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OxyBreath Pro Review – Best H7N9 Flu Mask‎ & Anti Pollution Mask

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It is not easy now days for anyone in any country of the world to lead a life which is free of air pollution and as a result you see increasing cases of allergies, virus attack, and bacteria making the survival tough. More so if you are living in a big or metropolitan city the situation is even worse. The number of cases of children, old or adults suffering from respiratory diseases is increasing like anything. To make it worse, there are medicines that further may have side effects. Thus it is vital that you take due precautions to help you minimize the impact of the air-borne diseases.

Allergies, bacteria, diseases and polluted air makes life difficult for a lot of people. Especially those who live in big cities. You literally can’t take a breath of fresh air anywhere. You just sit there and breathe in and out, harming yourself. But what can you do? Well, there wasn’t a good enough way to avoid all that until now. That’s what OxyBreath Pro says at least. This premium face mask promises to keep you safe and filter the air you’re breathing every day. It provides you with a way to keep you and your loved ones safe without spending a fortune. And times are getting tougher each day as you might have seen in the news. But is OxyBreath Pro that good? We tested it for you and here’s what we think.

OxyBreath professional could be the mask that was current to offering defense against distinct problems together with airborne illnesses and regular particles and air pollution.

See how oxybreath pro can keep you away from viruses and bacteria, like the famous corona virus that has been terrifying in general.

In today’s world, those who live in large cities know that the air is not always clean and pleasant to be breathed. Worse, in some places, we have epidemics such as swine flu, or even more recently the famous corona virus. To help anyone who cares about their health, in today’s article, we’ll talk about an incredible protective mask, the oxybreath pro. You will see how it works and where to buy it cheaper. Follow us.

oxybreath pro buy now!
oxybreath pro

H7N9 avian influenza human infection is an acute respiratory infectious disease caused by Influenza A virus subtype H7N9 better known as coronavirus. The infections have been on the rise steadily and people have been using various types of masks for different types of infections.

OxyBreath Pro is the latest mask to offer protection from different types of infection as well as airborne diseases and normal dust and pollution.

What is Covid-19?

To understand what exactly Covid-19 is, we have to know first about coronavirus. Coronavirus refers to a set of viruses that cause respiratory type symptoms in infected individuals.

*Warning: Geek Alert* – The name coronavirus is derived from the Latin corona, meaning “crown” or “halo”, which refers to the characteristic appearance reminiscent of a crown or a solar corona around the virions (virus particles) when viewed under two-dimensional transmission electron microscopy, due to the surface covering in club-shaped protein spikes.

*Translation* – When viewing the virus particles under the microscope there are various projections that resemble the projections of you see on a crown. 


Covid-19 stands for Coronavirus Disease 2019 and this is the new strain of coronavirus that is currently spreading globally and causing mass hysteria.

How does Covid-19 Spread from one person to the other?

Covid-19 Spread

The virus is spread by respiratory droplets. These are little molecules that are released into the air when a person sneezes, coughs, exhale. They either remain suspended in the air where someone else can inhale these virus loaded droplets or they settle on objects. If someone makes contact with these infected object, they can then carry the virus on their hands and its only a matter of time before they scratch their eyes or pick their nose, thereby infecting themselves. 

What is OxyBreath Pro?

The OxyBreath pro is an anti-pollution, virus and bacteria mask, completely washable and reusable. It is indicated for those who live in polluted cities, are allergic to dust or simply want to protect themselves from bacteria.

OxyBreath Pro

Material: made of sponge, breathable, windproof, sweat absorption, comfortable and friendly to the skin.Reusable, economical-friendly and economical. Unlike other disposable masks, this mount mask is washable and can be repeated using 388 times. Not only does it not have a harmful effect on the environment, but it is economical. Humanized design. The ergonomic cut on the nose and the adjustable, elastic loop of the loop ear can fit the ear closely. It is enough to cover nose, assembly, face.

