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Mindinsole Review 2021 – Are These Insoles Going to Help You Live Pain-free?

Do your feet hurt? Does your back hurt? Are you tired of aches and pains that keep you from simply living your life? If this sounds like you, it’s time to sit down and read one of the most in-depth MindInsole reviews you’ll ever see.

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Imagine a life without aches and pains. Can you? I couldn’t. And while MindInsole may have some quirks that are never talked about (I list some below), MindInsole is really like walking on a cloud.

Special massage points work to massage your feet the entire time you’re walking with MindInsole.It’s finally comfort unleashed.

What is MindInsole?

One of the most popular is Mindinsole, which is a scientifically designed insole that has been created to be more than just a comfortable base for your feet.

It is based on the principles of acupuncture, so it has hundreds of tiny acupoints which come into contact with the soles of your feet, with the aim of helping to improve the health of both your body and your mind.

MindInsole Key Features

With Mindinsole there is no need to buy a specific size as they come in the largest standard shoe size, meaning they are suitable for all sizes of feet.

Obviously, if your feet are a smaller size you can simply cut around the markings to make them fit. They are designed to be used by adults, so the shoe size range is 6 to 12 for men, and 7 to 12 for ladies.

MindInsole Key Features
  • 5 magnets that are placed at key reflex points in the foot to alleviate pain.
  • 12 large acupoints that support the body’s core and foot’s arch.
  • 120 medium acupoints that are in key areas to stimulate reflexes.
  • 270 small acupoints that aim to provide enhanced blood flow and circulation in the feet.
  • 400 massage points that offer your feet superb comfort with each and every step that you take.

Mindinsoles have two features which aim to provide the same benefits as reflexology.

Gel Acupoints – The first is the many tiny acupoints across the surface of the insole. There are 400 of them and these apply gentle pressure to the sole of your feet and in effect, massage them as you are walking.This can provide some of the same effects of acupuncture and real massaging, which can help boost your levels of health and wellbeing, plus they soothe your feet.

Magnetic Arch – The arch is a very important part of your foot and that is why in this area of the Mindinsole there are 12 larger acupoints to help provide extra support.

The reason for the 5 magnets in Mindinsole is that magnets that are close to the skin produce magnetic waves that have been known to promote blood flow in body tissue.

These have been placed specific points along the foot to align and connect with individual chakras. Chakras are the points throughout the body that are centers of energy and thought to play a significant role in mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Mindinsoles are made from a breathable material and the way they are shaped is also designed to allow the flow of air around your feet. This will help prevent your feet from sweating and help keep them dry, clean and cool.

Benefits and Reasons to Use Mindinsole Inserts

It’s very important that you consider some of the benefits and reasons to use the Mindinsole inserts before you buy. We gathered information from both our experiences and the experiences listed in Mindinsole reviews to create a list of some of those benefits, which include:

  • Reduce pain: The sciatic nerve starts in the lower back and runs through the buttocks and hips down into the legs. Sciatic nerve pain can be excruciating and make you want to spend as much time as possible in bed. These inserts can reduce some of the pain you experience because of that condition and others. If you suffer from foot pain, you might want to check out our doc socks review.
  • Help you endure: Foot and leg pain can come on suddenly and last for hours or more, making it impossible for you to get through the day. Mindinsole inserts can help you endure and get through the day with less discomfort and pain.
  • Get more energy: You may have less energy than you normally do because you didn’t get enough sleep or because your body is fighting a virus. These inserts can actually help you get the energy that you need without downing a cup of coffee. That energy can help you get through the longest workouts and days at work.
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How Do the Insoles Work?

The main reason these insoles work is that they feature a combination of magnets and acupuncture points. When you make an appointment for acupuncture, the professional will use sterile needles and insert one into each pressure point on your body or an area of your body. Acupuncture can help you reduce stress, battle certain medical conditions and feel healthier. These inserts work in the same way. Each one features a combination of points that the manufacturer calls acupoints. Those points apply a small amount of pressure to the right spots on your foot. You may find that you feel less stressed as soon as you take a few steps and that you feel even better as you walk around.

