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iSkin Review – New Facial Peeling Device

Finding the elixir of life to always look young and radiant has always been one of the great challenges of humanity… until now! We finally have a solution. We’ve always been particularly concerned about our image and the outward appearance we display to others. And the truth is that we always like to look good because let does not kid ourselves, we like to leave a good impression on others and we care about how others see us. Currently, many beauty centers offer specialized and advanced technology for eliminating wrinkles, regenerating collagen, evening out, and tightening the skin.

Treatments like ultrasound, lifting and moisturising treatments are able to help us regain the best version of our skin. Unfortunately, not all of us have the money or the time. After years of development, we have managed to create a machine with the same features and results at a minimal price. You can continue using your anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams, but if you combine them with this technology, you will achieve unimaginable effects.

What is iSkin?

iSkin Review - New Facial Peeling Device 1

iSkin is a new peeling device, it performs a totally effective facial cleaning by means of ultrasound. This new facial rejuvenation device applies non-invasive techniques, and its effects are noticeable from the first week of use. Before we get into the details of this extraordinary gadget, let us know what is Ultrasonic peeling and how it will help in transforming your skin completely. Thus, boosting your inner confidence and making you a NEW VERSION of yourself.

What is UltraSonic Peeling?

It is a technique that is based on the removal of dead cells and residues on the surface of our skin. In this case, it is done by mechanical vibration emitted by a spatula, which is kept in direct contact with the tissue.

This vibration is generated thanks to the emission of a high frequency alternating current of more than 20,000 Hz that is not perceived by the human ear.

The sound waves of the ultrasound, peel and promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin by promoting the functioning of fibroblasts, which in turn improve oxygenation and nutrition of tissues.

Advantages of UltraSonic Peeling?

With Ultrasonic peeling due to it triple exfoliation, extraction and stimulation of active collagen, it only allows regeneration and deep cleansing of the skin by eliminating skin spots, acne scars, dead cells or dirt; it allows makes the skin get back its firmness and flexibility.

It also produces facial rejuvenation thanks to better oxygenation, attenuating the lines, and improving slight wrinkles. On the other hand, it is ideal for better cosmetic penetration since it prepares pores and opens them.

It is painless and does not cause inflammation or redness. Although it is very efficient and offers immediate results, its use is not recommended for people with recent wounds, skin infections, or pregnant people.

In general, it is an especially beneficial technique for people with very marked and appreciable imperfections such as acne that need a deep cleansing in the most superficial layers of their skin.

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Of course, if you practice it you should know that the days after treatment you should protect your skin from the sun and use moisturizers since the skin tends to dry more easily.

Features of iSkin

iSkin Review - New Facial Peeling Device 2
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  • This is the must-have tool if you want to proudly show off your skin, one of the most revolutionary gadgets that’ll radically change your image.  It’s a portable cleanser that uses ultrasonic waves and vibrations to eliminate dead skin cells one by one in totally effective way. Thanks to its different functions, it rejuvenates and tightens the skin.
  • In addition, it allows you to remove all dirt and even lightens the skin, improving the tonicity of the tissues and their softness.  This machine provides results instantaneously, acting deep down in the pores, and it can be combined with other products such as facial creams or shaving foam.
  • It offers multiple functions: it can help you to naturally brighten up your face, prevent the appearance of wrinkles by improving blood supply and can eliminate acne. In addition, it improves regeneration processes. Best of all is that it can also prevent the appearance of blackheads or pimples and even fine lines. Some of its most noteworthy effects include: ideal for skin cleansing, patients with moderate skin flaccidity, tense jaw line and neck, eyebrow lift, elimination of eyelid bags and wrinkles on the face and neckline.
  • It is portable and you can use it in various ways, depending on whether you only need to clean the skin of impurities or if you also want to achieve a deep hydration of the skin.  It uses rechargeable technology and can be used several times a week for several hours to enhance its beneficial effects. After recharging, the battery lasts for around two hours.
  • And it leaves no sign of irritation, nor is it painful in any way. It is a very easy-to-use device with a very intuitive system.
  • The device comes in several colours: mainly black and white. In addition to being super easy to clean, the device has the right size for carrying with you in travel backpacks or even purses.

Why You Need iSkin?

iSkin Review - New Facial Peeling Device 3

It works by ultrasound system without any invasive effect on the skin. Performs highly effective intense pore cleaning in sessions of between 15 and 30 minutes. It can be used with wrinkle creams and remove bags under the eyes, smooth crow’s feet, and other blemishes. It helps reduce skin blemishes as well as acne. Various types of treatment, both exfoliating and skin hydration. It helps to rejuvenate the neck skin, guaranteed face. It can be used on both men and women. It is suitable for any age.

How does the ultrasound facial peel iSkin facial scrub work?

iSkin has a head with a spatula that glides smoothly across the skin of the face. The device emits an ultrasound, which, depending on the function of the machine, performs a complete exfoliation, or hydration or pore cleansing.

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What’s exfoliation? How does it work?

Exfoliation removes the top layer of your skin to reveal the smooth, beautiful skin below. The outer layer of your skin, called the epidermis, is made up of old, dead cells that are continually shedding. They’re replaced by new cells below, which move up to replace the dead cells. As the new skin cells move up, they harden and die. This skin cycle is ongoing and takes about 30 days.

