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Top 10 California King Mattress Offering Extra Comfort with Extra Inches

by Diksha
california king mattress

What satisfies you the most? Good sleep may be the answer for most people. If you have a queen-size bed in your bedroom, so it’s your time to get a California king mattress. It will give you and your kids the perfect space, so your family can relax without worries.

 California king mattress provides you an extra 4 inches space so that you can get the spacious legroom for your legs. It is suitable for all people of every height. So one doesn’t have to worry about their sleep positions, lay on the bed, and fall in melodious dreams. You can snuggle up with your kids and still have a place left in your bed.

Top 10 California King Mattress

Bestseller No. 1
Classic Brands Cool Gel 2.0 Ultimate Gel Memory Foam 14-Inch Mattress with 2 BONUS Pillow , California King, White
  • 72" W x 84" L x 14" H
  • Premium pressure-relieving memory foam and high-density aerated cool gel memory foam are combined together to provide the essential support and comfort for a deeper night's sleep
  • Beautifully tailored and detailed with a stretch knit fabric cover with waterfall edge and matching knit side panels
Bestseller No. 2
Zinus 12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress / CertiPUR-US Certified / Bed-in-a-Box / Pressure Relieving, California King
  • THE RIGHT COMBINATION - Our special recipe for rejuvenating rest? Refreshing green tea and moisture-absorbing Activ charcoal infused into pressure-relieving memory foam that cradles your shape so you...
  • PRESSURE-RELIEVING FOAMS - 3 inches conforming memory foam, 2 inches soft, airflow enhancing comfort foam, and 7 inches durable, high density base support foam; ideal for side sleepers and petite to...
  • CERTIPUR US CERTIFIED - Highest quality foam is CertiPUR US Certified for durability, performance, and content
Bestseller No. 3
Ashley Chime 12 Inch Plush Hybrid Mattress - CertiPUR-US Certified Foam, California King
  • CAL KING SIZE BED IN A BOX. For supportive, dreamy sleeping, this mattress, bring it home with comfortable layers. Plus, it comes in a box, so it's easier than ever to get a better night's rest
  • HYBRID MATTRESS. The mattress is designed with gel memory foam, upholstery grade comfort, support foam, and 823 individual power packed wrapped coils for maximum lumbar support. Quilt foam gives you...
  • MAINTENANCE FREE: Made of hypoallergenic material to keep out dust mites, pollen, mold and pet dander—perfect for kids or adults who suffer from allergies
Bestseller No. 4
Modway Jenna 14” Quilted Pillow Top California King Encased Pocket Coil Innerspring Mattress
  • SLEEP SOUNDLY - Reduce pressure on your hips, back, shoulders, and neck with the contouring ability of this California king mattress with individually wrapped coils and layers of memory foam
  • ISOLATED MOTION - Limit bounce and absorb motion disturbance between partners with individually encased springs. Perfect for enabling partners with unique schedules and habits to sleep comfortably
  • CALIFORNIA KING INNERSPRING MATTRESS - Jenna is a quality mattress that comes with a 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects and a fire-resistant polyester barrier to meet flammability standards
Bestseller No. 5
Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid-Mattress - Medium-Firm Feel - California King
  • Dimensions: 72" x 84" x 8"
  • A plush layer of memory foam helps align the spine to minimize pressure points for increased comfort
  • Finished with a cozy knit cover, this mattress is compressed as a bed in a box for convenient delivery and setup
Bestseller No. 6
Olee Sleep Aquarius 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress in Blue, California King
  • Your purchase includes One Olee Sleep Aquarius 10-Inch Memory Foam Mattress in Blue, California King Size
  • Mattress dimensions – 82" W x 74" L x 10"H | Feel – Medium-Firm
  • Fits all frames – Steel, wood or platform bed frames, box springs and floor | 93% polyester / 7% spandex
Bestseller No. 7
Zinus 14 Inch Gel Memory Foam Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress / Pocket Innersprings for Motion Isolation / Cooling Foam / Edge Support, California King
  • COOL, CALM & COMFY - This mattress delivers the 3 C’s of sleep, even if your partner likes to practice their dance moves in bed; our cooling foam and pocketed innersprings keep away body heat and...
  • CONFORMING FOAM & POCKET SPRINGS - 1.25 inches soft comfort foam, 2 inches cooling Fusion gel memory foam, 3 total inches responsive ViscoLatex foam, and 7.5 inch motion-isolating iCoil pocket...
  • CERTIPUR US CERTIFIED - Highest quality foam is CertiPUR US Certified for durability, performance, and content
SaleBestseller No. 8
Classic Brands Cool Gel and Ventilated Memory Foam 12-Inch Mattress CertiPUR-US Certified, California King, White
  • 72" W x 84" L x 12" H
  • The latest in sleep technology, cool gel memory foam layer for temperature regulation with layers of ventilated egg crate foam for breathability layered on high-density base foam for maximum comfort...
  • Beautifully detailed waterfall edge cover with four way stretch top and charcoal gray knit sides works with the memory foam to optimize its conforming properties
Bestseller No. 9
PrimaSleep 12 Inch Multi-Layered I-Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress, California King, White/Blue
  • 3 Layered Foam: Dura I-Gel foam (2 inch) + Dura HD Convoluted foam (2.5 inch) + Dura HD foam (7.5 inch)
  • I-Gel foam disperses temperature accumulation to keep a cool sleeping experience.
  • Convoluted foam provides better ventilation and disperses body pressure.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Classic Brands Mercer Pillow Top Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid 12-Inch Mattress, California King, White
  • 72" W x 84" L x 12" H
  • The newest technology in bedding, this mattress combines the traditional innerspring wrapped coils with the newest generation of gel memory foam for an optimal sleep experience.
  • Beautifully detailed quilted pillowtop knit cover with a corded edge and coordinating knit sides for breathability