Key Features Of OxyBreath Pro

  • Best Comfortable Fit Air Mask.
  • Full Nose and Mouth Cover Maximum Protection.
  • Allergens, Bacteria and Cold Protection.
  • Nano Technology Dust-Free Air Filter PM2.5.
  • Extremely Lightweight Put and Forget.
  • Washable and Reusable.
  • Air filter against dust 2.5ppm of nanotechnology
  • Modern and innovative look

More Key Features

  • 5-layer activated carbon filter. OxyBreath Pro lets you breathe clean air by filtering air molecules from dangerous viruses, pollution, dust, various chemicals, etc.
  • Dual filter protective valve. When exhaling, the valve (which is made from high-quality neoprene) opens to emit carbon dioxide and moisture and increases permeability by more than 70%, allowing you to breathe easier.
  • Extremely light and ergonomic design. Unique 3D cutting of OxyBreath Pro, adjustable noseband and ear-loops, and light, breathable nylon mesh ensure a perfect fit and the highest level of comfort.
  • Washable and reusable. OxyBreath Pro was created not only to keep you away from dangerous viruses – it’s also great for cycling, hiking, running, or any other outdoor activities. It’s easy to take care of, and you can wear it repeatedly worry-free!
  • Full nose and mouth protection, one size fits all. Snug fit ensures OxyBreath Pro is comfortable to wear whatever you do. Every family member is able to wear this protective mask thanks to its customizable parts.

OxyBreath Pro Technical Facts

The following technical details are available for the protective mask:

  • Function: Anti-fog, anti-PM2.5, anti-poll, anti-dust, trend, anti-road violence.
  • Breathing valve: new 3.0
  • Filter effect: 95 percent or more
  • Product Name: Valve Mask
  • Two-layer polyurethane filtration: The first layer filters large particles and dust and the second layer efficiently absorbs unfiltered dust and bacteria. Nano technology.
  • Mask style: hanging ear – like glasses over or here around the ear. Full nose and mouth coverage.
  • Is there a breathing valve: Yes
  • Material: microfibre
  • Protection level: KN95
  • Size: approx. 27×14 cm

Oxybreath Pro Mask Provides the Ultimate Protection

No one wants to suffer from harmful airborne diseases and allergies. Normal surgical masks are uncomfortable to wear and must be replaced after some uses. Oxybreath Pro is cut in a unique 3D shape to assure a perfect fit. With an adjustable nose-band & ear-loops, this mask is designed to be a one size fits all and everyone can find a comfortable & snug fit. It is made of lightweight nylon mesh, allowing your skin to breathe in hot and humid conditions. In top of that OxyBreath Pro is reusable and washable.

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Oxybreath Pro’s 5 layers of carbon filters gives you an extra level of protection you won’t get with most other brands. It comes with an easy flow air valve that is efficient for facilitating the exit of moisture and CO2 from the interior of the mask.

Do you care about your health? Do you care about the air you breathe? Do the right thing and protect yourself from harmful pollutants, allergens, and viruses that are in the air you breathe. We say, definitely, pick one up before they go out of stock!

Read latest update on the coronavirus from here.

What does h7n9 mean?

Avian influenza A(H7N9is a subtype of influenza viruses that have been detected in birds in the past. This particular A(H7N9) virus had not previously been seen in either animals or people until it was found in March 2013 in China.

How Do You Prevent Contracting The Virus

You now understand how the virus is spread. The next step is to understand exactly how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from contracting this deadly virus. 

This is done by firstly, always washing your hands, after all you might have made contact with an infected object without realizing. 

Always wash your hands and carry a hand sanitizer along with you. Secondly, you need to have a protective face mask, we already know that these infective respiratory droplets can remain suspended in the air for hours when an infected person sneezes.

This remains the easiest and most efficient way the virus is spread from people to people. 

Because of this, it is highly important to get yourself a protective mask.But not just any face mask would do, you have to get yourself the right one. You see, there are different grades of face mask, some are ineffective against this virus while others are highly effective. 

Those that are highly effective in protecting you from the virus share a certain group of characteristics that we will cover in a minute, but first… let’s take a look at why normal surgical face masks aren’t effective, and why you shouldn’t bother with them.

surgical face masks

These are surgical face masks Surgical maskS are thinner mask intended for surgeons because these products do a good job of keeping pathogens from the doctor’s nose and mouth from entering the surgical field. 

Could they be of some use? Yes, but the effect is likely to be modest. These masks are not designed to keep out viral particles, and they’re not nearly as tightly fitted around your nose and cheeks.

What this means is that wearing the surgical mask won’t stop the wearer from inhaling these small airborne viral particles (the virus is just too small and passes through the mask). 

Also due to the fact that these surgical masks don’t form a snug seal around the face, there are little openings/spaces at the sides of the masks where these airborne particles can gain entrance. 

What Kind of Face Masks Are Effective

By now, you are probably wondering what kind of mask should you get, what kind of mask would be effective against this disease outbreak. 