But if those old, dead cells stay on the surface – instead of shedding – they can give your skin a flat, dull appearance. The buildup can also cause blemishes, and scaling. Exfoliation makes your skin more beautiful in 2 ways. It reveals the new skin below and improves the penetration of skincare products.

What’s ultrasound?

Ultrasound is sound waves (greater than or equal to 20 kHz) that travel at such a high frequency that you cannot hear them (unless you’re young with FANTASTIC hearing).

Is it safe?

Ultrasound has been used in medicine for a long time. Many people are familiar with it because it’s used to check the growth and development of babies while women are pregnant. Ultrasound is also used in cataract surgery and to break down kidney stones. It may even help to regrow teeth!

When ultrasound is used in physical therapy, it’s called phonophoresis. First medication is applied to your skin, then the ultrasound waves are used to help the medication penetrate the skin – allowing it to be absorbed by the tissues below. So yes, ultrasound is used in lots of different applications. And when used as directed, ultrasound is very safe.

horizontal closeup of a woman getting an ultrasonic facial with an ultrasonic spatula

How does the ultrasonic facial work? (Sometimes you’ll hear it called sonophoresis)

Skin acts as a barrier to keep the good stuff in your body in AND the bad stuff out. It’s built kind of like a brick wall. When skin works like it’s supposed to, it’s hard for creams and serums to penetrate. Katherine Farady, a Dermatologist in Austin, Texas, describes it like this:

“The outer layer of skin usually contains 20-35% water. The ‘skin barrier,’ also known as the stratum corneum, is comprised of a dead flattened layer of cells called corneocytes, forming the ‘bricks,’ and the intervening layer of lipids, forming ‘the mortar.’ This bricks and mortar structure prevents water loss through the skin.”

“Low frequency ultrasonic exfoliation uses sound vibrations to disrupt your skin’s barrier function,” says Samir Mitragotri, PhD, assistant professor of chemical engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara. (

The sound waves create small spaces between the skin cells (holes in the mortar between the bricks) that allow the ingredients in the creams/serums to quickly be absorbed into your skin.

Are there any clinical studies? Is there any proof the ultrasonic facial works?

Low-frequency ultrasound is used in many different medical applications. It allows medications to penetrate your skin more deeply. BUT there aren’t many studies of how well ultrasound works for skin rejuvenation. In fact, I was only able to find 1 study of ultrasound & the ultrasonic spatula in skin rejuvenation.

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study by Steven Dayan, Shridhar Ventrapragada, and Anil R. Shah, followed 48 women ranging in age from 26 – 63. Each completed 8 treatments and had post-treatment photographs.

  • 32 of the patients got salicylic acid + ultrasound.
  • 16 got ultrasound alone.
  • All patients tolerated the study well and found the ultrasound therapy soothing.
  • There were no adverse effects
diagram of the layers of skin | 15 Tips for Beautiful Lips + Shop Skincare Products for Lips! | Masterpiece Skin Restoration

Results of the study:  

  • An objective difference was seen when a mild skin exfoliant was added. The categories with significant improvements included skin laxity, fine wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and overall improvement. Only coarse wrinkles did not show significant improvement.
  • Improvements in facial skin were thought to be from exfoliation, NOT underlying structural skin changes. So the changes affected the epidermis (top layer of skin) most, with minimal effects on the dermis (2nd layer of skin).
  • Ultrasound was well tolerated with no downtime.
  • It was most effective when used with a mild peeling skincare product like salicylic acid.
  • Further study needs to be done to determine the best ultrasound exposure time, intensity level, and the best peeling skincare product to be used with the ultrasonic facial.
  • Ultrasound is widely used and safe when used by non-medical personnel under the guidance of a doctor.

Is skin cleaning with iSkin safe?

The iSkin ultrasonic skin cleansing device is very safe, and we also avoid the so-called chemical peel, since it does not need chemical products to perform deep cleansing and facial peeling on a regular basis.

Is the iSkin facial peel effective?

Exfoliating and ultrasound facial peeling treatments with iSkin are effective and long-lasting. In addition to this, the skin looks radiant and smooth from the first week of use and does not cause irritation or problems.

iSkin Review - New Facial Peeling Device 4


If you wish to make your skin glowing, free from wrinkles then you surely need iSkin Facial Peel. Results are seen after using for a week only. Thus, instead of going to expensive treatments, grab your personal dermatologist, and begin your skin transformation journey at home.

Ultrasonic therapy uses high-level sound waves — far beyond the range audible to humans — to stimulate cells far beyond the superficial layers of skin, which jumpstarts collagen production, reduces inflammation, and promotes blood circulation (hence, the glow).Sep


Is UltraSonic Good For Skin?

It is good for the skin as it promotes the production of collagen, reduces inflammation, and promotes blood circulation on the face. Hence, it results in glowing and younger-looking skin.

Is using iSkin safe for the skin?

It is very safe for the skin as it saves you from the chemical peel. Thus, without using any chemicals, it makes your skin glowing and younger looking and free from dark spots, wrinkles and acne spots.

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