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iMemories vs LegacyBox: Which device is better?

You might have a lot of photos or videos from an old camera on your shelf. Even if the memories are blurry, they are still important. Everyone wants to keep the last picture of them. So why shouldn’t we try to keep your parents or the first of them? New devices do not work with old reels and films. 

In spite of this, businesses like iMemories and Legacybox still exist. Our old memories can always be retrieved digitally with the help of these companies.  For your convenience, I have compiled a guide on iMemories vs Legacybox so that you can choose easily between them.

Videotape conversionVHS, VHS-C, Betamax, 8mm, Hi-8, Video8, Digital8, MiniDV, MicroDVPAL, Digital 8, VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Betamax, MicroMV, Betamax-C, Hi8, Video 8
Film conversion16mm, 8mm, Super 816mm, 8mm, Super 8, Regular 8
Photo conversionNegatives, slides, and prints of photosNegatives, slides, and prints in 35mm/126
Audio conversionNo–Microcassette, Audio cassette, Reel-to-Reel
DVD conversionDVDs, MiniDVDNo–
What can you get backDigital Downloads, DVDs, Blu-rays, Portable Hard Drives, Flash Drives, iMemories CloudWatchable DVD set, easy digital download, flash drive
PriceTapes cost $11.99 eachFilms for movies are $11.99 per 50 feet.Each photo costs $0.47Starter kit for 2 items = $59.98 (2 tapes, or 2 films, or 2 sets of 25 pictures to digital)Starter Kit: $279.98 (10 Tapes, 10 Films, or 10 sets of 25 Pictures to Digital)The starter package contains 20 items for $559.98 (20 tapes, 20 films, or 20 sets of 25 digital pictures).A starter kit with 40 items costs $1,099.98 (40 tapes, 40 films, or 40 sets of 25 pictures converted to digital).
Originals returnYesYes
iOS and Android AppYesNo–
Free image and video enhancementYesYes
Easy edit and organizeYesYes
Shipping time3 to 5 days3 to 6 days
How long does it take to digitize2 to 3 weeks6 to 8 weeks

The table above for iMemories Vs Legacybox, gives you a clear picture of the features offered by both the companies. 

iMemories Vs Legacybox: What Is the Difference?

Every day, we take photos and cherish them when we remember them. But if you lose them, that means, you’re losing your precious moment of that time. Oh, don’t be worried and here’s the solution to make your memories alive. iMemories Vs Legacybox will help you choose amongst these two most popular companies that help in making your memories forever alive. 



Do you have any old movies that your parents bought a long time ago? If so, your age may make it hard for you to show some movies. iMemories is a good service that can help you keep these memories.

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The old videos or pictures will be changed digitally by iMemories. You can use DVDs or Blu-Ray discs to make the copies. They want to make sure you have everything you need to keep important memories safe. iMemories does more than just digitise and fix old recordings. It also gives you a modern way to store analogue photos.

With iMemories, you can save it and keep it safe in the cloud. With this option, you can get to your memories from anywhere in the world. You can also enter the member database with any smart device, which will save you time when looking for videos. With iMemories, you can choose which videos and photos you want to see.



Legacybox is a one-stop shop for all of your digitization needs. It is based in Chattanooga, TN. They will send you a box that is already paid for you to put your old analogue items in (tapes, film, cassettes and photos). They’ll even keep you up to date as they digitise, so you’re never in the dark. When you get your box of memories back, you’ll get your original tapes, photos, DVDs, and either a thumb drive or a cloud download, if you chose to get one.

How does it work: iMemories vs Legacybox


It only takes a few steps to do all of this. Then you will go through your family’s memories and choose which ones to keep. If you know what you want, you can set up an online business account so that iMemories can give you a free quote.

After you figure out how much it will cost, you can either ask iMemories for a protective pack or make your own and send it to them.

When they get the package, they will look through it carefully and watch the videos. This is a good way to improve these pictures. The photos and videos should be clearer and stand out more.

Before the work is done, you decide what to do next. You can store the original photos and videos on your computer so that you can share them digitally. If you want to use all of the above ways to place your order, you have to do it online. You could also get all of these things back that you send to iMemories.

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Once you’ve paid for the service, Legacybox will send you a package so you can send them your old memories. You will leave the box with your old things at the UPS store near you.

