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LightSafeX Review [2023]: Don’t Buy Until You’ve Read This

LightSafeX Review

Owning a well working flashlight is an important thing to have especially when going on trekking or camping. Swiss knives may be the best for the outdoors, but it is equally as important as a flashlight because you wouldn’t be able to use your knife especially at night if you don’t have a light to see your surroundings.  Swiss army knives are useful because they contain many tools in just one device. But, it’s not enough in real-life emergencies or outdoor trips. Which is why LightSafeX is important to buy. It’s not just an ordinary flashlight but also has a lot of useful gadgets that are important for emergencies.

Like any fan of the great outdoors, I am a sucker for gadgets that help me survive whenever I am camping or trekking. Then I discovered LightSafeX, an all-in-one flashlight that claims it’s “the only flashlight you will ever need”. I was intrigued so I wanted to see for myself if it lives up to its motto.

Swiss army knives are extremely useful because they contain plenty of tools that in just one device. However, it’s not enough in real emergencies or outdoor trips. Which is why when I saw LightSafeX, I was excited to try it out. It’s not an ordinary flashlight because it also has a lot of useful gadgets that are necessary for emergencies.

In this LightSafeX review, I will test it out to see if it really is the best flashlight you will ever need. Keep reading to find out!

What is LightSafeX?

It is a multifunctional flashlight, which can be used for various purposes. It can be used as a traditional flashlight, for emergencies, as red SOS and also as a strobe. Can be switched from one mode to another easily because you can access the settings at the side of the LightSafeX. The best feature of the flashlight is that it comes with a seat belt slicer or a cutter, in case you have any roadside emergencies. The LightSafeX can also be used as a power bank in case the battery of your smartphone is low. This flashlight not only illuminates your surroundings but also is helpful with many other things.

It also includes a seat belt cutter or slicer in case of roadside emergencies. If your phone ever runs out of battery and there’s no power outlet nearby, you can use LightSafeX’s power bank that’s built in the flashlight. It’s such an ingenious invention that not a lot of us would expect to go together, but it surprisingly does.

One of the great thing about this flashlight is that it doesn’t use dry cell batteries. It’s solar-powered so you don’t have to constantly buy battery replacements if it runs out of power. So it’s both economical and eco-friendly. If you want to store it where it’s easy to access, you can stick it on your fridge or any other metal surface using its magnet mount.

LightSafeX – the only flashlight you’ll ever need Always be ready for any emergency with your solar-charged multi-functional flashlight

LightSafeX Features

Here are the features that I love the most about this multi-purpose flashlight:

Solar-powered. One of our responsibilities as human beings is to reduce waste as much as possible to preserve our planet. I like how this flashlight is solar-powered and doesn’t use dry cell batteries. It saves money + our environment by slashing the waste we would normally generate with regular flashlights. If it runs out of batteries, all you have to do is recharge it under the sun at daytime.

Various light modes. Another feature that makes it a great tool for emergencies and outdoor activities is the various light modes. Instead of the regular ones with only the ON and OFF switch, this one has four modes. Depending on what you need, you can switch between strobe, flash, emergency, or red SOS modes. I keep two of these in our house, one in my car, and one for outdoor activities.

Power bank for charging phones. This is a feature that I never thought I would need in a flashlight! I always either forget to charge my power bank or forget to bring it with me. With a power bank built in to this multi-purpose flashlight, I won’t have to lug around two separate gadgets. It also saves electricity since the power bank is also solar-powered.

Seat belt cutter or slicer. This cutter is also useful for emergencies and outdoor activities. You don’t have to cut only seat belts with it since it’s sharp enough for anything else. My trusty Swiss pocket knife will always be my number one reliable knife, but in case I don’t have it with me, this cutter will do just as well.

Magnet mount. Need it for easy reach? You can mount it on any metal surface with its magnet mount. You can stick it on your fridge door, kitchen whiteboard, garage, or wherever you want to place it.

Technical Features of Light Safe X

Why Do I Need This Device?

Light Safe X is a needed device when it comes to camping or trekking. The reason behind this is because of how long-lasting the battery since it is solar-powered. This means that you can charge it throughout the day and use it all night for as long as you need it. One of the reasons why you need this flashlight is because of the bright light that it emits. It will not only be useful when you’re trying to illuminate your surroundings but also useful during emergencies because of the strobe and red SOS mode.

Why Should You Buy LightSafeX?

LightSafeX Price

If bought individually at its regular price, LightSafeX retails at $99 each, However, we’re giving you big discounts since we love all of our readers. Use our button below and get 1 free LightSafeX flashlight when you buy 2. Or get big discounts whenever you buy more than 1 LightSafeX flashlights. Just click the Get it Now button and save money on this nifty gadget.

I recommend getting more than 1 flashlight for your own personal use. However, why stop there? Get one for your family and friends as well. They deserve a gadget that they can use for emergencies and other purposes.

Where Can I Order Light Safe X

You can order Light Safe X directly on their websites. They offer almost 50% off discount, but it is only available for a limited time. Light Safe X also offers free delivery on selected destinations. You shouldn’t worry about paying online because the site has an SSL encryption that will protect your card information from fraud and such. You can either pay via your Credit Card or PayPal, whichever suits you best.

Overall Review

This multipurpose flashlight has blown me away. I’ve owned plenty of emergency flashlights from poplar brands, but this one is my current favorite. It’s not big and bulky despite having a lot of tools built into it. The different light modes are great for various uses. Plus, the power bank is very useful because, let’s face it, we use our phones all the time and it chugs battery like a monster. The best feature for me is the fact that it is solar powered because it saves money and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions
How many lumens should good flashlight have?

If you’re looking for a light that will blind an attacker and give you a chance to flee, 100 lumens is the very minimum you should be looking at, and preferably more. One of our favorite flashlights falls squarely in the middle of this range: LightSafex.

How far your torch at home will shine?

The effective range of the Torch’s beam is approximately 100 yards out. The Torch was built for power which enables it to light things on fire and to produce an incredible 1000 lumens of intense bright light.

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