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QuietBuds Review 2021 – Best Earbuds in the Market for the Price?

Quietbuds Reviews 2021 {Quiet Buds ⇒50% OFF +FREE Shipping}: The following reviews it & explains why it is one of the best earplugs available in the market.

In today’s competitive world, the daily lives have become very hectic and there is no time to rest. The fast pace of life does not allow a person to rest even for some time. But now finally people are starting to see this and are taking out time from their busy lives to take some rest. Even then sometimes the loud noises that are created around us do not allow us to sleep or focus while meditating. The noises even hinder our sleep at times. People are facing this problem at very high scales nowadays.

But there is a solution to this problem and that is Quiet buds. It is available in many countries such as Germany, Canada, Australia, and many others. 

Earplugs are used to protect the user’s ears from loud noises, the intrusion of water, foreign bodies, dust, and excessive wind. Most of the earplugs not only block out the noise, but they also block every other sound.  They block out the sound of an alarm and also the voice of somebody from your work or home.

But we do not want to block out the important information, now do we? The Quietbuds are the best replacement for the traditional earplugs. We can call it a revolutionary product. The manufacturer claims that this problem has been solved by the Quietbuds. The Quietbuds are designed in a way that not only cancels out the unwanted noise but one can still hear the important things. Is not that amazing? What else do we need after all?

These earplugs come with three different capsule cores. Each capsule core has its own function. You can put on a core according to your needs. Following are the important details of the three capsule cores of Quietbuds:

  • COMMUTE CORE: This first level core has a silicone core and it reduces the noise in the background but you can still hear what people are saying.
  • CONCERT CORE: The second level concert core prevents hearing damage that could’ve been caused by loud noise concerts. It filters the background noise in such a way that you can concentrate on what you really want to hear.
  • OCEAN QUIET CORE: It is the advanced level of the Quietbuds and it blocks out almost every single sound. This core has a specific fluid that helps in achieving this. You can use this core while sleeping, meditating and reading.

What Is QuietBuds?

Created by a team of medical experts specialised in audiology, Quiet Buds is a true innovation in the earplugs market, providing people of all ages with optimal hearing protection in various situations. The three different sound-muting cores they incorporate — commute cores, concert cores, and ocean quiet cores, are specifically designed for travel, live events, and ambient sounds, respectively. These versatile earplugs are stylish, top-quality, and extremely comfortable to wear wherever you may go.

QuietBuds Review
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In addition to effectively protecting the hair cells in your inner ear, Quiet Buds also provides you with full control of the surrounding acoustic environment, by selectively filtering noises for the best life experiences without damage to your hearing. Each pair of Quiet Buds comes with 3 swapable, custom-designed cores to suit different sound experiences, 3 size S, M, and L covers and a portable case for easy storage. The manufacturer stands behind each pair of Quiet Buds with a full 30-day money back guarantee.

No matter how old you are. If you are a working person and have to attend various events like live concerts, night club parties, sports events, seminars, etc, then you can protect your hearing power by using QuietBuds. Limited Stock Available With Free Shipping. So, what are you thinking about now? Buy Quietbuds online and Get up to 50% OFF.

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These are the ideal earbuds for anyone who gets distressed, distracted and disturbed by the annoying permanent sounds in the environment. 

Quiet Buds: Key Features

  • Audiologists have designed Quiet Buds to give users optimal protection and the perfect wearing experience.
  • Swap among three cores depending on the noise type in your surroundings.
  • There are three swappable fits to accommodate any ear size.
  • Ear protection shields your inner ears’ hair cells from extremely loud noises to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.
  • The build is comfortable so your ears can wear them all day with no strain.
  • The earplugs are made using aircraft-grade aluminum, which can provide a 50% reduction on the sound level of loud noises.
  • It has an included portable case for all your traveling needs.
  • Stylish, convenient, and user-friendly design.

