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Photostick Omni vs InfinitiKloud: Comparison Guide

One thing that makes people special is that they can remember things from the past. We like to remember things. There have been a lot of important innovations that have to do with saving memories and bringing them up when we want to. Think about cameras. 

We have them because we like to make memories and then look back on them. Wouldn’t you want something that finds, sorts, and backs up all your photos and videos from your PC and phone in a minute? You can get that from Photostick Omni and Infinitikloud.

They are often compared because they both work well and are used for almost the same things. But how do you decide which one to pick? Read Photostick Omni vs Infinitikloud to find out how they are different and then decide which one to buy. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about these two USB flash drives and help you decide which one is best.

Photostick Omni vs InfinitiKloud – Comparison

PhotoStick OmniInfinitiKloud
Storage Capacity32GB – Store up to 15.000 photos and videos
64GB – Store 30.000 photos and videos
128GB – Store 60.000 photos and videos
256GB – Store 120.000 photos and videos
64GB – Store 45.000 photos and videos
128GB – Store 90.000 photos and videos
256GB – Store 180.000 photos and videosSupports up to 1TB Micro SD cards
Ease of useEasyEasy 
On-Going BackupsWeeklyMonthly
Removes DuplicatesYesNo
CompatibilityWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 PCs
MAC (OS X 10.6 and later)A version of Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later is required
Versions 11.3 and later of iOS
MAC, PCIOS & Android (7.0 & Newer)
SoftwareSoftware for Photo Sticks (no activation key required)Infiniti Kloud software built-in,Activation is required with the included product key.
Antivirus CompatibilityYesYes
Hardware Interface3-prong connectorUSB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB Type C
File typesPictures/images: jpgs, heics, gifs, pngs, bmps, tiffs, icos, raw camera files, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Pict files
Videos: mpeg4, avi, wmv, mov
Photos/Images: jpeg, jpg, bmp, gif, png, ico, icns, svg, wmf
Music: mp3, ogg, wma, wav, flac
Videos: mp4, mpeg, mov, wmv, avi
Text, Pages, Doc, DOCX, RTF, ODT, WPD, pdf, XLS, XLSX, XLR, Numbers, PPT, PPTS, PSD, TXT
Languages CompatibilityOnly EnglishAmong them are English, German, French, Portuguese, Brazilian, Portuguese, Finnish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Swedish.
Item Weight18g79g
Size5.98 x 3.11 x 0.39 inches4.92 x 3.07 x 1.46 inches
Money Back GuaranteeMoney-Back Guarantee for 60 DaysMoney-back guarantee of 30 days
Tracking OrderYesYes

Photostick Omni vs InfinitiKloud: What Is the Difference?

The real problem starts when you want to save photos and documents on a USB flash drive. Because there are so many choices on the market right now. For example, both the InfinitiKloud and the Photo Stick will give you a great experience.

Both of them have good and bad points. I’ll talk about the main ways that these two popular backup tools are different below.

What Is It?



Infinitikloud is another device that backs up your photos and videos automatically. It looks like and works like the Photostick Omni, but there are some differences. One thing that makes Infinitikloud stand out is that it can store more than just photos and videos. It can also store music and documents. Similar to a USB drive. But, unlike a flash drive, it can also store data and organise it all on its own with just one click.

Photos and videos are often kept on your PC, an external hard drive, and in the cloud. But all of these choices come with a lot of risk. The hard drive on our PC could crash at any time, and we could lose access to our cloud storage. Also, cyber threats, viruses, and hacks are always a possibility with cloud storage. A USB flash drive is a good example of how an external HDD works. You have to store and sort data by hand.

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Infinitikloud, which automatically sorts and stores data, can be used instead of all of these options. Just plug it into the device you want to use it with. Also, because it doesn’t connect to the internet, viruses, hackers, and other online threats can’t hurt it.

It’s easy to keep your files safe with Infinitikloud. You can easily back up your files with a speed of 60 MB/s. It will automatically back up any files it finds on your PC or other devices. You just need to plug it into the thing. This device stands out because it doesn’t automatically back up data weekly or daily to protect them from cyber threats.

