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10 Important Tips To Save Battery Life Of Android Phone

Are you struggling to save battery life on Android devices?

All of us hate frequent charging. Battery backup always matters now when we plan to buy our new smartphone.

Lots of Android smartphones are out there in the market with good battery backup but unfortunately, they don’t have endless battery life. So here are some simple hacks to save battery life on your Android devices.

1) The first thing to do is to check which app is killing your battery power the most. Go to Settings -> About Phone -> Battery, to check which app is using your battery by percentage. Here you can detect the app which is draining out your battery the most. Most of the time the biggest problem is caused by the backlight display. Go to Settings -> Display -> Brightness and reduce the brightness so that you can see the screen comfortably without draining out a lot of battery power. If your phone has AMOLED screen then always use a black background. The power consumption is reduced by seven times on AMOLED screen when using a black background.

2) Set the screen timeout with shortest interval. Go to Settings » Sound & display » Screen timeout and set the timeout with the shortest interval. This will make the phone display turn off itself automatically when you are not using it.

3) Turn off Wi-Fi when not needed or in a location where Wi-Fi connection is not available. When you turn your Wi-Fi on and go away from home it goes on scanning for Wi-Fi connections and drain out a lot of battery power.Go to Settings » Wireless controls » WiFi to turn Wi-Fi off when you are away from home or a location where Wi-Fi connection is not available.

4) Turn off Bluetooth when not needed. Like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth is another feature that you must turn off when not needed in order to save battery usage by going to Settings -> Wireless & networks-> Bluetooth.

5) Turn off GPS. Your phone’s GPS receivers go on transmitting your location data to the nearest satellite receivers. So if you are at home and don’t need your location data to be updated constantly, then turn off your GPS. Go to Settings » Security & location » Enable GPS satellites and turn off your GPS.

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6) Turn off account sync features when not needed. Some apps like Facebook, Gmail constantly sync your phone with Facebook or Google servers to get the latest updates automatically. Turn off this syncing feature by choosing Settings-> Accounts and Sync and turn off Auto-Sync when not needed.

7) Use power control widget to toggle the settings easily right from your home screen. Using power control widget you can turn on/off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, account sync and brightness right from your home screen with single touch. Long press on the background of one of your screens, choose Widget -> Power Control to add it to the screen.

8) Do not leave your application open when they are no longer needed.Use task manager application or go to “Notifications” menu to check which apps are currently running and close the unwanted applications.

9) Turn off Vibration. Go to Settings » Sound & display » Phone vibration and turn off vibration.

10) Disable Animated Wallpaper. Animated wall papers use a lot of battery power so disabling them will help to maximize battery life.

Last Updated on April 12, 2022 by Scott Staffin

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