 An Introduction California King Mattress:

 California king mattress is known as the best and most comfortable mattress across the world. They have a variety of mattresses so that one can choose according to their needs. California king mattress also goes by name Western class is a normal king size mattress. The specifications are 80 by 76 inches which is considered as a good size for king size mattresses.

 It is 4 inches extra in terms of length and width which one doesn’t get in a normal king size mattress. They come with variations so let us understand which bed is right for you.

Mattress NameSize
King Size(Eastern King)76 by 80 inches
Alaskan King108 by 108 inches
Texas King(Grand King)80 by 98 inches
Wyoming King84 by 84 inches
California King Size72 by 84 inches
Split-King (2 Twin XLs)76 by 80 inches

These are some of the mattress sizes and dimensions. Choose according to your prerequisite, and you are all set to buy the California king mattress.

Features Of California King Mattress:

●  It is very cost-effective in terms of price. A king size mattress costs a person around $800 to $2,900 and up. California king mattresses are in great demand nowadays. The bed covers and bed sheets are also very cost-efficient.

●  It is one of the softest and comfortable mattresses. Once you lay your body on it and you will get good sleep. It is also good for those who prefer to sleep on the side, people who need side cushioning, etc.

●  It is designed in such a manner that anyone can sleep on it. Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or you sleep in any position, this mattress is a must for you. It helps to avoid pressure on the neck as the majority of people face while they sleep.

●  One can fit 3-4 people at a time on a California king mattress. Because it gives you a lot of space and you can utilise it according to your needs. If your kids are not feeling to sleep in their room after the storytelling session by you. They can sleep with you and you all will get comfort and quality sleep.

●  California king mattress is good for people who are 6 ft tall and above. So just relax, your feet are not going to go out of bed. Sleep in whatever position you like and you are all set for a good and quality sleep.

Benefits Of California King Mattress:

●  This mattress gives more space to your legs as it is 4 inches extra in a vertical angle than a regular mattress. So it doesn’t matter whether you are 4,5 or 6 feet tall, this mattress is the right choice for you.

●  It is a perfect option for a master bedroom. So the room won’t appear empty. This mattress will fit perfectly into a standard U.S. master bedroom. So snuggle with your kids and binge watch movies or tv shows. And enjoy the quality time together on the California king mattress.

●  It provides an individual with quality sleep. You lay down on the bed and you are all set to enter the sweet world of your dreams. After a hectic day from work, all a person needs is good sleep. This mattress will do the magic work for you.

●  This bed is for anyone like literally anyone. No matter what is your favorite sleeping position or 2-3 girls coming at your place to binge-watch on Netflix. This mattress will fulfill all your wishes.

Reasons To Buy California King Mattress:

●  For a sleep lover, this mattress is a must. Sleep in any direction or position and still, your body won’t hurt you in the morning. It gives extra legroom for your legs, so you can relax with ease.

●  It is also 4 inches extra in width in comparison to a regular mattress. So if your kids want to sleep with you they can. This mattress is also for people who require an extra bedroom for their upper body area.

●  If quality over price is your motto. So this mattress is perfect for you and your family. This product is not that expensive but might be expensive for some. But the comfort you are going to get from California king mattress is something that you will feel in a few days.

●  The California king mattress comes with a warranty card which is also very nice. It is made from the memory and latex foam so it can stay with you for more than 10 years or above. This product is like a one-time investment.

FAQs About California King Mattress:

 Q: California king mattress is designed for whom?

 It is designed for anyone who wants quality sleep every time they lay down on it. It is for people who are 6 ft above and below.

 Q: Is it comfortable?

 Yes, it is very comfortable and luxurious. Good to sleep on after coming home from work. It is made of good quality materials.

Q: What is the price of a California king mattress?

 It depends on the quality, type, and size of the mattress. The price range differs from the mattress style to style. Make your budget of $ 1,100 to $ 3,000 if you want to buy a California king mattress.

 Q: I am 6’4 ft tall, should I buy a California king mattress?

 Yes, go for it. You can buy it as it is for people below and above 6 ft. So it is a great mattress for you and your family.

 Final Thoughts On California King Mattress:

 California king mattress is for everyone, no matter whether you are tall or short, side sleeper, or a back sleeper. It is made for every person in the world. If you want an oversized bed you can go for Alaska king as well. It all depends on your choice and bedroom space.

 A good mattress has its own price and price shouldn’t matter over quality. Buy a California king mattress right now and sleep without worrying about anything. You and your family will get to see the results in a few days after sleeping on a California king mattress.

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