FlexSafe Review 2019: Protect Your Valuables with This Travel Safe


Travelling is an amazing experience, but there are so many things you have to worry about. You always have to keep one eye on your bags at all times, and you never know how someone will try to steal your things.

People who love going outdoors are familiar with the predicament of either leaving their valuables or enjoying their time outside. Unless you want thieves to steal your wallet, phone, or bags, leaving it unattended is a bad idea. Unfortunately, this means not everyone will also get to enjoy their time because someone has to be left behind to watch over them. It’s a pain in the ass, but there’s not much of a solution. Until I discovered FlexSafe travel safe.

What is FlexSafe?

The FlexSafe is the latest product offered by AquaVault, a Shark Tank success story who is still boasting Daymond John as one of their investors.

The FlexSafe creators describe their product as a “portable safe”, but I found the description very misleading once you have the product in front of you.

It looks like any other fashionable travel bag on the market, but just with many more security benefits:

  • It is made of a lightweight, yet durable material.
  • It is water resistant.
  • It is slash resistant to prevent theft.
  • It has a magnetic locking flap.
  • It has a zipper reinforced pouch that is protected by a three digit combination lock.
  • It offers layers of protection including RFID blocking material (so thiefs cannot scan for the position of your wallet or other valuables), as well as EVA foam (to protect the contents of the bag against bumps etc.).
  • It has mesh pockets.
  • It has a belt loop as well as several hooks to attach the bag to any fixed object whilst travelling.
  • The inside pouch has no dividers and offers ample space for all your valuables.
  • It packs into the size of a softball when it needs to be transported.


The FlexSafe is made of a material that is slashing proof, meaning that a thief cannot easily slash its way through the bag. Also, there are other layers of important materials like an RFID blocking material so that thieves are not able to scan your wallet cards as well as a more rigid material so it can protect your stuff from bumps and bruises.

The main compartment is closed by a thick zipper that folds back on itself when you lock the FlexSafe. This makes sure that once in a close position, you cannot simply unzip the pouch. The locking mechanism is strong and sturdy and accepts a 3-digit number code so you can easily and quickly lock and unlock it. The interior is basically empty, it’s a big pouch with no dividers. I have large hands and I could easily fit 2 and 1/2 close fists in there so there’s ample room for keys, keycards, wallets, iPhones and a GoPro HERO 5 camera. Basically, everything I had on my last trip 2 weeks ago!

On the exterior you have a bunch of rubber hooks and mesh pouches if you have other non-valuables like swimming goggles, a pencil or other nick-nacks you need to have around. On the bottom of the FlexSafe you have a hole to help it dry if ever water was to get in. And finally, there’s a loop to attach it to your belt so you always have it ready for action.


As I explained earlier, I was on a trip and I wished I had this exact product as I did have an iPhone and a GoPro with me at almost all times during the week. There were long chairs that would have been perfect for the FlexSafe! The main pouch flap that wraps around a chair, bike frame or stroller is wide enough to fit on almost any tube-shaped object. Even wardrobe poles do the trick, just make sure you can’t just remove the pole and take the FlexSafe out!

The thickness and strength of the FlexSafe are impressive and I feel reassured that it can hold my valuables safe. The added loops and mesh pouches are great for other random stuff with low value and I like that it has a handle for carrying it.

The only thing I could see updated or made better is the numbered wheels for the locking mechanism. They only go down, you cannot turn them on the opposite direction and they should be bigger or gripper. I often missed my number by one and have to do a full circle again to get it right. Nothing major here, just something I could see better. I’m wondering if the bigger size FlexSafe+ has a larger keypad…

Why Use Flexsafe?

FlexSafe Review
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No matter how safe and crime-free your place is, there will always be the possibility of snatchers waiting for you to put your guard down. Just place your phone on the table and the minute you leave it, it’s gone. Place your bag on the floor or on a chair, and someone could slash it to fish your wallet out. It’s nerve-wracking and stressful. But FlexSafe is a portable safe (yup, you heard it right. It’s a safe, like the metal box that’s password-protected) that keeps your valuables safe wherever you go.

It’s supposed to work so well that it was even featured in Shark Tank, Good Morning America, Forbes, Today, and ABC. I wanted to try it out and make this FlexSafe review so I could see what the hype was about.

Find out if it truly works or if it fails to deliver what it advertises by reading my FlexSafe review.

How it Works

  • Set up the combination for your lock (and ensure that it is something you will be able to remember).
  • Place your valuables inside the bag.
  • Close the zip of the bag.
  • Find a fixed object you can attach your bag to.
  • Once you’ve found the perfect object, simply fold the flap over the object and snap the lock into place.
  • When you want to retrieve your valuables or the bag again, just enter your unique combination code to get access to the compartment or to remove from the fixed object.
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Flexsafe Reviews Features

Here are the following impressive features of this product:

Made with multiple layers of slash-proof materials

Also stated in various flexsafe reviews, this product is made with not just one but five layers of quality materials. These layers are composed of 168D Denier Nylon, an ultra-slash resistant material, and RFID, as well as 3mm EVA, and Nylon. Both the interior and exterior layers of this product are made with quality nylon. Also, it has 3mm EVA is an impressive rigid material which will help avoid getting your valuables from bumps or bruises.

