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Warmool Heater Review: Does It Really Help?

The cold has negative impacts that might cause health difficulties, and these effects are felt whether the temperature drop occurs naturally, as in the winter, or artificially, like when working in a cold area at a grocery store. Indoor heaters, used to keep homes and businesses toasty on chillier winter days, have been around for a while as well.

The only drawback is that the heat doesn’t evenly distribute throughout the house; rather, it is concentrated in the area where the heating system is installed. Thankfully, the invention of portable space heaters made it possible to get adequate heat anywhere in the house by simply plugging the heater into an electrical outlet.

Let’s dive deeper into one of the most reliable portable heaters on the market, the warmool heater.

What is the Warmool Heater? 

Warmool Heater
Warmool Heater

While it’s running, the Warmool Heater (a form of Space heater) is so quiet that you can easily use it in your bedroom and yet enjoy a good night’s sleep. Quite little space is taken up and it’s very simple to operate.

The Warmool Heater can be adjusted to a variety of different temperatures, and it also features a fan at the back that draws in ambient air and warms and distributes it through the front.

Features Of Warmool Heater 

Sleek Design — The Warmool heater’s slim profile and modern aesthetic make it a stylish addition to any room, whether at home or in the business. The Warmool heater is unlike any other space heater on the market because of its distinctive design, which prioritises function over form.

On and Off Button — When you need to turn this space heater on and off, you may do it with the help of a soft button located conveniently behind the gadget. Despite how simple it is to use, I wouldn’t recommend doing so lest you accidentally set fire to your home.

LED Light — Located on the side of the device, the tiny LED Light illuminates the Timer and Temperature settings to help you find them and navigate the menu. There is a green light that turns off fully when the device is turned off.

Ultra Quiet — The Warmool heater operates at a decibel level of less than 55, making it an excellent choice for an office setting where noise disruption could have an adverse effect on productivity. It’s perfect for the bedroom because it eliminates any noise that would keep you from falling asleep; I don’t know about you, but I can’t get any rest if there’s any kind of background noise.

Tip over safety switch — When you have pets or children, you’ll appreciate the safety feature on the Warmool heater that triggers an alarm if the unit topples over. This is a truly excellent safety feature, as a space heater that has tipped over and is still on can cause serious damage to your carpet over time.

Overheat protection — When its internal temperature rises too high, a circuit breaker will trip and prevent further damage. However, when used as a heat source, high heat can cause the electrical components to melt, rendering the device inoperable. A broken space heater is quite costly to repair, so don’t even think about it.

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Flame resistant materials — The large ceramic casing that the Warmool heater is comprised of is fireproof, and the other materials it is constructed from are also resistant to blazes. But if the blaze is on the inside, I don’t suppose that would do much good, therefore you’ll need to start planning for a new gadget.

5 second heat up — While most other heat sources take many minutes to reach their optimal operating temperature, the space heater’s temperature rises rapidly (within 5-10 seconds). Turn on the Warmool heater in an extremely cold room, and within a minute or two, the temperature will be just right.

Compact — Since it is so little and the cord doesn’t get in the way, this clock radio is perfect for keeping on your nightstand. If you need to take your space heater with you on the road, you can easily pack it away in a suitcase. Portability is a major factor when choosing an electronic item, but it shouldn’t compromise performance. The Warmool heater is ideal in both of these regards.

Technical Specification of Warmool Heater 

Ceramic exterior — As a result of its ceramic casing, this space heater is remarkably resistant to damage in the event of an accidental drop from a tabletop. The fact that ceramic is a poor heat conductor means that the surface of the space heater won’t grow too hot to the touch, preventing you from suffering second-degree burns if you happen to contact it by accident.

Method of Heating — Radiation & Convection.

Item Dimensions — LxWxH 9.88 x 7.28 x 7.17 inches.

Power Output —Warmool heaters typically provide between 800 and 1200 watts of power, which is more than enough to adequately warm a room. No more cold winter nights spent in your room thanks to the Warmool heater, which, despite its diminutive size, generates a surprising quantity of heat.

Eco friendly Timers — The Warmool heater contributes to the worldwide effort to mitigate the consequences of climate change by offering three timer settings, the shortest of which is designed to turn off the appliance after just one hour. You can save money on your electric bill and possibly avoid a fire by programming the timer to turn off the space heater at the end of the day.

3 Heating modes — There are Low, High, and Fan options for the temperature. To adjust the thermostat to the desired temperature, simply press the appropriate button. As a result, you might adjust the thermostat to high in a very chilly room, wait for it to gradually warm up, and then possibly move it back down to low when it becomes too hot. In order to maintain a “room temperature,” a fan might be set to a low speed.

