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55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die

Top 55 Anime Everyone Should Watch

Do you know what anime is? To learn you ‘re going to have to see some. Yet the cartoon you are watching that’s undoubtedly not animation.

Are You new to anime and have no knowledge about the genre? These TOP 53 anime you have to watch to learn the concept of Anime. The underlying nature of action anime is so intense that it has quickly claimed its spot in the heart of anime lovers. These famous anime all have great visuals and unique stories.

 1.  Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Best Anime to Watch

OMG! OMG! This anime has plenty about it. Good scenes of combat, development of character, punches of OP, and once smart enemies. This has different storylines so that you really can learn several stuff from it. Unlike an arc, they go within a game, containing specific cards with additional forces.

Spider Arc is one of the best which is full of fun fights and action. For the fun and excitement, randomness, and likable heroes, you love this anime. For different things, secrecy is preserved throughout.

 2.  Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geas: Best Anime to Watch

It is my favourite piece of anime. Like number one, I like the dub above sub in particular. Because in the dub, voicing is very good, and there are no changes to the plot or something.

Some over-powered protagonists, the lead character that looks and the most lovable. With all the robotics and combat stuff, some might feel like it for kids. Yet there are plenty of head games and unexpected twists to this anime. All in all, as soon as you watch this, you’ll become a Lelouch fan. All hail Britannia Vi Lelouch!!

3. One-Punch Man

One Punch Man - Anime

Last battle and humour. I have just not seen any such anime. As the central protagonist is entirely out of reach and the story is skewed in keeping him in the background.

Like most people, they don’t know how strong Saitama is, on that basis, different things happen. At the same time, he’s the greatest hero and wants to battle stronger villains—just a good anime binge.

4. Detective Conan

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 1

This is one of my earliest anime, yeah, right before the death note, I watched this. It has several seasons and is still going on. It involves a charming young detective who has been kicked right into an infant and now resides with his pretty girlfriend and her dad as an investigator.

He solves the situations and gives her good credit for nothing daddy. Certainly, any arc with a big plot would send you goosebumps like black organisations. — the episode is fun to watch and there are several movies in this anime too.

 5  Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 2

Wow, wow, wow … wow. In this anime, the MC battle you see is unprecedented. He tends to relax, relax, and loosen.

He ‘s crying and making a recovery and losing again. This anime has taken over the world, and will also take you. Only watch it without giving any spoilers. Each second of your time, this is worth it, especially if you enjoy MC battle and come back.

 6  Sword Art Online II

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 3

Should you have ever been in a virtual game? And being the best male player as well? This anime is the continuity of SAO 1 the last one was all sword combat so you’ll be able to enjoy some gunfighting in this one entirely.

Much as having fun with plot twists wracking nerve. Must look for MMORPG fans and virtual gamers.

 7  Boku no Hero Academia

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 4

Hero animes got very famous in 2018. It is one of the best. It shows a boy’s path without strength, but he gets a mentor and makes things happen because of his determination.

To finish up, it is very exciting, it includes the setting up of schools and other superpowers.

 8  Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 5

Would you want more main characters in OP? That helps many ladies, but it’s still upright and a gentleman? Settings for school?

The characters are not having more of an OP than this. Suppose you want loads of emotions to have then just watched this one evening. The protagonist has weak magic abilities but infighting and science, it is god level. He knows all when going to school with his cute girlfriend, fighting for the military.

 9  Akame ga Kill!

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 6

Too intense, so the characters continue to die until nothing is left. Yet great music, after anime is over, you’ll always go back to music. Scenes of fights are good.

 10  Haikyuu!!

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 7

An exciting one over again. The one on the left is pic has a small height, but his speed and insane leaps still make up for it. Both of them solve their problems and form a super team that wins.

 11  Shokugeki no Souma

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 8

Cooking, and clothes were torn. It’s all about eating food out of the planet and then tearing your clothes depending on the tasty amount. The characters work very hard and are actively working to develop their skills. It’s got a lot of showdowns, pretty girls and decent food.

I like the school environment where MC is going and winning over everything.

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 12  Shingeki no Kyojin

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 9

Assume people battling giants with crazy athletic skills and compressed air gear. It includes lots of blood, amazing scenes, twisting plot, and more.

