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Barxbuddy Grooming Kit Review – Best Puppy Grooming Kit 2023

How you groom your puppy will affect their entire life. Here’s how to do it the right way. Grooming a puppy yourself can seem like a daunting task and it can, in fact, be a bit tricky. Barxbuddy Grooming Kit is the perfect choice.

However, it also offers the opportunity to bond with your pup and establish good habits for your little canine friend. Regular grooming not only keeps your puppy looking and smelling clean, it is important for detection of possible infestations or medical problems. If you decide not to utilize a professional groomer’s services for your puppy, there are techniques you can use at home to make the process go more smoothly and enjoyably for both of you.

What is Barxbuddy Grooming Kit?

BarxBuddy Grooming Kit is manufactured by the same company which made a product named Barxbuddy. It is a grooming kit for your paw friend including brush, wash and a nail clipper.

So if you want to a better, easier way to groom your puppy, here is the exact 3-step process we used:

Step 1: Get Your Puppy Used To Brushing

Get Your Puppy Used To Brushing
  • While holding a brush, move your hand toward your puppy’s ears. If he doesn’t shy away, reward him with a treat. This part is so important!
  • And if he flinches, it means you’ve found a sensitive area. Simply pull the brush back until he relaxes, then give him a treat.
  • Now bring the brush a little closer. If your puppy doesn’t move, keep moving closer and closer in small steps. Every time he accepts the “move” reward him with another treat. Soon, you should be able to brush your puppy’s ears with no problem.
  • Now move to other areas, like paws, tail, and belly until you can brush him all over. Just remember: don’t brush too hard! You want your pup to associate brushing with good feelings, not stress or pain.

Step 2: Get Your Puppy Used To Bath Time

Get Your Puppy Used To Bath Time
  • Start by filling your tub with about an inch of lukewarm water, and gently lower your puppy in.
  • Once he’s in the water, give him treats to keep him feeling good. After a few minutes, simply take your puppy out and dry him off. This isn’t a full bath, so don’t worry about washing or shampooing yet.
  • Next time, add a bit more water to the tub (3-4 inches is good.) Now it’s time to introduce shampoo and make it a “real bath.”
  • Using a hand-held faucet, gently wet your puppy with lukewarm water, starting with his back and ending with the head and ears.
  • Now, using a silicone brush, lather puppy shampoo onto his back, tail, stomach, paws, and head, in that order.
  • After rinsing, squeeze the excess water from your puppy’s fur using your fingers. Then wrap your pup with a towel and allow him to dry for several minutes.
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Step 3: Get Your Puppy Used To Nail Grooming

Get Your Puppy Used To Nail Grooming
  • With your dog lying down, lightly touch and squeeze each of his paws. And after every touch, be sure to give him a treat!
  • Now move to handling his nails. Start by touching each nail for just a moment, then giving him a treat. From there, work up to gently squeezing the nails to imitate the pressure of a pair of clippers.
  • Once your puppy is comfortable with the pressure, it’s time to introduce your nail clippers (I recommend this pair from BarxBuddy.)
  • Begin by lightly touching the clippers to your puppy’s nails. Every time you touch, he gets a treat. Next, put the clipper blades around the claw, without snipping. Now give him a treat!
  • When he’s okay with that, it’s time to start clipping. Start by trimming just one, and reward your puppy as soon as you do. Go slow, and work your way up to trimming two, three, then all your puppy’s nails.

Proper nail care is so important, I really can’t stress it enough. Ungroomed nails can have serious health consequences for your pet. According to the American Kennel Club:

Proper nail care

Pretty scary to think about. Thankfully, long nails and other issues can be avoided with a little regular grooming.

And here’s something important: when it comes to grooming your puppy, the tools you use matter.

Grooming is about building a lifetime bond with your puppy. So make sure you’re only using high-quality tools to care for him. Our pets give us so much joy and love, they deserve the best from us in return.

While learning to groom Rosie, my husband and I experimented with a lot of different brands. In the end, BarxBuddy’s tools always proved the best.

Their 3-piece Grooming Kit has become our go-to set for Rosie’s weekly care sessions.

The kit comes with a high-quality deshedding tool, silicone washing brush, and stainless steel clippers… everything you need to brush, wash, and trim your dog’s nails (the 3-step ‘foundation’ of good grooming).

I’ve had the BarxBuddy kit since May, and couldn’t be happier with it. If you’re grooming your puppy at home and want a set of affordable, high-quality tools, I definitely recommend the BarxBuddy set.

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The good news is, BarxBuddy has a 50% Off promotion running right now. For a limited time, you can get the entire Grooming Kit for half off the regular price.

With the quality of the kit, it’s an amazing deal. To learn more and find out how you can order one yourself, click the button below:

BarxBuddy Kit

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