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Top 10 Best Dog Tracker Collars 2023 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best dog tracker collars? You have come to the right place. We are a professional team that reviews the best products in the market on a daily basis.

Our team has researched and reviewed the best dog GPS trackers on the market to make your search for this great tool even easier.

We review and rate all the products on the basis of their specifications, user-experience, customer reviews & ratings. Finding the right dog tracker collars can be a tough task as there are so many options available in the market that sometimes it gets so confusing. To reduce your burden we have prepared a list of 10 best dog tracker collars to buy in the year 2023. You can check out the list and find whats best for you.

Top 10 List of Best Dog Tracker Collars

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Best Dog Tracker Collars in 2023 Reviews

As you have gone through our buyer’s guide, you should be able to understand about the tracker collars and some features that they offer. Now it is time to decide what brand and price you are willing to pay for to get the best tracker collar for your beloved dog. Browse through our top 10 best dog tracker collars in 2023 reviews to find the item you have been searching for. These are our highly recommended products that have received numerous positive feedback from buyers, thus offering you total satisfaction with your purchase.

Dog Tracker Collars

10. Tagg Pet Tracker GPS – Simply attach to the dog collar, a great bargain

When your pet has escaped from its home, get notifications right away using this pet tracker. It allows you to use it with an app that is compatible with your Android and iPhone. Once there is an alert available, you should be able to get an email or a text as a notification. Precisely, this tracker can also fit in most collars, although it is mostly for bigger dogs that are over 10 pounds. If you are looking for simple, yet ideal dog tracker collars in 2020 model, this one will never disappoint you.

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker - Dog and Cat Collar Attachment, White
  • Track Your Pet Using an Award-Winning GPS Pet Tracker that Sends Text and Email Alerts When Your Pet Gets Out
  • View and Track Daily Exercise Levels to Ensure a Healthy Happy Pet    
  • Free Award-Winning Apps - iPhone and Android    

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9. Garmin Alpha Tracking GPS – Above and beyond your expectations

This is a great bundle of GPS tracker for your pet. The package includes LED lights, the unit itself, antennas, and a collar strap. This is preloaded with numerous maps for easy and accurate tracking. The lights are also very bright, and several modes are included such as stimulation levels of vibration and tone, as well as the rescue mode. The battery life lasts for as long as 40 hours, which is a decent amount of time With a responsive touch screen, this unit is definitely a breeze to use. Precisely, it comes with a superb slim and lightweight strap which your dog won’t feel anything when wearing it. Lastly, the device can be used to track up to 20 dogs.

Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle, Includes Handheld and TT 15 Dog Device, Multi-dog Tracking GPS and Remote Training Device in One
  • High-Sensitivity GPS with GLONASS. Display size is 1.53 wide x 2.55 high in inches and 3 inch diagonal
  • Preloaded TOPO U.S. 100k maps.LED beacon lights and Rescue mode as well as Stimulation levels-Tone and Vibration
  • Battery life 20-40 hrs. Display type : transflective, 65-K color TFT touchscreen

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8. Garmin Pet Tracker PT10 (Pro 70/Pro 550) – Five stars as best training collar

This device comes with short and long contacts, which are made from stainless steel. These contact points are reliable and can still function even when it is wet. The bark limiter helps you find your pet easily, and there is a blue-collar strap, and AC adapter, contact point kit with a wrench, the dog tracker, charging clip, and a manual included in the package. As for battery life, it should be good for 60 hours in total. More importantly, this collar is known as the best dog training collar. With the green button and beep sound on the remote, you can teach your dog to stop barking or to behave nicely at once.

Garmin PT10 Dog Device Blue Collar (Pro 70/Pro 550)
  • LONG & SHORT CONTACTS Includes two lengths of stainless steel, insulated contact points for reliable performance in wet conditions and extended comfort for any coat length
  • BARKLIMITER Built-in BarkLimiter with Advanced Bark Correction Technology
  • RANGE / FREQUENCY 1 mile range with 27MHz radio frequency for PRO 70 and PRO 550

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7. Tractive Dog Tracking 3G – A great deal tracker

For this dog tracker, you will need a subscription plan, which is only a reasonable price of $5 monthly. This allows you to find your pet and track its activities accurately. You can find the location in real-time, as well as the history and other pieces of information. In addition, there is an impressive worldwide location pet tracking, as the attachment can be used in more than 150 countries. Plus there is no such thing as a limit in the range unlike other trackers in the market.

