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KoreTrak Pro Vs Fitbit – Which Fitness Tracker is Best?

KoreTrak Pro vs FitBit: In today’s time as more and more people are getting conscious of their fitness level. The demand for a fitness tracker is also increasing. A fitness tracker is a device helpful in measuring orientation, movement, and rotation. It also measures the number of calories that you have burnt.

Some trackers also have sensors that have an altimeter, that measures the steps that you have taken in a day. A fitness tracker can easily tell whether you are climbing, spinning, or running. The alarm present in the tracker will tell you regarding the various activities such as drinking water, walking, sleeping, standing, etc.

The fitness tracker is quite beneficial for persons who are determined to lose weight and achieve a fitness goal that they have set for themselves. Here are some of the benefits of using a fitness tracker and these are:-

  • Keeps an eye on your fitness progress
  • Free from workouts and trainers
  • It also helps you stay motivated all through
  • Monitors your health
  • Helps in setting the goals that are achievable

Now let us understand the difference between the KoreTrak Pro and Fitbit fitness trackers.

What is the difference between KoreTrak Pro vs Fitbit?

Koretrak Pro vs Fitbit

KoreTrak Pro is a portable and easy smartwatch gadget that monitors your health and fitness. KoreTrak Pro helps you not only with your fitness goals but also creates healthy habits that remind you to stay active throughout. The KoreTrak Pro monitors important health metrics like health rate and body temperature at the same time tracking fitness metrics.

KoreTrak Pro can also record calories burned, performance during workouts and etc. You can use KoreTrak Pro with a simple one-button function and straightforward access to all the metrics. It is easy to use device that is free from any complicated setup.

Fitbit fitness tracker is yet another fitness tracker that tracks your fitness levels like sleep, steps, and activities. The best part about the Fitbit smartwatches is that they come up with a water-resistant feature. And comes up with a female tracking, that can receive all the notifications from your smartphones.

Also, all of them can connect to the Fitbit app, where you can connect to the Fitbit user’s community of other Fitbit users and challenge them to achieve a particular fitness goal.

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KoreTrak Pro Product Specifications

Here are the various features and specifications of KoreTrak Pro.

  • Temperature Tracking
  • Pedometer
  • Odometer
  • Calorie Tracking
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Blood oxygen monitor
  • Activity/movement monitor (running, badminton, cycling and table tennis)
  • Stopwatch
  • Call and SMS message vibation
  • Multi-clock face options

Features through the APP (Day band)

  • Set steps goals and track by daily timeline
  • heart rate and Body Temperature history
  • Sleep Tracking (total time, deep sleep, light sleep, by daily, weekly or monthly)
  • Stand up/ Sedentary reminders
  • Alarm
  • Find my phone/Find my device
  • Shake to take a photo
  • Hourly heart rate monitoring-iOS and Android compatible

Some of the other product details:-

  • Upgraded dual sensors for more accurate reading for most skin pigments from light to drakers tones, even with tattoos.
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 1.08″ ful color display (not touch)
  • 120mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Full charge time: 1.5-2 hoursI Battery Life per Charge: 5-7 days
  • IP67 sweat Resistant and Splash Proof- 100% protected against solid objects like dust and sand, and it also ahs been tested to work for an extensive workouts.
  • Notifications for incoming calls although can not talk through the watch
  • To charge the watch, simply remove the bottom band in a twist and pull method to reveal a USB plug which can be plugged into any USB port to charge. This means no wires are needed!
  • The bands are a soft and pliable silicone which makes it quite comfortable, and durable to wear. Different coloured options are available for you (Navy, Orange and White)

Fitbit Tracker Specifications

  • It gives voice to your goals
  • Reveals more about health and your heart
  • It tracks your sleep
  • You can experience great music and listening experience
  • It makes purchases from your wrist
  • It stands out in perfectly crafted design
  • 6+ day abttery life
  • Oxygen saturation

How to use KoreTrak Pro?

If you are using the KoreTrak Pro for the first time then here are the ways you can use it. First of all, make sure you pair your KoreTrak Pro to your phone manually via iOs or android app.

  • Open the Koretrak pro app on your smartphone
  • Enter your gender, weight, height and year of birth
  • Hold Koretrak pro near to your smartphone or the device and tap “Add a New Device”
  • Select “KoreTrak Pro” device when it appears on your screen to connect
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After the initial linking, you should be able to use the KoreTrak pro without having to reconnect it.

Using KoreTrak Pro

  • Long press the “Function” button until KoreTrak Pro turns on
  • Short press the “Function” button to scroll through apps/tracking metrics
  • Long press “Function” button to select or exit apps

How to use FitBit?

  • Downaload the ‘Fitbit’ app: You will find this on Playstore or the Appstore on your smartphone.
  • Charge your Fitbit: Use the charging cable provided.
  • Turn on your device: Press and hold the small button on the side of the tracker.
  • Set up an account on the app:Open the Fitbit app and click on the profile picture to access the account settings. From here, click the “Set Up a Device”.
  • Fill in your profile: The app will ask you questions about your current health status (e.g. height and weight). You can also set fitness goals here to track specific metrics, such as steps.


In today’s time and age, smartwatches have become one of the most important aspects of your fitness regime. If you want to maintain a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle then you must invest in a smartwatch. We hope your view is clear about KoreTrak Pro vs Fitbit now.

The KoreTrak Pro provides great features and specifications as compared to other fitness trackers present in the market. Apart from it. It is offered at a comparatively low price compared to the other fitness trackers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is KoreTrak Pro waterproof?

Yes, KoreTrak Pro is IP67 waterproof, which means it can be submerged in 1 meter of water u to 30 minutes.

Are KoreTrak smartwatches good?

The KoreTrak Pro smartwatches are touch-sensitive, allowing users to choose everything they need and want. According to some users, it even works better than other devices.

Is KoreTrak a Fitbit?

No, both are different as KoreTrak Pro is a smartwatch capable of tracking several user-health activity metrics, it looks similar to Fitbit but they are both are different.

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