Neck Hammock Review : Does This Neck Traction Device Really Work?


One of the greatest pains in your body is neck pain. Does that seem right for you? Well, it is. In most cases, it’s hard labor that causes neck pain. On the other hand, several people get this problem due to other factors. Because of this annoying problem, I would like to introduce you to the best neck pain relief gadget called Neck Hammock.

You can set aside all those neck pain remedies you have been using right here and now because there won’t be any more neck pain for you, my dear friend.

Neck pain is considered one of the common health problems for individuals that have not yet heard about neck pain relief solutions.

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What is the Neck Hammock?

Neck Hammock is a revolutionary neck muscle pain relief solution. It is a portable solution for throbbing neck pain. Its simple scheme is the most intriguing value it offers. With Neck Hammock, users do not need the services of a chiropractor to provide you with treatment. It gives an instantaneous effect that instantly relieves the pressure on your neck off.

Neck Hammock

How does it work?

The main reason you might search for Neck Hammock reviews is that you want to know both how it works and if it will really work. This simple device essentially works in the same way that a physical therapist would. If you ever had a PT appointment and used a cervical traction device before, you have an idea of how this device works. It lifts your head off the ground and gently separates it from your neck. The process allows your neck muscles to gently stretch and relieve some of the tension that you feel. It will also help stretch the muscles in your back and shoulders.

As you use the Neck Hammock, you’ll find that it gently pulls and stretches all the main muscle groups in your back. This can improve your circulation and let more blood and nutrients reach those muscle groups, which can help you reduce pain in the future. When using the device because of a pulled or sore muscle, it will reduce some of the pressure on that muscle. It does the same thing on herniated and bulging disks. With regular use, you may find that the Neck Hammock reduces your outbreaks of future pain too.

Neck Hammock Features

Affordable : The device is loads of dollars less than the cost of its closest competitor. Saunder’s cervical traction unit MSRP, costs over $300 and offers just the same degree of cervical traction as Neck Hammock. It is, therefore, a worthy pick.

Portable : The Neck Hammock is a very portable pack. It fits in most small-medium size handbags. If it is the case that you are going on a trip, you could fix it into your luggage.

Comfortable : The device is well tailored to enhance comfort. It wasn’t designed with chin straps and this eliminates chances of TMJ issues. The padding perfectly molds into the user’s head and this way, the chin strap remains unnecessary.

Customisable : The device recognises the uniqueness of the demands of different users and is therefore adjustable to provide the degree of tension that is considered suitable to the user. So, if you desire degree of tension, all you need do is move away from the pole or strap support. And if it is the case where more tension is required, then you could move to a position that feels just perfect.

Effective : The gadget offers a traction strength of up to 40 lbs, and this is the best anywhere. In fact, further degree of tension for neck pain, is not necessary.

Clever Design : The device is excellently crafted. While in use, users can move around and strengthening exercises can be carried out while at it. It even proves useful to healthcare clinicians who can now prescribe exercise to undertake at home with the Neck Hammock. These are features that no other competitor provides.

Easy To Setup : You just need to wrap the gadget strap around a doorknob or a pole and it doesn’t get easier.

How it Works

Its simplistic design makes it incredibly easy to use. You just need to hang the wire on something like a doorknob or even putting it between the door and door frame and closing it. By doing so, the door is pressing against the door frame and holding the strap tight. If you’d like to use at a different spot, you can do that but make sure it’s parallel to the floor.

After that, you just have to lay on the floor with your body in a straight position and relax while the hammock cradles you away to heaven. The effect of the Neck Hammock can be felt after approximately 10 minutes of use.

As a result of hassle-free use along with a small time requirement, it’s actually far more reasonable for people to apply cervical traction regularly for noticeable merits.

People that have tried Neck Hammock have said that it’s so comfortable that it makes them fall asleep. A couple of professional athletes also tried it and immediately felt relief and relaxation from using it.

How to Work Neck Hammock

What Comes in the Box?

