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Family Guard Pro Review 2023 – Best Home Security Camera

family guard pro

The Family Guard Pro is an indoor security device built for when you’re away to keep a watchful eye on your home and belongings. Get alerts sent directly to your phone and record surveillance footage for hours. Family Guard Pro always keeps you connected. Talk to your family when you’re away from home or use live streaming and two-way audio to check your indoor environment. The Family Guard Pro offers full surveillance capability with pan and tilt, night vision, and motion detection. The Family Guard Pro requires minimal configuration and can be strategically located around your home or company, unlike other security systems.

What Is Family Guard Pro?

Family Guard Pro consists of a high-definition camera capable of shooting videos up to 1920x1080p and utilizes night-vision. It’s also able to move sideways and tilts to provide you with a 360 view of the entire area. Use the free Family Guard Pro app to download the footage, or stream it online. Monitor and connect with Family Guard Pro so you can listen to direct, accurate, clean audio.

Features Of Family Guard Pro

Easy To Use

Unlike other security systems, the Family Guard Pro requires minimal setup and can be strategically-placed around your home or business.

Peace Of Mind

The FamilyGuard Pro provides pan & tilt, night vision, and motion detection for full monitoring capabilities.

Always Be Connected

Talk to your family when you’re away from home or check up on your business with live-streaming and two-way audio.

Technical Specifications

Where To Buy Family Guard

It is essential to know where you can get a hold of Family Guard Pro from. If it had not been for my friend, I would have spent hours upon hours just trying to find a reliable product that would keep my home safe.

But you do not need to look around anymore. You can buy this baby monitor camera on The store is also offering a 50% discount for a short period of time, so hurry and get one before the offer expires!


When it comes to home security systems, they are either really expensive or do not provide an ounce of quality. They often lack basic requirements like a good camera, or allowing you access to the feed.

Well, this is why we bring Family Guard Pro to your notice. It is an incredible device that allows you a perfect view of the inside of your home. It is an invaluable tool that can not only protect your home but also allows you to keep a check on your children or even pets. 10/10 must buy; great features.

Customer Reviews

Reid Cortez – This camera is very compact and has such good quality, especially for its price. The footage is always clear, even where there is no movement.Motion detection works really well! One of its features that really amazes me is the remote pan and tilt. I can get a full scope view and not miss a single thing.

Teddie Kaufman – I have plenty valuable things at my own house and most of the time I couldn’t leave my house alone because of that. I missed so many of my friends birthdays and celebrations for various occasions. My friends had enough of this and decided to get me this device. They all chipped in and got one for me, and told me to try it.

After using it the first time, I was so impressed by it. It completely captures the whole room.. After a week of it, I just had to get some more, so I got 5 of these. My house has never been more secure! I can go miles away and still be able to check my house thanks to the livestream feature. Highly recommended!

Maia Dunneback – What I love the most about Family Guard Pro is the built-in night vision feature that allows me to monitor my home even under limited lighting conditions. Absolutely amazing!!!

Larry McDaniels – I’m very satisfied with Family Guard Pro. It’s cheap and there are no monthly subscriptions!

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