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Outstyle Music Review – Super Sound Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

OutStyle Music Review: Music is like a soundtrack of our life. A song can instantly take us back to a moment in time and flood us with powerful emotions. Most of us couldn’t imagine living without our favorite music and now it’s easy and convenient to listen to your must-have playlists absolutely anywhere with this popular wireless Bluetooth speaker.

You’re going to love just how incredible your favorite music will sound with OutStyle Music. No compromise in quality here! Completely waterproof and wireless, this amazing speaker is also equipped with a long-lasting rechargeable battery and impressive 360-degree sound. The mini subwoofer provides incredible bass range and the high-resolution audio system produces HUGE sound with stunning clarity. This is one amazing Bluetooth speaker that you’ll enjoy for years to come! More information and buy visit official website .

What is Outstyle Music Wireless Bluetooth Speaker?

Outstyle Music Reviews
Outstyle Music Review - Super Sound Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 1

OutStyle Music is a compact, portable and most importantly, wireless speaker. This amazing speaker is equipped with a long-lasting USB rechargeable battery and impressive 360-degree sound. Fully immersive in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes with an IPX7 waterproof rating.

Not just for Music, it provides crystal-clear playback for podcasts and for hands-free phone calling and many more.100% wireless connection sets you free. And easy to attach to your belt, a backpack, or even a bicycle handle with a convenient loop. CTC – 49.95.

I’m excited to write this review because outstyle music is just a product of a different kind. It is quite very unlike the several portable bluetooth speakers I’ve used and seen in recent times, and what is even more exciting, you won’t believe how affordable.

I was just as amazed as the customer who described his experience. He saw it with a friend and was like “wow! is this for real?” So, he rushed to order and on seeing the price, he was again like “hold on for a second!” He called his friend with whom he saw the outstyle music and said “ I think I just found a cheap, fake version of your outstyle music. I mean, the device I saw with you can’t be this affordable.” Funny right? But that’s the outstyle music for you. Read on to know more!

What are the technical details and Specifications of this wireless speaker?

Here are the specifications of this device:

  1. Dimensions: 80 X 100 millimeters (3.14 X 3.93 Inches)
  2. Weight: 120 grams (4.23 Ounces)
  3. Bluetooth type: Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology
  4. Battery: Inbuilt rechargeable Li – ion battery 1800mAh. It can last for six (6) hours after a full charge.

What are the Top Features of outstyle music speaker?

This speaker boasts of numerous features that are unique to it alone. The features include:

  1. Waterproof: It is completely waterproof thanks to its IP67 waterproof rating. This speaker can be fully immersed in one meter (1) deep water for 30 minutes, without any worry. Most technologies these days get destroyed by water, sand or dirt but not the OutStyle wireless Music speaker. It was specifically made for the purpose of beach days and pool parties, so you can enjoy your music at the beach or the pool.
  2. Wireless: This speaker is lightweight, portable and wireless. It is designed to be easily gripped in one hand. It also has a loop that can be attached to your belt, or a backpack or even your bicycle handle. All you need to do is connect to this device via Bluetooth and begin to enjoy music anywhere you go.
  3. Improved Bluetooth Technology: This speaker makes use of the Bluetooth 4.2 technology. This is a significant component to consider here. As indicated by the cases made, it is a refreshed adaptation of the famous Bluetooth 4.1 technology. With regards to playing music, this innovation is considered over 200% quicker than its obsolete adaptation, has an unquestionably increasingly stable sign, and is expected to yield high transmission rates. With respect to network, people are informed that this music speaker can keep on playing in any event, when one’s cell phone is similarly at least 33ft.
  4. Super Sound: it is exciting to see such a small speaker produce sounds equally some big speakers. The sound while loud is still coherent which booms out of the tiny device. The bass of the speaker is revolutionary. You can now enjoy your favorite podcasts or play games on your iPad with all the sounds clear and coherent as you like it. You can also make calls and receive calls through this wireless speaker without straining to hear what the caller is saying. It will surely serve you better than most phone speakers. You can hear people more clearly and audibly over the phone while connected.
  5. Portability: Size is of importance here, as most speaker frameworks are either excessively overwhelming or require a great deal of room. This music speaker has been intended to fit in your palms richly. It has a handle, more like a wristband that you can hang it anywhere you choose. You can hang it around your wrist, on your bicycle or anywhere else you can think of. It can also be put in a bag if you want. This takes into account your convenience as well as expanded accommodation. 
  6. 360-degree speakers: 360-degree sound yield basically means that people can tune in to their music as it is conveyed from various edges. Wherever you are standing around the device, you can enjoy the sound clearly with the full vibes. 360-degrees sound output implies that people can listen to their music as it is delivered from different angles. What makes these types of music unique is their ability to rid ongoing sound issues related to narrow zones, where music is heard clearly in one area and entirely out of it in another.
  7. Battery Capacity: It comes with a rechargeable battery with 1800mAh capacity. It just needs a connection to a USB port and it will charge. There is no need to worry about changing batteries. The battery capacity also warrants comment in that it allows this Bluetooth speaker to continuously play music for up to six (6) hours after a full charge. Powered with a “fast-charge feature”, charging this device fully takes as little as 2 hours. With this speaker, you can enjoy six hours listening time. That is a pretty long time to enjoy your music before the next charge.
  8. Mini Subwoofer: The embedded mini subwoofer allegedly enhances one’s music listening experience by proving maximum amount of “oomph”. This addition works by reproducing music at low frequencies, resulting in the right amplification that sets the party or mellow vibe.
  9. Easy to set up: This is as easy as the English Alphabets; A, B, C.. You don’t need to have any technological knowledge to be able to set this up. It can be set up by anyone even a kid. Connecting via bluetooth occurs only in a matter of seconds.
  10. Straight-forward Controls: This speaker has just three controls; the force button, the expansion volume button (+) and the reduction volume button (-). This exhibits the general straightforwardness of the gadget, which can be exploited by pretty much any buyer.
  11. Pairing: Yes, you can connect two out style wireless music speakers together in case you want to increase sounds to a particular level. This is very possible with its inbuilt pairing technology
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Advantages Of OutStyle Music

