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BeardSurfer Review – Best Travel Trimmer 2021

BeardSurfer Review: As a man with facial hair, I always find that I need to shave and trim on a regular basis to keep it from being unkempt. Well if letting it grow wild is your style, perhaps this isn’t the post for you. But for those like me, finding the best travel beard trimmer is important.

The reason I picked a BeardSurfer beard trimmer is that I find being able to use it in the shower and being able to clean it easily is a huge advantage. I looked at both types of shavers though, those that I can rinse off after trimming and those that work very well in the shower too. This way it gives some good options for different price points and needs as well.

What is BeardSurfer Trimmer?

Cordless and ready to travel, BeardSurfer was created for men who love to roam without compromising quality beard care. The BeardSurferTrimmer has a ridiculously fast motor speed that powers its sharp blades made for precision cuts, no matter the length of the beard. It boasts several cutting lengths, as well as a grip designed to be ergonomic, comfortable, and provide an enjoyable trimming experience. BeardSurfer also packs lightly; it measures in at about the length of an average hand while being light enough to not be a nuisance during extended grooming sessions.

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BeardSurfer Trimmer Feature

  • Interchangeable Combs – Five tradable brushes give this whiskers trimmer an assortment of choices. While a few searches are best utilized for conventional whiskers cutting, others can be utilized to trim hair or husband to be a mustache. The brushes go long from 1.0 to 13 mm, giving the client the alternative of keeping length or going short.
  • Battery Life – The BeardSurfer comes furnished with two battery-powered AAA batteries. When completely energized, the trimmer can run for one to two hours, which, contingent upon your prepping propensities, can rise to twenty to thirty shaves.
  • Design – To state the BeardSurfer is ergonomic is just about a modest representation of the truth. It fits splendidly in any hand and takes into consideration a grasp that keeps the cut exact and the trimmer in your grasp regardless of how hard you are shaking out to your preferred tunes.
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Benefits of the BeardSurfer Trimmer

The BeardSurfer is jam stuffed with benefits, including exchangeable brushes; an amazing, battery-powered battery; an upscale yet ergonomic plan; compactness; included extras; and a mid-extend value point.

What to Consider Before Buying a Beard Trimmer

Not all beard trimmers are created equal. When purchasing one, it is important to look for these four attributes: blades, motors, structural build, and any accessories that might come with it.

  • Blades
  • Motors
  • Structural Build
  • Accessories


Packing a beard trimmer for a long trip is always a hassle, but not with BeardSurfer. Whether you’re continent or couch surfing, the BeardSurferTrimmer is the perfect small, portable device to keep your beard in tip top shape. Other products may offer similar benefits, but nothing trims and shapes like the BeardSurfer. Check out BeardSurfer today!

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Frequently Asked Question

How long do the batteries last for?

60-120 min of shaving time (about 20-30 shaves).

Is there a warranty on the products I purchase?

Yes. Each device has a one year limited warranty which can be extended to our exclusive 2 year warranty.

How long does delivery take?

Standard shipment may be delivered up to 10 business days.

Can I use BeardSurfer to cut my hair?

Yes! BeardSurfer has multiple combs and add-ons to fit any shape and lenght of beard, mustach and head hair.

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