Tractive 3G GPS Dog Tracker – Dog Tracking Device with Unlimited Range
  • Subscription Plan needed – starting at only $ 4. 99/ month with different subscription plans available. Similar to your cellphone, this low fee ensures you the best cellular service possible with an...
  • Tractive Dog GPS tracker – lightweight & waterproof GPS tracking device, recommended for pets above 9 pounds. For safe dogs The robust GPS pet Finder easily attaches to any collar or harness.
  • Live tracking with your Tractive Dog Finder – pinpoint the real-time location of your furry friend when it matters most and share it with family and friends. The full location History of your pet is...

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6. Link AKC Dog Collar with Tracker – Providing an accurate real time tracking

Ultimately, keep your pet safe and happy with this activity and location tracker for your pet. It would require a service plan for connectivity, and among the features included are the guarantee and access to the helpline in the case of a poisoned pet. Obviously, the location tracking works in the United States, and you can customize the activity goals of your pet depending on its breed, size, and age. As for the safety features, it sends you alerts when the environment where your pet is tends to be too cold or too hot.

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar - GPS Location Tracker, Activity Monitor, and More, Medium (KITTN02)
  • Winner CES 2017 Best Of Innovation. Order now to lock in a special pre-order price - Save $20 for limited pre-order period.
  • Always know your dog’s location via the LINK AKC app. LINK AKC converts your home into a digital safe zone and will quickly alert you if your dog leaves it; locate a lost dog with fast and accurate...
  • Only LINK AKC offers customized activity level recommendations tailored to your individual dog to help you better monitor your dog’s daily activity levels and wellness.

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5. Findster Duo+ GPS Pet Tracker – No subscription or monthly fee required

Unlike other pet trackers, this product does not require you to pay monthly fees, which is great. Technically, the MAZE technology makes it happen, so you won’t need a cell coverage or a sim card. You can track your pet in real time and get quick alerts when you have to. Plus, with a wide range of performance, you can find out where your pet is within 0.5 to 3 miles. The battery can also last for hours, depending on the setting it is currently switched on. With the GPS location off, the battery life can last to 7 days. Precisely, this tracker is best for dog walking, not really for remotely monitoring.

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4. TKSTAR Pet Real-time Tracker – Perfect for small pets

Apparently, this pet tracker lets you find your pet using location-based service, wifi, and GPS. It is a multiple purpose tracker that uses high tech specs, so you can easily trace where your pet is whether it’s a dog, cat, or even a pony. Other features include an alarm for low battery, alerts once your pet is found, and decent battery life. Precisely, this is one of the best dog tracker collars in 2020 for small dogs and cats.

TKSTAR Real-time PET CAT Dog Tracking Locator GPS/GSM/WiFi Location Waterproof Mini Personal GPS Tracker with Free App
  • GPS, WIFI and location based service three-way adjustable locations.Location Based Service can also name A-GPS, wenn Tracker in underground or tunnel, where AGPS
  • Multi-purpose GPS PET Tracker with powerful location monitoring and an extremely high technical specification - Follow The trace of your beloved Kitty, Puppy Dogs or pony
  • Quick GPS position return to texting the device or for the option for 3 seconds to offer a full route, - Each transmit exact locations on the Google Maps

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3. BLACK+DECKER GPS Pet Tracker – Designed with two way audio communication

Such an amazing and powerful GPS tracker, this device from Black and Decker lets you determine the actual location of your pet using an accurate GPS. Apparently, there is two-way powerful audio that keeps you connected with your pet no matter where you may be. For instance, you can easily call your pet back home or even give it a peace of mind and assurance when you are far away from each other. The dog tag is also helpful as it becomes visible when your pet is lost. Precisely, the tracker collar is best for medium to large dogs.

