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RangeXTD Review [Updated]: Best WiFi Extender 2023

RangeXTD Review Online

RangeXtd Reviews [Save 50%] Read it Before You Buy! -> This article is for those who are searching for an effective data amplifier.

Are you struggling with dead zones in your house? When my router isn’t in just the right position, the other side of my home becomes a dead zone. I can barely use my laptop for work. But it’s not always easy to find the right position for your router  – or to keep it in that position forever.

That’s why, in my opinion, Wi-Fi extenders  are absolutely necessary. Unless you’re lucky enough to get a strong signal in every room of your house (is anyone this lucky?), a Wi-Fi extender should be at the top of your list of must-have electronics.

In the modern era, people wanted some ease in their life. Some of the so called internet devices started the problems for the users of the internet. The irritation to connect the wires and the lazy service of the internet tired the users. But we are here to remove the problems of the people by showing a new product which really a surprise for them in the shape of the RangeXTD. You will not lose the internet service even in the basement of the home as it will be very fast and you can take it anywhere. Here is the detailed information of the RangeXTD.

This product has increasingly gotten popularized in countries like Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy. You can avail Range Xtd at an Exclusive Offer of 50% Discount at a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

The one month period ensures a complete Satisfaction Guarantee on the part of the buyers. Do decide on purchasing Range XTD soon as Limited Stock Available With Free Shipping.

What is RangeXTD?

The RangeXTD is a Wifi router that you simply plug into a wall socket and amplifies the signal from the router many times over. This means it can send the signal to corners where there is usually no Internet.

I first saw Range XTD reviews on my social media page, but I thought that it was a scam.

RangeXTD is the device that allows you to enjoy fast internet anytime, anywhere. This robust WiFi extender helps your WiFi to catch the signals even if there is a low chance of connectivity.

RangeXTD is a product in demand in countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. It’s an efficient, home bound repeater or router. RangeXTD loads data faster than the usual ones and is a much impressive product due to it’s sleek design and multiple connectivities.

If you are looking for a high speed data loader without spending extra bucks beyond your existing internet connectivity, then you can simply upgrade it to RangeXTD. The strong influence of the device extends to every nook and corner of your abode, may it be your garage, basement or attic. This is unlike many routers available in the market.

Range XTD Features and Specs

RangeXtd DeviceSmaller, wall-charger sized device 
Antenna2 built-in antenna
Frequency of2.4 GHz 
Speeds of300 Mbps
RadiationLow radiation interference 
Port1 LAN port and 1 WAN/LAN port
SupportsSupports WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption
Functions with all routers and internet services 

RangeXTD Technical Facts

The following technical details can be found for this product on the Internet:

What You Can Expect From RangeXTD:

Benefits of RangeXTD

Who’s this for?

Range XTD is for those who work a lot on the internet either for professional or personal purposes. It magnifies and multitudes performance of your current data server or can work independently even.

Range XTD is portable, so can be your constant companion outdoors. Use it during your business trips or engaging out of the home activities, when you desire a complete uninterrupted supply of bytes.

Dead zone buildings where you don’t get much range. People who keep on surfing the internet doesn’t like to get a connection problem, specially the gaming streamers. An ordinary wifi in a big house can’t make it to your room.

Here’s what happened when I got the RangeXTD

When the device arrived, I was nervous about getting things started. I’m not very tech savvy, and I wasn’t looking forward to troubleshooting if the device didn’t work. But the instructions were very clear and simple. I was able to plug it in and get a connection in just a few minutes.The device has very simple features that make it easy to understand. When the connection is not that strong, you can tell by the light indicator. In this case, you can try plugging it into a few different spots until the light indicates you have reached a strong signal.

Placement of the RangeXTD

You may have heard before that “placement is everything” when it comes to routers. The same goes for this device. You want to set it up somewhere between your router and the dead zone. It helps to have a clear pathway and no obstructions. Furniture, mirrors, walls and floors can all get in the way of a good connection.

If you happen to live in a multi-level home, you have to consider the signals need to travel through brick, concrete, and other materials. Luckily, I’m staying in a dorm with thin walls.

How to set up RangeXTD

When I first opened the WiFi booster, I was a little bit skeptical about the product because it did not come with any additional parts. I thought maybe I was just falling for a RangeXTD scam, but it turns out, it’s just that easy to set up. No tools, no hassle, just plug it into your outlet.

  1. Plug the device into a working wall socket
  2. Press the WPS button to ensure a safe connection
  3. Connect the device to an active WiFi network

Types Of Usage

Repeater Mode

This is the most popular mode to use any repeater. It is easy to use as well as setup and covers a wide range of areas having a weak signal or if they are in an obstruction.