Another great thing about this product is that it also has the RFID material which acts as blocking material. This will help block any thieves from scanning your wallet cards. With the advancement of technology, electronic pickpocketing is highly possible. It will be devastating if your personal information goes into the hands of these criminals. Be vigilant and keep your cards from getting scanned with Flexsafe.

Powered by AquaVault technology

Aside from the strong materials used similar to what was stated in flexsafe reviews, to make sure that there will be no valuables to get ls or stolen, it should include a smart lock. Good thing this product is powered by AquaVault technology. This technology is used for a portable safe’s lock. This lock is reprogram able, so, you can easily change the lock combination if in case you feel that anyone can easily guess it. Make sure that you have read the instructions before using the lock to avoid confusion.

Portable and Lightweight

Unlike the heavy metal box, this travel safe is portable and lightweight. It is convenient to carry and be easily packed inside your luggage for that out-of-the-country travel. It is made with quality fabric so that it can safely keep your valuables. It may look like a regular belt bag to you, but it is an incredible bag that contains highly valuable things.

flexsafe portable safe offer

Easy Attach-and-Detach Operation

With its hook and belt loop, this portable safe can be easily attached or detached from your bicycles, umbrellas, closet rods, gold carts, chairs, wheelchairs, and stroller.

FlexSafe is Water Resistant

Another great feature of this product is being water-resistant. With this, no need to purchase and carry those transparent plastic pouches that were popularly used when people are going on an island hopping. With Flexsafe, you are assured that your valuables are safe and dry.

Other Security Benefits

Being water-resistant and slash-resistant are not just the great things that you will find with Flexsafe. From the exterior part, this product has mesh pockets that you can use to place other non-valuable items like pencil, goggles, and others. For whatever reason that water gets into this bag, don’t worry. At the bottom of this product, there is a hole that will help drain out the water, keeping it dry again.

Aside from the smart combination lock outside, this pouch comes with a magnetic-locking flap and is bind with quality zipper. This is to make sure that your valuables are safely zipped and keep inside the bag. There are no pockets or dividers inside the bag. This offers you enough space to store phones, cards, and other valuables.

Flexsafe PROS and CONS

  • Flexsafe is built with multi-layers of sturdy materials. These materials help protect your valuable things from breakage and other normal damage. With an ultra-slash material, your things are safe from getting stolen.
  • This product is powered by AquaVault, a technology used for its three-digit combination lock. And to set this lock is just easy; you can simply do it in a matter of seconds.
  • It has enough storage for passports, wallets, phones, and even your GoPro.
  • According to flexsafe reviews, his product is lightweight, portable, and water-resistant.
  • Its magnetic locking flap can be easily attached to various fixed objects.
  • The number of gears of the locking mechanism are small. It would be highly appreciated it would a little bit bigger. After all, like in various flexsafe reviews, every customer wants convenience and safety of their valuable things.
  • It is not slash-proof. Unless it has a secret thin sheet of a heavy duty metal, there is always a big chance that this portable safe’s multi-layer built can be slashed with a sharp blade, knife, or scissors. But if you avoided from that piercing gaze of thieves as well as by placing a towel on top of it, it will be safe. Also, it will not get slashed from the very beginning.
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Flexsafe’s Buying Guide

There you have it; we have given you the features as well as the flexsafe reviews’ pros and cons. You probably have seen this product on TV or in various social media sites, and probably, that is the reason why you have found this review. Wherever it is, are you interested in buying one for yourself? Have you ever thought of spending the day at the beach without worrying that you may have misplaced your phones or it had been stolen?

Well, like other people, you probably realize that you needed this flexsafe reviews, get the one the portable safe that will store your belongings, especially if you are traveling or on the beach. But wait, before you finally hit that “order” button, it would be nice if you take time to consider things for this kind of product. This is not to spoil the fun and excitement that you have; this is one way of ensuring that you are paying a worthwhile price. And besides, getting personal safe is like investing – you are investing in a storage that will protect your valuables.

Aside from checking on the product’s features and other related information from an online store, it would be best if you dig deeper on the great features that only the best product should possess. To guide you more in the selection process, we have listed down the things to be considered when you are buying a portable safe.

