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Wifi Pod Review – Mini 4G Wi-Fi Router For Portable Hotspot

Wifi Pod Review 2021 [50% Off] Read Before Buying -> This article is for those who are searching for a wireless internet connection device at an affordable price.

We are a generation of people who take our work with us wherever we go. Far more people now work remotely than those who go into physical offices. Furthermore, our families have more devices that we use with increasing regularity. The problem with that is we have to connect to public WIFI networks.

Most of the people like Journalists, videographers, travel writers, or others have to work from the outer areas. In that case, they need a good speed internet connection to share the data. WiFi Pod is a portable Wi-fi device that promises to give a high-speed Internet connection quickly. With its outstanding quality, it has become popular in the United States, New Zealand, France, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy. 

While they seem convenient, they are not everywhere, nor fast or overly secure. So, the question becomes, what should you do? Well, accessing the internet anywhere has never been easier than with a pocket modem like the WIFI pod.

What is Wifi Pod?

Wifi Pod Review - Mini 4G Wi-Fi Router For Portable Hotspot 1

WiFi Pod gives you a chance to create your secure network. You can use it while travelling or can share it with others. It can detect spam links or undesired web content.

It allows you to connect with tabs, mobile phones, game console, laptop, or other connectable devices. It provides 150 Mbps and connectivity to ten devices at one time. Therefore, you don’t need to bring or pay extra for all devices. 

Wifi Pod is a mini 4G router that lets you connect to the internet anywhere. It is a portable device that can be easily carried in your pocket and you can take it with you wherever you go. It supports ten electronic devices at the same time without losing the speed on average. It comes with a 2400 MaH lithium battery which has a long-lasting working span. You can simply set the Wifi network name and password to start using and sharing. This router is wireless and doesn’t come with any cables, just insert the sim card and share it with your friends and work buddies anywhere you go.

Due to this, presently Limited Stock Available With Free Shipping with an Exclusive Offer 50% DISCOUNT. The product also comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee for ensuring Satisfaction Guarantee among it’s customers.

Technical Specifications

While researching for WiFi Pod Review, we have come across with the below specifications:

  • It blocks unwanted or spam site links. It controls the use of harmful apps.
  • The device can be attached to ten gadgets at one single time.
  • It provides the great download speed of 150 Mbps. You can download large files in seconds.
  • It comes with the 2400 mAh lithium battery that will never let you upset.
  • It is shallow in weight and easy to carry. You can take it wherever you want.
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Benefits of WiFi Pod

The device has the following advantages for its users:

  • You can avail of high-speed internet connectivity at home, at the station, on the bus or while driving car. Location is not a restriction. Enjoy the connection wherever you want.
  • It has connectivity access to ten devices at one time. Do share and enjoy the network with your friends and family.
  • It provides the 6 hours long battery capacity without any interruption with Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • It has three features: connectivity, portability, and functionality.
  • It allows you to connect with mobiles, games, tabs, or other connectable gadgets. So, you don’t need to spend extra money to connect those devices. This single device is enough to provide good speed. 
  • With 150 Mbps speed, you can download movies, large files, or can watch HD movies without worrying about the limit.
  • It protects you from spam sites, unwanted links, or other junk files. Your network is a hundred percent secure with WiFi Pod.

How Does Wifi Pod Work?

A Wifi Pod helps you access the internet on a 4G network, and the working is similar to how hotspot devices work. The USP of this device is that it reaches out and hits even the remotest access points to ensure that you remain connected and get a high-speed internet connection.

The device works independently, and unlike dongles, it does not have to be inserted into a laptop or CPU or an adapter. The Wifi Pod is an advanced device with the ability to provide a high-speed internet connection wherever you go.

What makes a Wifi Pod better than the other options?

Wifi pod is a portable and handy device, which you can carry wherever you go. Secondly, it is highly secure and protective when it comes to data. If your devices aren’t having antivirus protection then wifi pod will ensure that the applications or files entering your system aren’t malicious.

It also prevents you from visiting wrongful sites which might cause damage to you computer or phone. Apart from this, with a incredibly high signal strength, this device helps operate several other electronic machines wherein internet connection is required.

You can shop on your way or finish your assignments online without worrying or brooding over bad wifi connection. With all these advantageous features, wifi pod is available at a surprisingly pocket friendly price.