While similar inserts use just one type of acupoint, this pair uses three. You’ll find both micro and medium acupoints as well as 12 larger ones. Each one targets a different stress or pressure point in your foot. Each insole also features eight cooling magnets. Those magnets pull some of the heat away from your feet to keep your soles from sweating. We like that these magnets can keep you from overheating in the middle of a long day too.

How Do the Insoles Work?

Mindinsole insoles are designed to fit ​any shoe, both men ​and women sizes. This is because they feature an easy to trim material and have a trimmable pre-marked guideline. The insoles can also be transferred between shoes. This, however, may not provide a precision fit in ​every instance.

After you put them on, the Mindinsole will start working right away. The acupressure massage works to bring harmony and balance to your body. The Mindinsole Company has infused the tradition of ancient medicines with scientifically proven new technologies.

While wearing Mindinsole insoles ​you can:

  • Workout
  • ​Go running
  • ​Go shopping at your favorite mall
  • ​Play and have fun with your grandchildren or children
  • ​Enjoy any outdoor activity
  • ​Work around the house
  • Go skiing
  • Hike
  • Go on an adventure

Mindinsole for Weight Loss – Can You Lose Weight?

Mindinsole may not be what comes in your mind when you are thinking of losing weight. You will probably think about hitting the gym or checking on your diet. But can Mindinsole help you in weight loss? Yes. The Mindinsole make you comfortable and relaxed as you work out. You can run and jog for many miles without worrying about your feet becoming sore. As such, the insoles help you in losing weight as they assist you in working out for longer hours. On the other hand, we have seen earlier that Mindinsole help ​boost energy. This is precisely what you need so that you can be able to work out even after a long day at work.

Common Signs That You Need to Lose Weight

  • Your doctor says you have high blood pressure, and cholesterol
  • ​You are finding it challenging to exercise
  • ​Snoring
  • You gain weight each year
  • ​Increased appetite
  • Chronic lack of energy
  • weight circumference that is greater than 35 inches
  • Your knees, hip and back hurt

How to Cut the Insoles

A key benefit of the Mindinsole inserts is that they come in a one size fits all option. The only things you need to cut down those insoles are a pair of scissors, some craft paper and a pen. You can follow our steps below.

  • Trace the size you need: Place the craft paper on a flat surface and set your shoe/boot on top of it. You can then use the pen to trace the outline of the shoe and cut it out from the paper with the scissors.
  • Use the tracing as a template: You’ll then put the paper on top of the insole and use it as a template. When you run the pen around the edges of the paper, you’ll create an outline that shows you what to remove.
  • Cut the insole: With the scissors, you will carefully cut around the edges of the insole to remove the excess material. As long as you follow the tracing you made with the template, you should create an insole that fits perfectly inside your shoe. You can then repeat these steps to create a template for your other shoe for use on the second insole. If you have already have insoles, you can remove them and use each one as a template instead of making them from craft paper.
  • Insert: Inserting the insole in your shoe is the only other step that you need to follow. The insoles should easily slide right inside each shoe.
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Follow our steps to cut down your insoles:

How to Cut the Insoles

Who Should Be Purchasing Mindinsole?

Are Mindinsoles right for you? Well, if you are the kind of person who spends a lot of time on their feet, like a teacher or athlete or police officer, then this is probably a great product for you. Security guards could really benefit from this too, as they are often on their feet at all hours of the day, and that kind of life can be hard on your feet, legs, back, and entire body. An effective insole can make quite a difference and help you to feel better. A pair of inserts that go inside your shoes like the Mindinsoles are a good option because they won’t take up a bunch of space or add to your overall footwear weight very much, but they can be extremely comfortable and very helpful in enabling you to feel less pain and achiness.

A lot of inserts will use gel to pad your feet and help them to not hurt as much. Mindinsole insoles are a different kind of insert. They use massage parts and bumps to create a cushioning, massaging effect. These will work in boots or shoes of practically any kind. You may even be able to wear them in your high heels if you want. The combination of massaging elements and magnets works together to create a great sensation that is very comfortable and soothing. It eases the stress away and reduces the overall strain on the feet, decreasing their workload and making them feel better.

