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iMemories Reviews 2021 – Is It Worth Ordering?

A lot of people go to great lengths to capture memories that are worth remembering – weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, little Janey’s first steps, her first day in kindergarten, the list goes on and on. Read our review on iMemories now.

Today with smartphones that have better digital cameras than the best analog cameras less than a decade ago, it is easy to forget that not so long ago photographs and video only came in physical form.

Nowadays photos, videos, and even movies can be no more than digital files taking up a few megabytes or gigabytes on our PCs, tablets or mobile devices.

It is a fact that millions of people still have those photo prints, home movie reels, VHS tapes of family, and countless other physical media containing cherished memories and captured moments in time.

Unfortunately, many of them become lost forever, either because they get damaged or due to deterioration through the passage of time.

With the help of imemories, you can now have the easiest way in regards to making a digital record of your entire home photos and movies. With this device, you can create your customized DVDs and share them with your family members and friends.

Convert My Memories Now!

What is iMemories?

iMemories is a service that allows users to send in their old memories, no matter what form they’re in, and have them digitized for them. iMemories will digitize all the home videos, photos, slides, negatives, and even super 8s and send them back to the users in a modern, easy to access digital format. Once this is done, users will finally be able to look at and share all their old memories on more modern devices, like their computers, phones, or tablets.

Not only that, in digitizing them, iMemories will enhance the images so that you can see them clearer than before.

Services Available from iMemories

iMemories App – The most basic service offered by this company is something that it calls the iMemories app. This app is completely free to use and available to download from Amazon and from various app stores. You can download a copy to use on your phone or tablet and another one for use on your computer. It asks for your permission first, which it uses to access and make changes to your photos and videos. The app lets you find all the digital files saved on your device and move them to a new location. You can also use the app when transferring photos and other content to an external hard drive or another device.

Disc Transfer – If you’re tired of seeing your old movies lying around in boxes or taking up space on your shelves, you may want to look into the company’s disc transfer option. This allows you to transfer your memories onto discs that you can watch on a television via a gaming console or a DVD player. You can choose between DVDs that cost just $9.99 or get Blu-Rays for just $14.99. The company will return your originals and include a copy of your finished disc. When you opt for this service, you’ll pay for the transfer and the cost of the disc.

Thumb Drive – You likely use a thumb or a flash drive on a regular basis, especially if you’re in school or work in an office. iMemories offers a package that comes with a thumb drive. Not only will it preserve all your memories online, but it will also move those memories onto a thumb drive that you can easily plug into your computer or tablet. This is a good option for those who want to share movies and pictures because you can download them and send them to others. It costs $19.99 to have your memories preserved onto an 8 GB thumb drive.

Cloud Storage – You also have the option of saving your memories to the iMemories Cloud, which acts as backup storage for your computer. If you drop your laptop when walking through the house or have an issue with your hard drive, you might lose all your favorite images and videos. This service allows you to access the cloud and view all your saved content from any device and anywhere you go. It costs just $5.99 per month for cloud storage, but you can also sign up and an annual package and pay only $49.99 a year.

How Does it Work?

iMemories service is a simple three-step process that anyone who has physical media can use. You first need to find any and all media that you want to have digitalized.

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Once you have done so, you then contact iMemories who will give you a free quote on how much it will cost to digitize everything. At this point, you are under no obligation to go ahead.If you review the quote and approve it, you then order a ‘Safe Ship Kit.’ When you do so, iMemories will send you a carton, along with a pre-paid shipping label, which you are going to send all your physical media in.

You then send the Safe Ship Kit to iMemories containing all your videos, film, photographs, etc. When iMemories receives your shipment, they will process all the media, enhance them as much as possible, and digitize them. Once complete they will ship all your originals back to you. Now with all your photos and home movies digitized, you can download them to view on computers, laptops, and mobile devices, plus you can share them with family and friends.

You also have the option to have your media made into DVD or Blu-ray formats, or sent to you on a USB thumb drive.

What Formats Can iMemories Digitize?

This is one of the best things about iMemories. It can digitize almost any older form of movie or photo and turn it into the more modern, digitalized form.

iMemories can transform:

  • 8mm
  • Super 8
  • 16mm
  • Betamax
  • VHS
  • VHS-C
  • 8mm/Hi8
  • MiniDV
  • Photo Prints
  • Slides
  • Negatives

All these options have been the primary form of saving memories in the past. However, now that iMemories offers this amazing service, users will be able to access their memories in one form, digital. And because this is done quickly and inexpensively, iMemories really is one of the best service solutions.

Once customers have received their digitalized memories, they will be able to access their photos and videos on any modern device. This includes:

  • Smart TVs
  • Televisions
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • DVD/Blu-Ray

By offering access to these memories on so many versatile platforms, iMemories makes it easier than ever to share and store memories that were once thought of as lost.

What Can You Send to iMemories?

You can send almost anything to iMemories and have them add it to your collection. Many of its customers send in the old videotapes that they used to document memories in the 1980s and 1990s. The company will accept any type of video format used in the 1980s and later, which includes both the full-size tapes and the smaller mini tapes that camcorders used. You can also send in videos that you or your family shot on and saved on standard reels.

Movie production houses used reels during the early days of the entertainment industry and only switched to digital formats in recent years. No matter how old your videos are, the chances are good that iMemories can help you. It will accept reels from as far back as the 1930s. Perhaps you’re actually looking for a way to get all your old photos and videos off your computer, but have forgotten exactly where they’re located. If that’s you, head over to our Photostick review.

Though you might think that iMemories will only work on videos and films, it will also accept photos. Do you have some old slides from a family trip and have no way to play or view those slides? When you send them in, you can have your slides added to a DVD that you keep for yourself or give to a loved one. This is one of the only companies we found that can also transfer photo negatives onto a disc.

