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Nom Nom Pet Food Review: Is It Worth?

Nom Nom Pet Food Review

When we think about dogs, the one word that comes to our mind is human’s best friend. Dogs and Cats are the pets many people keep at their homes. But giving them the right nutrition that is beneficial for their growth and well-being also becomes a priority for the animal lover. The brand Non Nom Pet Food Delivery addresses dogs and cats. They offer dogs and cats food that is fresh and full of nutrients.

Nom Nom is a great brand as they are doing good work as it offers the one-time purchase of pet food. That is convenient in meal subscriptions that are delivering pet food at your doorsteps. You do not require to visit the pet store, especially for buying food at the supermarket that is not even on par with what Nom Nom offers at the supermarket. 

The brand is creating headlines across the globe due to its nutritional value and the smile that it brings to your pet’s face. In this Nom Nom pet food review, we will dive into the best features, benefits, and all the information that you must have before actually buying the product. 

In the last few years, the fresh dog has been trending since then. The mainstream companies are making fresh dog food a booming business, thus making it quite difficult to choose from one brand. 

Below we have reviewed the Nom Nom Pet food delivery that is healthy and trending these days. We have made your work easier by reviewing this dog food product. So that you can make your decision wisely. 

What is Nom Nom Pet Food?

Let us first understand what exactly is the new Nom Nom pet food service all about. Nom Nom pet food is basically a pet food subscription service have specialization in offering fresh food for your pets like dogs and cats. Nom Nom is a freshly homemade dog food that is exclusively providing personalized recipes. The leading board-certified doctors and veterinary nutritionists, microbiologists, and a team of PHDs holders have formulated this wonderful and amazing dog food. All of the food, especially food for your dogs undergoes customization on various parameters. Such as your dog’s calories requirements, preferences, etc. 

The source of the food is from a sustainable supplier group and adheres to the zero-waste policies. Apart from the quality of the food they also believe in the packaging that is fully recyclable. Using fresh ingredients in the preparation of the food is also very commendable. The source of the ingredients that are high in nutrition is from the farms of the United States. Then the preparation and packaging take place in the Nom Nom’s kitchen. Cooking, packaging, and shipping take place at your doorstep.

Key Features

Here are some eye-catchy features that you must not ignore of the Nom Nom pet’s food-

More information

You as the consumer and the pet lover do not have to worry much about the nutritional value the food offers as the products Nom Nom is using meet the AAFCO’s Dog and Cat food Nutrient Profiles. Plus, they cook the recipes after consulting with the renowned, a board-certified specialist in veterinary nutrition that is Dr. Justin Shmalberg. Nom Nom also offers four different types of recipes that are rich in food proteins and vegetables at the same time. On the other hand where all the other companies make you choose only one meal. Nom Nom offers gut supplements that are healthy and single-ingredients treats as well. 

The subscriptions are quite flexible as the user can go for a once per week, twice in one week, or one in per month subscription policies. Meaning that you will never need to run to the pet’s store out of emergency and crunch of time. Nom Nom is an expert in providing the customized portions to your pet. The cooking of the meal is on an individual level so that you do not even have to think much about it. You just need to open the pouch and pour it straight into the dog’s bowl and let your dog enjoy his meal.

The best and very good thing about Nom Nom is that 1 % of their revenue goes straight to pet nutrition research. 

How does Nom Nom Pet Food work?

The Nom Nom is a dog’s meal delivery service. If you want to make your first ever order then you will have to create a profile of our dog and then you need to answer some of the questions about their age, weight, health problems if any, or their activity level. Nom Nom after which will match you with a recommended recipe and also serves the size for your pet accordingly. 

Likewise, they ship the food on the regular basis. As the customer, you have the choice of choosing between the convenient deliveries per week, every 2 weeks or in every 4 weeks. Apart from that you can also think and cancel your subscription if necessary at any time you wish to. Although they will not return the deals of the food since these meals are fresh and are perishable too. If you do not notice the features and the benefits of the fresh diet within the 30 days of feeding Nom Nom, then you have the opportunity to get a full refund of your first 30 days of food. 

Just to remind you that the Nom Nom is a subscription service that delivers the food on a weekly, monthly basis. You can sign up if you want for a sample packaging of all four meals without going for the subscription if you are looking for a trial without any commitment. 

The step-wise process is here that will guide you on how you can use the subscription accordingly.

Guide on how to use the subscription

Step 1- Start with a trial

For starting you can sign up for a two-week trial. Nom Nom usually offers a discount on your first order. The amount can vary from order to order. 

Step 2- Need to know about your pet

Nom Nom is an expert in making customized recommendations. The guide will help you to get through few questions about how you can help your pet. Like what is your pet’s breed, What do they like eating, and many more

Step 3- Recommendation of the meal and its selection

Based entirely on the information that you have provided in Step 2. The Nom Nom will recommend you the best option that you can prefer for your dog. You can choose one or two recipes accordingly. Are you looking for a healthy meal? You can save up to 25% if you will add it to this stage. Also, you can add them to your normal subscription and make a one-off buy, or you can skip them all.

You can choose whether you want to have full or half portions. The half portions are usually very ideal if you are looking to mix it with your dog’s food. This can be helpful either in saving money or in easing your dog to adjust to their new diet slowly. 

Step 4- The information

You will have to provide all the required information that is necessary for your dog’s food customization. You will have to provide your name, email address, and credit card info. 