Mindinsoles insoles can be used for all sorts of jobs

  • Security personnel
  • Cleaning crew
  • Floor managers
  • Cashiers
  • Salesclerks
  • Athletes
  • Trainers
  • Gym instructors
  • Coaches
  • Baristas
  • Bartenders
  • Nurses
  • Doctors

How Much Does MindInsole Cost?

MindInsoles are available in men’s shoe sizes 6 to 12 and ladies sizes 7 to 12, priced as follows:

Where to Buy Mindinsole?

​You can purchase your pair of insole from the Mindinsole official website. You also get the opportunity to see other Mindinsole products on the site. These include reflexology rings, compression socks and bracelets. Mindinsole can also be purchased on Amazon and some customers rather buy them there.

Should You Be Buying Mindinsole?

The best way to find out if Mindinsole inserts really work or not is to read some Mindinsole reviews. This will tell you firsthand what other people experienced and what kind of results they got from the shoes. It’s so much more informative than just reading advertising or marketing for the insoles. You can find out what other shoppers liked about the shoe inserts when you read the Mindinsoles reviews. We talked about some of the advantages to using Mindinsole for your own shoes, but we wanted to detail in this section some of the greater advantages in more expanded detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can wearing Mindinsole help with weight loss?

We’ll say right away that nothing will help you with weight loss if you are otherwise doing things that is likely to add to your weight, such as eating an unhealthy diet.

Also, the mere act of wearing Mindinsoles will not necessarily reduce your weight. However, where they can help is allowing you to walk without pain or discomfort and therefore be able to walk for longer.

Walking is one of the easiest and most underrated forms of exercise so being to do so for longer distances and for greater lengths of time can certainly help your health and contribute to any weight loss plan you have.

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Can I wear Mindinsole in sport’s shoes?

Yes, you can. In fact, Mindinsoles are suitable for wearing in most types of footwear.

As for sport’s shoes, many users have been able to enjoy their sports a lot more because the pain relief and comfort that Mindinsoles provide, has allowed them to focus on what they are playing, rather the discomfort in their feet.

Do Mindinsoles have a ‘breaking-in’ period?

This is an excellent question because many people think that insoles should feel comfortable the very first time they wear them in their shoes, but often this is not the case, especially if you try to wear them all day at first. It is not that the insole does not work, but when they are new, the bones, tendons, and muscles in your feet may take a few times to get used to them. The best way to do so is to start off wearing your new Mindinsoles for 1 hour at a time and then gradually increase the time you wear them until your feet feel comfortable all day.

Should I use a different set of Mindinsoles for each different pair of shoes I have?

It is not necessary to have Mindinsoles for every pair but what we do recommend is that if you have one pair of shoes or footwear that you tend to wear most often, then they should have their own Mindinsoles. You can then invest in another pair of Mindinsoles that you can use for all the others. The reason this helps is that the Mindinsoles in your main shoes will shape themselves to suit those shoes and your feet when they are in them. Removing them to use in other shoes, and then placing them back again, might mean they are not as perfectly aligned and thus not as comfortable.

Why are Mindinsole shoe inserts so expensive?

They cost more than many other kinds of inserts because they really work and they offer so many benefits. They also have more components than other inserts, containing hundreds of massaging parts and acupoint components.

Will they fit my foot?

This product is designed to work for just about anybody, so if you have one of the average foot’s sizes, then it should be a good fit for you. It just may be necessary to cut the insert slightly to get it to fit pertly into your shoe.

Can I wear it with any shoes?

These inserts work with almost any kind of shoe. They can even work with sandals and high heels if that is what you want to wear.

Are there other places to buy it than just the manufacturer’s website?

Yes, you could buy them from Amazon, and that’s about it. Other retailers usually sell competing products or knockoffs, so be really careful about where you buy yours from.

Can I wear these if I have very large or very small feet?

Unfortunately, there is no option for people with foot sizes outside of the average range that Mindinsole is made for. You can look at some of the competing options for a wider range of sizes, though.

Do MindInsole inserts really work?

The manufacturer of this wonderful product always thought providing relief to its customer via MindInsole. The inserts work as an acupunture on the soles of your feet. These in turn helps you giving more energy and good blood flow circulation.

How much is Mindinsole?

If you are thinking to purchase only 1 pair, then it is going to cost you $38.99. Prices may vary according to no. of pairs you order and also could get an additional discount.

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