BLACK+DECKER Smart Dog Collar, GPS Tracker, 2-Way Audio, Water Resistant, Black Med/Large (Fits 15"-21" neck)
  • GPS & Activity Tracking - Always know the exact location of your best friend with precise GPS! Track how far they roam, how much they play, and what routes are their favorites using our companion app...
  • Customizable Geofence Zones - Use the app to trace safety zones around your yard or favorite park, and get instant alerts when your dog has gone outside those limits. This product requires 2g service...
  • 2-Way Audio - Stay connected with your dog from anywhere! With 2-way audio you can call them home, reassure them when you are away, and hear them respond, giving both you and your dog peace of mind...

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2. DOTT Smart Dog Tracker – Not a GPS tracker, yet work best to track lost pets and monitor daily activity, food and well-being

This amazing pet tracker lets you know if your pet is experiencing some issues or when you need to be notified of its potty breaks, dog walks, and when it is time to take medication for your dog or cat. There are no subscription fees needed, and you should be able to track your pet when needed as the lost pet recovery feature is very reliable. It is not a GPS tracker, but rather a bluetooth to find your lost pets. Precisely, DOTT produces best dog tracker collars to monitor and share your pets within the app community.

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1. Pawscout Pet Tag – Perfect tool to build up a community with pet lovers, best for cats and small puppies

Precisely, this unit is more than a tracker, it is also a social tool for your pet. You can share photos of your pet or arrange play dates as needed. You can even invite your family and friends to grow the “petwork” or the pet network. More importantly, with this pet tag, you can track dog walks and also serve as a virtual leash as you can keep track of your pet when you’re out and about. The lost pet alert also lets you receive notifications when your pet is within range of others using the app. Please bear in mind that it is not a GPS tracker, but rather a tool to join pet lover community or family as well as to monitor health, well-being and safety of your pets.

Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag (Version 2.5) for Cats & Dogs, Nearby Bluetooth Pet Tracking (not GPS), Community Pet Finder, Walk Diary, Outdoor Virtual Pet Leashes, Digital Medical Profiles
  • KEEP TABS ON YOUR NEARBY PET: Use the Pawscout App on your phone to get the approximate location of your pet when you are both outside and within a couple hundred feet of each other.
  • WHEN YOUR PET GOES MISSING: Once you mark your pet as missing in the Pawscout App, Pawscout alerts your entire nearby Pawscout community in real time and lets you know the second your pet comes into...
  • WALK DIARY: Record your walks (or runs) in the Pawscout App and post to social media.

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Who Should Buy a GPS Dog Tracker?

Nowadays, there are different technologies are used in the dog tracking system and these are indispensable for dog owners to use. Some of the most common reasons are given below for which pet owners decide to collect an ideal GPS dog collar.

  • To provide a guard against dog losing or theft issue.
  • Offering some freedom of outdoor activities.
  • Travelling safely with the dog.
  • Keep in touch during hunting.
  • Offers to get special training.
  • Easier to track and save their dog if lost.
  • Facilitate to realize their dog’s regular habit.

Besides these, there are so many other vital reasons to collect GPS collar for dogs. After starting to use this system you will be fully dependent on it and feel free to get the benefit of this tracker chip.

A GPS dog tracker is something that you won’t need until you need it – after your pet is already lost. It is important to purchase, set up, and attach a GPS tracker to your pet far before you might need to use it. Just like you buy health insurance but hope that you will never have to use it, a GPS dog tracker would never get used in a perfect world. However, as a pet owner, it is our responsibility to understand that pets can and do go missing, and to prepare for that situation.

While it would never hurt to purchase a GPS tracker for your pet, owners with particularly fast-running and courageous canines are likely to benefit the most from a GPS dog tracker. If you have hunting dogs or commonly take your dog on adventures in large tracts of land, it is probably in your best interest to equip them with a tracker as well.

Who needs a GPS dog collar?

Every dog owner should consider investing in a GPS collar. Whether your yard is fenced or you always walk your dog on a leash, accidents happen.

Dogs are curious and playful by nature. If they see an opportunity to investigate a noise, smell, or object outside of their home – they are going to check it out. Unfortunately, one little adventure outside can lead to a much larger one within seconds. A GPS dog collar gives you a little peace of mind for those “what if” situations.

