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How To Use PhotoStick OMNI?

Our computers and smartphones help us store pictures and videos that hold priceless memories we never want to lose. However, if not backed up, we stand a high risk of losing them in case the computer gets damaged or stolen. PhotoStick OMNI is a fantastic gadget that gets your photo and video backup job done in minutes.

So, how do you use a PhotoStick OMNI? All you need to do is plug this gadget into your computer or smartphone. Let it install its drivers and pre-installed software. After that, it will scan and retrieve all the images and video files. Finally, click “Go!” to store them on your PhotoStick OMNI gadget.

This gadget is designed to automatically scan, discover and save all the photographs and videos from your computer, so you don’t have to upload them one at a time. In this article, we uncover everything about PhotoStick OMNI, how to use it, its advantages, and answer some of your frequently asked questions.

How Do You Use PhotoStick OMNI?

Since it does not require additional software download or extra accessories, using PhotoStick OMNI is straightforward. Here is how to use PhotoStick OMNI on various devices:

1) Using PhotoStick OMNI on Windows

  • Plug your PhotoStick OMNI device into your computer via a USB port.
  • Navigate to “This PC” and open the PhotoStick folder.
  • Run the “PhotoStick.exe” file by double-clicking on it.
  • After the installation process is complete, launch the application.
  • It will automatically scan your computer, click “Go!” to backup.

2) Using PhotoStick OMNI on Mac

  • Plug your PhotoStick OMNI device into your Mac via a USB port.
  • A shortcut labeled “PhotoStick Mac” will appear on your desktop.
  • Drag the shortcut file to your Applications folder.
  • Navigate to the Application folder and launch your PhotoStick Mac application.
  • It will automatically scan your computer for photo and video files; click “Go!” to backup.

3) Using PhotoStick OMNI on Android

  • From the Play Store, download and install the PhotoStick application.
  • Use the provided OTG adaptor to connect your PhotoStick OMNI device to your Android phone/tablet.
  • Launch the application you downloaded and tap “Backup Files.”
  • You’ll have two options, “Select to Backup” and “Backup all”. Choose your preferred.
  • Once you select an option, your chosen photo and video files will be stored in the PhotoStick OMNI device.
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N/B PhotoStick OMNI is compatible with Android version 5.0 or later.

4) Using PhotoStick OMNI on iOS

  • From the App Store, download and install the PhotoStick application.
  • Using the provided OTG connect your PhotoStick OMNI to your iPhone or iPad.
  • Launch the application you downloaded and allow access to photos and videos.
  • Select the photos and videos you want to backup.
  • Tap “Start” to begin the backup process.

Final Word

PhotoStick OMINI provides the best and easiest means of backing up your valuable photos and videos from any device. It is safe and secure with a state-of-the-art data encryption mechanism.

Unlike regular USB thumb drives, PhotoStick OMNI automatically finds, retrieves, and backups your files. It also sorts them for you to quickly find them, thus saving you lots of time.

If you are the type of person who frequently moves around changing devices, PhotoStick would be your best companion in keeping your files secured.

Last Updated on January 14, 2022 by Scott Staffin

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