  • Straps: You get multiple sets of straps designed to wrap around both a door jam and any posts or poles in your home.
  • Eye mask: When you slip on this eye mask, you’ll find that it completely blocks out all the light around you. Some users found that this helped them focus on their relaxation.
  • Door hanger: If you use the Neck Hammock on a door jam, you’ll also want to use the included door hanger. Similar to the “Do Not Disturb” signs that hotels use, it lets others know that you are behind the door. This prevents accidents caused by others trying to open that door.
  • Foam cushioned wrap: You also get a head and neck wrap made from a foam cushion. This cushion has added pads that cover the base of your head and your ears to help you lay down comfortably. The foam inside wraps around your head and keeps any of the other parts from rubbing uncomfortably against you.
  • Carrying bag: The manufacturer also gives you a carrying bag made from spandex that expands to fit the Neck Hammock and all the included accessories inside. This bag has strings with toggle buttons on the end that make it easy to open and close the top.
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Should You Buy it?

When writing our Neck Hammock review, we looked at dozens of reviews on Amazon and other sites to see how real-life shoppers felt about this product and the experiences they had with it. We also looked at those reviews to determine some of the various pros and cons that prospective shoppers should consider. While we recommend the Neck Hammock, we want you to consider all the following pros and cons for yourself. If you don’t experience pain, but just have trouble getting quality sleep, we recommend taking a look at the Dodow, a natural sleeping aid.

  • You can feel it’s effects rather quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight design
  • Affordable
  • Easy to carry with you wherever you go
  • You have to hang it off of something in order for it to work.
  • You have to lie on the ground to use it.
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Who Can Benefit From NeckHammock?

Aside from everyday pain relief, this device is great for athletes who need to recover quickly. In fact, several professional fighters have given positive reviews. NeckHammock can also be beneficial for anyone who spends all day at their desk such as office workers and students. It is also highly recommended for business travellers and drivers as it can safely and effectively relieve neck pain, improve the flexibility of the neck, relieve tension and enhance relaxation.

Benefit From NeckHammock

How To Setup A Neck Hammock

We have broken down the procedures for neck hammock setup into a few simple steps so that you won’t have trouble installing it for the first time. Just follow them sequentially, and it is done!

  • Step 1 : Assemble the hammock parts. Attach the neck sling to the bungee strap and connect the other end of the Bungie strap to the other strap piece.
  • Step 2 : Find support for your neck hammock to hang from. You could use a doorknob, a pole or even a door jamb to hang it. If you have a ceiling hook at your place, you could easily use that too.
  • Step 3 : Hook the strap loop around the hook/doorknob. In case of a pole, wrap strap and pull the end through a loop. If you are attaching it to a door jamb, just place the belt on the door frame and shut the door.
  • Step 4 : Pull the strap to make sure it’s steady and has sufficient traction.
  • Step 5 : Rest your head on the hammock sling and relax.

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

Such a quality for this price makes us definitely say yes! This revolutionary neck hammock will set you free of the aggravating, life-interrupting neck pain. Loosen your muscles now!

Order NeckHammock from the official website.

It’s That Simple!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Neck Hammock Safe?

Neck traction is perfectly safe. It’s a simple and effective treatment for your neck and back pain.

Is Neck Traction good for your neck?

Cervical traction helps decrease compressive force in your neck, which in turn helps reduce pressure off of the discs that are located between the vertebrae in the neck.

How is this device any different than my pillow?

Neck Hammock is unique because it will slightly pull your head away from your spine and in turn, provide you with genuine relief.

How many times a day can I use this?

We like to compare this to improving hamstring flexibility. If you have REALLY tight hamstrings, then you are probably going to need to stretch them 2-3x a day for a few weeks to see permanent physical change. If you have relatively flexible hamstrings, then you probably only need to stretch them 3-4x per week. It’s the same as your neck. If it’s in bad shape, you may need to use 2-3x per day up to 15 minutes at a time. If 15 minutes give you a headache, try to decrease the time and place the pad more towards the middle of your neck.

Does Neck Hammock work on all doors?

Pretty much! It’s designed to work on any swinging door with a handle or knob.

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