Main Power Switch — The Warmool heater can be toggled on and off using a switch located at the back of the base. You know how kids are—they might think the space heater is a toy and accidentally turn it on, so it’s best if there isn’t a simple button nearby. Turn off the electricity at the wall with this switch, and keep it out of children’s reach.

ZPT Air Filter — It has a built-in antimicrobial air filter that, you guessed it, filters the air that the Warmool heater draws in, ensuring that the air being expelled from the front is free of dust and germs that may spread the flu. The air filter will trap any dust particles, no matter how microscopic, before they can enter the air conditioning or heating system.

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Powerful Motor — Fans are only as effective as the motor which moves them, so to get the most out of a “air conditioning” system, a strong motor is ideal. This model is equipped with a powerful electric motor that spins the fan at high speeds to deliver enough air that has been filtered and heated to help increase the room’s temperature.

Steps on How To Use Warmool Portable Heater

How to use Warmool Heater
Steps on how to use Warmool Heater
  1. Decide which room you want to warm up
  2. Plugging in your Warmool
  3. The room will warm up within 60 seconds.

The steps for resetting a trip off or overheating Warmool portable heater

  1. First, remove anything causing the unit to overturn or overheat.
  2. Turn off the heater’s switch.
  3. Let the heater cool for 5-10 minutes after unplugging it from the outlet.
  4. Turn on the heater again after reconnecting the power.

Get in touch with customer service immediately if the heater keeps failing; it may be defective; cease using it and ask for a replacement.

Benefits of Warmool Heater


The Warmool heater is particularly practical because it can be taken anyplace and the cord is slim enough to fit into most wall sockets. It’s lightweight and compact, so you can simply bring it with you wherever you go — to the office, on business travels, on vacation — and it won’t drain your battery or wake you up with its whirring noise. The filtered air it releases keeps microorganisms at bay and smells fresh.

In most cases, yes, bacteria does generate odour, however that is not always the case.

Easy To Use

The buttons are all clearly labelled with their respective functions, and the LED light makes it simple to select a setting and indicates power. A bachelor’s degree or any other type of formal education is not required to use one of these; all you need is the ability to read and use a set of buttons.


The Warmool heater offers many safety features that make it ideal for use in the home or office, including protection from the device turning off if it falls, insulation from the internal heating element, and an overheat switch that activates if the room temperature rises above a certain threshold.

You won’t have to worry about getting burned, losing your money, or wasting time thanks to all these precautions.


The exterior, at least, is very sturdy. It can withstand some roughhousing, which is a huge plus if you’re using it at home with children. No matter how much you chastise them, when kids see something this sleek and compact, they see a toy.

Fortunately, due to its durability, the Warmool heater can take a beating.

Saves power

Aside from the timer function, which allows you to regulate the use of the space heater, the low power consumption is an added bonus, as it means you won’t have super high light bills at the end of the month during the winter, when you’ll want to run the heater all day to stay warm.

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Why Buy The Warmool Heater? 

You should purchase the Warmool Heater because it will keep you warm during the harsh winter conditions and because you do not want to contract pneumonia because you wear cheap and stubborn clothing.

In cold temperatures, your sweaters and thick clothing can only do so much; the best thing to do is raise the ambient temperature, allowing you to remove your multiple layers of clothing and get some fresh air.

You can sleep soundly at night under your blanket without being concerned about the cold, which is why you should purchase the Warmool heater.

Who Need This Portable Heater?

It is appropriate for anyone who dislikes the cold and wishes to stay warm; it is appropriate for the professional work environment, sitting rooms, and bedrooms. It can be used in lounges and bars, but using it in a large room isn’t ideal because there will be a lot of energy loss; the device is powerful, but it has limitations.

As a result, if you need to stay warm during the winter and want to do so in the comfort of your own bedroom, the Warmool heater is ideal.

Pros and Cons Of Warmool Portable Heater

  • Heating is both quick and personalised
  • Warmool is made with high-quality convection ceramic heating technology and includes antimicrobial filters that prevent and eliminate dust, bacteria, and odours.
  • The product is energy-efficient and uses very little electricity.
  • Simple to use and maintain.
  • The device heats up in seconds, as opposed to central heating, which can take up to an hour to warm up the space.
  • Small and lightweight.
  • Security features
  • It is user-friendly, and no technical knowledge is required to operate the device.
  • Warmool’s official website is the only place to purchase the product
  • It may take longer than expected for delivery
  • Product availability is limited


This heater heats any room in under a minute. Warmool Heater is the only effective heating appliance available.

When you only use the primary heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in one room of your home, the Warmool Portable Heater serves as a dependable and practical supplement.

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