Benefits of using Quiet Earbuds –

  • It shuts off all the distracting noises that will disturb you like that of trains, planes and automobiles.
  • It will also prevent your ears from getting damaged at deafening music concerts or sporting events.
  •  It can become an essential part of your healthy sleep routine so that you wake up feeling refreshed and re-energized in the morning and ready to take on the day. 
  • They fit perfectly in your ears, so much so that you won’t feel like you’re wearing earplugs.
  • These in-ear headphones are effective and made with high-quality materials. If you will connect your QuietBuds with your phone and tablet, then you will not face any connection problem. Even this is a good addition to your computer. The battery of this device is long-lasting.
  • Quietbuds are designed by a team of professional and well-trained audiologists that provides full protection to the ears hearing the sound.
  • These in-ear headphones are manufactured with aircraft-grade aluminum that helps in reducing the sound level up to 50%.
  • You can also use these earphones all day and at night when you are facing problems while sleeping.
  • Quietnuds are easy to use, easy to wear, versatile, comfortable, and safe.
  • It comes with a portable case that you can while traveling.

Product Specifications and Technical Aspects –

  • It consists of three interchangeable Capsules Cores, which are designed bearing in mind different noise situations.
  • They are made from high-quality CNC aluminum material which will last for the longest time.
  • The Silicone inserts come in three sizes – Small, Medium and Large.
  • It comes in a durable, zippered carrying case which makes them easy to carry anywhere
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Why Do I Need Quiet Buds?

Regardless of your age, if you regularly attend various events where you expose yourself to dangerously loud sounds such as at live concerts, nightclubs, sports events etc or you work in a factory or construction, you should advisedly protect your hearing with the aid of QuietBuds.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) more than 1.1 billion young adults across the globe are at risk for noise-induced hearing loss, (NIHL), temporary or permanent. Noise level is measured in decibels. About 8 hours of exposure to sounds below 85 decibels is safe for your hearing, but even one-time exposure to sounds above 85 decibels can have a negative impact on your hearing.

Some of the everyday sounds which are not safe for your ears ( above 85 decibels) include the sounds of lawnmowers, jackhammer, trains, farm tractors, garbage trucks, snowmobiles, stereo and more. The noise exposure during live rock concerts is 110-140 decibels, which means that you need proper hearing protection when you go at rock concerts.


The noise exposure during fireworks is 145 decibels, which is not safe for your hearing. If you don’t attend live concerts but you are a construction, or factory worker, you should advisedly still protect yourself against noise-induced hearing loss with the versatile, safe, discreet and effective earplugs Quiet Buds.

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How do Quiet Buds work?

It consists of three interchangeable Capsules Cores, which are customized keeping in mind different noise situations. These are:

  • Commute Core – It is a convertible silicone core which helps in reducing the ambient noises in your surroundings but also simultaneously helps you in hearing the people who are conversing with you.
  • Concert Core – They are perfect for when you’re attending live events such as music concerts or sporting events, by stopping the high decibel ear damaged caused by the loud noises. The designed filters chuck out unwanted surrounding sounds so that you can focus on the desired sounds.
  • Ocean Quiet Core – When you’re in need of absolute silence this will be perfect for you. These filters are liquid baffled and use liquid to chuck out all unwanted incoming sounds and vibrations. They are great for people who like meditating, reading or those who just want a good night’s sleep.

How to use Quiet Buds?

Follow these steps to safely use the earplugs:

  • Roll the earplug up with clean fingers into a small and thin snake-like shape so that you can easily insert it into your ears. 
  • Now reach over your head and pull your ear up to open up your ear canal to further allow the earplug to slide right in. 
  • Now enter the rolled-up earplug with a bit of a turning motion so that it settles well inside your ears. 
  • Hold the plug in for 20-30 seconds so that the foam gets expanded which will stop the sounds from entering your ears.
QuietBuds Review 2021 - Best Earbuds in the Market for the Price? 1
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What makes Quiet Buds special than any other earplugs available in the market?

Unlike other earplugs available in the market, Quiet Buds are designed by an experienced audiologist to ensure maximum protection against loud noises while keeping in mind the safety of your ears. Since they are made of CNC aluminium material which is durable and enduring, the earplugs will last with you for ear and you won’t have to shell out money constantly to replace them.

Also, they are very reasonably priced for the quality they are providing, unlike other expensive earplugs that are not worth the money. They are also super comfortable to wear and use. 

Quiet Buds: Are They Necessary?

Hearing protection should begin for any age, especially since there’s so much harmful sound stimulus because of our modern world. Temporary or permanent noise-induced hearing loss threatens over 1 billion young adults all over the world.

