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Breathe Green Mite Fighter Review – Home Protection for Allergens and Dust

The Breathe Green Mite Fighter is a pair of small sachets that can be placed under cushions and bed sheets to deter mites and improve allergens in the air. The sachets contain no chemicals, giving you a cleaner, fresher-smelling area in your home. Each sachet contains eucalyptus oil, citronella, and other ingredients to deter dust mites and other pests.

What is Breathe Green Mite Fighter?

Breathe Green Mite Fighter is a set of sachets that can be placed underneath a pillow, mattress, couch, or cushion to deter dust mites and other pests. The sachets claim to work within 72 hours, giving your home cleaner, fresher-smelling air.

What is Breathe Green Mite Fighter?

As allergy season approaches, there are many particles in the air that can irritate the sinuses, cause itchy eyes, and create a tickle in the throat. While most people like to believe that they are safe inside their home, anyone that doesn’t do regular deep cleanings could be susceptible for dust mites and allergens that can congest the sinuses even more. To eliminate these dust mites, the Breathe Green Mite Fighter could be helpful.

Breathe Green Mite Fighter isn’t a cleaning product or even an air purifier. Instead, this product condenses all of its mite-fighting power into a small sachet that can be placed under the user’s mattress or other cushions around the home. As an added benefit, each of these packages comes with a pair of sachets to allow users to keep them under the corners of their rugs and other furniture in the home.

Features & Benefits

The makers of Breathe Green Mite Fighter advertise all of the following features and benefits:

  • Safe to use on linens, mattresses, pillows, couches, carpets, curtains, and more
  • Expels dust mites (which are smaller than a grain of sand) with no harsh chemicals
  • Reduces skin symptoms like acne, rashes, redness, and itching
  • Prevents new dust mite eggs from hatching and kills existing dust mites
  • Removes allergens
  • Reduces or eliminates asthma symptoms

How Does Breathe Green Mite Fighter Work?

Breathe Green Mite Fighter works using “lemon eucalyptus citronella oil”, which is a combination of lemon, eucalyptus, and citronella. You place the sachets underneath anything in your home, and the ingredients go to work within 72 hours with no harmful chemicals.

The bags claim to be highly effective in reducing skin issues like acne, rashes, redness, and itching. They also freshen the air, leave fabric smelling great, and are safe to use throughout your home.

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The manufacturer also claims to eliminate allergens, reduce symptoms of asthma, and provide other benefits. Overall, it claims to be an all-in-one air cleansing solution safe to use anywhere in your home.

How Can You Use Mite Fighter?

Before you spray products to get rid of mites, you need to clear out your home. You may even need to remove the comforter and sheets from your bed to spray the mattress before spraying each piece of bedding. Many products also require that you keep animals and others away until the liquid dries. With Breathe Green Mite Fighter, you don’t need to make any special steps to use the sachets. We highly recommend using one between your mattress and box spring or the foundational support below the mattress. You just need to lift the edge of the mattress and place the sachet beneath it. The scent of the ingredients will repel mites and keep them from coming back to your bedroom.

It’s also a good idea to use one on each end of the bed. Instead of placing one near the footboard, place a second one close to the headboard. As the mites move from one area of the bed to the next, they’ll keep encountering that same odor, which will eventually cause them to run away or die. Some shoppers found it helpful to use the sachets inside their pillows too, especially those that they used every night.

Pros and Cons

Truth to be told, there aren’t that many natural dust mites busting products around. It was the first time to encounter herbal sachets designed to counter these pests. Obviously, there are more pros and cons in trying out Breathe Green Mite Fighter.

  • A natural approach to kill dust mites using essential oils and herbal extracts. It’s not harmful to humans and the earth.
  • Scientifically proven to be effective in eliminating dust mites. Studies have shown that the known ingredients used are potent in killing dust mites.
  • Responsive customer service, a hotline, and a hassle-free buying process. Plus, it gets delivered to your home.
  • Polyester-woven sachets to prevent moisture absorption. This ensures the mites-killing properties last for up to 60 days, which is remarkable for natural remedies.
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  • You can’t buy it on Amazon. (It’s a different thing that’s being sold there)Little is known about the company behind the product (except that it’s also selling charcoal purifying bags on another site)
  • Little is known than the company.
  • The reviews can’t be verified.
  • Quite expensive when compared to other natural solutions.
Who is Breathe Green Mite Fighter For?

Dust mites are irritating and disturbing creatures that invade our homes without us even knowing. They help increase the occurrence of some health issues like asthma, sour throat, persistent coughing and many others.

You should look at the signs of dust mite allergy listed above to determine if you’re sensitive to these creatures. They can be really harmful to does that suffer from breathing problems.

Furthermore, most of the symptoms of an allergy, mimic the symptoms of hay fever, but if those symptoms persist and do not get better, there’s a good chance that you are leaving with dust mites in your home.

However, people who need Breathe Green Mite Fighter includes:

  • People who travel often need this product.
  • People who experience the symptoms of dust mite allergy also need it.
  • Parents who have children with asthma and allergies.
  • Hotel managers and owners.
  • People who have tried other natural methods or home remedies in the past but found non-successful need Breathe Green Mite Fighter.

Where Can You Use it?

Breathe Green Mite Fighter is a product designed for every room in your home. Though you might think that mites only live in your bedroom, they can live anywhere humans do. This includes:

  • Inside upholstered furniture in your living room
  • In the carpets in your hallway or den
  • On stuffed animals that your kids play with
  • In clothing that you store during the offseason in a closet

Whether you notice signs of itching or experience the rashes associated with dust mites, you can get rid of those little creatures with one of these sachets. You might collect your child’s favorite stuffed animals and store them with one or two sachets and then add a few more to your closets. They are also great for use in rec rooms and living rooms. You can place one between the cushions on your couch or behind the seat on a chair.

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If you travel often and worry about bringing bugs home with you, you can use these sachets on the go too. Not only can you place one below the mattress in a hotel room, but you can keep one in your suitcase. This will keep dust mites from settling into your luggage.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to getting rid of dust mites and allergens, consumers need to know how to correctly use the Breathe Green Mite Fighter for the best results. However, to fill in any gaps in what users need to know, let’s answer some of the questions that arise often about the sachets.

What is in the sachets?

Every sachet contains a blend of mixed herbal extract, citronella oil, and lemon eucalyptus. However, none of the sachets contain any type of chemical. In fact, the sachets are made of woven polyester, so consumers have an entirely chemical-free experience.

What benefits are there for the user’s health?

With consistent use of the Breathe Green Mite Fighter sachets around the home, the biggest benefit that users will likely notice is in their respiratory health, since the lack of allergens in the air will eliminate irritation. It will also help to improve sleep as an inherent result of better breathing. However, an interesting result of using the sachets is that skin issues should improve as well.

How long will it take for consumers to notice a difference?

While the ingredients start working right away, the user should see a change in their coughing and sneezing within 72 hours.

How often do the sachets need to be replaced?

Users should change out the current sachets every 60 days.

What about the eggs that dust mites leave behind?

This is one of the ways that the Breathe Green Mite Fighter sachets truly shine. Along with their ability to eradicate dust mites, they can also prevent the hatching of any eggs that are around the house, killing them with the mites that laid them.

What if the user isn’t happy with how the Breathe Green Mite Fighter sachets change their atmosphere at home?

With the 60-day guarantee, users can send back the products for a full refund within about two years after the purchase is made.

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