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Clear Shield Review – Best Transparent Mask 2023

The brand new transparent mask which is a hit the world over and which brings smiles back to everyone has finally arrived here! Recommended by 98% of buyers.

At first we thought that face masks would be a passing trend but we quickly realized that we were going to have to live with them. Aside from the discomfort felt, some argue that they cause emotional reactions.

A new company has looked into this and developed an explosive product: a transparent protective mask. It allows us to see the faces of each of us and gives us our personal identity and our smile.

Life looks more cheerful with this transparent protective mask.

It’s time for you to experience ClearShield.

What is Clear Shield?

Clear Shield is a transparent mask which, according to the manufacturer, can be used to protect against bacteria and viruses. Compared to classic face masks, the Clear Shield model offers good transparency. Your facial expression is always visible with this mask. The transparent mask is made of a tear-resistant and environmentally friendly material. The transparent mask can either be washed with soap and water or in the washing machine. Thus it is always hygienically fresh at your disposal.

In order to finally solve this big problem, a very special face mask was created, which now makes it possible for everyone to recognize their underneath and to read lips without any problems. Even drinking by straw is possible with this special mask. It is completely transparent and the human face is therefore completely visible. The Clear Shield Face Mask is a transparent mask and therefore offers you 100% transparency so that everyone can recognize your facial expression and read lips. However, it is important to know that this transparent mask does not explicitly protect against corona viruses nor does it have any other medical effect!

Clear Shield Quality Features

The many positive characteristics of the mask were already interspersed here and there throughout the report. Should you decide to purchase this mask, you will find here once again all technical details and information about this Clear Shield transparent mask:

  • – Made of PET (environmentally friendly).
  • – Breathable and especially suitable for people with asthma or COPD.
  • – People with anxiety disorders get enough space under the mask and panic attacks are prevented.
  • – Advantages for deaf and hard of hearing people: Lip-reading is guaranteed and people with disabilities are supported.
  • – Visible facial expression: People can see each other completely and smile at each other again, despite “social distancing”.
  • – The Clear Shield mask is easy to clean with water and soap or disinfectant and can therefore be used several times (durability).
  • – Adjustable for adults and children; comfortable to wear even when worn for hours at work or school.
  • – Glasses do not fog up and the mask itself does not fog up when exhaled.
  • – No rash or acne when wearing this mask.
  • – The transparent mask can also be worn during sports.
  • – Through a small hatch, a drink can be consumed with a straw without having to take off the mask.
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Why does the Clear Shield face mask stand out?

There are numerous reasons why we are reviewing this awesome product. Clear Shield has some desirable qualities in addition to protecting the users from getting infected with airborne pathogens. Here are some of these reasons:

  • Fashionable: Clear Shield is pretty cool for users who want a protective facial covering and stylish face cover. There are so many face covers out there however a ton of them are not a big deal with regards to the client’s look. They will make you look pretty terrible however they are successful in ensuring you against COVID-19. Clear Shield is one of a handful of the dependable brands of facial covering that will cover your nose and mouth appropriately, ensure you against Covid and furthermore make you look stunning. It won’t ever be frustrating!
  • Straightforward: It is extremely straightforward. Clear Shield uncovered your face, consequently it won’t ever veil your magnificence (attractiveness). It is reasonable for individuals who need stylish face cover. However the essential point is to ensure you against airborne infections, Clear Shield was likewise evolved to work on your look.
  • Reasonable: Despite the productivity and alluring plan of this enemy of mist facial covering, the cost is exceptionally low. It costs way lower than most facial coverings accessible on the lookout.
  • Breathable: Clear Shield is very breathable. It allows the users to breathe freely without any interruptions. One of the side effects of wearing masks is breathing restrictions. Most people can’t just cope with such inconvenience associated with wearing those masks. Clear Shield is one of the few exceptions that allows free breathing.
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Why do I Need this Transparent Mask?

Face masks are suitable for all age groups, as they provide protection against viruses and bacteria during cold spells. Some masks retain their own pathogens so that other people cannot be infected by their own colds. Many masks, like the Clear Shield face mask, are not medical products. This means that when you wear this mask you can still be infected with a wide variety of pathogens. Compared to other masks, Clear Shield has the advantage that your face is always clearly visible. Your smile and facial expressions are shown undistorted by the Clear Shield mask. This is not the case with many normal face masks. 

Nowadays, due to the large number of people, diseases and the joy of travelling, it is very important to protect yourself with a face mask. The Clear Shield mask offers a high level of wearing comfort and a perfect fit. Due to the clear mask you can always ensure a special transparency. According to the manufacturer, the mask has a high quality finish and was produced without BPA. Thus the manufacturer guarantees that wearing the Clear Shield mask does not cause any health risks.

Due to the high-quality material, the mask does not fog up and, compared to classic face masks, always offers sufficient oxygen. The Clear Shield mask does not fog up when breathing or speaking. One of the reasons for this is the anti-fogging effect. The manufacturer states on its website that people can stay in touch with the Clear Shield mask even in pandemic times. Other people can be given a smile at any time and communication should also be much easier with Clear Shield.