The answer is… an N95 Respirator

N95 respirators are more specialized mask, which can protect against the new coronavirus, it’s thicker than a surgical mask, more tight-fitting and designed to filter out 95% of particles from the air that you breathe.

Unfortunately, these masks have become quite scarce in your local stores due to the disease outbreak and it’s very difficult (if not impossible) to get your hands on them. 

Even if you do manage to get your hands on them, they would probably come at an insane markup price. 

This is a major problem most people are currently facing. Surgical masks are ineffective…The effective ones, the N95 respirator masks are constantly out of stock and difficult to find.

This seems like a hopeless situation but luckily there is a solution for you. A solution I don’t know how would last due to the ravenous demand for these protective masks. The solution is an N95 mask called the Oxybreath Pro

Is Oxybreath Pro safe for Coronavirus Prevention?

A lot of people walking on the streets do not wear a breathing mask usually. But at times there is a public health emergency that goes global like the Coronavirus, there is a much greater need for prevention and use of these anti-pollution face masks which help filteration of air from dust impurities and harmful airborne viruses. Coronavirus is a very serious and fast spreading acute respiratory disease, sparking a world-wide panic that has fatal outcomes showing up all around the world right now.

This influenza also comes from a family of viruses and it causes everything from a common cold to severe life-threatening illnesses like MERS or SARS. And it is very important to keep away from a human to human contact with people who are dealing with any kind of flu or frequently wash your hands with alcohol-based disinfectant. In the same way, a lot of people use masks to avoid any infection in the first place and breathe clean air using the right air filtration technology.

Do You Know? In Which Countries is the Corona Virus Spreading Very Fast?

According to WHO Recent Study, Corona virus is spreading very fast in these countries right now Like United State, United Kingdom, France, Germany, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Australia, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, America, , Singapore, Taiwan, Macao, Vietnam, UAE, Russia and Britain Etc. Limited Stock Available With Free Shipping in those Countries! Get OxyBreath Pro with 50% discount & free shipping

Flu is a respiratory malady that takes down the strongest of bodies. It’s contagious through the air, so it’s imminent that we protect the air that goes into our lungs. Flu caused by a virus and specific vaccines are available for prevention.

However, sometimes the virus can be an uncommon one like the recent Corona Virus. The latter transmitted through mammals and birds into humans. It primarily surfaces as a common cold, but SARS(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) can be life-taking.

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Here, I wish to introduce OxyBreath Pro , the Best Air Pollution Mask 2021 that is available Now With 50% Off. This mask predominantly bought in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom and other countries for combating the new spiked specimen.

How do you get avian flu?

Bird flu occurs naturally in wild waterfowl and can spread into domestic poultry, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese. The disease is transmitted via contact with an infected bird’s feces, or secretions from its nose, mouth or eyes.

What is the difference between h5n1 and h7n9?

Vectors of disease differ: Influenza A(H5N1) is a high pathogenicity strain for poultry, meaning that many poultry become ill and many die. Therefore, outbreaks in poultry rapidly become apparent. In contrast, A(H7N9) is a low pathogenicity strain and poultry do not become sick.

The mask is really helpful to avoid the infection to a greater extent and also save you from pollution and airborne diseases.

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones From Airborne Viruses

The World Health Organization has recently declared the new China situation a global health emergency. What’s worse is that cases of the new disease have jumped tenfold.

It would be an understatement to say that there is a growing sense of panic. One of the best ways of  protection is to get this face mask that can protect you from: viruses, bacteria, and other air pollutants.

It’s called Oxybreath Pro, and it’s the first face mask of it’s kind. This mask provides unparalleled protection when you need it the most! This mask completely covers your mouth and nose and is also very comfortable. It’s also washable, durable, and reusable.

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Why choose OxyBreath Pro?

