this link. And if that were not enough, they also offer a discount for bulk purchases.

Frequently Asked Question

Before buying Dial Vision we want you to ask some basic questions regarding this product:

How does Dial Vision actually work?

Nowhere in the infomercial or on their official website do they mention how their product Dial Vision actually work? They tell you how to use it but never do they tell what is the internal mechanism of the product. This is highly unprofessional on the part of Dial Vision’s manufacturers part that they hide this crucial information

Who is Dial Vision for?

Dial Vision is for those who have Presbyopia ONLY, it is not for those who have Astigmatism.

Do the dial vision glasses break easily?

Normally they should be able to withstand quite a lot, they are robustly manufactured and have an iron coating that is difficult to break when shaken.

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