Odii Review : Ultimate Grabbing Tool with Power Grip

This brilliant new Canadian invention is a must-have for your home (and the reason might surprise you). Already 60,000 sold and counting!

Never lose anything under your car seat again! You drop it, ODii can fetch it. The first and only multi-functional retrieval gadget.

What is Odii?

At first glance, ODii looks like something out of a spy movie (it’s really freakin cool).

ODii Online Review

It’s got an extendable metal claw, a detachable magnetic rod, and an LED flashlight – all things your favorite “00” might use on a regular day.

It is a smartly designed grab-it gadget that helps you retrieve things from hard to reach areas.

With ODii, you can now easily grab those hard to reach items in your car, at home, or even at work – without bending over or standing on a chair!

The patented 3-in-1 design features a 19-inch flexible claw (that holds items up to 10 pounds!), a powerful detachable magnet, and a detachable LED light.

ODii literally goes where no pick up tool has gone before.

The ODii is made of plastic and steel, and it’s flexible enough that you can bend it to fit in cramped places.  It has a telescopic grabber claw, detachable LED flashlight to help you see your dropped object, and extendable magnet arm that can hold on to up to 2 pounds.  The gripper trigger lets you control grip strength;  it’s capable of picking up 5-10 pounds. The gripping arm can be swapped out for the magnetic arm when needed.

Feature Of ODII

  • Grab & Hold Items Up To 10 Pounds! – ODii is the only claw in the world that lets YOU control the grip strength (instead of a flimsy spring) – allowing you to easily pick up almost any out of reach item (heavy or light).
  • Fits Into Really Tight Spaces – The patented “flexible claw” is 19 inches long and easily bends around any corner. Anywhere your hands cannot go, ODii easily makes its way.
  • Powerful (And Detachable) 23-inch Magnet – ODii’s unique flexible goose-neck magnet attachment (included) will immediately attract and stick loose metal items to it (holds up to 2 pounds!). Whether it’s your keys, phone, loose change and more – you can now easily grab them in seconds.
  • Ultra-Bright Flashlight – Easily see into any dark or small space (e.g. under the stove, refrigerator and more!) for incredibly precise “reach and grab” accuracy.
  • Shrinks Down For Easy Storage – Fits perfectly in kitchen drawers, glove compartments, and tool boxes.
  • Perfect For Every Car – Constantly drop items between your car seat & console? With ODii, you can easily and quickly retrieve credit cards, kids toys, food, coins and more! Easily stores in glove compartment.
  • Perfect For Every Home – Need something from a high-up cabinet? An item from under the couch, bed or behind a heavy appliance? With ODii, you’ll have it in your hands in seconds.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your ODii, you can easily return it, hassle-free!

How to Odii Work?

While ODii may look like a crazy spy tool, it’s REALLY simple to use – there’s no assembly required, and you can use immediately, right out of the box.

When you want to pick something up, you just extend the claw all the way and you’re ready to grab!

ODii User Video Review

Three in one design makes it so efficient

This grab-it gadget has been built from ground up with the intention of making retrieval of objects easier for you. One of its three main design elements includes the flexible telescopic claw, which you can extend and lock in position. It gives you 19 inches of reach and with four pronged claw with flexible head lets you get into tricky places. You can open and close the claw with the easy grip trigger to pick up the objects with ease. Odii reviews should be able to give us more information about this claim.

The flexible, telescopic, detachable magnet can be used on its own or with the claw. The powerful Neodynium Magnet can be extended to 23 inches and the magnetic head allows you to pick up magnetic items like coins, jewelry and more, according to its claims. In fact, it maintains that it can hold objects up to 2 pounds in weight. We will buy this claim only after we have gone through Odii reviews carefully. We also look forward to getting our hands on Odii reviews to find out more about the LED light, which is detachable and lets you view the objects in those dark and difficult to see crevices.

Where Can You Get It?

You can get the ODii Grabber Gadget at their official website here. Make sure you use that specific link to ensure you get the original, patented version.

There are a lot of counterfeit products out there that are cheaply made and can cause more harm than good.

Get Your ODii Today!

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