  • Avoid every germ – Air is a common way for allergens, bacteria and viruses to travel. Add all the little particles from cars and factories to the equation and the air we breathe becomes very harmful. How can you be sure that you and your family are safe? Find a way before it’s too late. OxyBreath Pro is made to protect you from every single one of those and keep you healthy. Filter the air you breathe and avoid all those threats. You know how serious the problem has become so don’t stay inactive. Protect yourself now!
  • Full protection – Air pollution and diseases that are caused by viruses that are airborne can harm you severely. Respiratory problems are very common among people who live in cities. Anything that can be transmitted through the air is a possible threat that you can’t see. Covering your mouth and nose completely with a mask like OxyBreath Pro which filters the air is the best approach to fight the problem. Block little particles that flow around you and liquid droplets that may come your way from other people. Don’t risk it anymore!
  • Extreme comfort – OxyBreath Pro is the best mask in the market when it comes to comfort. It fits all types of faces and it can stretch to fit even those who need it. You won’t even feel it on your face with how lightweight it is. Protection comes first but why not choose an option that can provide you with amazing comfort.
  • Wash and Reuse – Common masks aren’t made for reusing and you end up spending a lot of money to buy new ones. This isn’t the case with OxyBreath Pro. You can use it as many times as you like and you can wash it anytime to be sure that every germ that might end up there is gone for good. Stay protected easily without spending a fortune.

How Oxybreath Pro Work To Protect Our Lives?

How Oxybreath Pro Work

OxyBreath Pro work is a type of mask that can put a dust mask between the nose and chin with the help of Velcro. It is a very adjustable face mask and works to prevent viral influenza, dust allergies, and industrial emissions also.

  • Protect From Mist Haze: this breathable mask protects your face from mist haze, fogging, bacterial effect, and viruses.
  • Prevent From Surrounding Bacteria: this air pollution mask ideally works to prevent us from allergens, dust, small invisible particle, and viral also.
  • Prevent Vehicle Exhaust: this five-layered mask activates to protect your breath from vehicle exhaust and stop to reach through your noise.

How much does OxyBreath Pro cost?

Cities have become the worst possible environment for someone to live in. The air pollution makes it hard to breathe and as you can imagine all these particles that flow through the air can cause severe problems to the respiratory system. Plus, another disease or virus comes up every now and then, threatening you and your family. Don’t risk it anymore…

OxyBreath Pro costs only $49 with free shipping!

Our team recommends it to every single one of you. Either you are a someone of age and might be a little vulnerable or a young person. If you have a family with little kids or you just want to stay safe. Times are hard and you need to protect yourself. OxyBreath Pro is an easy solution that can take so many troubles away.

How to use OxyBreathe Pro™️?

Whenever you go out, make sure to wear an OxyB reathe Pro™️ mask and cover your nose and mouth with it. You can comfortably wear it by placing the straps around your ears.

You need not wash it often. But if you wish to clean it, you can easily wash it off with water as it dries out quickly, and it can be reused.

Benefits of using OxyBreathe Pro

OxyBreathe Pro™️ protects you from harmful dust particles and pollutants present in the air.

  • It also provides you allergen-free air to keep you safe from allergies.
  • This mask can take care of your respiration by not letting microbes pass through it.
  • It covers your mouth and nose completely
  • OxyBreathe Pro™️ is light-weight and thus is comfortable to wear.
  • It can be washed and reused
  • You can carry OxyBreath Pro Mask while traveling.
  • It also protects you from the frigid air and so saves you from catching a cold and cough.
  • It has an adjustable strap that can be adjusted according to the size that fits you the best.
  • OxyBreathe Pro™️ also protects you from harmful Coronavirus (H7N9), and H5N1.

Will OxyBreath Pro Protect Against the Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus originated at a market in Wuhan, China in late December 2019. Over the past few weeks, the Coronavirus has spread to thousands of patients across Wuhan and Hubei Province, China and around the world. As of January 30, 2020, there have been 7,818 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus (Source: WHO) – although a total of 12,167 cases of the virus are suspected.To date, over 170 people have died from the virus.

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New cases are emerging every day. So far, there have been 82 confirmed cases of the coronavirus outside of China, with patients spread across 18 countries.

All travel outside of Wuhan has been shutdown, yet cases of the coronavirus are still appearing around the world.The coronavirus has officially arrived in the United States. A couple got off the plane in Los Angeles from China and became the first confirmed cases of the coronavirus in America, for example.Countries are sending emergency flights to China to evacuate citizens. Cases have been spotted in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and the UAE, among other countries.On January 30, the first confirmed reports of person-to-person transmission of the coronavirus occurred in the United States. Although there are only seven confirmed cases in the United States, dozens of additional people are being monitored for possible infections.

In response to all of this, many people have started to wear masks – especially when traveling through international airports.The OxyBreath Pro sales page vaguely mentions a “new virus”, although the coronavirus isn’t mentioned by name. It’s possible the company doesn’t want to make any bold claims about preventing the coronavirus when the mask hasn’t been proven to prevent it.