You will 100 per cent rewatch this anime and add it to your favourites. A real masterpiece.

 13  Tokyo Ghoul

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 10

This anime has a love/hate connection more with me. The first season I watched, it was fantastic. I wanted to watch more, but I couldn’t, the story could get complicated and in the new season only lost a few characters. Many folks assume Manga is a piece of art while the material is too hurried to anime.

 14  The Seven Deadly Sins 

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 11

Let me first tell you “The Seven Deadly Sins” and “The Seven Deadly Sins” are entirely different anime. Yeah, 7 or Seven will make a significant difference. Here we speak about “The Seven Deadly Sins. This is loaded action, and even has a touch of odd romance. The MC is overpowered and makes the anime more lovable only.

 15  Kuroko No Basket Popular Anime

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 12

Another one is very similar to “Haikyuu,” you can’t skip it if you’re a fan of sports anime. This anime will be a journey of happiness and sadness on a rollercoaster, all of which will leave you happy. Just for the emotions, you’ll be back to watch it over again.

 16  Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 13

If you’re looking for steampunk and zombies, then go for this. The main character is more of a weird kid trying to play with mechanical things, trying to create a tool to destroy zombies.

Then there is a girl who is hybrid and super strong. This anime has a strong storyline, scenes for battle, and everything. Yet he still feels a little missing. Yet certainly even worth watching.

17  Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 14

A fun relax anime, in the setting of college where you see many hilarious lines and serious battles too. Anime then keeps you amused but has enough stories to last for some time.

 18  Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 15

For me, one of the best anime of the past decade. It is as intense and as deep as it can be. There are war, passion, and practice. You will see the main character grow and become a man.

 19  Boku dake ga Inai Machi

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 16

Totally original, fast-paced, leaving a mark.

This is a new atmosphere and a new story. After that, you ‘re not going to see anything like this, the feeling, and a fast-paced storyline.

All worth knowing about the anime. There’s a purpose this anime dominated the power by storm and dominated the charts all over.

 20  No Game No Life

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 17

No Game No Life, it’s just about cuteness and mind games. This anime has the ability to be your passion quickly, without dull arcs or something. Twists and twists complete of adrenaline.

 21  Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 18

It’s all about music, coping with raw childhood. This anime is brimming with disaster and poetry, love and cuteness.

If your piano lover watches this indeed, this anime has plenty of scenes that will leave you in awe.

 22  Log Horizon

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 19

Plans for Mastermind, the main character is OP.

Mystery, and a virtual game. Which else is it that you want? More sweet storylines and children. This has a decent mix of characters of all sorts, gravity, funny, and strong battle scenes.

Yeah, that’s why I watched it back then even Though I was searching for more stuff like SAO.

 23  Mirai Nikki (TV)

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 20

An anime is called “Mirai Nikki” also known as “Future Diary.” It’s about a woman from Psycho, which might be a dream of other people out there.

Yet, it is not about that alone. This also has a severe plot of playing, dying, and battles packed with action. There are many risks involved and twists in plots that hold you hooked.

 24  Death Note

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 21

The death note is a strong anime. It’s all about Light Yagami, a bright and bored student coming across a mysterious black book that has the power to erase/kill someone whose name he ‘s writing in it.

Light wants to launch a clandestine war to rid scoundrels, corrupts, etc. of the cities. To learn more about this anime watch it.

 25  Ao no Exorcist

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 22

It will be on their list of must-watch for all fans of the ghosts, exorcism, and practice.

This series begins with fairly exciting decent combat, demons, magic, and a simple storyline … but slows down towards the midway point with minimal combat and plenty of infighting between main characters and an ending much more to be expected.

 26  Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 23

A fantasy anime for fun comedy. This is the kind of anime you shouldn’t care about the actual plot and concentrate more on everyday life from a band of misfits who work together to conquer any challenge.

 27  Mob Psycho 100

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 24

Completely unbelievable battle scenes, quite close to One Punch Man. The awesome novel, as it is set in a spiritual universe. The action scenes were TOP class, the comedy had LOTS.

 28  Beelzebub

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 25

Beelzebub is a story about a baby demon who has to go to earth to learn his demon powers. Beelzebub must learn to be a demon lord, with the aid of a boy named Oga Tatsumi. Watch it to Learn More.

