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VIZR Review – Smartphone Heads-Up Display ULTIMATE Review (2021) – Is It That Good?

A lot of people love driving. Even if there is nothing exciting to do on a weekend people prefer going on a long drive. So if you love driving then your first priority should be safety. Earlier traveling from one place to another was a bit complicated. The main reason was navigation. The launch of navigation maps has made it much simpler for us to travel. You just have to enter the destination and all the details related to the route will be displayed in front of you.

There is a disadvantage of these maps too. To view the navigation map we need to use mobile phones and this is an easy distraction for us. You cannot fully concentrate on the road as in between you will have to keep checking the mobile screen for the route updates. Some people even mount them on the dashboard but that is a distraction too. As a long-term solution here I am going to share the VIZR review.

What Is VIZR by FIXD?

Created by Atlanta, Georgia-based manufacturer FiXD Automotive, VIZR is a revolutionary car heads-up display that facilitates safer and funner driving. Trusted by drivers across the globe, ViZR instantly becomes your driving companion, allowing you to safely navigate and keep your eyes on the road. It can be used as soon as you take it out of the box, as it doesn’t require any installation or wires. All you have to do is place it on your car’s dash, choose your favorite navigation feature and then securely put your smartphone on VIZR heads-up display. And that’s it, you can drive a lot safer.

A car accident can happen in a split second and leave you with serious damage to your vehicle and even more damage to yourself and passengers. Whether you turn around to say something to the person beside you or look down to change radio stations, taking your eyes off the road is dangerous. VIZR is a brand new product that can provide you with the help that you need and let you get to where you need to go while still focusing on the road ahead. This little tool turns your smartphone into a heads-up display (HUD) and provides you with convenient access to all your important apps.

VIZR is a heads-up display that allows you to see navigation directions without distracting you while you drive.

The product is manufactured by FIXD, who produces vehicle-based navigation and diagnostic tools. Their VIZR provides a solution for people who are using phone navigation to get to their destination but don’t want to have to look over at a phone, whether anchored in a phone holder or laying on a seat.Using the device is as simple as placing your phone on the VIZR and opening up a HUD-enabled navigation app. We’ll get into the details of exactly how the device works in a few seconds.

Using the device is as simple as placing your phone on the VIZR and opening up a HUD-enabled navigation app. We’ll get into the details of exactly how the device works in a few seconds.

Moreover, it also leads you to places you need to go while maintaining your eyes on the road. With this technology, it changes your smartphone into a heads-up display (HUD) and serves you impeccable convenience as you access all your essential apps.

What exactly is VIZR and why to choose it?

VIZR is a car device or more specifically a smartphone display that provides all the details about the car, speed, weather, fuel, traffic directions, and details of the cars that run next to you. It’s brilliant to prevent accidents and that’s because VIZR does not escape any movement. Now you may be wondering why not go to Google Maps on your smartphone? Well, VIZR does not make mistakes as the Maps application does and it always works for as long as you need to drive. Plus, it comes packed with many other options than Google Maps, which offers only some orientation on the road.

It’s a display inspired by those of the pilots that offer a guideline and a precise driving situation, so it can help you not break traffic rules without realizing it. Another plus for VIZR I would say! If you have to compare the images offered by the display with something specific I would say they are similar to 3D images. Even the smallest details are taken into account by this product and are presented.

It looks like it’s a state-of-the-art technology and it was the time for a device designed for the safety of the car to appear. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use this display. You don’t have to be knowledgeable in technology, you’ll be all right. Just fix the device near the speedometer to keep it in front of you when driving and so you will never be distracted, and it is not necessary to operate it permanently for new details.

What is VIZR’s Best Features

When I was testing VIZR before writing this review, I wasn’t anticipating much, but in the end, I was surprised after realizing all that it can do. Below are some of the features of this fantastic car heads-up display that thrilled me the most.