There are the following factors:

  • Safety – this is the most important feature that everyone is looking for this type of product. Choose the product that offers topmost protection to your valuables. Does it make with a lock mechanism? Does it come in digital or in number lock combination? It will be a shame and a waste of money if you are in doubt with its safety feature. Aside from the lock mechanism, some portable safes that come with a zipper or are secured with a magnetic lock. Go for the product that has more added features than less. Remember, no one wants to get annoyed or stressed-out instead of enjoying their time outdoors.
  • Dimension – if you love traveling, getting the travel safe that fits into your luggage will be great. You also need to take into account the valuables that you will be keeping inside. Usually, it would be wallets, passports, jewelry, smartphones, and keys are the things most people would be stored inside this bag. Sometimes, other people needed to bring along other devices like GoPro, laptops, or tablets. It would depend on the size of items that you will be placed inside this bag. So, if you will need to bring along your laptop, get the one that is large enough to store that device.
  • Built and Material – is this product made with a poly canvas fabric, nylon, or a stainless steel? The way that this product is built and the materials used are also an important thing to consider. There is nothing wrong if you will be getting the one that is probably made from steel and other materials but are you sure you wanted to carry something heavy? We can bet that it would be a hassle for you. Also, check if the fabric or materials used has the strength to withstand the slashing tactics of thieves.
  • Versatility – some of the portable safes can be easily attached to any fixture such as curtain rods, chair, stroller, and others. Does it include hooks, a magnetic mechanism, belt loop, or just a simple strap? Also, check whether it is resistant to the factors such as dust or water (or even fire?) if in case water or sand gets inside, will it be easy to remove those materials and dries easily? Aside from its safety feature, you should check its versatility – if it has, you have indeed made the right choice.
  • Added storage pockets – Flexsafe has its exterior mesh pocket, but some brands just don’t have it. Well, many of you might argue that you don’t need those outside pockets since you wanted to keep it safe. We are already on its safety but having those pockets will be a great place for other non-valuable items. This can be a comb, a pencil or a pen, and the list goes on with the not-so-expensive things you need while you are on the beach. Whether it comes with added storage pockets or not, the decision will still be yours to make. After all, these pockets are already bonus because what’s important is its interior storage.
  • Price – since it is a portable safe that will protect your valuable items, there is nothing wrong in investing in the good one. Remember, no one wanted to be traumatized of losing those valuable items. It is always better to take a look at what you are getting for in exchange for your hard-earned money. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong in purchasing that particular product that comes at an affordable price. Well, if it has the features that you are looking for, don’t doubt yourself and get it while it is still available.
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How Much Does It Cost?

Although one can’t really put a price on safeguarding yourself from all the hassle and trauma that comes along with losing valuable and sentimental personal posessions, it is always worth taking a look whether you really are getting bang for your buck.

For what the FlexSafe offers, it’s surprisingly affordable which makes sense considering the creators mission of making security available to all. On average a FlexSafe will cost you anything in the range of only $60 – $70.

And depending on which platform you make your FlexSafe purchase from, you will most likely not even be charged for shipping if you are within the borders of the US. For international customers shipping and handling could be between $50 – $70.

My personal opinion is that this is a very small price to pay compared to the thousands in potential damages that can be incurred due to theft.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a portable safe?

A portable or a travel safe is a great storage option that will keep your things safe from the hands of thieves. You might be thinking of that bulky, heavy duty safe, but it is not like that. This particular product may have the security features similar to that heavy duty safe, but it made with fabric or other materials that can withstand moisture, dust, and others.

Is this travel water safe  – or fire-resistant?

Well, with the advancement of technology, travel safes are made with durable materials suitable to resist water but sadly, not the fire (except, if there is one, don’t hesitate from buying it!)

What if I can’t open my Flexsafe, is there a way that I can reset the code?

Yes, one can reset the code, but it isn’t you – make sure that an expert has done it. If this unhappy scenario happens to you, don’t hesitate to contact the customer support of Flexsafe. They will be able to bring back again the life of your portable safe. Make sure to save the code combinations into your account so that next time, if only, it happens again, you can simply access these codes in your pc or through your smartphones.

Is it heavy?

No. Flexsafe only weighs 9 ounces, making it a lightweight type of travel safe.so, wherever you go, you can just easily attach it to any nearby fixture such as the back of the chair, a curtain rod, and others.

What if this travel safe was successfully stolen, will it be possible to track it down? Does it have a GPS locator?

No. this product doesn’t have that technology, yet. It would be wonderful if you can still have a way to track it done easily when it is missing or just being misplaced.

Does Flexsafe come with a motion detector?

No, but its recent model, Flexsafe+ has a motion detector, a solar charger and many more. If you wanted to this kind of safe that has an alarm or motion detector, enjoy getting this upgraded version.

Does Flexsafe available in other colors aside from black?

No, it is only available in one color – that is black.

How many phones can this product stores? Will I be able to place inside two smartphones?

Yes, your two phones can perfectly fit into this personal safe. With this, you will no longer misplace or drop your other phone whenever you are enjoying the outside world.

If I have queries about Flexsafe, where and whom should I contact?

If you have issues or queries about the product, you can simply contact their reliable customer service and voila! Your problem is solved.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes. This product only comes with a 30-day warranty. If there is any problem with your Flexsafe, it is your responsibility as the purchaser to contact the company within the warranty period.

What is FlexSafe?

FlexSafe is a portable travel safe that can keep your precious belongings safe from being stolen from thieves.

I can’t unlock my flexsafe. Is there a reset code?

If this happens, you have to contact customer support, and they will send you the combination. After that just save your combination in your account, and if you ever forget what it is, you can access it from your phone or pc.

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