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GlowBowl Review 2021 – Motion Activated Toilet LED Light

How much time do you take to fall asleep again after waking up in the night for a bathroom emergency? for me, it’s really problematic to sleep again after waking up. I hope it’s difficult for you too. It is all scientific!


There are few things that we can’t control in life and a bathroom emergency is one of them. but for sure, we can cure this not to fall asleep problem in the night with the help of GlowBowl. As per the studies conducted worldwide, when our eyes are exposed to extremely bright light abruptly, it decreases your Melatonin production and that makes it harder for you to fall asleep. but obviously, if we go to the washroom we have to light up the lights then how can GlowBowl help us?

For kids, waking up for a toilet emergency is the worst nightmare.

Have very tried not to wake anyone up in the night and tried to go to the washroom with switching lights on? if yes then you know the results of it. Inconvenient, right? Well, do not worry.  

What Is GlowBowl?

Glow bowl Video

GlowBowl is a motion-activated toilet light that lights up your toilet at night. and it has made to keep your sleep problem in mind. Its light won’t affect your sleep.

Bid goodbye to unnecessary and irritating bathroom break in the night. Now GlowBowl Fresh, the new LED motion activated light will light up your toilet itself, so that you won’t suffer from any problems.

GlowBowl has 13 vibrant LED colours or set it on the Color-Carousel setting for an amazing glow. Not only with vibrant LED colours, but it also comes with a built-in air freshener which will keep your emergency trips a fresh scent all day long.

Going to the bathroom is now more fun than ever!


Features and Specifications – Various Hard to Beat Benefits of GlowBowl

Not only is GlowBowl Fresh easy to use, but it offers great benefits that make your inferior beautiful.

  • Lights Up Automatically – GlowBowl Fresh technology makes your life easy by light up when you go and turn off automatically.
  • Keeps Bathroom Smelling Great – Replaceable lavender air freshener provides months of odour free experience.
  • Ultimate Potty Training Tool – Kids absolutely love GlowBowl Fresh and would like to go to without showing any peevish look.
  • Always See Where You Pee – Auto-changeable changes its colours every 4 seconds or and you can keep it to your favourite colour!
  • Works Out Of The Box – It is incredibly easy to set up and is ready to go in minutes!
  • Easy To Clean – clean it up with your local household cleaners, it has water-resistance protection.
  • Control The Brightness – Nightlight brightness can be controlled!
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To whom it is suitable?

  • Old People– Old individuals tend to have a hard time navigating their way around the toilet. This usually results in these individuals missing up their targets and messing up the toilet floor. GlowBowl has been specifically designed to help such people find the toilet seat without a hassle.
  • Young Adults– As young adults, we’re always on a quest of finding ways to pimp items around our houses. With this fact in mind, GlowBowl fresh decided to design an product that’ll allow you to turn your toilet bowl into a party (disco bowl to be precise)
  • Kids– The bright minds behind GlowBowl have pointed out that this device can also be used to help small kids who use potties. The same way you would attach this to your toilet using the flexible arm is the same way you can connect it to your child’s potty and make his/her experiences fun. This may seem too far-fetched, but hey, nothing is impossible; and you never know what may make your little one smile.

How Does GlowBowl Work

Transform your normal toilet into a fragmentable and soothing lightable toilet in three very easy steps!

Put in the Air Freshener

Insert the air freshener in to Glowbowl fresh after opening it.

Prep Up Device

Insert GlowBowl Fresh onto your toilet bowl and select your favourite colour from 7 LED colours or set it on Color-Carousel Mode.

Will Start Automatically

Now it is ready to use, Its motion-sensing system will automatically light up your toilet bowl and release a fragrant aroma on an interval basis!

Why Buy GlowBowl

Explaining GlowBowl

Also, it has a major role to play in keeping the bathroom fresh. With the help of the carousel mode you can turn the entire area into a disco bowl. But all this doesn’t mean that only elderly people need this product. It is perfect for all those people who do not wish to lose the sleep at night.

The best part is that it is long-lasting, durable, attractive to look at, and highly cost-efficient. All these factors add to the growing popularity of the device. You can get it at the slashed down price from the official website of the manufacturers. So visit the website right away and make the most of the discounts and offers.

