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Dual iWatch Review – Best Smartwatch and Bluetooth Earpiece in One

Dual iWatch

Nowadays there are many technical gadgets that you can use to your advantage. They support us in our everyday life as well as in sports. Smartphones are one thing, Smartwatches another. There are also headsets that work via Bluetooth and even allow us to make phone calls while driving without having to take our hands off the steering wheel. The Dual iWatch presented here is just that, all in one.

Dual iWatch is the double watch that offers two functions. On one hand, it’s the most comprehensive fitness monitor. On the other, you can transfer the screen to an earbud to go hands free for whatever you need to do on the phone while you doing other activities.

What is the Dual iWatch?

Dual iWatch is much more than a watch or a simple fitness band. The fact is that it has many of the cutting-edge features on the market. When it’s time to work out, Dual iWatch offers the measuring you need to improve your physical performance: cardiac rhythm, blood pressure and the oxygen levels in your blood. You can choose between different spot modes to adapt your monitor to any activity you’re doing.

The product presented here is a Smartwatch, a fitness tracker, Bluetooth headset and a fashion accessory that can be worn around the wrist. Here are the features that the manufacturer places in the foreground:

Dual iWatch Main Advantages

What does this Smartwatch help for?

Nowadays everyone has a Smartwatch. Just like a smartphone, as well as a Bluetooth headset. But all these devices usually have to be bought separately and if a device has another function, it has to accept losses in other details.

This is different with this product. It consists of a total of three devices that can all be used at the same time. In addition to the integrated fitness tracker, which monitors calorie consumption, activities and the like, it serves as a hands-free device that can easily be placed on the ear. In addition, the watch has other elements that you can use to your advantage.

Last but not least, it is attractive not only because of its price. While other models are almost unaffordable, especially when they have many functions, this model has a very moderate price.

Why do I need it?

The product is aimed at all those who are tired once and for all of having to deal with several devices at once. It appeals to everyone who doesn’t want to do without hands-free, Smartwatch and Fitness Tracker. It doesn’t matter whether the person is young or old, male or female.

Operation is so easy that even the older generation gets along very well with it. In addition, the product is aimed at all those who are looking for an inexpensive Smartwatch, but which can offer some functions.

General Dual iWatch Test and Quality Features

In the meantime we have gained some experience with the different Watches. There are so many differences in the fitness tracker. Above all, the simple operation is a must that no user can or wants to do without. He doesn’t have to do that with this product either. While unpacking, we immediately noticed the good workmanship, which we really have to praise.

On the wrist, the watch looks like a beautiful accessory that you can wear at any time. In sports it is a helpful product, which not only counts calories, but also measures sports activity. In the evening you set it for sleep monitoring and in the other morning it gives information about the past night and your own sleep. What impressed us even more, however, was that it can also be used as a headset. Just take the upper part out of the bracelet, unfold the earplug and put it in your ear.

Are there any known Dual iWatch problems?

In our test we didn’t see any problems, let alone any problems. Accordingly, we can say that we can clearly answer this question with “No”. Likewise, many users had no problems with the Watch.

Dual iWatch Technical Details

In the following we would like to explain again all characteristics in the technical range, which we found to the clock. One thing we can promise: The manufacturer hasn’t promised too much and the watch technically has everything it needs:

As you can see very well, the clock is prepared for all cases of measurements. It is ideal as a pedometer, calorie counter, sleep monitor, caller information relay, heart rate and blood pressure monitor.

Where can I buy Dual iWatch?

The product can easily be purchased directly from the manufacturer. The manufacturer has an online shop, where he not only offers the product, but also provides it at certain conditions, from which buyers can benefit.

This includes offers that include several of the watches, but at a preferential price. A single watch costs less than if you order it individually. This is especially useful if you are looking for a good gift for your relatives or friends. Ordering is absolutely uncomplicated and can be done in just a few steps.

Payment is made by several means, including risk-free options such as Paypal or credit card. Within a short time, the watch is sent by the seller and a few days later it arrives directly at the front door. It really couldn’t be simpler.

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