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KeySmart Review: Best Key Organiser 2021

With each passing day we are getting accustomed to carrying more and more keys. The world is developing many folds and still, we put our faith in physical keys. These keys work perfectly in worst case and are affordable. Be it car, house, garage or any other key, most of the people carry at least 4 to 5 all times.

No doubt, any regular key-chain can do its work fine and look attractive to with many colorful key rings. But it creates a mess carrying lots of key chains. What if there was the smart product that can keep your all keys without the clutter?

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Today in this article, I’m going to demonstrate you how a product that has been designed to clear key mess, will keep your keys in an uncluttered form and sort them in such a way that is easier to carry.

What is KeySmart?

KeySmart Review

The KeySmart is a keyholder that has been designed in such a way that you can organize and store all your physical keys in a single place without creating a mess. It is specially designed to carry keys in uncluttered form, in a sorted and easily manageable format. As you can see in the above picture.

The KeySmart can carry multiple keys, more than 8. it also adds panache to your personality. The design is pretty similar to like Swiss knives, which is amazingly cool.

The lovable thing about the Key-Smart is that it has lots of different slots for keeping the keys that can be used to segregate your keys without making a clutter. You can extend it up to 14 slots if necessary.

KeySmart Review: Best Key Organiser 2021 1

The History of KeySmart

The History of KeySmart

The Amazing person behind this smart gadget KeySmart is Mike. He was consistently suffering from messy uncluttered keys, tore pockets, and poking in the thighs. And not only him he was aware of the fact that many of us are also going through of this pain.

Mike had spent months drafting the design of Keysmart while working on tons of prototypes. After several redesigning, he finally got his wonder design.

Mike wanted to make it light and easily usable, for that he chose aluminium for the frame. Other than the frame, rest of the hardware is made up of Stainless steel for strength and durability.

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Mike Launched KeySmart on Kickstarter in 2013, and it quickly shot up to position of most popular product of Kickstarter platform.

Features Of KeySmart

KeySmart have a lot of features which you can certainly confirm that are pretty amazing.

The Design

KeySmart unique design is inspire by the letter S. This unique design has been patented by the creator. KeySmart’s design is not matched by any other key fob or key organizer. It is a sleek and stylish design. Even after holding more than 8 keys within it, it doesn’t feel bulky or messy. I really love the concept of the designer to fold in and completely hide keys inside the gadget.

No more keys dangling and creating irritating noise or poking in the thighs.

Premium Materials

Keysmart is a magic device that have so many benefits, which sold separately can cost a lot. It can tag flash drives, pocket clips, or bottle openers.

Not only features, you can have your Keysmart upgraded to titanium body.

Superior Functionality

Other than being a key organizer, KeySmart does a lot more things for you. It proves to be a boon if cost of all the functionality is added up. It can be used asna flash drive holder, a pocket clip, a bottle opener, or you can even attach a light to it.

You can customize it to attach a titanium body to give Keysmart a sturdier look.

Compatible with Any Key

Keysmart can fit almost any key that you own. Adding all of the key can save a lot of space. A single fatter keyholder can take more space but fit more than 8 keys. It also have a free loop that you can use to tag your car key to it.


Keysmart has multiple color variants. You can chose from red, black, purple, blue, green, gray, yellow and pink. In case you need more customized, you can get your keysmart written on it whatever you want.

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Additional Accessories

let’s dive into more features of this KeySmart. It has a lot of customization features. You can make KeySmart more useful with added customization and addition features are not included in default gadgets. But these features can supplement to the functions of the keysmart.

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Flash Drive USB 3.0 – if I am not wrong finding a USB in the bag pockets and anywhere is also pretty difficult but With the latest Keysmart portable key holder, one can conveniently tag their USB drives to the device and carry it anywhere. With USB 3.0, the transfer rate is blazing high.

Bottle Opener: Keysmart is one product with lots of elements, and one more is its bottle opener. the bottle opener can be required anytime anywhere.

Pocket Clip: As I mentioned several times, KeySmart’s main aim is to make our life easy. it has a pocket clip. Simply attach it to your bag or your belt loop and you are good to go.

Titanium Upgrade: If you need additional look and durability to your gadget, you can add Titanium upgrade to it.

Nano Light: if you don’t want any trouble finding the keyhole at night. then there is nano light option is also open for you always.

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How & Where To Buy KeySmart?

You can get your very own KeySmart by simply going to their website here.

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Deep Discounts Still Available!

As of Sunday, November 24th 2019 KeySmart Pro is still offering great deals of up to 40% off when you buy more than 1!

Plus, each KeySmart comes with a FREE Loop Piece to easily attach your key fob!

KeySmart makes for a unique but practical gift that just about anyone could benefit from!

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