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Soundblast Review – Best Smartband with Wireless Headphones 2023

Soundblast Review
Soundblast Review: European startups revolutionize the world of portable smart devices once more. Their new SoundBlast is breaking the market of both smartwatches and wireless earbuds at the same time, and the big corporations are struggling to keep up. Thousands across the continent are already enjoying this 2-in-1 device that costs less than either of them separately!  

An activity bracelet or a smartwatch? This question is one of the main doubts that people have when buying a device of this type. Activity bracelets and sports watches are two wearables that have become very fashionable in recent years. Both have a series of their own characteristics that are different depending on the model in question, but which will undoubtedly be the basis for trying to find the device that best suits the needs of each one. But what if the two are unified by adding headphones?

A group of workers belonging to an important Korean company specializing in activity wristbands, wireless headphones and smartwatches, decided to leave their company to launch a totally new project on the market.An innovative fusion between an activity bracelet, portable headphones and a smartwatch. We are talking about SoundBlast.

What is SoundBlast?

It’s called the SoundBlast. An impressive combo of German engineering and French design that accomplishes the difficult task of simply putting all those features you used to have in a big cluttered backpack pocket of products, into one stylish wrist-worn piece of technological greatness.

And they managed all this without compromising on quality, using only the best parts and materials, while still keeping this comfortable little smartwatch highly affordable.

Walking around with it feels and looks like you’re a time traveler from a future where no-one needs to lose their wireless earbud case on the bus home ever again. And also constantly up to date with their health metrics.

Feature Of SoundBlast

It’s safe to say the SoundBlast absolutely blew us away, and that was even before we looked at the price…

Does It Really Work?

Imagine you went to the gym, or for a run. You take your towel, your water bottle, your phone, your heart rate monitor and, of course, the wireless earbuds, because no one works out without some hype music in 2021. If you’re lucky, you do your workout without anyone stealing the case from your locker or the earbuds running out of battery mid treadmill run, right when you get to your favorite song.

The SoundBlast solves ALL of that. We at the office really gave it a sideways look when we first heard of it. A smartwatch? With all the fitness and health monitors one would ever need from heart rate to sleep? With all the call and notification functions of a smartwatch? AND earbuds that slot into the band itself to be charged? For this low of a price tag? We must find out what’s wrong with it!

Except there isn’t. The strap fits comfortably and sits very nicely on your skin, the fitness tracker works like a charm, even when you make an intern run a few laps around the office to test it, the battery lasts up to a 10 days and the true wireless earbuds, oh boy, they are sublime. Crisp sound, amazing bass and lasted almost 5 hours on our stress test.

More importantly, you know how all the big earbud brands have touch controls on the earbud itself right? You need to tap, slide forward and back, tap twice and all that nonsense, and it never actually works properly the first time so you end up tapping and swiping it over and over until you get it right. With SoundBlast? No problem, just control the earbuds from your wrist, it’s that simple.

How Much Does the SoundBlast Cost?

A device that gives you the features that you would normally need 3 or 4 devices for, the price has to match, doesn’t it? Turns out the answer to that is no. It doesn’t.

The SoundBlast is available for less than what you would pay for any ONE of those devices separately. A mere 159€. But the good news don’t stop there. The company is having a launch sale and are giving it away for half price! Now you can get your SoundBlast for just 79.

Click here to claim a discounted SoundBlast (if it’s still available) >>

Should I Buy Now or Wait?

Wholeheartedly YES! Never before have we seen such a no brainer purchase. The watch is great, the earbuds are fantastic, just order one already before they run out of stock.



How to Get The SoundBlast?

So now that you’ve heard out experience you are probably itching to get one yourself. So here’re the simple steps:

  1. We recommend ordering an original SoundBlast from the official supplier’s website here.
  2. Enjoy the quality of life of the future with this amazing smartwatch.
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