Access Point Mode:

This mode is specially used in repeater and extenders where you need wireless connectivity even though it is unable to.

Router Mode:

This mode enables mobile as well as laptop users to use the extender via DSL or cable modem.

Repeater Mode:



AP Mode

Router Mode

Where to set up RangeXTD

This is something you might want to try a few times to get the most out of your device. This wifi extender will pretty much work anywhere, but when you set up any WiFi booster, there are certain places that will work better than others. I guess it comes down to, where are the dead zones in your home, and where is your router located.

The ideal place to set it up is in between your router and your dead zone. This is halfway between both areas and serves as a stronger connection between the two. Just make sure there is a clear pathway between the two with as little obstructions as possible.

How strong is the RangeXTD?

I found the range of the device to be quite wide. I’m not too sure how far it goes, but for our dorm, it was just perfect. My room is the ultimate dead spot (which is the reason I wanted to get the device in the first place), but after plugging in the device I was able to stay connected. I can stream my favorite media and download music without any hassle.

I’d like to see how this works in a larger home. Perhaps it might not work as well, but it’s hard to say until I test it out.

Is the RangeXTD worth it?

For the price, yes. Other WiFi boosters are more expensive and don’t offer as much coverage. According to some other RangeXTD reviews, this is by far the best WiFi booster. It’s affordable, easy to set up, and provides more coverage than the rest. When I first tried to order one online, they were completely sold out. If you’re planning on getting one, you may want to get a few just in case. They were on discount when I ordered mine, but I foolishly only ordered one and now regret it.

The RangeXtd promises unbeatable coverage and in this sense, it does deliver.

Who needs the RangeXTD?

If you live or work in a place with multiple devices, I highly recommend the RangeXTD. I think it could be very useful in multi-level homes and offices. You may find other products out there, but just be sure it’s the right one. Some people make copycat devices and try to lure you into a RangeXTD Scam, but there is only one genuine product.

A few RangeXTD reviews even claim they have saved on bills because of this device. You’ll only need to make the one purchase of the device itself. Just make sure you are getting the most out of your booster when you set it up. Keep it away from large furniture and other wireless devices.

Advantages of the RangeXTD?

The RangeXTD composed of many advantages as you can use it in all the rooms of the home with the same service and signal quality. Once, you charged the device, and then it will run for a long time. It will helpful to decrease the points of the dead zone in your own home as well in your office apartments with low cost and fast data. People of all the ages can avail this best service.

How does it Work?

In principle, it is only necessary to synchronize the router and the Wifi repeater with each other and then it can be used. The best way to do this is to plug both devices into a power outlet in close proximity. Now press the button on both the router and the repeater.

For better result, connect the devices into the socket of the power and then push the button of both the devices. You have to wait for some seconds until the light of the Wi-Fi begin to blink. Now feel free to use it all the corners and the rooms of the home. Strength of the signals and the speed of the internet will be in front of you. The data used by the user can be checked with the attached laptop and the computer also. If a person wanted to use it directly, then he must to attach it with the system via LAN cable like the telephone wire connects to the computer.

It takes a while until both devices have synchronized. On the Wifi router this is indicated by a light. Now the device can be used freely in the apartment and only needs to be plugged into a designated socket. It then connects to the router via WLAN and reproduces the signal in amplified form. Whether the whole thing works and how strong the signal is, can be seen very well from the integrated lights, which provide information about it. More is absolutely not necessary.

If you want to use the device directly as a router, you have to connect it via LAN cable, which is also connected to the telephone socket. The access data can then be entered via the computer and an Internet connection is established. But even this is very easy to do.

How do I use Range Wifi Extender?

Hardware Overview 

Default Parameters

WPS Button: 

Press 1-2 Seconds, Waiting your device Connection

Press 6 Seconds, Connect to your AP/Router (on Repeater Mode)

Reset Button: Press 3 Seconds Reset the Device.

For a typical wireless setup at home (as shown below):

Wireless AP Mode:

The Device is connected to a wired network then transforms the wired Internet access into wireless so that multiple devices can share the Internet. This mode is fit for office, home and places where only wired network is available.

Wireless Repeater Mode

The Device is copies and reinforces the existing wireless signal to extend the coverage of the signal. This mode is especially useful for a large space to eliminate signal-blind corners. Router This mode is fit for a large house, office, warehouse or other spaces where the existing signal is weak.