Finally, you will see the total cost of your first box, that is with 20 to 50% off o your first order and free shipping. After all this, your trial period will be on the weekly basis according to your pet’s size, age, and needs. You can also opt for monthly payments as well.

Step 5- Delivery 

You do not have to worry much about whether the food that is arriving will be good or not. The cooking of the fresh meals takes place in days of shipping and they arrive in the insulated thermal packaging. The best part about the packaging is that under the dry ice packs so that they will remain in a good position throughout the day.

They adust each meal beforehand only according to the pet’s age, size, and health needs. If you receive fresh food it will save your time and also will keep your pet healthy. Nom Nom will itself adjust and formulate a particular diet and the calorie portion that will be ideal for your pet. 

Main Benefits

The food at Nom Nom is customized and formulated to give maximum benefit to your pet. Below are some of the great benefits that the brand offers and these are as follows-

Who should you buy Nom Nom food?

Although the food is customized and any dog can have the Nom Nom food but below are certain points that you must consider and these are-

What is the process of Meal Preparation?

When you are already investing so much of your time in investing in dog food delivery. Then you must be wanting to save time when it comes to preparing dog meals. Nom Nom has an easy rip and serves service facility. It consists of food packets so that you do not have to hassle about anything regarding the food. Just unzip the packet and pour the food directly into your dog’s bowl. You can also heat the food after running the food under hot water directly from the fridge. 

Important Ingredients

Some of the dogs are such that they will turn down the food that you will offer to them. They will turn down without any hesitation. Nom Nom provides four different types of food recipes for your preference and these are-

The Nom Nom Pet Food mix is a mixture that clearly differentiates the normal food that is prepared at home and the dog food that is formulated at the company. The dog food is very nice;y formulated to fulfill the needs and demands of dog nutrition. Nom Nom believes in providing your dog the best of food without any artificial preservatives added. 

Pros and Cons of Nom Nom Pet Food Delivery

  • The food is very healthy, full of nutrition for dogs and cats.
  • Just before the delivery, the food is well prepared.
  • All of the ingredients are sourced from the US.
  • Meals of the company are previously proportioned. Preventing any sort of measuring or mess.
  • They all commit to the zero-waste policy.
  • The shelter partnerships allow the customers to adopt the pets so that they can receive discounts.
  • They receive very high and positive customer reviews.
  • Nom Nom uses very top ingredients and very careful cooking procedures for all of their pet food. Also, their recipes are made by a certified veterinary. 
  • There is no preparation work is required. All of the food is delivered at your doorstep in a portioned bags. You just need to open the bag and then feed your dog. 
  • This fresh food might help your dog treat many health-related problems. Because many dogs sometimes face the problem of sensitivity and dry skin. This can be solved by eating freshly prepared food. 
  • Customized food- You can easily choose and formulate the food whether in a half portion or full proportion. The website will check on it by itself. 
  • Some dogs are so picky in choosing which food they want to eat or not. So you can try on different food on the regular basis. So that they have a number of options in choosing which food they want to eat.
  • The food is very expensive. But the quality is assured. If you are looking for the best food for your pets then Nom Nom food is a must.
  • The food is not portable-  the major problem with the food is that it is not portable. Many people find it difficult in travelling with the food.
  • It is only available on the official website.
  • The suitability of the food depends from dog to dog. If it suits your dog then only make the purchase otherwise there is no use. 

All about the pricing and delivery

Undoubtedly, Nom Nom is a premium service that is very expensive when comes to feeding your dog. The food at Nom Nom does not come at cheaper rates. But you will be assured of the quality of the food the company offers. They are popular in using high-grade vegetables and proteins in their food. Nom Nom uses high grades and good quality ingredients to make sure that your dog is only getting the right stuff.

The cost may vary from one food packet to another. As the cost of the Nom Nom is always calculated according to the age, weight, and activity of the dog. Preparing the meals takes time and is cooked at the right temperature. 

Apart from all this, the food comes in a cardboard box that contains a good amount of insulation and ice. There is a good amount of ice to make sure that the food is not spoiled even when you are not at home when the delivery is made. 

Overall overview of the product

Nom Nom Pet Food Review

In my experience, I will surely rate the Nom Nom dog’s food a five star because the moment I have started feeding my dog Julia their food. She is happier than she was before. Her eye shines a lot, she is more healthy and full of life. The customized food come up with a lot of nutritious value that really helped my dog to grow and shine. She is loving the food they are offering. Before she started avoiding the home-cooked food, maybe she wanted something different this time. For the last year, I am feeding Julia, Nom Nom food and she is thoroughly enjoying it.

I will surely recommend everyone to give it a try if you love your dog.  


I hope the above review has been very beneficial for you in understanding what exactly is the Nom Nom dog’s food benefits. The benefits are far-reaching if especially you want your dog to get all the nutritional benefits from the food. Book your order today at the Nom Nom website and get the best of the food right at your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the brand Nom Nom pet food delivery service?

Alex Jarell and Nate Phillips own this amazing brand.

Is Nom Nom human grade?

According to the research, the brand Nom Nom is always keen on using high-quality and the best human-grade ingredients.

How can I contact the Nom Nom?

You can contact the company through their official website at the same time you can contact them through their number as well.

Can you try the Nom Nom food?

We would recommend you consult the doctor before switching your dog’s food. If you are not scared of the price the food Nom Nom offers then surely you should place your order and let your dog benefit the best of the food benefits. 

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