PhotoStick Omni

Photostick Omni

In less than a minute, Photostick Omni will find, store, and back up your photos and videos from any device. Just plug it in and press the “Go” button. No software needs to be installed. It has a USB hardware interface and works with almost every device, like Windows PCs, Android smartphones, iOS smartphones, Google platforms, etc.

Most importantly, it can back up your photos and videos for you automatically once a week. It looks for files that haven’t been backed up yet and puts them in their storage. Also, this device can automatically put folders in order so you can find them quickly. With a Photostick Omni, you’ll never lose any more photos or videos.

How To Use It?


Infinitikloud works with devices that run Windows, Android, and MAC. This plug-and-play device makes it easy to back up your photos and videos. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps. These are:

  • First, connect your device to Infinitikloud.
  • Then, type in the password you made.
  • Then, click the Go button to begin the process.
  • Last, wait for your Infinitikloud device to scan and store data on its own.

You can see that this device does not need to be set up. Just plug it in and play.

Photo Stick Omni

The Photostick Omni is a plug-and-play device. It doesn’t need any software to be installed. Connect it to your thing. But a Photostick Omi only takes 3 easy steps to use. These are:

  • First, plug it into your device, which is where all your photos and videos are kept.
  • Then, click the “Go” button from the list that came up.
  • Last, please wait until it’s done automatically backing up your photos and videos.

The Photostick Omni makes it simple and easy to store your data safely.

Where to Buy?

PhotoStick Omni

Photostick Omni is available on all e-commerce sites and other online platforms. But the official website is the best place to buy.

You can buy it on their official website, which is linked below. In addition to the money-back guarantee, there is a 60-day warranty and a number of offers and discounts. This gadget is cheap enough for anyone to buy.


You can buy InfinitiKloud from a number of online stores and marketplaces. It can come from different places, and the amount of space it can hold can vary. With this thing, you can choose from a wide range of sizes.

This InfinitiKloud data storage should be bought directly from InfinitiKloud’s website because they have the best customer service. You can ask for your money back within 30 days from the company that made the product.

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PhotoStick OMNI Price & Money-back Guarantee

One of the best things about the original PhotoStick series was how cheap it was. The same goes for this more advanced version. And if you buy something right now through my link, you can save a lot of money when you check out.

For example, instead of paying £56.82 for the 32 GB version, you can get it for only £45.46. In the same way, the 128 GB will cost you £75.77 and the 256 GB will cost you £113.65!

As you can see, the more storage space you get, the less you pay “per GB.” Also, the Photo Stick OMNI comes straight from the manufacturer to make sure that the product is real and legit.

Also, the company will give you your money back if you aren’t happy with the product or service for a whopping 60 days!

Infinitikloud Price & Money-back Guarantee

The price of the Infinitikloud Backup Flash Drive is not too high. I can say that the flash drive is worth its price based on what it can do. Whether you choose the 64 GB option, which is the highest for the older model, or the 128 GB option, which is the highest for the newer model, you will find that the flash drive is worth your money. You can save money and get more space for storage by ordering more than one device. You can buy four things for less than the price of three separate flash drives.

InfinitiKloud guarantees your money back for 30 days. If you don’t like anything about the USB drive, you can take it back to the store and get your money back without any questions. You need to send it back to the company in California in the same box it came in. Even though you will have to pay for shipping, you will save money if you don’t want to drive. But, according to the company, they don’t get many returns, and when they do, it’s often because something went wrong with the product while it was being shipped.

You can start the process of returning a product by calling the company or writing to them at

Photo Stick Omni Features & Benefits

The PhotoStick Omni is a great way for people from all walks of life to back up their data. This device can easily store up to 60,000 media files and keep them safe from corruption for years to come. Let’s look at some of the things that this USB device can do.

Automatic Scanning, Organization

Do you want to look through every folder on your computer by hand to find your pictures and other important files? If the answer is no, this Photo Stick Omni USB device is perfect for you because the proprietary software can easily search through all the files on your computer and back up only the media file to the device.

The Photo Stick Omni USB flash drive is made to find all of your favourite memories on your computer and import them into the device with just one click. This Photo Stick USB device saves you the trouble and time of having to look for files by hand, and it also makes sure that all the media files are backed up on the device.