Universal Structure

Feasibly the most significant element of VIZR is its flexibility and ability to work with all types of car models and brands. It doesn’t matter if it’s an SUV, truck, muscle car, or hybrid that you are driving. You can easily mount it on your dashboard to effectively use it. As we are aware, some newest car models now tend to come with their built-in heads-up display. VIZR is the best option for you in case your car does not come with an in-built HUD.

Functions 24/7

In case you’re bothered that the HUD’s resolution may not be sufficient. Do not worry because VIZR functions round the clock.

Multilayered Covering

VIZR’s screen is fully secured with a multilayered covering to prevent it from quickly getting scratched or smeared. It can remain clear for quite a while if carefully taken care of and maintained with the use of gentle screen cleaning kits that are non-abrasive to prevent it from being scratched.

HUD App Compliance

Even though it comes with its own free in-built mobile application, this HUD effectively functions with other apps as well. All that is needed is merely ensuring it is configured to HUD mode for you to continuously utilized your most preferred app.

Wireless Installation

Even though it looks very sophisticated and sleek, this HUD can be easily installed by anyone. Just adhere to the mounting guidelines and app installation after you remove it from the case, and you are ready to go. It does not require any professional skill, complicated process, or additional cables.

Non-slip Surface

This HUD’s phone holder designed with non-slip elements ensures it does not slide off when you are on wheels. It can be used in different forms; you can directly mount it on your dashboard or set it on top. To find the most suitable angle for yourself, you can easily adjust the screen. Besides, this HUD is very portable and easy to remove and set up in any other car.

How to Set Up and Use the VIZR?

  • Remove the packaging: You will need to start by removing the VIZR from the included packaging. You’ll see a small mounting device with a plastic screen that pops up.
  • Clean your dash: Before installing the VIZR, you should clean the dash. Any debris stuck to the surface of your vehicle will keep it from adhering properly.
  • Apply the device: To actually set up the VIZR in your car, you’ll want to place it flat on the dash with the adhesive side facing down. Once you find the right location for it, remove the strip from the adhesive and push down to attach that strip to the dash.
  • Choose your app: VIZR works with a number of different apps, including those you already have on your phone and those you download. You can simply choose the right app from your homepage and let it load to use it with this device.
  • Adjust the display: After you have the VIZR in place, you can add your phone and then adjust the display. It’s often helpful to sit behind the wheel in the same position that you use to drive. You can then move and adjust the screen until you can see clearly.

What Apps are Compatible with VIZR?

Though VIZR is a handy tool, you may wonder what types of apps you can use with it. You can use any of the popular navigation apps such as Google Maps and others that come already installed on phones today. Those apps show you how to get from one point to another and the number of miles between those points. You can also view different routes between those points and how long it will take to drive each one. The manufacturers of VIZR recommend other apps too, including:

Other Apps Compatible with VIZR

Who may need VIZR?

I would say that anyone who has a car needs a device like VIZR, if they put the importance of safe driving at all times. Considering how many vehicles are today and how crowded the traffic is, I think a gadget like this is needed and useful. Plus, it fits into any vehicle and any smartphone. In addition, if you know that you are a person who travels frequently and always visit unknown destinations, this product is a real help. It can also be a great gift for relatives and friends, and if they do not like it, which is hard to believe, it can be returned within 30 days.

VIZR by FIXD Main Features and Advantages

How Does Vizr Work?

VIZR can be painlessly mounted on the dashboard along with its exterior heads-up display. The corresponding display produces reflection coming from your phone screen. Reflection contents are projected on a transparent display, freeing you from the burden of having to look down on your phone from time to time.

Its purpose is to aid you in creating accurate turn-by-turn navigation without having your view blocked from anything. Additionally, gluing your eyes to stay on the road and deviating it from the dashboard equates to a reduced number of road accidents. Still, you can check notifications or see the latest happenings on your smartphone screen. Checking what’s on your phone shouldn’t necessarily entail to shifting your gaze from the road. It would pose a severe threat to you and your passengers’ lives as well.

Though in-car HUD displays seen in brands such as Audi or Mercedes Benz are becoming popular, some HUD models are also available. These can be easily installed on your own. It wouldn’t matter what car you have. Even if it’s five years old or 12 years old, the most coveted heads up display can be linked with every car model there is.

