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HVNSleep Mask Review – Best Sleeping Mask Or Best Anti Snoring Mask Review

There are dozens if not hundreds of products available on the market that claim they can help you stop snoring. HVNSleep Mask is the best sleeping mask.

Finding the right device or product to help you get a good night’s sleep can be a process of trial and error, and it often takes trying several different products to find the one that will work best for you.

Most anti-snoring products work to adjust the position of the jaw and mouth as the user sleeps. 

Habitual snoring has been linked to difficulty concentrating, an increased risk of auto accidents due to lack of sleep, and worse yet, an increased risk of high blood pressure, heart conditions and stroke!

What is HVNSLEEP Mask?

HVNSleep Mask Review - Best Sleeping Mask Or Best Anti Snoring Mask Review 1
HVNSleep Mask Review - Best Sleeping Mask Or Best Anti Snoring Mask Review 2

The HVNSLEEP Mask is ridiculously comfortable to wear. In fact, it looks just like one of those masks that blocks out the light to help you sleep. Imagine that – a stop-snoring device that actually HELPS you sleep instead of hindering it!

But the HVNSLEEP Mask mask is far more advanced than any ordinary light-blocking mask! It uses biofeedback to measure the vibrations in your facial bones caused by snoring – and immediately triggers a gentle vibration that stops snoring DEAD IN ITS TRACKS.

This vibration is so gentle, most wearers will sleep right through it. But it is strong enough to BREAK the chain of snoring, stopping you from snoring the moment it gets triggered!

Stops you from snoring without any drugs or uncomfortable devices!

The HVNSleep Mask is the revolutionary way to put an end to your snoring once and for all! By using biofeedback, it monitors your sleep and emits tiny vibrations that inhibit your tendency to snore.

HVNSleep Mask Review - Best Sleeping Mask Or Best Anti Snoring Mask Review 3
  • Optimum Comfort – Unlike many other devices that claim to stop snoring, the HVNSleep Mask is completely comfortable to use. There are no painful nasal inserts, restrictive chin straps, or ridiculous helmets for you to wear – the HVNSleep Mask provides optimum comfort while putting an end to your snoring!
  • Perfect for the home, trains, subways, and airplanes – Have you ever been afraid of dozing off on a train or airplane because you KNOW you’ll start snoring as soon as you fall asleep? Well, now you can say GOODBYE to those embarrassing moments forever – the HVNSleep Mask uses a long-lasting rechargeable battery, meaning you can use it on any train, plane, or bus!
  • Requires no drugs or prescription medicines – Finally there’s a way to stop snoring once and for all! The HVNSleep Mask monitors your sleep habits and uses biofeedback technology and gentle vibrations to help improve your breathing. It’s the best and most pain-free method to stop snoring and finally get the quality of sleep you deserve!
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Feature Of HVNSleep Mask

  1. 36 vibration levels – Make no mistake: the HVNSLEEP Mask isn’t some heavy-handed device that JOLTS you awake every time you snore. It’s a high-precision device that stops you from snoring with 36 different levels of vibration.
  2. 100% comfortable – Designed in the style of an ordinary light-blocking sleep mask, the HVNSLEEP Mask blocks light while using its biofeedback monitoring to put an end to your snoring. You don’t need to cram anything up your nose or wear a helmet like a football player!
  3. Rechargeable battery – he HVNSLEEP Maskfeatures a USB-rechargeable battery (USB cable included), making it perfect for use on airplanes, trains, and other forms of public transit. And with a weight of only 38g, you’ll forget you’re even wearing it!
  4. Tracks your sleep (and snoring) – While the HVNSLEEP Mask is perfectly functional all on its own, you can also connect it over Bluetooth to your smartphone (Apple or Android) to get a complete diagram of your sleep habits. And of course, the HVNSLEEP Mask app is 100% free!
  5. Manually adjustable –  Of course, you can adjust the sensitivity of the device to fit your needs. Turn up the sensitivity if you want it to respond every time you snore gently, or turn the sensitivity down to make it only react if your snoring gets loud.

Designed to give you the features and comfort you require most!

  • Double duty mask also blocks ambient light – The HVN Sleep Mask not only stops you from snoring, but it also helps you to achieve a deep, relaxing sleep by blocking out ambient level lighting. By combining its revolutionary snore-stopping feature with all the benefits of a light-blocking mask, the HVNSleep Mask offers you the best sleep you can imagine.
  • Lightweight design is comfortable to wear – The HVNSleep Mask is extremely lightweight and won’t cause you any discomfort while sleeping. It uses microelectronics to monitor your biofeedback without weighing any more than a traditional light-blocking sleep mask.
  • Molded eye cups won’t put pressure on your eyes – The HVNSleep Mask features molded eyecups that give you generous space for your eyes. It won’t put pressure on your eyelids, allowing you to blink normally and without smearing any eye makeup – an important feature if you wear the HVNSleep Mask on public transit!
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How to Use the HVNSleep Mask

How to Use the HVNSleep Mask
  • Go to the Apple Store or Google Store to download the “Sleeplus” app
  • Make sure the HVNSleep Mask is fully charged using the included USB cable.
  • Wear the HVNSleep Mask while you’re sleeping.
  • Check Your Snore/Sleep Data on Sleeplus app to monitor your progress.

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Stop letting snoring ruin your sleep and your love life! Now you can get, peaceful, restful, DEEP sleep and say GOODBYE to snoring once and for all!

HVNSleep Mask Review - Best Sleeping Mask Or Best Anti Snoring Mask Review 2


HVNSleep mask is the unique solution to snoring. It also comes with an app which records the sleep data and applies it to the snoring regimen. It does not include any supplements or medication to stop snoring. This is the anti-snoring device that regulates the muscles in the throat and mouth to reduce the reverberations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the HVNSleep safe to use while travelling by plane or bus?

Yes, it is completely safe to use while travelling. Be it any kind of travel.

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