Hunters and hikers, in particular, will also appreciate the value of a GPS collar. The wilderness is a vast area and it can be easy to lose your dog out there. Additionally, if a dog is injured while tracking an animal (or chasing one for fun!) a GPS collar can help you locate your wounded companion quickly.

Types of Dog GPS Collar or Tracker

GPS is a modern technology stands for “Global Positioning System” attached within a collar to detect the location. It is common that we are tracking our friends via social media, our kids via cell phone apps; similarly, we can track our dogs via a GPS microchip. Usually, there are two types of pet trackers in the market and these are:

  • Subscription-based pet GPS trackers
  • Non-subscription based dog GPS trackers

A GPS dog tracker may work in two ways like radio-based trackers or cellular-based tracker. Cellular dog trackers are designated with a subscription-based system where radio trackers are free on their own. On the other hand, Radio dog collars are most significant and specially designed for tracking wild animals and hunting dogs. These are the most reliable tracking system help to cover the highest range, even hundreds of miles as walkie-talkies. Though they have no subscription fee, but the price range is a bit high, within $200 to $1,000 per device.

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Cellular GPS dog collars contain modern technology, which is special for connecting the receiver’s location through your cellular device. Sometimes these are used casually to track your pet. Though these GPS dog collars have so many useful features, but these are cheaper in price with a monthly subscription system.

How To Choose The Best Pet GPS Tracker For Your Dog

Lots of gadgets have been introduced in the 21st-century, such as GPS trackers for dogs. This is wearable technology, in the form of a collar, that lets you track your dog’s location, which is helpful if your dog runs off or gets lost. The family dog is not only a pet but a member of the family, and millions of dogs are lost or stolen every year. However, these trackers reduce the anxiety and fear of losing your beloved dog.

The GPS technology, typically placed in your dog’s collar or attached to the collar, locates your pet’s position and sends the information to your smartphone via Android or iOS. Keep in mind that this technology is not the same as a microchip. A microchip is a small device embedded just under your dog’s skin and is a permanent electronic identification device. Dog tracker collars, on the other hand, can be removed daily if you wish.

There are lots of these trackers on the market, but the best trackers are pet-specific, which means that they aren’t general trackers and are designed to fit onto a collar or are embedded within a collar. The best GPS trackers for dogs are also obtained from reputable manufacturers and not companies with no websites or contact information. When you work with a reputable manufacturer, if something goes wrong with the tracker, you know you can contact the manufacturer for help. Here are specific things to look for when researching a GPS tracker for dogs.

  • Fit – Collar size considerations are important when it comes to a tracker for your dog. If the collar with the tracker attached or embedded is too big, it can be an uncomfortable option for your dog, causing neck or back pain for your pet. Also, if your dog is active and enjoys getting into bushes and digging under things, a loose-fitting tracker can get dislodged. Determine the size of your dog and then follow the manufacturers recommendations on what size collar/tracker you should purchase. For example, a tiny dog may do well with a collar that is no more than nine inches whereas a large dog may do well with a collar that is 25 inches.
  • Accurate Tracking – How accurate is your dog tracker? If it fails to do what it is intended to do, it’s not a reliable device that you can count on. There will be a safe zone that you indicate with a tracker. If the dog leaves that zone, the app associated with your tracker should immediately notify you. Then, on the app’s map, you should be able to locate and follow your pet’s position with live tracking. A decent tracker app will have a decent refresh rate so that you remain in real time when trying to track your dog. Look for all of these features when researching a tracker.
  • Battery Life – Decent tracking is great. However, a GPS tracker is associated with battery life. So the best trackers respect battery life while providing you the most updated information. What is the battery life like for the GPS Tracker for dogs? If the tracker runs out of battery frequently, you’ll soon find that the tracker isn’t of much use when you need it. Therefore, choose a tracker that last long between charges. For example, a tracker that last seven days between charges may be more beneficial than one that lasts three days between charges. Your goal is to work with a device that is there when you need it.
  • Web Application Interface – The vast majority of GPS tracker for dogs use apps for iOS or Android. There are a few that provide a web application interface or the ability to track on your computer, but most don’t. Also, those that do offer a web application interface still require you to have a smartphone for some of the features. Therefore, if a web application interface is important to you, you’ll need to do your research to find a GPS tracker that provides one and what it entails.
  • Range and Signal Strength – For a GPS tracker to be beneficial for you and your pet, you need to be able to rely on finding a signal because most trackers run off cellular signals. If you live in an area where finding a signal is not a problem, such as in the city, range and signal strength should not be an issue. However, many pet owners live in rural areas. Therefore, you want to find a tracker that uses multiple signals and that will work well in rural areas. A dog tracking manufacturer that provides both cellular signals and satellite signals works well for dog owners who live in rural areas.
  • What To Do In Poor Reception Areas – A GPS dog tracker is a superior way to track your dog. However, if you live “out in the middle of nowhere” a GPS tracker may not be your best option due to poor reception. Your other option, in this case, is a radio frequency pet tracker which works like a wireless walkie-talkie. These devices do not give you the exact location of your dog like a GPS dog tracker does, instead, they let you know the direction of where your dog is headed. However, if cellular and satellite coverage is weak, a radio frequency pet tracker is an option and has a good battery life over a GPS tracker that has to be frequently recharged.