Most of all, it won’t cost you even a penny which saves you money in the process. Aside from its compatibility with any car of third-party HUDs like VIZR, it can also be used along with other popular HUD apps. Additionally, you can also use it with the FIXD app, granted that you are a FIXD user already. Doing so will show the speed of your car, traffic conditions, navigation directions, and more.

How to Set Up and Use the VIZR

What Apps are Compatible with VIZR?

Though VIZR is a handy tool, you may wonder what types of apps you can use with it. You can use any of the popular navigation apps such as Google Maps and others that come already installed on phones today. Those apps show you how to get from one point to another and the number of miles between those points. You can also view different routes between those points and how long it will take to drive each one. The manufacturers of VIZR recommend other apps too, including:

Vizr Offers

There are three different packages available for you to select and buy from. The first one is 1-VIZR. In this package, you will receive single VIZR. In the 2-VIZR package, you will have to buy one and another one will be available to you at a 50% discount. If there are two cars in your house and you wish to keep VIZR in both of them then this is a great package.

The last package is the 3-VIZR one. Here, if you place an order for you then you get the third one free of cost. The VIZR price range also varies with different packages. I would personally suggest the 3-VIZR one. Because at a much affordable price you will get 3-VIZR.

VIZR offers various kinds of packages for you to select from such as:

How Much Does VIZR Cost?

One of the biggest questions about the VIZR is probably its cost and the steps in setting it up for your car. This inquiry is more important, especially when you’re considering to use multiple devices in all your vehicles. Even though several sites sell this product, it’s not currently available on Amazon. Your best bet is to buy it from the official website.

Another reason that you should get it from the official site is because of the discount if you’re planning to buy two or more. Getting a single VIZR will only cost you $39.99. Buying three will leave the price dropping to $79.99 or $26.66 per unit. With this, it would be the same as paying for the full price of two units. On top of that, you’ll go home without paying for the third one. Moreover, the site gives a deal which sells one for a full price and the second for half the price. The listed prices will amount to $59.99.

  • It is long-lasting
  • It’s compatible with all smartphones
  • Easily mounted and set up
  • Simple to use after set up
  • Designed with crystal clear and visible screens
  • Offers a great deal on multiple products
  • The set-up in guidelines in the manual may be complex to comprehend and hard to adhere to.

Should You Buy it?

When creating product reviews such as this VIZR review, we seldom state outright that our readers should buy a product. We believe in providing you with all the resources and information that you need to make a decision yourself. Before buying the VIZR heads-up display, it’s important that you weigh the pros against the cons. You’ll find that we listed fewer cons than we did pros because we had more success with the product ourselves. Once you look at the VIZR apps and how it works along with all of the other benefits, you may feel confident that it’s worth your money. Many users found that it was a helpful tool to use in their vehicles.

Where Can I Order VIZR by FIXD?

Customers can order VIZR online, exclusively from the manufacturer’s official website. This exclusivity ensures the authenticity of the device, and the fact that you’ll benefit from exclusive deals, such as the best value package “Buy 2 Get 1 ViZR Free” or the most popular package “Buy 1, Get 1 VIZR 50% off”, plus free US shipping for both of them and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Upon ordering your VIZR, you will receive a confirmation email containing your order number and once it’s shipped, you will receive an email containing your tracking number. Shipping typically takes 3-5 days for delivery on domestic orders, while shipping outside the US typically takes 10-15 days.


VIZR is by far one of the most innovative and useful launches I have come through. The graph of road accidents is increasing day by day. There are rash drivers on the road so you cannot even skip a minute without concentrating on the road. There is no guarantee that will return home safely as people are neglecting the importance of driving safely. Distraction driving is becoming a major problem day by day. People try to do multitasking while driving on road. The VIZR is going to display everything on a transparent display. This is a much convenient option.