  • 100% wireless connection sets you free
  • IPX7 rating means it’s totally waterproof
  • True 360-degree sound
  • Compact and portable
  • Long-lasting USB rechargeable battery

The Wireless Advantage

OutStyle Music is compact, portable, and wireless! Connect with your Bluetooth and take it anywhere. And we mean anywhere! Designed to be easily gripped in one hand, OutStyle Music also has a convenient loop that can be attached to your belt, or a backpack, or even a bicycle handle! Take your music with you and you’ll be able to groove as you move, no matter where you are. Here is going special discount. Hurry Offer are limited

The Waterproof Advantage

Taking electronic gadgets to the beach or a pool can be risky. Gadgets are expensive, and the vast majority are not waterproof. Good thing OutStyle Music are!

Never worry about water, sand, or dirt ruining your OutStyle Music. This speaker was made for beach days, pool parties, or anywhere in between. With an IPX7 waterproof rating, OutStyle Music can be fully immersed in up to a metre of water for 30 minutes! Enjoy your music at the beach, the pool, or even in the shower. The choice is yours! Read More Here: Dont Miss Out Todays Special Offer.

How to Use OutStyle Music?

  1. Charge the speaker with the included USB cable.
  2. Sync your OutStyle Music speaker with your chosen device.
  3. Enjoy OutStyle Music absolutely anywhere, at the beach or at a pool party! It’s waterproof, so why not?

Want to Turn Your Pool into a Party? Just Add OutStyle Music

Summer 2020 is in full swing and you shouldn’t miss out on all the excitement. An OutStyle Music waterproof Bluetooth speaker will surely amplify all your summer activities and make you the envy of all your pool-partying friends. OutStyle Music is compact, portable, wireless, and waterproof, and will make your next get-together one to remember. OutStyle Music makes summer sound awesome. Click Here to Visit Official Website Order Today.

Pros and Cons

  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It has an IPX7 rating, which means it is completely waterproof.
  • It provides amplified sound and high quality bass
  • It is completely wireless
  • It has a long lasting battery
  • It makes use of an improved Bluetooth technology than the one other speakers use.
  • It has 360 – degree speakers enabling the user to hear clear and audible sounds no matter the position of the speaker relative to where he or she is
  • This music speaker has a convenient handle for easy carrying
  • It is very easy to operate due to its straight forward controls
  • It is very compact and hence portable. You can take it anywhere you want with ease.
  • It is currently being sold at a discount hence an affordable price tag.
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  • It can only be purchased online, though it is not really a problem because most people buy products online.

Customer Opinion

Very impressed with my OutStyle Music speaker, it was easy to sync with my phone and it works great. My daughter uses it a lot when she’s floating around in our pool and I like that I can hook it to my bike handlebars when I go for a ride. Excellent quality and we’re all very happy with it. I’ll probably pick up another for my daughter as she uses mine ALL THE TIME!