Importance of Using GPS Collar for Dog

  • Like small children, dogs can more likely to lose only for the lacking of proper parental supervision. In every year, many pet owners lose their pooches from house courtyard or during moving away to travel.
  • The main purpose of inventing GPS tracking unit is observing the current location of the dog and its overall activity. There are also some other vital reasons why a pet proprietor wants to collect a GPS tracking device for his dog.
  • If you have a working dog and remain busy almost all day long for various activities, you should keep a close eye on it. But, if you have a GPS collar you can simply take care of it from one place.
  • GPS devices also work as harmless invisible containment systems to protect your dog. It creates a predefined boundary area so that you can control your dog’s overall activities. Some pet owners use this device simply to train their canines.
  • Now a day, GPS tracking devices are more functional also can track your dog almost anywhere in the home or outside. A quality tracker can save your money, time and reduce anxiety about your dog’s safety. Though it is a bit costly to purchase but can completely control your dog any time at anywhere.

Conclusion – Best Dog Tracker Collars

We hope that you have found this article to be helpful. And you learned some valuable knowledge to help you decide on the best dog tracker collars.

Some of you may have read this guide and still find yourself confused or unsure of which Dog Tracker Collars is best for your needs. Leave a comment below to get in touch and we will offer advice or a more detailed recommendation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best GPS tracker for dogs?

Whistle is the best GPS tracker for dogs that features advanced GPS location tracking with the largest wireless network to track your dog wherever they go. Through this collar, you will receive an alert if the pet leaves its designated Whistle zone.

Is Garmin coming out with a new dog tracking system?

The Garmin is an invaluable Multi-dog Tracking GPS and Remote Training Device which is most choice able for Professional Tracker. It comes with Tri-Tronics electronic dog training technology and 18 levels of continuous stimulation or vibe command to track your dog. The Alpha 100 helps you to achieve the best performance for sporting dogs.

What should be the minimum age for your dog to use the GPS tracking device?

Basically, dog tracking devices are suitable for dogs those are above 3.5 kg weight with 34.5 cm neck size. It is better if the dog able to realize basic obedience commands such as “stay”, “sit”, “eat”, “come”, “go”

How does a GPS dog tracking collar work?

Basically, a GPS dog tracking collar sends radio signals to the GPS unit with the particular location of your pet. The GPS unit shows the information on your MAP SCREEN so that you can observe your dog’s real-time location, direction, and other’s movement.

Are GPS tracking systems functional for aggressive dogs?

Actually, you can teach your dog some basic lessons by using this type of trackers. For instance, a GPS tracker is able to modify your dog’s unwanted behavior and reduce aggressiveness by growing its sense of wrong and right.

What will happen if anybody removes the collar from my dog’s neck?

Normally, you will receive an alarm when the dog crosses the area and this notification is the best prevention against pet theft. Practically, it is quite impossible to remove a collar from a dog’s neck without the consent of its owner. So, as a pet owner, you can stay free from pet theft issue when starting to use GPS tracking systems.

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