This device also comes with software that automatically organises all of your files based on their format, size, date, and other factors that you choose. You won’t have to spend hours putting everything in order because AI software will do that for you.

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Elimination of Duplicate File

Do you want to take the time to compare each file to the others and get rid of the ones that are the same? If you don’t want to go through all of this trouble, ThePhotoStick Omni USB is a great option because it comes with AI software that compares all of your files and deletes the ones that are the same.

But it won’t delete the duplicate files without your permission. Instead, it will let you choose which files to keep and which to delete. Also, this software is made to find the best file among the duplicates and keep it safe while getting rid of the other duplicates. Even if you have duplicate files on your USB drive, it will keep the best ones and delete the rest to make room for more memories.

What Are the Benefits of Using InfinitiKloud?

InfinitiKloud is a great way to back up all of your data. This USB device gives you easy access to a wide range of benefits. This USB device has a lot to offer, like an option to search for media files automatically and a quick way to move data. Let’s take a look.

Simple Plug-n-Play

If you choose InfinitiKloud, you won’t have to instal any extra software on your computer or use any cables to connect this device to your PC.

This USB device is a simple plug-and-play device that you can quickly connect to your computer. You can also store photos, music, videos, documents, and other media files on this USB device and disconnect it quickly.

This is a simple plug-and-play device, so you don’t have to wait for any software to stop syncing. It also backs up your data faster and easier than any other method on the market.

Automated One-Click Backup Method

Another benefit of Infiniti Kloud that you can use right away is the one-click backup. You won’t have to spend hours looking through all of your computer’s folders to find your media files. This USB drive comes with special software that scans every folder quickly and automatically to find all the media files and copy them to the USB drive. This option makes the whole process of backing up data very simple and quick.

You just need to plug the device into your computer, click the “Find” button, and let the special software run through every folder to find all kinds of media files in a few minutes. No matter if you have 100 media files or thousands of media files hidden in your thousands of folders, this USB drive will quickly scan the whole computer and back up all the media files.


Are you sick of having to pay for expensive cloud subscriptions to back up your data? Well, if you choose InfinitiKloud, you’ll have access to a backup method that only costs you once.

There are no hidden fees or hard-to-understand cloud accounts that cost money every month to use, etc. You only have to buy this device once, and it can store up to 45,000 different types of media files without changing their quality or security. When compared to other backup methods on the market, this one is cheaper and doesn’t cost as much.

Pros & Cons of ThePhotoStick OMNI


  • It comes in three different capacities
  • With USB 3.0, you can transfer data at up to 4800 megabits per second
  • Data is automatically found, sorted, and backed up
  • Portability is enhanced by a compact design
  • A universal adapter is included
  • This is a one-time purchase


  • Sorting isn’t perfect

Pros And Cons Of Infinitikloud


  • Scans and backs up files automatically
  • organises and keeps information
  • Photos and videos can be stored, but so can music and documents.
  • Protected by a password
  • Data and files are kept safe from cyber threats.
  • Up to 60 MB/s speed for moving files
  • Android, MAC, and Windows users can use it.
  • operation with a single click
  • cheap compared to others
  • It has 4 different sizes of storage space.
  • 512 GB of storage space is available
  • It comes with both a micro-USB dongle and a USB-C dongle. USB and cloud storage
  • Free App


  • There is no warranty included
  • iOS devices are not supported
  • There is no lightning port dongle available

PhotoStick Omni vs InfinitiKloud: Which One is Better?

Both the PhotoStick Omni and the InfinitiKloud are great devices. They do a great job of storing your important files and keeping backups of them with just one click. Both devices have features and specs that are almost exactly the same.

The Photostick Omni USB is in the lead because it uses AI technology, which has a lot of great features for storing data. The photo stick USB sorts photos and videos based on different factors and keeps the best version by getting rid of duplicates.

There are also some amazing features in InfinitiKloud that can make it hard to choose. On the other hand, the photo stick will take the lead here because it has done so well. The photostick omni also works faster than any other device when it comes to making backups and moving files.

I think the photostick omni is a better choice for you to buy. Here is a link to buy the photostick omni.

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