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What Makes GlowBowl Different From Other Toilet Lights?

What Makes It Different From Other Toilet Lights?

Manufacturer of GlowBowl has been already in toilet light from years. The maker made this device multicolour selectable lights which allow you to select between 13 vibrant LED colours.

Apart from this, it also has a built-in air freshener, providing you a two-in-one feature for a comfortable loo break at night. and these two features are utmost necessary for a household toilet 24/7.

it can be used with all kind of toilet pots.! Regardless of the size, and design, you can install it in around 30 seconds.

GlowBowl Review – Key Features

Sensitive to Light : The best part is that this device will get activated at night only. The moment light is switched on, the light will go off.

Activated by Motion : This amazing device is motion activated. It means that it will automatically switch on when someone enters the bathroom and switches off when they exit. It lights the way and makes things simple.

One size Perfect for Every Bathroom : GlowBowl can be used in any bathroom. It is possible as it supports the feature of a flexible arm. It takes the shape of any toilet in a hassle-free manner.

The option of Dimmer Levels : You get to select from 5 different stages of dim light. You can go for the brightness level as per your necessity.

Unique Carousel Mode : The device supports the carousel mode. You will be amazed to see that when you support this mode the colors start rotating automatically in 4 seconds.

Fully Battery operated: GlowBowl requires 3 AAA Batteries for functioning.

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How to Use GlowBowl

How Much Does GlowBowl Fresh Cost?

Although GlowBowl is a two-in-one product looks like a product of cost $30 to $50. you must be surprised with GlowBowl Fresh affordable cost, is only $19.99! with its affordable price strategy makes it more reach to the customer.

And on buying it You will get exclusive offers too

This is a great holiday gift to people under $20 for people of all age groups.

Most Common Myths about Toilet Lights

Glowbowl is a revolutionary product and a lot of people have a lot of misconception regarding it. Here are a few:

  • People think it an expensive product but really it is not given the quality.
  • It will create problems when you clean the bathroom well not as it can be removed
  • Problem changing LED colors.

This is a very finely crafted product which turns an ordinary bathroom in a elegant bathroom.

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How do you change the color of a glow bowl?

If you wish to change the existing color in glow bowl, it is very easy. One must need to continuously press and release the button located in the front of GlowBowl to check out colour variants. If you have finally found the colour of your choice, stop there. A LED is present which will blink after 5 seconds to let you know that color has been set!

Your GlowBowl Reviews

GlowBowl Reviews

If you have used GlowBowl please give us your thoughts by leaving a comment below and a star rating above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is easy to clean the GlowBowl Fresh ?

Made with the ultra water-resistant material it is very easy to clean this using any type of household cleaners.

Is this water-resistant?

The seal makes it water resistant from any splashes and other liquids.

What colours are included?

13 colors in total: Pink, Orange, Aqua, Blue, Yellow, and many more. You can also choose color carousel to automatically change the lights.

How do I change the colour?

Press and hold the button on the front and release when color of your choice appears.

What is the Carousel Mode?

It is a mode in which the colors rotate automatically after every 4 seconds for a more lively appearance.

If I buy more than 1, will they come individually packaged?

Yes! We want to make your life as easy as possible when giving these as a gift. Each GlowBowl Fresh comes in its own box!

What does the air freshener smell like?

The aroma is like running through a field of enchanting purple lavender, immersing yourself with the tantalizing scent.

Is GlowBowl Fresh easy to clean?

Yes! The GlowBowl Fresh was made with an ultra-water resistant seal so you can easily clean the unit with every-day cleaning supplies.

Is Glowbowl water-resistant?

Yes! As mentioned above, GlowBowl Fresh is made with an ultra-water resistant seal to keep out any unexpected splashes.

What colours are included?

There are 13 vibrant LED Colors – Blue, Yellow, Purple, White, Aqua, Red, Orange, Pink, Green, and More! Select the perfect one for your bathroom or have a party with the Carousel Mode!

How do I get into the dimmer mode?

Simply press the dimmer button to turn the light on. While the light is on, hold the button until it blinks. Now cycle through the 5 dimmer levels until you reach your desired level of brightness!

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