Huge bass! This speaker handles low end audio like a champion! Usually portable speakers have terrible bass quality, but somehow this little thing pumps out as much bass as my big desktop computer speakers. Oscar A. – New York, NY

Amazing stereo sound! I love this speaker! I bought two and now it’s like I have a portable surround sound system that I can set up at the beach, the park – anywhere! Jenna F. – Cleveland, OH

A must-have for beach days! My family and I go to the beach at least a couple times per week and I never go without my OutStyle Music. I can even take it with me in the water as I’m floating around on my giant inflatable donut! Can’t beat that. Now I can have my favorite music anywhere. Sand and water are no match for my OutStyle Music. Clinton L. – Tampa Bay, FL

There’s nothing better than having great music when you’re in the swimming pool or hot tub. Unfortunately, I’ve always been nervous about placing my electronics near the water. Outstyle Music lets me listen to my playlists wherever I go, and now I never have to worry about my devices getting wet. A very important consideration if you have kids. Very pleased with my purchase. Ryan P. Cambridge, MA

I can’t believe how much sound this little speaker kicks out. Surprisingly good quality for such a compact unit. All you need is some sunscreen, a towel, and a Outstyle Music speaker and your day at the beach is complete. Love this thing! Terry G. Vancouver, WA

Make the most of your next outdoor gathering with OutStyle Music! Quantities are selling fast. Take advantage of this special pricing and avoid disappointment by ordering yours today!

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How much does it cost?

As usual, we recommend you buy directly from the official website of the manufacturers as it is the safest and most secure place to buy from. Buying from the official site ensures you do not fall prey to some scammers online.

It also gives you access to offers [discounts, money back guarantees and warranty] that the manufacturer might make available. You can click on the link below to buy directly from the official site. There is also a 30 Day money back refund guarantee in case you do not like this product.

Outstyle Music’s prices vary according to the number of units purchased. Here’s a summary of the options made available:

  • 1 Outstyle Music: $49.95 + $8.95 (Total discount: $26.90)
  • 2 Outstyle Music: $99.90 + $8.95 (Total discount: $53. 79)
  • 3 Outstyle Music: $112.39 + $10.95 (Total discount: $118.15)
  • 4 Outstyle Music: $137.36 + $11.95 (Total discount: $170.02)

Click here now to Purchase an OutSyle Music Speaker  and gain its wireless, waterproof and crystal-clear audio sound benefits today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of batteries does Outstyle Music require?

Outstyle Music is a rechargeable device that comes with a built-in 1800mAh Li-ion battery.

What if Outstyle Music is not as satisfying as advertised?

If Outstyle Music doesn’t blast music to one’s expectations, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee in place. As long as any device is returned within 30 days of making a purchase, the customer service team will either grant a full refund or offer a replacement. Bear in mind that any extra shipping costs will not be covered.

What are the specifications of Outstyle Music?

The dimensions of Outstyle Music are 80 by 100mm (or 3.14 by 3.93 inches), and it weighs as little as 120 grams (or 4.23 ounces).

What is our conclusion on this outstyle music review?

I will recommend this music Speaker to anybody that is looking for an affordable, lightweight, portable speaker to move around with and enjoy his or her favorite music. This Bluetooth speaker is equipped with a long lasting rechargeable battery, which can be charged with the USB cable that comes with the package.

This speaker was made for beach days, pool parties or anywhere in between. With an IPX7 waterproof rating, it can be fully immersed in a meter deep of water for 30 minutes. Enjoy your music at the beach, the pool or even in the shower.

It produces an impressive 360-degree sound with mini subwoofer for high quality bass and a high resolution audio system, which produces amplified sound with clarity. Never again would you miss a lyric, when listening to your favorite track with this amazing Bluetooth speaker, that will serve you for years.

Thank you for reading out outstyle music review

Company Details

Outstyle Music is marketed online by a Hong Kong-based eCommerce company. The company does not seem to manufacture the speakers itself; instead, the company appears to source speakers from cheaper, third party factories in China, selling the speakers online to western markets at higher prices.

You can contact the makers of Outstyle Music via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone (US & Canada): 844-847-0660
  • (Australia): (02) 5133 6504
  • (United Kingdom): 03308 180344
  • (Germany): 0800 5895438
  • (France): 01 85 14 90 00
  • Mailing Address: 62543, G/F Bamboos Centre, 52 Hung To Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

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