Router Mode

The Device is connected to a DSL or cable modem and works as a regular wireless router. This mode is fit for an environment where Internet access from DSL or cable modem is available for one user but more users need to share the Internet. 

Are there any known Range XTD problems?

All in all, it can be said that there are no problems whatsoever when used properly. The device is free of errors and due to its construction it is also easy to understand. There are no problems worth mentioning.

Does RangeXTD WiFi Booster work?

After trial and error, I did find that the Range XTD worked. Compared to other WiFi boosters that I have tried out in the past, this one is the best. I didn’t have to move any furniture or other devices around, which you can expect if you’re setting up any other booster.

I found that the signal was strong in every area of my home, the quality was better, and the connection was faster. But wait, Make Sure You Get the RangeXTD Directly from their Official Website Here, to avoid counterfeit, knockoff versions or additional fees from third-party sellers.

Is RangeXTD a scam?

RangeXTD WiFi repeater is definitely not a scam. If you try it out for yourself, you’ll see that all you need to do is find the right placement for it. There are a few RangeXTD reviews that said it didn’t work the first time, but they also mention many obstacles that made their connection slow to begin with.

If it doesn’t work for you the first time, it probably just means you need to move a few things around or the distance from your router is too far.

Things you see on the internet doesn’t make it a scam. You can purchase this piece of technology with no problem.

What makes RangeXTD better than others?

It is a reliable WiFi extender and is absolutely necessary for sprawling residences, in order to avoid no connectivity zones at places in the house. The simplicity in it’s appearance makes it all the more lucid for a beginner to get acquainted with routers. 

It’s totally uncomplicated installation process sets it apart from many high edged routers in the market. The ease of operation with no unaccountable costs is another differential feature. A speed upto 300mbps is maintained by this wireless extender. The two built in antennas facilitate greater reflection of signals.

Apart from this, the price at which it’s available is quite economical.

How Is RangeXTD Wifi Booster Friendly To Your Pocket?

We discussed above that this device does not burden your wallet. In fact, in comparison to an upgraded wifi plan, this is a way better solution for poor internet. So, how exactly does this device best an updated wifi plan?

Basically, when you upgrade your wifi plan, you have to pay for it month after month. By purchasing this device instead, you can enjoy better wifi without having to pay for it on a monthly basis. Your purchase is one-time, and it is not that expensive either.

Why do I need this Wifi amplifier?

Many routers are designed to load slowly and only for the room they are plugged into. Or at least they don’t route very far, so you get many areas in your home where you have little or no reception. This is annoying in the long run, especially because of the high cost of this router, and yet nothing gets by. 

In order not to throw your money out of the window, a router is advisable that supports the entire house with reception and does not constantly interrupt your Internet connection. The RangeXTD for example is such a router and you need very few minutes to plug it in and get it working. It is also very useful as a USB stick for your laptop, a bonus that many other routers do not offer.

RangeXTD Price

The RangeXTD is sold for $49.95 through the company’s website but you can also get a set of three for $112.39, which means that you get a discount on each of the devices. Indeed, when compared to some of the options your ISP offers you, these devices are extremely reasonably priced. You can also get a set of 2 for $99.90 and a set of 4 for $149.85. If you need three or four of these devices, the per-device price will be very low indeed.

The above-mentioned prices are after the 50% discount. The sale is subject to availability and other factors and the prices may vary too.

Where to buy RangeXTD?

You can very well click on the link mentioned above along with the array of benefits that are attached to it for a short span of time. A 50% discount on the base price of the product, along with free delivery to wherever you are in this world, also a complete money back warranty for returning RangeXTD, if not satisfied.

Frequently Asked Question
Can Range XTD be used on any device?

Yes. Any appliance capable of working on wifi is compatible with Range XTD.

Are there any hidden costs that I have to sustain as a buyer?

No, Range XTD is a onetime purchase and there is no extra cost for using the internet.

Is Range XTD affordable?

Yes, with the ongoing discounts, one should be happy to purchase it now.

What is the ideal place to keep RangeXTD?

The ideal place to keep RangeXTD is halfway between the Wi-Fi router and the dead zone.

Is Rangextd Chargeable?

Yes, the device comes with an easy charging process and also has a long battery backup.

Does it come WPS enabled?

Yes, RangeXTD supports secure encryption so it can be used without any hassle or worry. A one-step program ensures you do not work too hard to make it work right.


If you are wary of your data concerns then do not delay and get yourself a Range XTD. It’s affordable, safe and a powerful performer for fulfilling all your data needs. You need not discard your existing data network for that.

Range XTD can well work in tandem with it improving the former’s efficiency.

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