Clear Shield Evaluation and Recommendation

Compared to other face masks, the Clear Shield transparent mask always offers a special transparency. This means that every facial expression is visible to other people. For many people this means of communication is very important, as for example with deaf people. Without a transparent mask, lip-reading is not possible in this case. But also anger or smiles can be expressed through Clear Shield. While wearing the mask you can speak normally. According to the manufacturer it is breathable, comfortable and very light to wear. Another advantage is that there is a well ventilated area on both sides of the face. According to the manufacturer, the Clear Shield transparent mask is therefore perfectly suited to be worn over a longer period of time. The Clear Shield transparent mask can be worn by men and women. The material adapts to any face shape and does not cut or pinch. The material of the mask is environmentally friendly and safe. The clear mask for a visible facial expression is manufactured without BPA and is recyclable.

  • Offers a perfect fit
  • Transparency
  • Shows every facial expression
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Consists of a high-quality, environmentally friendly material
  • Individually usable
  • Cleaning with soap and water possible
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Clear Shield Technical Facts

  • BPA-free, lightweight material
  • Considered 100% environmentally friendly and safe
  • Waterproof and anti-humidity
  • Unrestricted breathing possible
  • Ventilated area on both sides of the face

Main advantages

  1. With the transparent mask our faces are visible, we can exchange smiles (and angry faces), we can talk normally, see facial expressions…
  2. Safe and environmentally friendly. Made of high quality materials that are not dangerous to humans (BPA FREE), hygienic, reusable and recyclable.
  3. Easy to clean. Can be easily cleaned many times with soap and water and even in the dishwasher. Quick drying and ready for further use.
  4. Comfortable, lightweight and breathable. It includes a ventilated area on both sides of the face. Ideal to be worn for extended periods of time.

What are the Clear Shield quality features?

No seals of approval or awards are visible on the manufacturer’s website. Instead, there are some external tests and customer opinions on the Internet which have been very positive. According to the manufacturer, only high-quality materials should be used in the production process. They are free of BPA and ensure a good fit. The material does not warp even if the mask is washed in the washing machine. 

The Clear Shield masks are not manufactured in Germany. The product is distributed by a company from Spain, Madrid. But you can order the Clear Shield face masks for Germany via the online shop of the manufacturer. According to the manufacturer the mask can be worn by everyone. It is very adaptable and provides a clear view of the entire face. This mask is not a disposable mask. It can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Afterwards it can be reused as often as you like. The manufacturer states that the mask is particularly suitable for physiologists or therapists. In their job, gestures and facial expressions are an important aid. But the transparent mask is also a good choice for journalists or other people who work in the media sector.

General Clear Shield opinions

According to the manufacturer, the Clear Shield mask should be made of very environmentally friendly and BPA-free materials. Breathing is not affected when wearing your mask. Many other masks available on the market can quickly cause breathing difficulties or dizziness. According to the manufacturer, the transparent mask is designed to improve and enhance the relationship with other people. One of the reasons for this is that all your expressions can be recognized much better by your counterpart. On the manufacturer’s website he calls the Clear Shield face mask revolutionary. Due to its special shape, there is no earache, as the Clear Shield mask does not press or rub. It offers a good hold and is very malleable. Movement is not restricted in the face. According to the manufacturer, you will not even notice the mask after some time. 

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Many buyers are very satisfied with the product. They report that friends also ordered the Clear Shield mask when they first saw it. So some buyers in the circle of friends were able to set a new trend. Some buyers are sure that they won’t go anywhere without the Clear Shield Mask. It feels soft and comfortable, so that it is even completely forgotten.

Where can I order Clear Shield?

If you want to buy the transparent mask, you should use the manufacturer link. The clear mask is also available from other shops, but only if you order directly from the manufacturer can you be sure that the original Clear Shield mask will be sent to you. The shipping of the Clear Shield masks is free of charge. So there are no further costs for you when ordering. On the website of the manufacturer you will find a lot of information about the transparent mask. If you are not satisfied with the Clear Shield face mask, you can simply return it within 30 days. You will then get your money back. This has the advantage that you do not take any risk when buying. 

Currently the manufacturer offers you a discount of 50%. According to the manufacturer this is a limited offer. You can save additional money if you order several Clear Shield masks at once. For families there is a set of 5 Clear Shield models on offer. There is also a pack of 10 face masks available for families at a good price. If you wish, you can also book a warranty of one or two years. If the Clear Shield mask breaks within your warranty period, you will receive a replacement immediately.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can I use the mask more than once?

Yes, you can use this transparency mask several times, as it is easy to clean with water and soap or disinfectant. This way it is durable and can be used for a long time. The currently rampant viruses do not settle on its smooth PET surface, but other viruses, such as adenoviruses, may settle on it.

Is this type of mask allowed to be worn at all?

This is not entirely clear. There are for completely Germany and for each Land of the Federal Republic of Germany own regulations, how a mouth nose protection has to look like. For this everyone should obtain inquiries for itself in its own Land and place whether such a mask is applicable.

Why is this mask better than the cloth mask?

At least in this respect, the transparent mask is better than the fabric masks, because it does not cover the person, but the face can still be seen and therefore the facial expression. Especially for people who urgently need lip-reading, this mask is a great help. In addition, this mask is breathable, it is much easier to breathe and the glasses do not fog up when worn. People with COPD or asthma get enough air and anxiety patients get enough space under the mask to not have to fear a panic attack.

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