Will the OxyBreath Pro facial breathing mask prevent the coronavirus? It’s not totally clear.

However, the mask does claim to protect wearers from “allergens, bacteria and viruses”.At any rate, wearing a mask during a time like this is never a bad idea. It puts another barrier between your nose and mouth and the outside world. For more information on corona virus, there was a World Health Organization public health emergency meeting today:

Watch Video

Where to Buy OxyBreath Pro?

The OxyBreath Pro is unfortunately only on the official website of the manufacturer / supplier to buy, but where you get discounts and other services. Ordering just one amp gives you a full 50% off and a free delivery to your home.

Stop being afraid to breathe, streamline your order and order your oxybreath pro before it’s over, click and check:

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How To Claim 50% Discount on OxyBreath Pro

It is finally time to stop overpaying for OxyBreath Pro and enjoy premium features at an affordable price! For a limited time, OxyBreath Pro is running a promo that allows you to get this innovative device 50% OFF with FREE SHIPPING!

OxyBreath Pro can be purchased in 4 SIMPLE steps:

  • Click On The “Buy Now” Button;
  • Fill Out Your Shipping Information;
  • Let Us Take Care Of The Rest!
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Oxybreath Corona Mask manufactured with unique ventilation design, and this is an excellent permeability mask. This mask prepared after high research of engineers they proved it is washable, breathable, and durable. They also declared it is a combination of carbon soft ultra-beautiful microfiber fabric, which protects you from 0.3-micron pollutants.

Moreover, this mask proved to fight with new viruses like the coronavirus, which recently comes from china and very active on the human body and useful to prevent from infections, the special layered designed filter it acts as an antiviral mask for human body.

  • Protection from viruses and bacteria
  • ​Nano technology air filter
  • ​Full nose and mouth protection
  • ​High quality materials
  • ​Reusable
  • ​Extremely comfortable and lightweight
  • Adjustable, one size fits all
  • ​Stocks Are Very Limited
  • Only available online

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the avian influenza A(H7N9) virus?

Avian influenza viruses normally circulate among birds. Although some avian H7 viruses (H7N2, H7N3 and H7N7) have occasionally been found to infect humans, no human infections with H7N9 viruses were reported until reports from China in March 2013.

What are the main symptoms of human infection with this H7N9 virus?

Thus far, most patients with this infection have had severe pneumonia. Common symptoms include fever, cough and shortness of breath. We know of only a small number of people who presented with influenza-like symptoms and then recovered without medical attention.

How can meat and eggs be safely prepared?

Always keep raw meat and eggs separate from cooked or ready-to-eat foods to avoid contamination. Do not use the same chopping board or the same knife for raw meat and other foods. Do not handle both raw and cooked foods without washing your hands in between and do not place cooked meat back on the same plate or surface it was on before cooking. Do not use raw or soft-boiled eggs in food preparations that will not be heat treated or cooked. After handling raw meat, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Wash and disinfect all surfaces and utensils that have been in contact with raw meat.

What is OxyBreath Pro?

OxyBreath Pro is a face mask that protects against air pollution and illness-causing bacteria in the air.

How Does OxyBreath Pro Work?

This mask is equipped with everything to make the air you inhale cleaner – filters to keep out dust and allergens, valve to throw out carbon dioxide, and a layer of activated carbon to purify the air.

Do I need OxyBreath Pro?

If you step outside the non-purified air of the outdoors for even one second, then it is essential for you to own this mask. If you live in any of the countries prone to experiencing a Coronavirus outbreak, then you must not go without it.

Who can use OxyBreath Pro?

Any person of any age can use this mask when they go outside or interact with someone who is ill.

Can I Return OxyBreath Pro?

Unfortunately, for a hygienic product such as this, manufacturers are unable to offer returns. However, in case of a damaged or defective product, you can initiate a return within 30 days from the date of purchase.

How to use OxyBreath Pro?

Whenever you go out, make sure to wear an OxyBreath Pro mask and cover your nose and mouth with it. You can comfortably wear it by placing the straps around your ears.

Does it cover both nose and mouth?

It covers your mouth and nose completely while being very comfortable.

Is it adjustable?

It has an adjustable strap that can be adjusted according to the size that fits you the best.

How much does OxyBreath Pro Mask cost?

OxyBreath Pro costs only $49 with free shipping (Not Available in Amazon or Ebay).

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