If you are exposed to 85 decibels and below for around 8 hours, your hearing is safe. But anything above that, even once, can already negatively affect your hearing. Things like stereo speakers, trains, jackhammers, trucks, and more will be above 85 decibels. Live concerts can reach up to 140 decibels, while fireworks noise can reach up to 145. If you want to protect your hearing, wearing Quiet Buds earplugs during those events is strongly advised.

Even if you are just going about your daily commute or work routine, Quiet Buds can go a long way to protect you from noise-induced hearing loss.

Quiet Buds Reviews

People from around the world who have already used Quiet Buds are very happy with their purchase, because they can now fully enjoy all their favorite activities and events knowing that their hearing is optimally protected against dangerous sounds.

Quiet Buds has rave reviews from customers who commute, those who attend live concerts or sporting events, those who work in construction and factories, and even customers who have trouble falling asleep due to annoying ambient sounds. They say that anyone who wants to effectively protect their hearing from dangerously loud noises should count on Quiet Buds earplugs, thanks to their proven efficiency, versatility, safety, and aesthetics.

Quiet Buds Price and Availability

Quietbuds are quite affordable. The MRP is approximately 66.65 $, but you can get at a discount of up to 40%. You will get more discount if you buy more than one pair of Quietbuds. These earplugs are of a high-end and are really comfortable. The noise suppression power of Quietbuds is enormous! By a waitress to a construction worker, these earplugs are widely used.

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Portability is something that we all look for in every product we buy. Quietbuds are easily portable with a strong storage case. You can buy these earplugs online directly from the Quietbuds website.

You can make the payment through PayPal. Credit cards can also be used to make payments. You also get a warranty on these earplugs. The Quietbuds site has a McAfee secure certificate which means that it has been verified by McAfee and is completely secure to make your payments.

Where Can I Order QuietBuds?

Anyone who chooses to properly protect their hearing can order Quiet Buds exclusively from the manufacturer’s official website, Rest assured you will get the authentic, doctor-recommended Quiet Buds and in addition to super affordable prices, you will also benefit from exclusive deals while supply last.

For instance, for a limited time only, you can order the best-value package “Buy 3, Get 50% off” or the most popular one “Buy 3, Get 45% Off”, plus free shipping worldwide, and full 30-day money back guarantee with each order you place. Quiet Buds make a great, thoughtful gift for your friends and family members who are at risk for temporary or permanent hearing loss from exposure to dangerously loud sounds.

Supplier of the Product

QuietBuds is supplied by the Dutch manufacturer Strong Current Enterprises Ltd. If you have any questions or concerns about your order or the product itself, feel free to get in touch with their dedicated customer support team either via

Email at or by phone at+1 609 414 7087 (US customers), +1 778 300 0854 ( Canada), +61 2 8607 8316 ( Australia and New Zealand) and +44 8708 200084 (UK and Ireland).

Frequently Asked Question

How do QuietBuds work?

QuietBuds cancels noise with 3 different interchangeable cores to block out the noises you want to block out but still lets you hear the sounds you want to hear.

Why are QuietBuds the only noise canceller with swappable cores?

The revolutionary swappable cores allows you to block out certain sounds in different environments. Instead of cancelling out ALL sounds, you can choose what you want to hear while protecting your hearing.

How can QuietBuds provide a lifetime warranty?

QuietBuds are made with high quality materials and thoroughly developed by our expert team so we stand by our product and guarantee that it will protect your hearing for a lifetime.

Why does QuietBuds ship me three sizes of seals?

The 3 sets of ear seals allows you to find the more secure fit for your ears.

How do I clean QuietBuds?

Clean the ear seals with a cloth and warm water to wipe away any buildup.

What comes with every set of QuietBuds?

QuietBuds comes with its own carrying case, 3 sets of interchangeable cores, 3 sets of seals and a product manual.

Are there more cores available for QuietBuds?

We are constantly researching and developing different cores so keep a lookout for more cores in the future!

Final Verdict –

It is a great product if you want to prevent yourself from unnecessary noises and hate chaotic situations. These plugs are not very high priced and worth the money of the user. They help you listen to the sound that you want and cancel the unwanted sound for the benefit of the user. It helps to remove distractions by using its top-notch features and helps people relax easily.

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