The delivery tag can be seen ahead of time. You will keep an eye on your shipment while you wait for it to be sent back. You may have to wait between four and six weeks.

Pricing: iMemories vs Legacybox


What you plan to send to the company will determine how much you have to pay. The company might charge $15.99 for each videotape you send them, but at the time this article was written, they had a limited-time offer where you could save 25% on the price of converting them to digital. 

One thing that makes its prices stand out is that it doesn’t charge more for longer tapes. So, you’ll pay the same price for a movie that’s 80 minutes long or longer.

The prices for film reels are different. For every 50 feet of film tape, you pay $15.99, while each photo or slide costs $0.59. But around the holidays, you might be able to find some deals. With the discounts, the cost of reels and videotapes can go down to $11.99 and the cost of slides and photos can go down to 47 cents.


It might not be cheap to change media to a digital format. It might cost as little as $60, but that might only cover two analogue video or photo sets. Prices for the other items may start at $280 for ten items. For every 40 items, the price can go up to $1,100. There is an ongoing 50% off.

Benefits: iMemories vs Legacybox


  • Suitable for both short and long films.
  • Your device is capable of playing high-resolution videos.
  • Check for new photos and add your phone.
  • Uploading videos and pictures is quick.
  • Easily recognizable.


  • Produce both short and long clips
  • Relive your old memories in high-quality.
  • As you find new items, add them.
  • Follow the progress of your package

Which company to trust:  iMemories vs Legacybox


iMemories is one of the first firms in the world to offer digitization services, and it can help you transform your old memories into digital ones in a matter of weeks. If you decide to use the services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cherished recollections are in good hands.

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The company has been in business since 2005, and in that time, they have not lost or damaged a single item. This fact alone warrants serious consideration as an option, especially given their track record.

In addition, when you send the company the items you want to sell, you can be offered a free estimate of how much money you will need to pay for them. After then, it will be up to you to determine whether or not you still want to go with this. Your photographs will be improved by the professionals, and you will be able to relive all of the memorable events in an even more vivid way.


Legacybox has earned a customer rating of 3.69 stars out of a possible 5 after receiving 681 reviews, suggesting that the vast majority of buyers are pleased with their acquisitions. Customers that are pleased with Legacybox most commonly highlight vhs tapes, amazing jobs, and home movies as reasons for their satisfaction.

The Better Business Bureau has awarded an A+ rating to legitimate and reliable business Legacy box. However, many customers have voiced their dissatisfaction with the fact that Legacybox deleted the photographs and videos they had uploaded to the service. Despite the fact that they have significantly improved the accuracy of their tracking procedure in recent years, this is something that should absolutely be kept in mind.

Where to Buy: iMemories and Legacybox


Check if the company has an official website before you buy anything from the internet. We recommend buying from the seller if the product has one.


It is also a trusted company to work with Legacybox. Google can be used to search their website. Make sure the website is thoroughly checked.

Which Is Better: iMemories vs Legacybox

When it comes to preserving our golden memories and converting them to more polished digital forms, we all want to select a dependable service that is one step ahead in terms of performance and excellence. In other words, we want to choose the best option possible.

Unfortunately, there is always a great deal of confusion over the selection of iMemories vs Legacybox, both of which are reliable services. Because of the high quality of the outcomes provided by both providers, consumers are at a loss to determine which option is superior.

On the other hand, this conundrum is no longer an issue. DVDs, the iMemories Cloud, digital downloads, and USB drives are the four methods that can be used to view photographs that have been stored in an iMemories album. On the other hand, Legacybox offers a total of only three different approaches. You are unable to download or use the Legacybox app on either an Android or an iOS device. This implies that the only way to access your photographs is through Google Drive or another cloud storage service.

In addition, as part of the services they provide, iMemories provides excellent interoperability, an excellent user interface, and effective technical assistance. Because of this, iMemories is a more convenient and trustworthy alternative to Legacybox and other services of its like.


If we had to choose between iMemories vs Legacybox, we would go with iMemories. Because you get the same service whether your video is short or long. They work with all kinds of files and turn them into content that is easy to use.

The fact that iMemories works with social media is also a big plus. Anything you store in the cloud can be posted right away. But Legacybox falls short in this area. Even though they have a bit more privacy, you should choose iMemories.

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