If you are going to use VIZR then you can easily keep your eyes on the road. There are multiple benefits of using this product. You can check traffic, speed, map, and navigate without distraction. This is a reliable and easy to use the product. You will not feel nervous while driving. For people who are new to driving this is an absolute delight to use. This is definitely a must buy for each one of us as our safety is in our hands. Here, there is a whole team that works on testing and sharing reviews. If you have any query related to this product then immediately ask us through comments. We will try our best to clear your doubts as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does VIZR attach to the dashboard?

Since each of these HUD’s is accompanied by a general stand that connects with ANY dashboard to guarantee you get an ideal view of a display for your navigation and road before you. All you need to do is easily attach VIZR to your car’s dashboard, put your smartphone down on it, and you’re ready.

How does VIZR’s screen function during the day and night?

VIZR functions incredibly throughout the day with its unique treated glass that guarantees a reliable reflective standard of view during a bright sunny day without hindering your view. It also functions very well during night time when compared to another implicit bright LED displays that cause you to slightly move your eyes from blinding dark road light. Unlike VIZR, that makes navigation easy and crystal clear WITHOUT causing any harm to your eyes.

Is there a guarantee that VIZR will function in my car?

VIZR is designed to be compatible with all types of car brand and models. It’s guaranteed to function with your car regardless of its model, make, year, or dashboard shape. It’s indeed a universal product.

Is There Any Money-Back Guarantee?

The answer is YES because each VIZR on sale has a Money Back Guarantee for a month (30 days).

What kind of apps can best be used with VIZR?

Though various apps can be used with VIZR, it is proposed that you utilize VIZR with FIXD App to open elite types of features. Asides FIXD App, other types of Apps that can be effectively used with VIZR are Navigation, Sygic, Speedometer, Navmi, HUD Widgets, among others. Also, in case you have FIXD, you can easily open some valuable driving features you can’t get anywhere else.

Will VIZR fit any size smartphone?

Yes. Anyone can use VIZR. It was designed to fit every size and type of smartphone. Whether you have a smaller iPhone 5 or the larger Samsung Galaxy S8, VIZR will fit those phones and everything in between.

How long does delivery take to countries outside of the U.S.?

We ship orders out FAST, but we can’t control carrier transit times. For orders outside the USA, please allow 7-12 business days for your order to arrive. Delivery times will vary based on country.

What is FIXD?

FIXD, the flagship product from the makers of VIZR, is a powerful little device that monitors the health of your car and sends you real time updates on over 7,000 potential issues right to your phone. Instead of taking your car to the mechanic, simply check your phone to see exactly why your ‘check engine light’ is on. Plus, get oil change and maintenance reminders. FIXD can end up saving you $1,000’s in unnecessary repairs! Plus, VIZR customers who own a FIXD can unlock exclusive features, like live car monitoring and other incredibly useful driving features.

Is the VIZR screen scratch and smudge-resistant?

Yes! VIZR is durable! It’s special treated glass is both scratch and fingerprint-resistant. Ensuring a spot-free view every time you use it.

How does the VIZR work?

VIZR is a heads-up display that allows you to see navigation directions without distracting you while you drive. … Using the device is as simple as placing your phone on the VIZR and opening up a HUD-enabled navigation app. We’ll get into the details of exactly how the device works in a few seconds.

What app does VIZR use?

There are numerous apps you can use with VIZR. You can use Hudway Go for navigation, or you can use the FIXD app!We suggest using HUDWAY Go. Some other apps you can use are HUD Widgets, Speedometer, Navmii, Sygic, and more. VIZR customers can unlock exclusive features in the FIXD App such as live car monitoring.

Does Waze have HUD mode?

Waze is fantastic because it’s a Google-owned company, which means the product is very polished, and it’s also a crowdsourced driving app. This means that users are actively reporting police pulling people over, traffic jams, incidents, speed traps, and so much more!

How do I set up my VIZR?

How do I set up VIZR in my vehicle? To set up VIZR, screw the ring on to the bottom of the platform. Connect the stand to the bottom of the platform, and remove the adhesive. Clean the surface of your dashboard where you will put VIZR, and firmly press it to your dashboard

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