Why do I need this modem?

In 2019, around 95 percent of all German households will already have an Internet connection. WLAN enables you to go online with your PC, your mobile phone or your SmartTV, browse the World Wide Web, use social media and stream videos. If you’re not at home, you can still connect to the Internet via your smartphone and its data volume. 

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An Internet connection via data volume is usually not only expensive. It is also not as optimal as you would like it to be at every location. Fast Internet is not always available – often you don’t even have a 3G network. 

But once your data connection is fast enough to stream your favorite TV show on the train or video chat with your best friend, you’ll use up a lot of data volume. If you’ve got enough traffic to last you the whole month, you’ll be used up within a few days. 

WiFi Pod is designed to solve both the problem of an Internet connection and the problem of using too much data on the road. The router is therefore suitable for anyone who likes to surf the web while on the go and doesn’t want to enter public and usually insecure wireless networks. Possibly, everyone who owns a smartphone and likes to be on the road can benefit from the pocket modem.

How much does WiFi Pod cost?

Forget about public WiFi connections that put in danger your personal data, photos, documents and money. Don’t spend your money on devices that aren’t effective. We thought that WiFi Pod would fall into the same category and we couldn’t be more wrong.

It costs only 79.95$ with free shipping worldwide!

We guarantee you that this is the product of the year! WiFi Pod is here to upgrade the game and show everyone what it’s capable of.

How can you get your own WiFi Pod?

You can now get your WiFi Pod 50% cheaper at the introductory price:

  • Order WiFi Pod from the official site.
  • Enjoy a stable and fast Internet connection everywhere you go.

What are you waiting for?

Wifi Pod is available at a price of 89 USD (50% off) with free shipping

Frequently Asked Question

How soon is the order delivered after placing the order?

The order is delivered within 21 days from the date of placing the order if there are no customs delays.

Is it possible to track the order?

The company will provide you with a tracking number that will become active in 3-4 days.

Can the delivery address be changed after placing the order?

You can request a change of delivery address within 12 hours of placing the order. After this period, the order processing starts, and change of address is not possible.

What is the process for the cancellation of the order?

If you feel that you have placed the order by mistake, you can cancel it within 12 hours. Call the customer service of the company and place your request.

What is the difference between WIFI Pod and modem?

This question might come to your mind while learning about the WIFI Pod as both of them look very similar; however, both of them serve an entirely different purpose. WIFI pod is a mini router that establishes a local network and splits the internet connection to various devices. A modem connects directly to the internet, but it doesn’t set up a local system, you can use it in single electronic equipment only.

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What is the benefit of using a WIFI pod?

You can use it while travelling or anywhere. The security is better than using Public Wifis; all your data will be safe for you. Moreover, you can connect multiple devices in a go, up to 10 with a high speed of course. The screen shows four indicators which help you track everything.

Is a WIFI Pod worth the money?

Yes, it is. It comes with an excellent 50 percent discount, including the free shipping, you can add one or two years of guarantee to it as per your wish. The fact that it is portable makes it even better as you can take it along with you anywhere. It is compact and light and can be carried in your pocket as well. Its durable battery power will keep you tension free all day.

If I add multiple devices to the WIFI Pod, will the speed get hampered?

We all have experienced this glitch, didn’t we? But this mini router takes care of it all. You can connect up to nine to ten devices to these tiny things at once, and I will not alter the overall speed of the connectivity at all. You can use all your devices like mobile phones, laptops, Smart TV, all at once and everything will function at high speed.

How to return the Wifi Pod, what is the policy?

Make sure to do your research while buying this mini router, in the worst case you can return within 14 days. Make sure the packaging is intact, and no seal should break. They will check the returned product and initiate a refund to your source payment account. If in any case the package is opened after receiving the product then it won’t be eligible for returns and refund.

Final Verdict

This Mini 4G router can solve all the hassle of high-speed Wifi at once. You don’t have to stress about moving to places and places in search of a good connection. You can simply throw this in your handbag and call it a day. It comes with strong battery support, so you don’t need to charge it at short intervals. The delivery and return policy of this device is hassle-free as well, so buying this product can be all in all beneficial to you and also a fantastic investment. I have been using it ever since I bought it, and now it is one of my necessities.

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