  • Kodachrome and other types of color film
  • Black and white film
  • Analog photos
  • Tapes of all types
  • Damage or partially damaged photos and videos
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How Much Does iMemories Charge?

The rate that you pay will depend on what you want and what you plan to send to the company. If you have videotapes that you want iMemories to preserve, the company will charge $19.99 for each tape that you submit. One unique feature of its pricing structure is that it does not charge a rate based on the length of the tape. Even if you send in an extended format tape that runs for 90 minutes or more, you’ll pay the same rate.

You’ll pay a slightly higher rate when sending in film reels because the conversion process takes more time. The techs must use caution to make sure that they don’t damage the reels. For every 50 feet of tape that you submit, you will pay $19.99. This lets you measure the length of each reel to determine your total cost ahead of time. When it comes to photos, the company will charge you just $0.79 per photo. This is the same rate that iMemories charges for slides too. You may occasionally find a few specials, especially around the holidays. Those specials can drop your total price down to $12.99 for videotapes and reels and down to around 50 cents each for photos and slides.

How to Download Videos from iMemories

  • Visit the iMemories website and log in with your account details
  • Click on the photo or film that you want to download
  • Look for the download button on the page and click it
  • Save the image/video under the title that you want to use
  • Repeat the process for any additional images or videos

How Does the iMemories App Work?

  • Download the app to your phone or a similar device
  • Create a new account with your email address
  • Click on the Uploads button on the top of the screen
  • Choose the photos that you want to add to the app from your folders and files
  • Select the Downloads button to download content to your account

What Can You Do with the iMemories App?

  • Cloud storage: One of the key things that this app provides you is cloud storage. As long as you remember the email address and the password you attached to your account, you can log in from other devices to view your photos/videos and add new ones.
  • Share content: With this handy app, you can share your content with loved ones on almost any social media site. It works with both Twitter and Facebook and other sites to let you share images that you never shared before.
  • Create slideshows: You can use this app to select photos and create slideshows. This allows you to create shows that feature pictures of your kids through the ages or your most recent vacation. It has a full-screen option that lets you see all areas of your photos too.
  • Offline viewing: This app is also a convenient way to view your photos when you don’t have your phone nearby. With its cloud storage feature, you can upload photos and videos from any device you log in on and access that content from those devices too. You can also download photos to your device to view them when you don’t have an internet connection.

Steps on downloading Videos in the iMemories

  • You to login first in the iMemories website
  • Once you are successfully log in, you can now click the photo, film, video that you want to download.
  • Find the download button then click it
  • Save your chosen item in the title that you like
  • Then you are done, you need to wait for a bit for it to successfully downloaded.
  • Once you have other things to download, you only need to follow these steps to do it.

Key benefits in using iMemories App

The iMemories App lets you have an easy way to view and access your memories. They also make you have a high definition video, slideshows, and so on our phone. iMemories App offers an easy way to share your photos and videos instantly, even if you are using a mobile phone.  The mobile phone can also be used as a scanner if you want to add some images to your account. Also, it can be used in making short or lengthy videos. So, overall, the iMemories App is beneficial and efficient if you want to make an instant video and or slideshows even when you are using a mobile phone.

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Another great thing about iMemories App is that you can upload your videos and photos online, which is called Web uploading. This will let you transfer your videos and images saved in your phone or camera into the web. This will also allow you clean or make another space for phone and camera for another memory that o will take in the future.

Our Review

Memories can be such a wonderful tonic in all kinds of scenarios and photographs, or videos, of our family are some of the best ways to remember happy times, whether they are recent or from a long time ago.

Thanks to iMemories we can now have all those boxes full of photographs, film reels, and videotapes, not only enhanced but saved digitally, forever.

Best of all, once all those memories have been processed, you can share them with friends and family wherever they are in the world, which is something you could never have done before with physical photos and home movies.

It is a simple service, all your memories are fully tracked while they are in transit, and the cost is more worth it, especially when you consider you are preserving precious memories for eternity.

iMemories Reviews 2021 - Is It Worth Ordering? 1

Where to Buy

iMemories is available for the best price from the their online website here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limits on what iMemories will convert?

iMemories can convert a whole range of physical media but if you have a format which is not already listed in the product features section, then contact iMemories directly to check first.

The other issue relates to copyrighted material which they are not allowed to convert due to copyright law. While this is most likely to apply to movies you might have on VHS tape, it can also be an issue with videos that have been created for you by a professional videographer. Examples are wedding or bar mitzvah videos where often the videographer will claim copyright, even though it is your event, so check for this carefully.

I do not live in the US; can I still use iMemories?

Currently iMemories only ships within the US so their service is not available overseas.

Am I allowed to make my own copies of the DVDs after they have been sent to me?

Yes, you certainly can. iMemories do not make any claim of copyright protection on the DVDs they make for their customers, so you are perfectly entitled to make copies of them using DVD copying software, or with a local DVD copying service.

Some of my VHS tapes have 3 hours of content, others only have about 15 minutes. Is there any reduction in price for the shorter videos?

The price for iMemories digitizing VHS tapes is the same whether the tape is 10 minutes long or 100 minutes long, so there would no difference in the price, unfortunately.

What film format does iMemories Accept?

The iMemories accepts film formats from 8mm, 16mm, Super 8, and Black and White films.

Can I track my order in iMemories?

Yes, iMemories offers an online package tracking to let you monitor where your memories are. This is also to make their customers track their packages and to make sure that it is safe. You can copy your shipping number and track it online. This will let you see where the box is currently in.

Can I Download videos in the iMemories?

Yes, you can download videos in the iMemories. You only need to sign in your account.

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