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 29  Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 26

It could give you a feeling of Danmachi, this was the same dungeon and monsters theme. But often a little intense and fun, I don’t know, but I still have fun with the dungeon adventure animes.

It is a pleasure to see how they develop skills and push forward.

 30  Toradora!

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 27

It is a fascinating tale about love and friendship, how these people too will disagree with each other, and how they value one over the other. Also, it’s about self-discovery and self-acceptance, it will make you laugh and weep. Will look

 31  DanMachi

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 28

This anime has a pretty weird tag, it is pretty darn decent given this. This show is somewhat reminiscent of SAO but it does have its own special style. There is something to love about this series. It’s got humour, action, a strong storyline, interesting characters, fantastic animation … You have to watch it to learn the idea

 32  Steins Gate

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 29

When you’re looking for a great anime, this is what you’re calling. You get inside from this master piece’s first chapter. A fine mix of comedy, suspense, mystery, and more. Try to watch the special episode as well.

33  Overlord

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 30

Despite the main character adopting a less than ideal moral compass, the anime gives the cast’s acts a rawness and practicality as they overcome the problems they face. In this show, the animation is really strong and without flaws. The artwork is vibrant and the character designs are all very well done. The idea of having a non-human character for the main lead is often a fresh scene from time to time.

 34  Grisaia no Kajitsu

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 31

This one is pretty dark as shows go. Although the overall tone is relatively light, many darker elements run beneath the surface with the tale frequently wandering off in those directions. If fear, aggression, and some ecchi are your favourite, a very good watch. A big part of the series originates from the lively cast of characters.

There is one key guy (Yuuji) who is not the protagonist of a traditional harem. He is extremely self-dependent and can retain his coolness in virtually every situation.

In reality, he intuitively handles almost every situation while still having good judgment and control. In short, Yuuji is the guy type who thinks before they act.

 35  Berserk (2016)

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 32

The nice berserk sequence of great action. This show continues Berserk ‘s plot and is certainly for people who saw the original animated series of 1997. For such a dystopian tale it’s bleak, grim, and surprisingly humorous.

 36  ReLIFE

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 33

Okay, the title says most. A basic yet strong premise combined with a well-written storyline but not unnecessarily complicated. For someone who wants a thoughtful high school-centred easy-drama series without the need for tissues, a good watch.

On anime: it falls into the humour and slice of life category.

 37  Fate/stay night

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 34

Best battle scenes, myths, and fantastic battle sounds.

It’s all about battling adversity and other-world heroes. There are so much action and music, and the blood can flow. You ‘re going to be wanting more battles.

 38  Ajin

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 35

Today it’s a whole new, sort of overwhelmed people coming out in the worlds here and there. Yet again the scenes of beats and action keep you hooked.

And there are so many slo-mo action scenes that are simply breathtaking. You can also consider the creation and growth of the main character, as the story goes on. All in all, it’s worth a watch really.

 39  Rainbow

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 36

Rainbow is one of the best Children’s shows of all time, it always had something new every week that helped children learn about life while having fun. It was just as much fun for grown-ups as it was for the tots. Rainbow is a wonderful tale guided by character, chronicling the lives of seven inmates who have become best friends. The series isn’t for the faint of heart but you should try it, you’ll be surprised how much you enjoy it.

 40  Clannad

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 37

Because of the soundtrack, story, and characters one of the saddest anime today. If that doesn’t make you weep then things will be very bad. Then try “fireflies sepulchre”

The main characters and their families are so cute, but your heart will definitely be shaken by the sense of loss mixed with sad songs. And they’re just a magic touch, a parallel universe, and a few other things.

 41  Another

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 38

If you want an anime of horror, then it’s next. It’s one of the most obscure anime I’ve seen back then.

Guessing the finale would be a fun job and you’ll be hooked when watching the entire show. Death, music, and mystery are there. Great animation and the characters are really special.

42  One out

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 39

It’s not a simple amusement work, it’s an entertaining anime which commands you to think. Every and every individual has its own unique personality, and Tokuchi is, of course, the smartest man both off and on the ball field. And this series never gets boring. You know Tokuchi will always win, but it doesn’t matter, because it’s just too freak in cool to see him in practice.

