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iHeadphones Review: Read Before Buying

Summary: A Silicon Valley startup has just launched a breakthrough wireless earphone, rivaling Apple’s AirPods. People across America can’t stop talking about these new wireless earphones with “jaw-dropping sound quality”. Is it any wonder that iHeadphones have created a sound revolution…

The trend is clear; more and more people are walking around with wireless headphones. Some of the highest selling headphones in our country are from Apple, which has an exorbitant price. This price is beyond many budgets and there are many of us who are simply not willing to pay that amount.

What is iHeadPhones?

The evolution of earphones has surely come a long way – from traditional headphones to cable earphones, music lovers have always been looking for the most convenient and reliable ways to enjoy their favorite tunes. It moved another step forward just a few years ago when the world was introduced with the wireless earphones that changed the listening habits of many people. However, the technology of cable-free earphones wasn’t really perfected – until now!

What is iHeadphones?

The iHeadphones are special Bluetooth headphones that are more affordable than other similar wireless headphones and last longer on battery life. Many major brand names are now bringing a number of Bluetooth-powered devices to market, but their prices and functionality are less consumer-friendly and affordable. With these Earphones, however, there is an improved version of these headphones on the market that can afford many more people and convince more than the big names on the market.

iHeadphones Features

  • Light & Compact
  • Built-in noise cancellation Technology
  • Hi-Res Sound Quality
  • Charge On The Go
  • Latest Bluetooth 4.2 Technology
  • Compatible with All Devices
  • 8 Hour Battery Life

We Have Found the Solution

Buy Now
We recently discovered a brand that is overtaking the famous one in many countries.

It is iHeadphones. The iHeadphones earbuds have an attractive design that is very similar to the most recognised brand. They even surpass the competition in many aspects. The most important thing is that they are  compatible with Android and IOS . Something which previous versions were not.

Why do I need these headphones?

With this Earphone the annoying tangle of cables is finally a thing of the past, because the wireless headphones are simply plugged into the ear and the connection is established immediately. Other Bluetooth headphones are often not compatible with different smartphones and can be purchased at too high a price. With iHeadphones, compatibility, affordability and long battery life are all acceptable. You’ll also be offered many different colors to choose from without having to be satisfied with the boring default color. So you can customize the device to your own style.

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What Makes iHead Phones Special?

i HeadPhones Special

With iHeadphones, you can forget tangled cables and enjoy the complete freedom of movement while experiencing your favorite music the way you’ve never heard it before!

The creators of iHeadphones made sure to assemble a perfect device that meets the needs of even the most demanding tech-lovers. iHeadphones’s integrated microphone gives an opportunity to make and receive phone calls in high quality, twin mode allows to share the music with your friends, and universal compatibility ensures you’ll be able to connect them to any device you use. Both technical features and iHeadphones’s thoughtful design allow everyone to rediscover the long-forgotten comfort of earphone technology – once these wireless earphones are in your ears, you can be sure they’ll stay there! Whether you’re doing sports, camping, just having a walk, or simply enjoying a peaceful evening at home – iHeadphones is the best and totally affordable choice the whole market has to offer!

Technical Features Of iHeadPhones

  • Crystal clear performance that even the pickiest ones would love
  • Built-in noise-canceling
  • Twin mode allows you to share the music with your friends
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Universal compatibility
  • Charge on the go
  • Lightweight and ultra-compact
  • Ideal for both listening to music and making phone calls
  • Available in different colors
  • Long-lasting battery life (more than 8 hours of performance)
  • Low-cost!
Who is iHeadPhones For?

Although iHeadphones was created with the focus on music, these earphones are also the must-have device to anyone always on the move – crystal clear audio quality not only makes your favorite tracks reveal their yet undiscovered beauty, but also allows you to communicate with your loved ones without any disruptions, as if they were by your side! Whether you’re a picky music lover or someone who simply needs to stay reachable at all times – iHeadphones without a doubt will serve its purpose!

iHeadphones Technical Facts

The iHeadphones are very similar to all the expensive variants on the market, both in design and functionality. But there are some differences to them. Features include:

  • The Earphone is finally compatible with iOS and Android, which all the other and expensive brands are not and therefore not useful for many people.
  • Their modern design, which looks very similar to the expensive brands, still has the feature that you can choose your favorite color from different colors to adapt your headphones to your own style.
  • The battery life is up to eight hours of full functionality, which is a long time compared to the other expensive versions. Powered by powerful batteries, the battery gives you hours of listening pleasure to your favorite music.
  • The price is affordable for more people than the expensive Bluetooth headphones on the market.
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Where can I order iHeadphones?

These innovative headphones can only be purchased through the manufacturer’s website on the Internet and nowhere in the normal shop or on other websites such as Amazon. However, the manufacturer’s site itself gives you many discounts, services and other benefits that make up for the purchasing restrictions. If you order a unit of headphones here, you will get more than a 50 percent discount. If you immediately order two or three units at once, you will receive a volume discount. The manufacturer assures you that your order is a secure transaction that would be processed on a very secure line. Your credit card information is never stored and your privacy would be respected.

iHeadphones Price:

You don’t need the name brand price or name to get amazing wireless earbuds. iHeadphones cost is lower than is has ever been. Also, the more ear buds you buy the lower the cost is per a pair. You can order more then one to get more savings per a set. It is a great gift to let the people that you love know that you are thinking of them in these times. I have listed the break down of the prices when you order one or more. However, they may change depending on demand and supplies so don’t miss out the amazing prices! Hear what you have been missing!

  • 1 Pair of iHeadphones – $69.99
  • 2 Pair of iHeadphones – $119.95 ($59.98 a set)
  • 3 Pair of iHeadphones – $139.95 ($46.65 a set)

Conclusion: Are iHeadphones Right for You?

iHeadphones are for anyone who loves listening to music. Also, if you’re into running, sports, or are always on the move, then iHeadphones are perfect for you.

  • Perfect for listening to music and making calls
  • Hi-Res sound quality
  • Snug, comfortable fit – will NOT fall out!
  • 50% Discount (if still available)
  • May Be Running Out Of Stock Soon

How Do I Get My iHeadphones Earphones?

iHeadphones Earphones

If they’re still in stock, here where you can get yours:

  • Order your genuine iHeadphones from the supplier’s website.
  • Install your iHeadphones wireless earphones on your mobile phone and start enjoying
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect iheadphones?

You need to turn on the headphones by simply pressing the button which will enable the bluetooth and need to pair it with your smartphone.

Are iHeadphones any good?

When you check out the features of this wireless earphones, you are going to love it. iHeadphones comes with perfect shape and size which makes it really great and don’t sneak out of your ears, hi-res sound quality. iHeadphones are good to go!

Does it comes with a warranty?

Yes. The product has a one year warranty. It covers factory defects, transportation damage, and system error.

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