 43  Bakuman

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 40

That’s one of the best animes in there. This show discusses a lot about being a mangaka, a seiyuu and you walk through the whole cycle as well. It’s an awesome anime, a must-see for anybody who wants to see what the manga universe is like.

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The title’s true meaning has never been known, but most speculators believe ‘Bakuchi Manga’ is short. (Manga Gambling). It’s a simple tale of two guys from middle school who set out to become skilled manga artists.

 44  Barakamon

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 41

This feels a very light and chill style anime, with the country vibes and fun now that I recall it.

For some self-reflection, he was sent to the Goto Islands, but as he encounters new people and discovers new joys. He is inspired and he discovers what he missed.

 45  My Teen Romantic Comedy: SNAFU

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 42

It was a nice anime with the dark side/antihero viewpoint in good detail, amusing comedy with some dark deeps. HIGHLY recommend this to those of you who are in constant self-doubt and beating yourself, this one will be one of your favours! This is truly one of the most distinctly contradictory anime.

 46  91 Days

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 43

The show has a really dark back story and how it followed the main character to get revenge on the people who destroy his father. Very high tension at some times, which demonstrates a lot of coercion between characters in order to get what they need. You see the fights and still wonder what he’ll do next.

 47  Kokoro Connect

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 44

This anime series follows five students from high school, all members of the Cultural Study Club. Actually, they don’t do any cultural research; they only created the club because they didn’t want to join any of the other clubs for one purpose or another. To know more about this series, check it out J.

 48  The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 45

What it does is offer some wonderfully animated action scenes and plenty of humor. Lovely line of story and heart-warming to see. This comedic-yet-emotional series of anime is extremely fun to watch. The slice-of-life series combined with a twist of supernatural forces leaves viewers with an enjoyable and entertaining encounter.

 49  Highschool of the Dead

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 46

While ecchi is the main focus in this anime, the story itself is well done; more than you would expect it to be. As you would imagine, the series is absolutely over the top; chock-full of small clad young women, lots of f-bombs, an exorbitant amount of blood, dismemberment.

The characters are all very well-formed and the plot is written very well and you still want to see more, the music plays on the right frame of mind. To know more, just check it out J

 50  Btooom!

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 47

A dangerous game of bombs and tactics on the island. Often, this is very dangerous. You might think of it as the plot of the Hunger Games.

I hope you’ll like the character and how they grow their relationship over time. There will be a lot of occasions that the MC faces death.

51 High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World

55 Best Anime Must Watch Before You Die 48

This anime some of the most OP, businessman, and politician characters. The warrior, scientist, etc., who are all transported to another universe by high school students. A nice watch, maybe 1-2 episodes are boring but worth it overall. Waiting to come out of the second season.

“We’ve got nukes, so we can now print our own currency,” something like that. And you know, the anime is great.

It’s a nice mix of seriousness, strategy, cuteness, and fun.

52 The Promised Neverland

Must Watch Anime

Oh, this was an anime game-changer that you don’t always see. It’s dark, mind-bending, and twisting the plot. I don’t know what you’ve been doing if you haven’t seen this.

The plot is so complex, so smart are the characters. It is an entirely new setting. That anime has a lot of promise. I bet after watching all the episodes you’ll go to the manga right away.

It’s love, suffering, and bravery.

53 Natsume’s Book of Friends

Anime to Watch

This anime has a very special place in my heart, with the best ending them the album, it’s very chilling and calming.

It brings you into the spirits — the yokai universe, and much more. It’s dark, it’s bright, it has a sweet cat. Can be funny too.

Sure worth finding out.

54. Classroom of the Elite

Classroom of the elite - Anime Show

Now that’s what I call an anime, holding you on your toes. Many of the characters and mind games that are part popular OP. The vibe is so intense and there are still several moves behind the MC.

No one can suit his mind games and estimation, as opposed to him, everyone else would feel like a child. Now there’s action, nice characters, and strong plot, setting school. Totally worth a look at.

55. Made in Abyss

Anime - Made in Abyss

From the outside, this anime looks cute, but inside it can be a real hella. It has a broad dark side, which you can discover. When discovering the unknown lands, and facing dangers.

The threats appear and feel so genuine in this anime, which is hard to get through in any other anime. Really secret gem, if you haven’t seen it, watch the go right now.

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